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48 x

Ahhhh this is actually too perfect for Evak omg

48 - “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”


save me 😭


What happens after I save you?


I marry you for all your money and then you die in a mysterious accident



Forget it you can suffer



remind me again, why did I choose to study Philosophy in my final year of High School?


Because you’re a big dumb nerd.


Not nerd enough it would appear. 🙁

I miss you ❤️


I miss you ❤️

When you’re finished i’ll be here ready to make you feel better 😏


Now that’s what i’d like to here 🍆

What are you doing right now?


Oh I’m just hanging with- 

Suddenly the phone was ripped right out of Isak’s hands. “Hey!” he screeched as he glared at a very frustrated Jonas. “What the hell? I was using that.” Jonas ignored him and tossed the phone to Mahdi who caught it in one hand. Then Jonas crossed his arms and nodded at Mahdi and Magnus. 

“Do it.” 

“Wait do what??” Isak yelled, waving his hands to snatch it back but Jonas pushed him back down. 

“We are doing this for your own good Isak”

“Doing what? I’m fine! You guys are crazy.” Isak shook his head and crossed his arms, giving up trying to get his phone back. They wouldn’t dare. 

Isak we have been sitting here hanging for like an hour and the entire time you have been talking to Even. 

Isak scoffed “That is so not true.” 

“Yes” Mahdi said, “It is” 

Isak rolled his eyes “You guys are so lame.” 

Jonas raised his eyebrows, “Do it Magnus.” 

“Okay Dear Even-”

“Don’t write dear Even, no one writes dear at the start of a text message” Mahdi interjected. 

Isak wanted to so desperately tell them that they were wrong because I mean Even did that to him all the time, but then he remembered that would be helping them and that was the last thing he wanted. Those assholes. 

“Okay ‘Even we’ve become the clingy couple that I, Isak Valtersen used to complain about constantly” Magnus stopped to look Isak right in the eye “Constantly.” 

But now I have become the most clingy disgusting sappy fool who makes all of his friends want to puke whenever he is around them.” Mahdi added. 

Isak looked at them in horror. 

“P.S. you smell and your hair isn’t as great as everyone thinks it is” Jonas finished. 

“Well now that’s a lie” Magnus muttered but typed it anyway. 

“i swear to god if you guys send that I’m going to rip your hearts out and make sure you never get laid again.”

the send sound echoed loudly through the room “Whoops my finger slipped.” Magnus said innocently. 

Isak panicked “WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS.” 

Mahdi and Magnus cracked up laughing as Isak pushed against Jonas who was stopping him from barrelling into Magnus and stealing his phone back.

“Give it back! I need to send him a smiley so he knows it’s all a joke!” 

Jonas rolled his eyes “oh come on he knows.”

Magnus nodded “He would totally know.” 

“You brought this upon yourself.” Mahdi said. 

“Yep we told you the next time you ignore us to text Even we were going to punish you” Jonas agreed. 

“I DIDN’T THINK YOU WERE SERIOUS.” Isak shouted pulling his hair 

he finally snatched it out of Magnus’s hands and looked down at the sent message. 

“Ugh I hate you guys.”

Isak frantically began to type an exclamation before Even saw it and jumped to conclusions but just as he was about to send it- 

“Even, we have become that clingy couple I Isak Valtersen-”

“Oh dear god” Isak groaned covering his face as Even walked up from behind him. 

“Used to complain about CONSTANTLY” 

Even smirked at him and kissed his neck “Well damn, you weren’t that much fun back then were you?” 

Isak rolled his eyes but his heart was fluttering at Even’s touch. 

The boys were in the corner laughing. 

“But now I have become the most clingy disgusting sappy fool” Even continued to read as he sat down and put his arms around Isak from behind. “who makes all of his friends want to puke whenever he is around them” 

Even looked up at the boys and then back at Isak, grinning cheekily “Well baby, why don’t we give them something to puke at huh?” 

and then to Isak’s pleasant surprise Even brought Isak’s face to his and kissed him long and deeply sending shivers through his body. 

The boys all groaned and laughed simultaneously but Isak was completely lost in Even’s touch. 

