omg i forgot about this show

Oh look, another dumb crappy comic! lmao Seto ranting about some shit. Probably involving Yuugi and his friends. This is it. This is the show.

This was way funnier in my head. I had this idea a while back and wanted to scribble it out before I forgot about it again. I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head, it’s just a matter of digging through them. I’ll need a shovel.

That scene where Kara forgot about their lunch date is such a fanfic moment though. Like c’mon. The schedule to go out to lunch together (which can I just scream a little bit at the fact that they do that in the first place) and then Kara has a Super thing come up and totally forgets that she had a date with Lena. And Lena shows up for their date and Kara is like “OMG I totally forgot, I’ve had a lot on my mind.” And instead of getting annoyed, Lena immediately says it’s okay and offers to lend a hand where she can. THAT IS STRAIGHT OUT OF A FANFIC.

So uhh, I drew this thing

Last night I posted casually in the tag and I completely forgot about it. All of a sudden, I got a notification. The another..then I started having about 10 of them all at once. I stayed up until 4am last night just watching my poor ipod spam me with notifications.

So I thought I would draw a quick thing to show my reaction to it (also look who used a jack quote)

tl;dr: Smol girl who gets like 1-4 notes on a post gets surprised at a post getting 2000+ notes.

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Hi, really nice blog, love it!!!! Maybe if you don't have many requests, can you imagine Mephy, Amai and Rin being jelous of the new baby pet of their s/o? Thanks for your time ❤️

Omg im so sorry this took so long, I was excited to do this because I remember the day it appeared in my asks, so much stuff got piled on top of it and I completely forgot about it :( 


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  • Would pretend everything was fine
  • Wouldn’t show his jealously 
  • Would attempt to gain your attention back by stealing kisses and lingering touches 
  • Playing with your hair
  • He even transformed into his dog form to shift your thoughts from animal to animal
  • But you made him change back because he was scaring your new pet 
  • Or bringing up topics that usually got your attention or made you talkative
  • Once you realised what he were doing he’d deny it
  • You found it hilarious and teased him about it


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  • Watch tf out
  • This boii will kill it
  • Without hesitation
  • Pay them equal attention 
  • Explain to him that you love the pet
  • He’d understand that this pet was sort of like his Behemoth so he wouldn’t harm it
  • He’s an attention whore
  • Look after this smol child


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  • He would love your pet
  • He’d play with it
  • Feed it
  • Pet it
  • Try to distract you from it
  • By telling you some cool story about what happened the other week when he was out with Koneko, Bon and Shima
  • He’d try act all cute so you’d look at him
  • Suggest going outside 
  • Or to the movies
  • Or the mall
  • Any pet free zone
  • In the end he would probably sheepishly admit it
  • He eventually got over it because he saw how much you loved the animal 
  • He understands you still love him

alex oxlade-chamberlain working the backwards hat aesthetic 

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Ok I'm sorry if you're sick of loststar asks but I love this au so much ahh <33 this question feels kinda cheap but would her first interactions with Daisy be any different in your au? Would she be leader when Daisy joins or still deputy? Since in this au it seems like she's more proud than ashamed of her scars, how would she react to Daisy's initial fear of her? I just love loststar so much tysm for making this au <33

omg i totally saw this and forgot about it, im sorry!

Lostface would still be deputy when Daisy shows up and she’s usually totally proud of her scars! she’s totally use to people staring now and it doesnt throw her off cause shes deputy. she KNOWS shes good

i feel like Daisy would make things weird tho. if I remember right, a lot of why Brightheart was upset in the first place was because of how much time Daisy was spending with cloudtail.

I think it would be kinda new to her? She knows Cloudtail loves her but she also hasn’t thought that, “hey theres tons of other cats who could like Cloudtail and aren’t horribly scarred.”

They interact pretty much the same i think, maybe Lostface ends up talking with Daisy? They get to know each other and start to bond. Lostfaces might even take one of Daisy’s kits as an apprentice as a show of good will!

