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Hold it, hp is about disability rights? I get the classism and a little of the gay (lupin is kinda a metaphor of aids, some think, right?) But i dont get the disability part. I dont remember any disabilited characters (omg i forgot how to spell disability) and i really like that sort of thing because im constantly looking for rep for myself

even though it isn’t canon, luna is pretty obviously autistic, and i’m pretty sure the whole segment with Filch trying to learn how to use magic because he was a squib was about, y’know, squibs being considered less in the magical community for not having magic. that’s a pretty clear disability theme imo. like, it’s not very good representation-wise and i wish more time had been spent on it, but harry potter is fundamentally about protecting those who are seen of as lesser in society

The Joker x Reader - “Note to Batsy”

From time to time The Joker likes to light up a Batsy signal and bless Gotham’s vigilante with random handwritten messages. Bruce Wayne keeps them all, hoping that one of these days he’ll find something useful that will get Mister J busted for good. So far, no luck: even if the papers have fingerprints all over, there is never a match.

Here is the latest letter Batsy just found on top of the tallest building in Gotham:


- I really wanna show you my kid; I have to admit me and Y/N made a very cute baby thanks to my awesome genes and her beauty. Maybe afterwards we can go for a drink. Wait, she’ll kill me if I go drinking and take the baby (don’t read this part, nobody can kill me). But anyway, if we end up going with the kid, don’t be a snitch and tell on me T___T

Wow, what an entitled prick! Bruce thinks, continuing to read. I am not a snitch!

- My Queen has a complaint: when she busted me out of Arkham last week, she noticed that the new straitjacket is a darker gray than the old one. Y/N said it doesn’t go well with my blue eyes, but the previous model did. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up there again so can you tell those guys to switch back to what they use to have? I don’t want my girl upset over such a trivial thing. She absolutely hates it when an outfit doesn’t match my eyes.

- I think I “accidentally” (Ha!Ha!Ha!) blew up your Batmobile today. I have a new grenade launcher I wanted to test, saw your car and Kaboom! But I think nothing happened to it; seemed alright afterwards except the two cracked windows, one flat tire and a bunch of scratches. So if you were wondering who did that, it was me. Were you inside? If you were, that was pretty cool, huh? You’re welcome.

That insane lunatic, it was him! Batsy huffs, annoyed. He had his suspicions.

- We have Commissar Gordon. I really wanted to kill him but Y/N likes him for some reason. Hold on…We had Commissar Gordon, my Kitten set him free like…5 minutes ago, she just told me. My God, do you ever have problems with your woman?! My Queen does what she pleases and she gets on my nerves sometimes. Any advice? Don’t read that, I don’t need advice from you.

- Can you be more careful when you chase us? Two nights ago we had a date and you almost ruined it. I had to take a sharp turn on 84th and Glisson St., she clenched to my arm so hard she broke a nail. A NAIL! My Doll hates breaking nails! I had to hear about it since. Can you be more considerate?! Pay attention to what you’re doing, man! If this happens again I will send my Pumpkin to you and see how you like to hear about it 24/7. Yes, this is a threat.

I don’t think you want to deal with her, she’s a tough little cookie. OMG, I love cookies and we just run out of the dark chocolate chip ones. If we meet for that drink so you can see the baby, can you bring me some? All my henchmen are away with business -see? I keep you busy, you’re welcome – and I am too important to go get that myself. And I can’t send my Princess; if she breaks another nail I’m screwed.

What the hell is he ranting about?! Bruce squints his eyes because he already forgot what the paragraph was about. He reads the last part again and sighs: Definitely needs some strong medications…

- Y/N wants to have at least 3 more kids.  AT LEAST THREE!!! Aren’t you happy there will be more like me around? I think it’s awesome - you’re welcome. I am tired from being a dad but I manage, I’m not The Joker for nothing.

- Oh, this is my request: next time I end up in Arkham I want to be in a glass cell. Why the hell did they put me behind brick walls last time?! How is everyone supposed to enjoy my handsomeness and breathtaking personality if they don’t see or hear me?! I bet the ladies were upset. Don’t tell my Queen though; she gets really jealous when other girls look my way. But how could I help it? I am just God’s gift to humanity – you’re welcome again by the way.

- I have to cut it short now, the baby’s crying and I am on dad duty at the penthouse because Y/N is breaking into Gotham Bank to steal some diamonds she wants badly. By the time you read this it should all be done with. Let me know when you wanna see my kid.