Even pulled back and looked into his eyes, smiling brightly at every inch of Isak. 

then he abruptly turned to the boys and stood up. 

“Alright now which one of you said my hair wasn’t that great?” 

I hope you liked this <3 

Send me one of  these prompts and I’ll try to write it. <3 

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For the fall prompt thingy!! Sterek and apple picking please omg i need it Amber 😭😭😭😭


Stiles never would have thought apple picking, of all things, was romantic. Then again, he never would have thought Derek ‘Angry Eyebrows’ Hale was romantic, either. And on both counts he was wrong.

Ever since they’d started dating–having gotten together the summer before senior year after Stiles had come dangerously close to dying from the aftereffects of having been possessed by the Nogitsune, Derek not wanting to risk never being able to love Stiles the way he wanted to, open for the world to see–Derek had absolutely blown him away with how affectionate and downright romantic he could be. Not a day went by without Derek performing some sort of grand romantic gesture.

On their first date, Derek had surprised him with a bouquet of deep red roses, despite the fact that they were only going to dinner at the local diner that served Stiles’ favorite curly fries. They held hands throughout their meal, Stiles somehow managing to eat a greasy, bacon loaded double cheeseburger one-handed, playing footsie under the table like the dorks they both unabashedly were.

It had started raining by the time they finished dessert, sharing a milkshake like it was the nineteen fifties, Stiles teasing Derek about looking the part of the bad boy greaser in his leather jacket. As they fled to the Camaro, hoping for a reprieve from the heavy rain, Derek used his jacket as a makeshift umbrella, holding it above their heads to shield them from getting pelted by the cold rain.

Once they’d climbed into the Camaro, Derek draping his jacket over Stiles as he unlocked the doors and jogged around the front of the car to climb into the driver’s seat, they’d luxuriated in the Camaro’s heated seats as they laughed about their luck and poor timing, going on their first date the only time it rained that month. Stiles had made a comment about rain on a first date being a sign of good luck, Derek arguing that it was only wedding days that were lucky if rained on, sparking an intriguing conversation about various good luck signs as Derek drove Stiles home.

Stiles had kissed him on the front porch after Derek walked him to the door until his dad started flicking the porch light on and off. Stiles had smiled like an idiot when Derek insisted he hold on to his leather jacket for a little while, laying a kiss on Derek’s cheek for the sweet gesture. He’d put the roses in a vase and set them on his nightstand after Derek left, stealing glances at the beautiful bouquet for the next two weeks, breaking into a blinding grin whenever he did.

On their second date, a double feature at the local movie theater across town, Stiles had attempted to return Derek’s jacket, slipping it off his shoulders when Derek pulled up in front of his house, only for Derek to insist that he keep it, at least for just a little bit longer. Stiles had proudly strut over to the Camaro, chin held high as slid into the passenger seat still wearing the leather jacket despite the midday heat, slipping his hand into Derek’s as they pulled onto the road.

They’d sat in the back of the darkened theater, Derek leading Stiles to their seats, his werewolf night vision guiding him through the crowded theater, the location of the seats prompting many innuendos and eyebrow waggles from a jokingly scandalized Stiles. He’d only stopped teasing Derek about his choice of seating when Derek had grabbed the front of his Star Wars t-shirt and pulled him into a deep kiss as the opening credits rolled.

They’d spent the rest of the double feature holding hands as they shared a tub of popcorn and a box of Reeses Pieces, occasionally feeding each other the peanut butter candies before leaning in to kiss the butter from the popcorn off each other’s lips afterwards. They both blissfully ignored the appalled, genuinely scandalized looks they received, mostly from the elderly couples in attendance, due to their blatant public displays of affection, Derek assuring Stiles that he had no reason to be embarrassed or shy, casually throwing his arm around Stiles’ shoulders and kissing his temple.

A few hours later they left the theater with Derek’s arm still around Stiles’ shoulders, smiles proudly plastered on both their faces.

