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gif meme - rupert giles + favorite quotes (for anon) 

[Pentagon] I loved you.

✧ Member: Yeo One / Hongseok
✧ Genre: Angst
✧ Words: 6k  I’m sorry it’s so long! TT
✧ Author: Jessie
✧ Notes: OMG I am so sorry if there are mistakes in this! It’s like 1:30 am right now and I just wanted to finish this.  


Can I have an imagine with YeoOne when we date for a year then I go away for a year then come back and walk in on him kissing another girl (he moved on because I wasn’t there). I move on (with HongSeok my bff in Pentagon) and he tries to take me back after breaking up with the girl. Could you make it angsty? Thank youuu 😘😘❤️❤️

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wow i feel dumb so apparently they announced this at the end of the last episode and I had switched tabs like a dumbass. 


i finally finished this omg.

Nera the Patient, my big vigil charr. ICly she has a thick mane :D (arenanet if u see this pls give the mane hairstyle to females thnx)

i started this december last year but i’ve never rendered armor before so i gave up for a while. i’m really not satisfied with the shading and stuff but it’s good for a first attempt. every completed drawing is a learning improvement, after all.

she is wearing - legion shoulders & boots, dreadnaught gauntlets & pants, vigil’s honor chestplate & she is carrying lightward’s battlestaff.


I was bored after finishing 3 seasons of Hannibal (again) and I need some refreshment. I watched Confession of shopaholic. It was a typical generic Romantic comedy movie. but COME ON FANCY DANCY with boss-office worker, shirt and tie, and THAT ACCENT THO oh my god he was so young and cute and all that jazz OMG i swooned. like, crushing harder than my 15 year-old self. screaming and blushing so hard every scene he appeared. OMG. no. i’m not ready. I fall for him hard enough already.

Anthony ‘sure we’ll take this case immediately no we don’t need time to prepare’ Lockwood

Cross V.S Fell fanarts #2

Hello again!

I really appreciate your love for this project. I’m reaching 90% of the animation. Stereohead Studios sent me a preview from the sountrack and omg…I’m very excited to finish soon and show you the next part after many years hahah XD.
Ok!, there is the second Cross V.S fell fanarts compliation. Thank you so much for your art!!.

-Art by @clothespin19

- Art by @bobeatspie300 (Oooooh my godness poor feel ;_;)

- Art by @eternallycurrious

- Art by @oldsheep-enoshi

- Art by @thereturnau (XD buh bah cross)

- Art by @gcervantes46

- Art by @kodoh120

- Art by @itsnojida

- Art by @tumbcurser

- Art by @ask-blueberry-sans-edgy

- Art by Fate

For the next time, I will be another fanart compilation for Underverse!Sans 0.3 

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Omg I just saw your K3G gif post and asdfghklll you like Bollywood too??!!!

(last summer me and my cousins watched it again after years in someones house, then i stayed over at their house and we watched it again, but one of my other cousins came late so she missed the first half - so when it finished, she started it from the beginning and we ended up watching it the 3rd time in 2 days) 

i have a weird relationship with bollywood movies where i have 4 movies that i’ll watch forever (khabi kushi khabi gham, kuch kuch hota hai, kal ho na ho and lagaan)

and then once in a blue moon i’ll be at an aunty’s house and watch something ‘new’ lmao 

oh and idk where Bride and Prejudice stands, but i also watch that like twice a year lmao

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I haven't watched TVD in years (I never finished season 5) but Klaroline was my first ever OTP and all these Klaroline things you're reblogging are giving me life thank you!!!

LMFAO ME TOO!!! i stopped watching after season 6 and i started watching again during 8x12 for kai the loml. klaroline was mY FIRST OTP TOO OMG I LOVED THEM AND MY HEART WAS UNCONVINCED WHEN KLAUS SAID “HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES” BUT NOW IM CONVINCED BINCH!!!! aAAAA IM READY!!!!!!!! 💘💘💘

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(1/3) So idk where I might go with this omg but a couple of years back I sort of quit drawing because of the constant frustration and embarrassment that would crop up after I finished it, or even just did a sketch. But at the same time, I was sort of sad that I made that decision, because at the end of the day I did enjoy it when I knew what I was doing, and what I was trying to work towards. Around the time the Servamp anime was halfway through, I followed your blog.

(Oh multiple messages. :0 Awesome~)

But I totally get what you are saying, cause only about a year ago I started drawing again myself (or posting it at least) and started practicing digital art. But I had extremely low confidence for awhile and it made me draw way less.