Realest OTP: 2Seok

now it’s about the smiley pair!!

well only hobi is a forever smiley (as i usually say) but Seokjin’s smiles are as cute as Hobi’s!! ^^

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see what i mean~??

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hobi taught jin beatboxing! and let’s not forget how they laughed at Jin’s beatbox lol

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hobi hobi approves Beanie-jin (don’t we all? omg he so kyoot and puppy with that beanie)

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they’re an awkward pair because… well people dont talk about them… but i think they should be appreciated as our 7 boys are shippable in every way possible!!

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both of them seal-clapping at kookie buying slacks >~<

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probably fight-pair….?? or squabble-pair?? 

OOH forgot most imporant point: both like cleanliness and nag at their dongsaengies to clean the house!!

clean-clean pair ^^

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‘Today Talk’ with Jin~ by our host the forever-smiley J-Hope!!

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Eat show ‘Eat Jin’ ft. J-Hope… ^^

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tbh they look like tourists who became BFFs xD

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and also let’s not forget Team Step Up!

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let’s all appreciate 2seok/Jinhope/whateverrrr~ AKA the fight-couple!

bye bye~ sys!

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(we can never forget Ricky Dillon with Jin&J-Hope, both not knowing the other was a star xD)

things you probably didn’t know/ forgot about akihito kanbara:

-his favorite animal is a squirrel
-his fave sport is soccer
-his mom used to show up to his classes as a kid and embarrass him omg
-”my dream for the future is to have a palace of glasses”
-because of his circumstances, he accepts everyone cheerfully and kindly
-grew up with people literally hunting him down and trying to kill him
-he owns like 4 glasses shirts (at least) according to official art lmfao
-he is unconditionally and tragically in love w/ mirai kuriyama
-i’m serious he loves her so much holy shit
-in the light novels, he had a tiny crush on mitsuki!!
-he loves (LOVES LOVES LOVES) omurice
-the most selfless boy
-mirai kuriyama is “the most important person to me in my entire life”
-do you ever just die
-REMEMBER HOW HE ACCEPTED BEYOND THE BOUNDARY remember how it stole mirai away from him AGAIN

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No it was about Parse feeling Things when he hears Cheap Trick's The Flame because reasons. It's also dad rock enough that Jack might actually listen to it?

OH YEAH!!! I made a mental note to listen to the song when I wasn’t at work and of course promptly forgot bc sieve brain.

Omg this song…. it also doesn’t help that I just finished this Bitty/Parse fic (read all trigger warnings and tags)

omg I forgot that people write RPF fic about shit like Game Grumps

you realize what this means, right? Jonackle Tronackle is like a fanfic-esque homophobic antagonist come to life. he’s a fucking cliche.

he’s gonna show up as a cliche in fics

sorry I just. that is too funny to me

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Have you ever got so upset about a tv show that you've had to lie to your family about why you're upset so you don't get the "it's only a tv show" lecture? (Coz I have)

…… lmao yes anon so many times

though it’s usually my siblings. my mum used to have my lj friended (lmao omg i forgot that until just now) and she actively watched merlin and used to tell me when merlin and arthur were being “shippy” as she called it. my dad doesn’t give a shit as long as i’m happy (and my biological father doesn’t have a clue i do fandom at all and i’m usually pretty chill around him irt tv)

but my siblings. my older brother is constantly ripping me for being ridiculous about tv shows.

my litte brothers are worse when they get their teeth into it (though rob totally plays world of warcraft and watches more tv shows than me. ask him sometime about walking dead lmao he’s a mess).

my sister lived with me for two years and i still don’t think she’s over the trauma of my hockey phase (that got me the “it’s only a sport” lecture like ice hockey could ever be just a sport. and despite the fact that you’ve never seen her at a london raiders game lol)

so basically yes? i’ve definitely lied about why i’m upset ;)

RULES: tell us one favorite character from ten fictional works (shows, films, novels, etc.) & tag ten people.
TAGGED BY: @lucentiox​ bROR <3

TAGGING: @electrograins@overoutrage @shallowrot @strxie @gloryundimmed @occultmisfortune @cuinceredir @nattjeger @thrxnedheart @xonexiness @ceramic-universe tbh, everyone go nuts. fr