Their third date consisted of a nice dinner in at loft, giving Derek an opportunity to flex his culinary muscles, thoroughly impressing Stiles with a three course meal — an appetizer of potato skins followed by an entree of filet mignon before a dessert of various fruits dipped in chocolate and caramel sauces. They ate on the couch, the informal seating belying the sophistication of the meal, cuddling as they took Boyd’s suggestion to heart and watched Luke Cage on Netflix.

They watched Mike Colter kick ass on screen, Stiles making an offhand comment about how hot he was, Derek huffing and crossing his arms over his chest in faux jealousy until Stiles peppered kisses over his cheeks. Whenever there was a lull in action on the TV screen they took advantage of the opportunity to lick the sticky sweetness of chocolate and caramel off each other’s lips, hands tenderly stroking each other’s faces, fingers brushing through each other’s hair.

On Stiles’ eighteenth birthday they had sex for the first time.

Derek made love to him so gently and so sweetly, holding him and touching him and kissing him like he was something to be cherished, something to be treasured and protected and loved, that Stiles had buried his face in the crook of Derek’s neck and cried. Derek had held him for the rest of the night, rolling over so Stiles lay on his chest, running his hand up and down the smooth, mole dotted planes of his back, whispering hushed words of love into his sweaty hair as Stiles sobbed softly.

In the morning, Derek made him breakfast in bed and scattered kisses over the marks he’d left on his neck the night before, combing his fingers through Stiles’ disheveled bed head as Stiles munched on the perfectly crispy bacon and wonderfully fluffy pancakes Derek had made, trying not to be too embarrassed by the previous night’s waterworks.

After breakfast, Derek had literally carried him to the bathroom where they’d taken a hot shower together, Derek, unable to help himself, nipping and sucking at Stiles’ neck as he massaged body wash into Stiles’ smooth, pale skin. Soon enough, Derek’s amorous kisses and less than innocent touches led to what was both Stiles’ first time having shower sex and his first time having sex standing up–all in only his second time having sex at all.

Between moans he thanked the heavens above for Derek’s foresight to have a bottle of oil based lube on hand in the bathroom, smirking to himself as he idly wondered about how long Derek had wanted to fuck him in the shower.

After their steamy shared shower, Derek had carried Stiles back to bed after drying him off, Stiles too boneless with pleasure to even lift his head off Derek’s shoulder. They spent the rest of the day lounging in bed, not bothering to put a shred of clothing on, Stiles lazily pressing kisses over Derek’s neck and shoulders and collarbone as Derek gently stroked his hand up and down Stiles’ naked back, tracing the play of moles across the breadth of his shoulders.

And the romance hadn’t stopped there. If anything, it had intensified.

Derek made a point of continuing to be as romantic as humanly–werewolfily?–possible, constantly one upping himself with every gesture.

A few days after he gave Stiles another bouquet of red roses for their three month anniversary, he one upped himself by scattering rose petals and candles around the entire loft leading to the bed upstairs where he made love to Stiles for hours. Only a few hours after he’d absentmindedly began singing to Stiles on the couch, Stiles’ head in his lap as he re-read one of his favorite books, he pressed kisses to Stiles’ shoulders and back as he mumbled poetry into his skin in fluent Spanish as they laid in bed together.

So, naturally, he was intrigued when, while he and Derek were driving along a country road on the outskirts of Beacon Hills, Derek had pointed out a sign in front of a local farm, advertising for people to pick their own apples, and insisted he pull over. He’d cocked an eyebrow at his boyfriend but parked and climbed out of the Jeep nonetheless, eager to see what Derek had in mind.

Derek slipped his hand into Stiles’ and led him over to a display of produce for sale where an elderly man was restocking a wooden shelf of cartons of cranberries. The man turned to greet them with a warm, toothy smile, wiping his hands with a handkerchief. “What can I do for you gentlemen?”

“Hi,” Derek greeted, holding his hand out to shake the man’s hand. “How much to pick our own apples?”

“Five dollars a head,” the man replied, returning Derek’s firm handshake. He visibly blanched when Derek handed him a twenty dollar bill, shaking his head as he stammered, “Oh, no. This-This is too much.”