Another memorable note, Batsy concludes, folding the paper and placing it inside his belt. But I kind of want to see the baby…

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omg i forgot about paperboy please continue it!!!!

you ain’t the only one, anon. but ask and you shall receive! 😘

catch up on the first part here!

paperboy: part two

december 27th, 1982

Ian woke up the morning of December 27th around 4:45 AM, feeling rather warm–but not hotter than usual.

5:00 AM: He stepped into the shower, quickly rubbed a bar of soap over his body before shampooing his hair and jumping right back out again.

5:15 AM: After changing into his clothes, he ran down the staircase, brushing his teeth. He reached for a banana on the counter.

5:18 AM: His uncle rounded the corner from the study, looking intently at his nephew as he attempted to brush his teeth and eat at the same time.

“What in God’s name are ye doing, man?” He implored of his nephew, setting his newspaper down on the counter and leaning against it, eyebrows raised.

Ian looked from his toothbrush in one hand to the banana in the other, thinking of a proper way of explaining himself. He shrugged slightly, with a sheepish grin on his face. “Killin’ two birds with one stone?”

Jamie shook his head, a smile gracing his lips.

5:23 AM: Ian bid farewell to his uncle, and went to head out the door. Jamie stopped him, however, as soon as he hit the doorframe.

“Ian, the back of yer shirt is drenched.”

“Well,” Ian replied, “I did take a shower, Uncle.”

“I ken that, ye dolt. I mean that ye’re sweating, wi’ it bein’ freezing outside.” Jamie shook his head, then gestured his hand towards himself. “Come ‘ere, then.”

Ian, rolling his eyes slightly, and, shoulders slouched, walked towards his uncle. Jamie put the back of his hand against his nephew’s forehead, pursed his lips tightly before instructing the young lad to cough.

The boy did as he was bid, and a bunch of mucus seemed to jump from his lungs to his throat. The sound was thick and disgusting, and Jamie rose his eyebrows at his nephew.

“Looks like ye’re not going to work today,  after all,” Jamie smiled, then pushed his nephew lightly on the shoulder towards the staircase. “Back to bed wi’ ye. Make sure you tell yer mother I told you to stay here.”

“Alright,” Ian agreed. He took a step forward but then turned back to his uncle, eyes wide. “What about Geordie?”

“Dinna worry about that, lad,” Jamie smiled. “I’ll take care o’ yer route for you.”

Nodding, Ian turned back to the staircase and took them two at a time, a wide smile on his lips as he went back to his room. Little did his uncle know that Ian was not sick, and just had taken a very hot shower.

And thank God for allergies, he thought to himself as he curled up in his bed, ecstatic at the idea of being able to sleep in.

Despite several attempts to get himself on his nephew’s bike, Jamie instead opted to drive his truck around the suburban neighborhoods of Boone, throwing the papers out the window as he passed. He was able to finish the route in just under an hour, which was much different than poor Ian Murray Jr.’s two-and-a-half-hour biking escapade.

When he pulled into the small subdivision of Simon’s Landing, his heart started to pound. Not from nerves–of course not from nerves–but just from the sheer knowledge of her presence.

He had tried, multiple times, to pick up the phone book and search for her phone number, skimming the yellow pages for Beauchamp, C. And amongst the Lambert’s and John’s and Harrison’s, his finger had hit that inked letter C–with the eight digits following–and he would slam the book closed. Both of the Ian’s had chastised him multiple times over the matter, and even his sister joined in the proceedings once or twice.

“Ask her on a date, ye clotheid,” she frustratedly muttered to her brother over breakfast one morning. “If you dinna want to do it, then I will do it for ye.”

The opportunity had presented itself to him this morning with Ian’s sickness. Whether this was a sign from God or not, he didn’t know. But he took it graciously, and asked Him not to let him screw this up.

With his nerves clogging up his throat, to the point he was almost suffocating, he walked up the few steps to her porch and approached her door. He rang the doorbell once and heard the shrill ring of it echo through the house. Rocking back and forth on his heels, he shoved his hands in his pockets, the newspaper squeezed between his arm and his side.

Every second that passed seemed like years. Each new breath that he exhaled came out in faster waves as his heartbeat increased, the cold morning air causing them to form into mist in front of him. Getting slightly impatient–and worried that she wasn’t inside–he looked through one of the front windows of her porch in search of her.

As soon as he did this, however, the door swung open and there she was.

