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lmao what about the MC reacting to the RFA members pooping? (i'm crying from laughing at your other one)

MC pooping post

◉ Yoosung

  • He was just sitting there reading his LOLOL game guide
    • “Hmm, so that’s where I can get that armor. Heh the guild members are going to be so jelly.”
  • Then the door opened and you walked in
  • Hits that high note so fast omg
  • All the dogs within a file mile radius have perked up their ears
  • Somewhere, a crystal glass is shattering
  • Yoosung falls off of the toilet
  • His pants are at his ankles
  • He’s sobbing in embarrassment
    • “I’ll….just…come back laaaterrr……” you slowly back out of the room and close the door.

◉ Jumin

  • You didn’t know which bathroom to use??????
  • And you picked the wrong one
  • Jumin was just sitting there on the toilet
    • “MC? It’s cute that you’re so eager to see me that you came here. But a schedule is a schedule. You know that 4:15-4:45 is my private time. I’ll see you promptly for dinner, my sweet.”
  • You grumbled back out and down the hall
    • “I just wanted to wash my friggin’ hands…”

◉ Zen

  • He had a heart attack when you walked in on him!!!
  • He’s grabbing everything within reach to cover himself
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand towels
  • Regular towels
  • The freaking shower curtain
  • You’re just laughing so hard omg
  • Whip out your phone at lightning speed and take a pic
    • “Jaehee HAS to see this omg!!!!”
  • You run out and leave him in the bathroom
  • All you hear is screaming and things falling on the floor

◉ Jaehee

  • You wanted to join her in brushing her teeth before bed
  • But when you walked in you found her on the toilet
    • “Oh! I’m sorry Jaehee I thought you were—Hey? What are you reading?”
    • “This? It’s the manuscript for Zens new role.”
    • “What?! You finally got it?! How is it?!”
    • “MARVELOUS, MC! I can picture him so perfectly saying these lines. Come here and I’ll read it to you from the beginning!”
  • She clears her throat as you sit on the tub
    • “Ahem…’In this city full of filthy scum criminals, I was the dirty cop who didn’t play by anyone’s rules…”

◉ Saeyoung

  • You were in the kitchen finishing up dinner
  • But Saeyoung kept screaming your name and distracting you from the stove
  • You almost burnt yourself once
  • Thats it
  • You threw off your oven mitts, stomped down the hall and kicked the bathroom door open
    • “WHAT!”
  • He was just sitting on the toilet smiling
    • “I love you.”
  • You threw the toothpaste tube at him
    • “You’re not getting dessert tonight. And I.Made.Pie.” you stomped back out
    • “Noooooooooooooooooo!”

◉ V

  • You had to pee pretty bad
  • You just came home from work and you didn’t expect V to be back yet
  • But the bathroom door was open and he was on the toilet
  • He didn’t even know you were there
  • And he was humming
  • It was so cute
  • His hum sounded so beautiful
  • Slowly you sat down in the doorway, facing away from him
  • And just listened
  • When he finished washing his hands you stood up
    • “Hey sweet-”
  • U scared him whoops

◉ Saeran

  • You wanted to shower and he was taking forever
  • You walked in
    • “Hurry UP!”
  • Wait a second
  • You doubled back
    • “Are you…painting your nails while on the toilet?????”
    • “It’s called multi-tasking. You should try it some time. Get out weirdo, stop watching me take a shit.”
    • “You’re painting your nails on the toilet and I’m the weirdo…Okay, babe.”
  • You both stuck your tongues out at each other for a minute
  • You flicked off the lights and closed the door
    • “I’m gunna get you for that, MC!!!”
The Cop and the Twink

-a request that was given quite a long time ago. Thanks for the pictures and idea Dan!

Once upon a cool Friday night there were two people who made the same desperate wish. “I wish I could lead a different life,” said Officer Jason Rex and college freshman Leo Marks. You see Officer Jason was always so stressed about his work life and wished he’d chosen a different career path, while Jason had just been rejected by his crush and wished he’d find someone to love.  A certain story teller was listening and managed to write their dream into reality. 

The following morning Jason woke to a bit of confusion. He remembered being on a stakeout and falling asleep from pure boredom. Only this place he was now in, was not a police car. Instead it was a college dorm room. His immediate instinct was to examine his surrounding. He got up with an ease he hadn’t felt in years, but found himself face to face with his answer. 