Derek simply shrugged and slipped his arm around Stiles’ shoulders, hugging him tightly against his side. Looking back at the man who was still gawking at the twenty dollar bill, he explained, “It’s a special occasion.”

After blurting out a few thank you’s, the man directed them over to the apple orchard, handing them each a hand woven basket to collect their apples in. They had eagerly hurried to the orchard where Derek set to work explaining which apples were the best to pick.

Stiles waited until they were both immersed in picking apples, steadily filling their baskets, to ask the question that had been burning in the back of his mind since they parked. Glancing over his shoulder at Derek who was reaching up to pluck a juicy red apple, he inquired, “So… Apple picking?”

“Yeah,” Derek answered simply, a smile audible in his voice. “My mom used to bring us every year. All of us — me and my sisters — would spend the whole day picking apples with her.”

Stiles smiled himself, biting his bottom lip. He loved hearing about Derek’s family though he always ached at the fact that he would never meet any of them.

“My mom would always bake an apple pie that same night. With streusel on top, not pie crust,” Derek continued on, luring Stiles away from his downright depressing thoughts. A soft, nostalgic smile accompanied his words as he recalled, “She’d use the rest of the apples to make her own apple sauce. And apple cake and cider and muffins, even cheesecake.”

Derek raised his head to smile over at Stiles who beckoned him over with a wave of his hand. He set his basket down and meandered over to Stiles with a sly grin, backing him against a nearby tree. “Yeah?”

“I love you,” Stiles announced, raising his hands to fist them in the front of Derek’s shirt to reel him in for a sweet kiss. The funny thing was it almost tasted like apples.

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I met my boyfriend in 8th grade completely on accident. We were best friends for three years; we talked every day and had a friendship that I can't compare to anything else. Junior year of high school he asked me to be his girlfriend, and that was 5 1/2 years ago. We are planning on spending the rest of our lives together and are both finishing college this year after four years of school in different cities. We've both been saving for a house and are still, to this day, best friends

goalsss omg this is adorable😭


I was bored after finishing 3 seasons of Hannibal (again) and I need some refreshment. I watched Confession of shopaholic. It was a typical generic Romantic comedy movie. but COME ON FANCY DANCY with boss-office worker, shirt and tie, and THAT ACCENT THO oh my god he was so young and cute and all that jazz OMG i swooned. like, crushing harder than my 15 year-old self. screaming and blushing so hard every scene he appeared. OMG. no. i’m not ready. I fall for him hard enough already.

Haikyuu!! Chapter 255: Discovery




Of course, he seizes it as a chance for revenge to stop the annoying oddball quick (and the oddball duo) he has to deal with daily.

Hahaha, and the freak duo get what he means with his words and expression (Hinata shudders in fear, Ukai is just amused). Honestly, these Karasuno first years give me life. (That reminds me to finish my first years fic, askflasjflaflahfajhlaskjd;asd;af;jd)

Another thing that caught my attention:

Akiteru’s small cameo even looks so sad that he cannot go watch his brother’s games. But what’s interesting is how well the others know his reaction to Tsukki’s excellent block (OMG, Akiteru is such a sweetheart and precious older brother). I wonder whether they often meet and hang out outside Karasuno matches as fellow Karasuno alumni and supporters, along with Ukai. After all, they seem to come up with the idea of Saeko with her Taiko group. I kinda want to be the fly on the wall to see whatever shenanigans they get to. Adults don’t mean anything when they’re with fellow adults.

Anyway, another prideful moment for Karasuno.


This is what potential Tsukki has seen of Hinata, confirmed by Hoshiumi.

Remember how skeptical Ukai and Suga was when Hinata told them that he saw things in slow motion in the air? And yet? Tsukishima came to his own conclusion on his own, and even gave Hinata the opportunity to polish his spike in the training camp, in order to keep his skill sharp despite being a ball boy. Huh. Now I can understand Akiteru’s feeling, I feel like crying with him in pride for you, Tsukki. (And may I add that’s how I started to ship Tsukihina?)

Fuki, the All-Japan Boys’ Representative Coach makes an appearance, also an interesting observation about Hinata.