Even though some would say I am “better” now, I also most definitely still experience constant frustration and embarrassment, drawing really is a difficult process at times but it can also be rewarding in a that sense. Especially when you see improvement later. ^^ I don’t usually go look at my older works. But when I come across it again somehow, (like seeing it on someone elses blog or someone reblogs an old work and I go read the tags lol) I surprise myself. 

I hope you definitely pick it up yourself again too! Go and surprise yourself too! :D 

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I was really happy when I saw you updated the last chapter of your sterek!harry potter au, it was great! (:

You were happy to see it, and I was really happy to have finished writing it, lol!! I think every fic I’ve written for the past year except two were basically me trying to unplug the writers block on this ONE fic. But I’m so, soooo happy you liked it, THANK-YOU!

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hi sorry for being mia recently. so much has been happening. this past month alone i’ve managed to finish my IB exams, compete in waterpolo, finish high school, and get ready for prom. here’s to an amazing summer after i’ve worked my ass off for the past four years. lots of love! 

ps, if any of you are in singapore we should totally meet up! i’ll be in singapore from the beginning of june to the end of august. just shoot me a message omg i really want to meet all of you guys <3

Goals for 2016

-Read 75 books this year.
(In 2015 I read 75 books but 8 of them were graphic novels and maybe 4 were novellas/short-stories but 75 is a pretty good number since I had originally aimed for 52)

-Participate in at least 5 Read-A-Thons.
(I’ll be participating in my first read-a-thon on Jan 3-9 reading 7 books, after that we’ll see.)

-Go to the gym.
(I bought a year membership and really ought to get to using it. Also a great way to get a lot of reading done.)

-Catch up on all the series I haven’t started/haven’t finished.
(I haven’t watched anything new this year. I’ve only picked up watching WWE. This is mostly due to having a hell of a lot of school work and having night classes but since this is my last semester, that should change.)

-Get a job/internship/omg-real-life.
(Yikes, not much explanation needed. But I actually found out I got through to an interview I applied for in the summer however, I never heard the voicemail and thus it was for naught. But lesson learned, and life goes on.)

-Catch up with friends.
(I haven’t seen my friends in what seems like ages and that really shouldn’t be. Now that I see time on the horizon it’s time to restructure my life.)

-Graduate with a 3.7 GPA.
(I just reached my GPA into a 3.7 this semester and I have one more semester so that means I either stay over or I fall down. No biggie either way, just a personal goal.)

The Cost

Title: The Cost (Part One)

Characters: Dean x Reader (in next part), Sam

Summary: The reader went off on her own and fell into a streak of reckless hunting after her brother was killed on a hunt. When the Winchesters show up unexpectedly three years later, she is less than thrilled to see them.  

Word Count: 2,213

Warnings: mention of character death, profanity, Dean’s an asshole, ANGST

POV: Readers, 2nd person

A/N: heads up- this fic has so much angst in it omg haahaha. I actually have the whole thing written but I have to edit part two and finish up the ending, so I can definitely have it posted in the next three days or so. This part is mostly a set up for the next part, which is super dialogue heavy. Please let me know if you like it or want part two sooner than planned! It’s always easier to push myself to get crap down when I know people want it haha

Loosely based off a request by sidneyleanne13​. It’s different than what you asked for so I hope this is okay! I kinda just go wherever the inspiration takes me and this is what happened. But I still had the whole Dean/Reader don’t get along bit, so I hope this works for you :) If you want me to do another fic closer to the original request, just let me know and I’ll put it back on the list!

Nothing could ever compare to the high of a hunt.

Nothing even comes close to the blaze of adrenaline sweeping through your bloodstream as the blade, firmly pressed within your grasp, ripped through the bodies of monsters solely intent on your demise. Booze and pills could only get you so far. This was a release unlike any other.

There was something about not knowing whether you’d make it out of the building alive that carried a vigorous rush through you. You were more alert, your instincts sharper, your body aligned perfectly with your mind. It was exhilarating. Dangerous, definitely. But moments like these… moments when the sharp edge of your enemy’s blade cuts inches away from your carotid artery, those were the only times you didn’t feel completely numb. Those were the moments you lived for. Those were the only moments you felt alive. Those were the moments you craved like an addiction.

You were a goddamn titan in the face death himself and you laughed.

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i’m leaving on a jet plane (don’t know when I’ll be back again) Hartwin (3/?)

The first time Harry met Eggsy was when the young man had fallen into his lap. Or the business!Harry/flight attendant!Eggsy AU that no one asked for, but I wrote it anyway.

The Story of My Life Hartwin (14/?)