  1. HINATA SHOYOU IS MY BABY (Haikyuu!!) tbh i love them all tho
  2. Hagrid from Harry Potter <3 <3 <3
  3. Makoto gives me life (Free!)
  5. The original Sherlock Holmes (Conan Doyle’s works) but tbh i’m into the bbc one as well
  6. Mr. Jacobs from the Crucible (he was so innocent and pure okay??)
  7. the chef from Midnight Diner: Tokyo stories
  8. all of the schoolgirl detectives (it’s a kdrama)
  9. Perry Cox from Scrubs
  10. i totally need to read more  hassan from an abundance of katherines by john green

omg i forgot to say while waiting to get into the taping of the late show, i met two very nice girls from texas who are in premed and within 10 min of meeting them i was already ranting about neil degrasse tyson and the james webb telescope and they were literally like ‘i can’t believe you’re not majoring in science lmao’ and even more wild is literally in the middle of taping the show neil degrasse tyson’s face replaces the moon that’s projected on one of the studio walls and i was like SCREAMING cause he came out of nowhere and i was like THATS MY DUDE!!!! 


The Power Rangers Knockoff You Forgot: Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills

Let me start by saying I was in like third grade when this came out and nobody wants to be all judgemental about an 8-year-old’s life choices OK?  But OMG I lived for this show!  I wanted to be the Green one so bad because I felt like then I could have threesome with the Black one and the Yellow one.  I didn’t know what a threesome was, obviously, but I definitely wanted some kind of interaction with the two of them that I knew being a girl with big boobs and long hair would easily facilitate.

Baby Glen Close in the purple can just watch I guess.

God that show was awful, but bless the West Hollywood queen who designed the outfits.  Those spandex pajamas worn by the Rangers and every other knockoff were definitely not the move.  Give me shiny, skintight plastic with lots of exposed skin.

The current state of the Faking It fandom before the long awaited release of season 2b

“Faking It is back? Wait, what was that about again? I forgot what I was even watching. Lesbians? Zombies? Lesbian zombies?”

“Oh, right. I remember now. A freak show high school where no one ever goes to class and a bunch of gay stuff. Best friends pretending to be girlfriends. Karmy. OMG Karmy pool kiss. Holy shit–”

“Are you telling me my favorite ships will put me through emotional hell again and Carter Covington will make me go through all five stages of grief for his personal enjoyment once more?”

“Possible Reamy break-up?”

“Rita Volk and Katie Stevens?!”

“New male love interests, more Kiam and a possible Liam Booker storyline?”

“Highly likely Karmy angst/cliffhanger in the finale?”

“All of this madness just one day away?”

“Oh, boy, here we go again. Fuck.”


also kinda pervy today…like she constantly said things that had double meaning.
like “practicing her hand skills on echo”
also she winks a lot at the audience.

the actor of lincolns healer friend (so sorry forgot his name) also talked about everyone getting to make out with murphy?? i dunno it was really random.

echo practiced spitting a lot in her free time for the show.

lindsey actually is in pain during the torture scenes?? she told us she tricks her body into reacting as if shes actually being tortured and is always exhausted after those scenes. she’s amazing.

richard is such a funny and awesome guy omg.
bob is very childish but hilarious. one fan asked them to do an imitation of each other, and bob proceeded to simply copy everything richard said or did for the next two minutes. after a while the others joined in too.

richard does not have a favourite sentence that murphy says but everyone else does. everyone loves murphy BUT
if murphy lived in this world, all of the actors would not want to be friends with him. or bellamy.
also bellamy would be a janitor in this world according to bob. murphy would be homeless.
and lincolns healer friend would be a drug dealer, and therefore invited to every party.
lindsay would like to be friends with raven but she says raven would probably not want to be friends with her.

lindsey wants raven to be friends with murphy. proceeds to have an intense discussion about who shot whom and who apologized or not.
lindsey is also very passionate about answering questions exactly the way you want her to and will ask about every detail of a possible scenario that you give prepared.