His words pretty much an echo of every coach’s observation and opinion of Hinata, that makes him ineligible for training camp. His value relied on Kageyama. Of course this makes a perfect segue to Hinata’s slowly but surely stepping out of Kageyama’s shadow.

Naturally, it’s Kageyama who realizes it first. After all, old Kageyama would have tried to give the easiest toss for Hinata to spike after repeated block out, not the best toss, which angered Hinata back then.

Honestly those scenes shows how much Kageyama, and Ukai trusts the team. Ukai understands his students very well. He even gives insight of what is going on Tsukishima’s mind. I’m putting this into my album of Ukai’s best coaching moments.

Still, I cannot really figure out Hinata’s expression. Definitely not calm, not disheartened, but… what?? It’s the strangest expression I’ve seen on him, as if he doesn’t quite know what to feel. Annoyance and admiration mixed together? But honestly, Hinata’s officially known as Kageyama’s partner by now. XDDD

The next chapter’s gonna be interesting now we’re closing in to the match point. Who’s gonna win the first set?


Daichi saves the day (again).

Karasuno really needs to up their defense, they shouldn’t let Daichi and Noya do all the work.

Sickfic inspiration

From my own life!!

So my city has this midnight bike ride once a year. There’s a 9 mile option and a 19 mile option. So after a year of not riding a bike, my dad and I went on the 19 mile one while my younger sister (she’s 16) and her boyfriend went on the 9 mile. I struggled lmao. Nearly got sick at the top of a huuuuuge hill, but I fuckin DID IT.

So anyway, when we finished and met my sister at the finish line, she started PANICKING and being like “omg Taylor you’re so pale you need to sit down” and I was like “??? I’m good” and I was making jokes and she was just. Not having it. I guess I looked pretty rough lol. But finally I was like “I feel fine” and she just yelled “I DONT CARE HOW YOU FEEL; SIT DOWN AND DRINK THE DAMN WATER” and I just fuckin love that line because I was like “o shit yes ma'am”
The Explosion - AmyTheAuthor - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 6/?
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Harry Potter/Tom Riddle
Characters: Harry Potter, Tom Riddle | Voldemort, Voldemort, Olive Hornby, Albus Dumbledore

Usually, in other Fics, Harry goes to the past, meets an older or same age Tom in Hogwarts, and is sorted into Slytherin. Harry is usually there to change Tom and Tom is a “teenage Dark Lord.” In THIS Fic, Tom is a bullied 3rd year, believed to be a Mud-blood, and has his first ever crush on Henry Peverell, the 6th year Gryffindor, who is not there to change Tom, but rather…

CHAPTER 6! Finally. Haha! 9,000+ words. Enjoy. Lots of love! I am going to sleep now. I am soooo tired after re-writing this 3 times and staying up super late tonight to finish editing it. :) Omg… This Fic is like my drug. xD

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jeopardy story: i was on jeopardy and came in second place. that was the same year adam lambert was on american idol, and after he came out, some tv show host made a joke about how everyone who came in second in something would now come out as gay. years later, i realized i was gay.

omg. iconic message start to finish

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of course people still want illaks ! It would be such a shame If you just left it like that considering the fact it is along the most popular fics in the phandom... I totally understand that you're not into it as much I you used to anymore but please consider at least one or two chapters. We will read literally anything you write. Sorry I am not good at encouraging but I really miss illaks and it's driving me insane that it has no ending.


i have exams literally from now until june 22nd so i can’t do much for the time being but after that i promise i’m going to finish illaks u can literally hold me to that too <33


Laws Are Hard by  Shounak Dharap

I took a break from bar prep
I just wanted to see the sky
But as I napped under the trees, I dreamed of contracts MBEs;
Man, I can’t wait until the end of July
So I’m sitting at my laptop
Just memorizing rules
Hearsay exceptions – state of mind, I know the First Amendment, kinda;
Yea, but RAP still makes me feel like a fool

Cuz I’m studying for the bar
Can’t remember what weekends are
Essays got me like, the court will likely find that I’m so over this
I’m really missing that 1L year
When finals were all I had to fear
Now I’m worried bout what happens to Blackacre when O has no will
Laws are hard, to learn, to learn
Your Honor, laws are hard, to learn, to learn.