“Good morning, Mr. Fraser,” she greeted, a warm smile on her face as she pulled her cardigan closer to her body against the brisk morning chill. She looked from his face to the newspaper in his arm and nodded at it. “Is that for me?”

Flustered, he fumbled with the paper in his hands and thrust it forward, unattractively and clumsily, at her face. “Aye, I–uh–yes, this is yours.”

The smile on her face grew ever wider, showing all of her beautiful white teeth. She stepped to the side and opened the door just a tad wider, inviting him to come inside. Still discomfited, he nodded once and came inside, allowing the warmth to envelope him in a blanket of comfort.

“Would you like some coffee? I just made a pot,” she inquired, gesturing to the kitchen where the coffee pot sat in his view. Shaking his head, but thanking her nonetheless, he watched her walk out of the entryway and into the brightly colored room. A moment passed before she turned towards him, a sheepish smile on her lips as she filled up a mug. “You can come in here, you know.”

He took a step, then realized that his boots were wet from the snow outside. Grimacing, he called to her as he went to place his shoes outside, “I’ll take my shoes off outside, so as to not ruin your floors.”

She waved a hand in dismissal, but he didn’t see it. He popped off his boots in front of the door and stepped back inside in his woolen socks.

“So, where’s your nephew this morning?” Claire asked as he stepped into the kitchen, eyebrows raised as she took a sip of her coffee. He committed her drink of choice to memory: Black, no sugar, no creamer.

“He’s at home sick. He woke up wi’ a fever this morning.”

A concerned look crossed over her face as she set down her cup and crossed her arms over her chest. “What were his other symptoms?”

Jamie shrugged, “I’m no’ one to ken exactly what to look for when someone is sick, but he was sweatin’ a lot; his whole shirt was soaked through. His head was hot to the touch and when I asked him to cough, ‘twas the most disgusting thing I’d ever heard.”

Her fingers tapped on her arm in thought before she asked, “Had he taken a shower this morning?”

“Aye,” He replied, eyebrows shrunk together in confusion as she chuckled lightly. “Why?”

She pursed her lips and raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything. The look that she was giving him made him nervous, which caused him to voice a nervous, “What?”

“Well…” She tried to suppress laughter as she took another sip of her coffee. “I do believe that you have been played a fool.”

Jamie, flabbergasted, left out a huff of agitation. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Since I haven’t seen him, I can’t say that I’m entirely right, but I do believe that he has nothing more than a small case of allergies.”

Getting rather annoyed, he crossed his arms and stared at her crossly. “And how do you know that, just from the wee bit of information that I’ve shared wi’ ye?”

She was trying so hard to keep her smile contained from behind the rim of her coffee cup. “Because I’m a pediatrician, Mr. Fraser. It’s my job.”

If he thought he was embarrassed before, he was downright mortified. His face flushed and words seemed to die in his throat; not a single one of the apologies he could think of were enough to excuse his error. There was nothing he wanted to do more than to kneel at her feet and beg for mercy.

As much as he thought she was mad at him, though, he could see that it was much the opposite. She seemed amused at his tongue-tied state, Damn her, and the smirk on her lips proved it.

Scrambling to find a way to make it up to her, he stammered out, “Can I take ye to dinner?”

A cringe formed on his face as he watched her eyes widen then return to their normal size, but the smile didn’t leave her face. Before she could answer, he went to explain himself, the words spilling out of his mouth in a long stream of word vomit. “I mean, not that I like ye more now that I know that ye’re a doctor. My opinion has really been the same since I first met ye, it’s just that–”

“I would love to go to dinner,” she interrupted, setting her coffee mug down on the counter. She turned from his shocked face to her refrigerator, where a small calendar rested to mark her schedule. He watched as she pulled a marker from the holder and went to find a day she had off, her slender finger pointing to the 31st. “What are your plans for New Year’s Eve, Mr. Fraser?”

Shifting from foot to foot, he shrugged. “Nothin’ much, I dinna think. I don’t start workin’ again until the New Year.”

“I work in the morning, but maybe we can do something that night,” she started to write his name down as Mr. Fraser but stopped short. She turned sheepishly to him and murmured, “I suppose since we know each other well enough now, we could know each other by our first names, right, Jamie?”

Jamie nodded with a smile, savoring the sound of his name on her lips. “I suppose so, Claire.”

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@princeyandanxiety [insert that Rihanna winking gift here]

Patton was stress baking again. The boys didn’t know if it was due to the checking practice with Logan this morning, or because he had his French final today and forgot to study.

