omg i finally understand what you people mean by spirit animal

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What kind of stuff can badger dig up about Fylgja? I love the concept of personal spirits, but what I read about them seems just a teeny bit Not Fun.

Oh badger can dig up a lot about fylgjur. Although I’m curious as to what you define as not fun about them other than perhaps the fact that the line between fylgjur and disir and fylgjur and hamingjur can be incredibly blurry. Other than that they’re an incredibly fascinating topic and I’m excited to discuss them because it’s a personal favorite of mine.

So a heads up that for this post, in order to really explain all the aspects of fylgjur, I will also be discussing a few other things including the aforementioned hamingjur as well as hamr, hugr, and luck. There will also be mention of childbirth so a heads up to those with severe tokophobia. It’s barely discussed so most should be okay but I still want to warn folks. So please just bear (haha it’s a pun you’ll see when you’re done reading) with me as it’s all relevant. 

This post got long and this is a kind of important topic in heathenry, so I made a bulletpoint thing at the end  of the essential info for people with issues reading tons of text. I also highlighted important lines in the main text. I hope it helps. :>

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Hey guys! So a while ago i reached 600+ followers and i just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you~ It means a lot. I know i haven’t been very active lately, but now i have a bit more free time so i’ll be here more and start making gifs again :) I also want to say how happy i am to have met so many amazing people you guys are amazing. To my mutuals who i haven’t talked with in a while or if i haven’t talked to you yet, HMU sometime~

I also decided that since i follow over 300 people which is a lot i would only do this for my mutuals and absolute fave blogs.

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♡ - extra love

(special mentions are at the end, so if we are close check it out ;3)

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