I’m not a lawyer, yet,
But while I’m on that route,
I’m not employed, I’m not a student, taking risks would be imprudent,
Cuz I think my health insurance ran out.
And I can’t talk like a person
These terms of art consume my brain
Touch and Concern my land’s my pick up line, but really I’m completely fine,
Except I’m slowly going insane

Cuz I’m studying for the bar
Can’t remember what weekends are
And my lecturer trying to crack bad jokes about intestacy
I learn a rule and there’s 15 more,
Curled up crying on my bathroom floor
Something something must vest 21 years, plus life in being
Laws are hard, to learn, to learn
Your Honor, laws are hard, to learn, to learn

I got a call from my sister,
Four years of college, just finished her first,
OMG summer’s the best, just hanging out and zero tests,
And I said literally you are the worst
And my friends tried to text me
They said, you promised we’d kick back
I’m like without consideration, there ain’t no contract formation
Never heard from them again after that

I’m studying for the bar,
Can’t remember what weekends are,
Study partner’s got civ pro on lock and I’m like what is joinder?
But so what if I’m tired and stressed
I’m gonna rock this test,
No question’s gonna hold me back, unless it’s about mortgages.
Laws are hard, to learn, to learn
Your Honor, laws are hard, to learn, to learn.

(Translation) Danna-sama series vol.4

敬語旦那さま 変態カレシのお気に召すまま (R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Furukawa Makoto

T/N: I KNOW, I KNOOOW!!! I KNOW I’m on a furukawa-abstinence but this is a commission!! a job!!! that i secretly enjoyed that i can’t run away from!!!

okayy professionalism aside, i just realized the voice he makes sound quite similar to Saitama (god help me) and i’m surprised I managed to finish translating through the end so quickly even though this is my first time translating his work omg. Tho, I can’t deny the whole time I’m translating, an image of Saitama scolding me to not sin keep appearing in my head.

Keep reading

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Tyler/Ethan and Mark/Kathryn/Amy all being childhood friends until before their Freshman year of highschool when Ethan moves to Maine The gang still having really close relationships with each other (Tyler and Ethan especially) After like a year without him at his side, Tyler finally convinces the gang to surprise Ethan the weekend of his highschool state gymnastics meet (Interpret this however you like I'm not the best writer haha)

Omg yesssss I completely agree. That is too cute. And they try to look as inconspicuous as possible in the crowd so that Ethan doesn’t feel pressured and when he finished they just take off their caps and phoney mustaches to give the loudest and most ridiculous applause ever whenever Ethan’s called up for podium.

Tyler kinda just picking Ethan up and spinning him around and everyone’s just like ‘AWWWWW’ and Ethan’s parents are there like ‘lmao why is there a tall giant lifting my baby boy. who dat’

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Random fact about me: Lt. Uhura inspired me to join the army as a linguist after high school. Question for you: Have any of your favorite characters inspired you to do something bold in your life?

omg that is so friggin’ cool!  

I don’t know if this counts, but the character Fenris from Dragon Age 2 inspired me to start writing.  My childhood dream was to be an author, but I gave it up in high school.  I could never finish anything, and all the adults in my life who were supposed to be encouraging me, discouraged me.  Seriously, my senior year Creative Writing teacher was THE WORST.

And then I played Dragon Age 2 (so many times) and loved Fenris so much, I started writing.  I was 31, and I hadn’t written anything more than the occasional blog post on livejournal and trouble tickets at work since high school.  I haven’t stopped writing since, and I’m hoping to turn Kiss the Baker into an original story for publication by the end of this year.  

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Omg finals must be all done, youre back to spamming my feed. I love it!!!! Always need more bunnyribbit on my timeline

I AM BACK!! I pretty much back full time now! I had a conference I had to go to after I finished up finals and my junior year, so now my summer has officially started! WHEEEEE!! 

Also remember! Bunnyribbit Week 2017 is June 18-24. I’m be making a big post about it soon so keep your eye out!


Vix (bunnyribbit mun)