Actually, thinking about it, it’s probably both reasons.

“Um, Patty? I think Betsy is smoking…” commented Roman as he watched Patton take out the 29th pie made today.

“Oh dear, Betsy don’t do this to me now!” cried out Patton, as he quickly set his pie to the side and began to pet the oven while slowly turning it off.

As Patton was muttering to the oven, Logan walked into the kitchen. Then observed the scene.

Then walked right back out.

Roman watches this with amusement but then also quickly decided to take his leave before Patton roped him into doing somethin-

“Princey! I to need you to help me!! Get Sandy so he can help me make sure Betsy is okay,” Patton pleaded, holding out one of his pies to Roman as a sort of bribe.

“Alright… but just this once,” Roman sighed taking the pie. He then grabbed a fork and began to eat it while heading out to find Anxiety.

Patton clapped happily then began to organize the pies as he remembered the test he had soon. If he ignored it then it wouldn’t happen, right? Right.

Patton gave himself a tight smile and finished cleaning, knowing that everything would, hopefully, be fine.

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So I was wondering if the waltz that Yuuri and Viktor dance to at the Worlds banquet actually sounded similar to Waltz of Love and Tredowata, or if it was just part of the same genre. Like was it in a minor key? bc if you were looking for a waltz that sounds like those two I recommend Shostakovich's Second Waltz (which would definitely sound familiar to Viktor) bc whenever I try to remember what Waltz of Love sounds like that's what my brain plays

omg, funnily enough this one was on my list of potential program music and I completely forgot about it until you mentioned it so now I’m definitely accepting it as the waltz they danced to! 

Also what is this shit we don’t talk about Brexit? Is that blog new here? Brexit was the main-topic on Tumblr for almost TWO WEEKS.

Europeans talk about this all the time, because it’s fucking TERRIFYING. The entire discourse about how US-centric tumblr is was started by Europeans who were pissed off that all their social issues were ignored in favour of American ones. And I mean, if you’re Western European, especially British, German or French, you do get some attention. But Eastern Europe? Even less (and I know I’m guilty of this too). South-Eastern Europe? Any part of the world that isn’t entirely anglophone or in Europe? Silence. 

I was glad there was some talk about the concentration camps in Chechnya, but the Turkey referendum that basically turned the country into a dictatorship with women’s and LGBTQA-rights being at risk? Silence.

It’s not us not talking about this stuff that’s the problem here. It’s just not getting the same attention as Ivanka’s handbags or Melania poking Donald in the rips because OMG he forgot to raise his hand for the national anthem.

And okay, if someone is not interested, I can’t force them. Especially if you suffer from the problems in your own country, I can perfectly understand that you might want to take a break from political shit now and then. Know your limits. There’s enough people who do talk about these issues and I hate the: “If you don’t reblog this you’re a piece of shit”- mentality and I refuse to adopt it.

But if you don’t go looking for  this stuff and don’t help spreading this stuff (which is the only explanation for not knowing it exists) then don’t go make posts about how we don’t talk about it because we want to tarnish the name of the good ol’ US of A or something. Not everything is about the US. Saying we don’t talk about the problems here is a lie. Simple as that.

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I'm not sure where you're from, but do you remember like 10 years ago when all the kids said "wenis" and everyone argued about what part of the body it was? Like everyone said it was the skin on the elbow but then there was a rumor that someone announcing for the olympics said it was the skin between the fingers. I dunno I just thought of it and wanted to know if you remember wenis. (Wee-niss)


I don’t remember anyone arguing over which body part it is (from what I remember everyone agreed that it was the elbow skin) but I DO remember having to hear approximately one terrible wenis pun per day for all 3 years of middle school lmao


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just read Pavlovian Boner and I gotta say its the funnest thing I've read in a long while. Love it! I hope you write a part 2!

omg thank you!!! tbh it’s so old i kinda forgot about it?? but Sara reblogs it constantly, so if y'all are interested i might do a second part ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

we’ll see i guess…thanks again lovey 😘

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are you planning on writing a langst birthday special??

Omg, anon I totally forgot about Lance’s birthday! ;;

Ah, now that you mention it, i think i may do it!  It’s a good idea, but if i write something angsty, i’ll also write a fluff/happy part! Because it’s my bby’s brithday, you know? And he deserves all the love! ♥   

(in other words, i may do two stories.) 