Harry and Eggsy have been together for two year when they adopt their first child, Lee Archibald Hart. Six years later, they have another child via surrogate, Lizbeth Roxy Unwin.


Pacific Rim AU (Tentative Title: You are Not a Robot) Hartwin (Oneshot)

Collaboration with the amazing @kinksman88​ who has finished their part so I really need to finish this soon OMG.

Harry shuts down after Lee is forcefully ripped from their Jaeger, the trauma of losing his partner and the sudden disconnection of their minds leaving him listless and lost. Unbeknownst to him, Chester uses Harry’s apathy to take Eggsy from a depressed Michelle, training the young boy to be the perfect replacement for Lee.

Harry returns (dragged back to Kingsman by Merlin) to find the boy he abandoned after Lee’s death, now a handsome, but cocky, young man.

Wot Like It’s Hard? (Legally Blonde AU) Hartwin (Attempted Oneshot)

“What. An. Arse,” Eggsy seethes, clenching his fists. It had only been two fucking weeks, and the douche canoe was engaged to some bint he’d met at his fancy fucking law school? True, while Eggsy knew the reality of what his and Charlie’s relationship had been -a farce- you would think his ex would have some semblance of common decency. Well, Eggsy was going to show that fucker.

“That’s it bruvs, I’m goin’ t’Oxford.”

Maleficent AU (Tentative Title: Enchanting to Meet You) Hartwin (Chaptered)

“You’re my fairy godfather aren’t you?” Eggsy asks when he spots Harry on that fateful day. Harry doesn’t respond, shifting his weight to behind a nearby tree, as if hiding himself would erase his presence from Eggsy’s mind.

“I know you watch over me,” Eggsy continues, and Lancelot lets out a strangled sound, a mixture between a laugh and a shout. Reluctantly, Harry stands out from his “hiding place” to meet Eggsy face to face. He’s met with the purest and brightest smile ever aimed in his direction.

And so begins the story of Eggsy and Harry, a pure princeling and the bitter old man.

Bookstore AU (Take a Look, It’s in a Book) Hartwin (Chaptered)

Harry Hart is the anonymous author of the Kingsman book series and the owner of the small bookstore Galahad. He chooses to live a quiet life running his bookstore, interacting with his editor and best friend, Merlin, and his dog, Mr. Pickle. This all changes, however, when young actor Eggsy Unwin bursts into his quaint bookstore seeking shelter from his fans.

Shotgun AU (We Couldn’t Get Much Higher, Baby Light my Fire) Hartwin (Oneshot)

Harry and Eggsy get high together, and then sex. For @elletromil

Wedding Fic (I Think I Wanna Marry You) Hartwin (Oneshot)

A birthday fic for @secondarysushicorps​ documenting the Hartwin wedding from the proposal to the honeymoon.

Flowershop AU (I Never Promised You a Rose Garden) Hartwin (Oneshot)

Prompt fic for @vaticancas​ for my 1k Milestone

Angst Church Fic (Position Lancelot: Vacant) Hartwin (Oneshot)

Fuck you @yeseggsy

FANFIC QUEUE: (Details Not Included)

Tattoo Artist! Eggsy AU for @yeseggsy​ 

 One Direction AU for @kingsmanposts​ and @getinthefuckingjaeger

Guardsman AU for @welcometomyhartwin​  

Time Traveler’s Wife AU for @hartwinner​  

Modern Greek AU for @storgefreyja​ 

Suits AU | Mamma Mia AU | Sugar Daddy AU | Gymnastics AU | Teen Wolf AU

Hannibal AU | Pride and Prejudice + Cinderella AU | Dark!Harry AU

Great British Bake Off AU | Youtuber AU for @thislittlediary

X-Men AU | Porn Star AU | Legend AU | Merhartwin Fic

Lorde’s Magnets AU for @getinthefuckingjaeger

Harry Potter AU  

Buzzfeed/Try Guy AU for @getinthefuckingjaeger

Merhartwin Star Trek AU for @secondarysushicorps​, @elletromil​, @gentlekingsmen​, @sententiousandbellicose

Coffee Shop/University AU | Reincarnation AU | 12 Days of Christmas Fic

Wildest Dream Firtherton Fic for @getinthefuckingjaeger

Silent Hill AU for @aiwa-sensei

Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) AU | Madoka Magica AU | Halloween Fic

Love Actually AU for @ilikemymenbritish

Halsey Song Fics (Badlands Series) for me and kinda for @sententiousandbellicose

Ballet AU for @kingsmanposts​ and @kingsmanhartwin