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Omg, I'd almost forgot about Hiddlestonutter!! My favorite part of last summer was Mads calling her and her pasty friends out on their "petty jealous WOC vs poor sweet lily white TayTay" bullshit!! They loved to say HS exposed people in the fandom as toxic, but I think, more than that, it exposed just how many of Tom's fans on tumblr are white privileged and/or downright racist. Not surprising that they blended well with some (not all, I know, but some) Swidiots for a while.

That was an epic takedown!

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omg that anime about the girl working at one of those made cafes part time and she's super clever at school and the class president and she likes this blonde dude but he annoys her but she ends up liking him whdjlskw I forgot the name tho


But a crossover could be difficult unless you guys wanna see Alex in a maid outfit

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TMBMIL pt. 13 -> 7.2.17 OMG OMG OMG OMG I can't waiiiiiit!! I've been missing them soooo muuuuuch 😭😭

Yeah… ummm… about that *in a small voice* I am going to have to push back the date for the update because inspiration for this part has been lacking and I am not even nearly done with the part sooo…. you will have to wait a little longer :/ I’m moving it back for a week but I hope to be done before that

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me after seeing my own update page and noticing when 13 was supposed to go up because i forgot to change it 

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*shoves bagel with cream cheese  in my mouth*

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*tries to hide the mess that I actually am*
[undertale comic]Fading Away part-END
comic: OMG!! i finally finished this comic dub!!(I want to cry QAQ) this video take me so long, about...

Granted permission from @noinaedamiiz

OMG!! i finally finished this comic dub!! this video take me so long, about 3 weeks?A month? idk XD all things were done by myself except voice( i can’t voice all character XD) from collecting pictures and voices,to video editing, althought it used so many time and very troublesome but after seeing this video i can totally forgot those hard things XD

i really need to thanks Damiiz give me this chance to make this comic dub ,i know me and my friends english is not very well and this is not the good comic dub, but thanks Damiiz and  every audiences’s support, make me to finish this comic dub, honestly at the beginning I do voice acting is because i want to practice my english, i can’t belive that becuase of it i can meet so many friends! anyway, hope you guys can keep supporting me and we’ll see you in next series! Thank you and good night (I think I speak to much XD)

Miles Morales

Jason Reynolds


~ MILESSSSS ~ In case you couldn’t tell, Miles ~ Also Austin. what a GOOD PLOTLINE OMG I wanted more. Make that a con. More time with Austin and Miles ~ The writing is so good and readable even when it’s boring omg ~ Alicia existed (not all that much on page but she did) ~ Okay so Ms. Blaufuss was apparently Jason Reynolds’s actual English teacher and if THAT DOESN’T MAKE YOU JUST GET A LITTLE TEARY ~ BROOKLYN, NEW YORK ~ ACCURATE REPRESENTATION OF BROOKLYN, NEW YORK
~ The pacing meandered sometimes
~ The humor could be very ... male
~ NoMoreGrossOutHumor2017
~ Alicia could’ve been fleshed a teeny bit more and given more of a role
~ We need more Alicia!!! ~ You thought I forgot about Austin?? Well I DIDN’T ~ *chanting* MORE AUSTIN ~ It ended, tbh


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I think the balloon squad were originally meant to play a much bigger part in the story like not only that unseen vs pic but also the fact that Elias got his own public insta which not even Eskild got!!! Lmao also the fact that even's sa was mentioned once for drama then only brought up in passing in a video that wasn't even published on the skam page but maybe I just don't want to believe Julie would intentionally do even so dirty like that

yeah definitely!! i forgot about elias’ ig omg i ..ugh so much potential in this season its sad it ended up like this

A little drawpile done with @gt-flufftimes, @tollestsmoll, @smolbearking, and featuring @dont-stop-belibean from the devil may cry series! As u can see we’re all a buncha goofs :v

I’m a bit nervous about posting my doodle on the top right tho, it’s one of the first times I’ve tried drawing mouthplay ;;;;;; (Avert ur eyes Archie)

Omg!!! I almost forgot about this other Louis story I had planned. He’s the star of a uni football team and the main girl Noah is part of the football team’s student physio staff so they spend a lot of time together. He likes her a lot but she never realizes it because boys have never seen her as a girl. She always just one of the lads.

He gets a concussion and the coach counts on her to make sure he doesn’t fall asleep so he stays at her place and they have like a heart to heart.

They get in a big fight and she refuses to talk to him. So in the middle of the championship game, he fakes an injury so she has to come out on the field to take care of him. Real cheesy shit but it was so good.