“That’s me?” he said instinctively taking out his phone. “I’ll have to make sure I document this or else no one will believe me and… man I have such a tight body. No where near as bulky as my old one, but being this cut is kind of cute.” Before he could examine his body any closer there was a knock on his door. He made his way to the entrance and opened the door revealing a stunningly beautiful dark skinned young woman. “Leo! I heard the news. I don’t know what that guy was thinking rejecting you! You helped me get over Raul, so if you need ANYTHING just let me know ok?”  Jason was stunned, both by the ranting girl in front of him and his immediate boner. “I’ll tell you one thing you could do,” he smirked. The girl immediately blushed. “What!? Leo!? I thought you were-”

“You thought I was blind? Because I’d have to be to miss the most amazingly beautfiul girl in front of me.” Before another word could be spoken Jason leaned in to kiss the girl. Initially surprised, she eventually leaned in as well. She didn’t know what got into Leo, but she was going to like it.

Meanwhile across town a startled Leo wakes up in a police car. 

“W-where am I?” Leo mutters to himself. “Why am I wearing this uniform and how’d I get in this car? Am I dreaming?” Leo then looks to his side and notices a perplexed officer sitting next to him. “Jason. You’re talking crazy. Why don’t I drop you off and you can tell me if you’re dreaming or not.” Leo just nodded. He was never good at talking to guys he found attractive, and this cop next to him certainly was. Tanned, 5 o’clock stubble, and a square jaw. Leo had to do everything in his power to not drool. 

“Here we are! Just take care of yourself. I’ll pick you up later and we can head to the station together. Okay partner?”  “P-partner?” Leo asked blushing. The cop just rolled his eyes as he drove off. Leo was now standing on his front steps, realizing just how much his body had changed. He was a lot taller from this perspective. He stumbled his way into the small house in front of him, reached for unfamiliar keys in his pocket, and made his way inside. 

The interior wasn’t anything to brag about. “Uh, typical. A straight bachelor pad is just so… boring!” Leo made his way through the lack luster house and found himself in the bedroom, where he was finally greeted with his new appearance. “OMG!? Is that me?” He quickly took off his exterior shirt leaving him only with a standard police undershirt. 

“I have GOT to snap a picture of this!” he said, doing his best to hold back his excitement. That excitement faded when he realized that his new phone didn’t have his instagram, tumblr, or even his facebook. “How am I gonna show off these pictures!” he groaned. At that point he received a text from his partner. “You ok?” Leo gave a wry smile and sent the picture. “I’m doing just fine, sexy.”

There was a pause before another text came in. “I’ll be right over. Told the captain we’d be busy.” Leo’s newfound confidence shocked even him as he couldn’t get over what he’d just said. Then he glanced one look in the mirror. He wasn’t the nervous kid he was before. He was a buff dude, with stubble, and a hot guy coming over. He gave a quick flex to the mirror and ran his hand through his short cut hair. He heard the door bell and ran over. He was about to have a great night. 

Quick Story Time

So I have this friend of mine and we’ve known each other for like seven or eight years. We’ve had some bumps along the way but I still loved her because she was my first friend at my middle school when I was new and stuff. And we’ve been through a lot together.

Now freshmen year, I came out to my group of friends as bisexual, even though almost all of them were like “lmao we been knowing” but it wasn’t really a big deal to me because my friends were cool as hell and where I live, people are really accepting of these things.

Now my friend, I’ll call her “I”, she’s very religious and she immediately makes snarky comments about it. I don’t pay any attention to it because she’s my friend, but sometimes it would escalate. Like I remember she’d point it out with her group of friends and they’d pass by me and say shit like “ooh she eats pussy!” And “you’re going to hell!”

So there were numerous times where she came to me and said “I love you, Delilah, but I can’t be your friend anymore because it’s against God.” Or “I can’t be friends with the devil’s slut.”

Like that shit happened so many times throughout that year and so many times I just wanted to smack her right in her mouth so bad because she’d literally follow me around with a bible and shout verses at me.

Keep in mind, she was by no means “holy” lol. I could list all the horrific shit she’s done 🐸☕️but my sin was automatically greater than hers because I liked girls right? Lol.

Now fast forward a year, she comes out as a lesbian to everyone and immediately I came to her and gave her a huge fucking hug because I felt like “holy shit, all along maybe now she can be my friend and stop making fun of me!”

She fell in love with this girl at our school and they were so freaking cute, guys! Like she even told me one day that she felt like she could be herself finally and that she’s never been happier. I remember one time we were hugging each other and crying because finally, she found herself and she could be free.

Fast forward last year, when gay marriage is legalized in the U.S (omg I remembered that day!) I get on Facebook and what do I see?

A shit ton of pictures she’s photoshopped of gay people burning in hell. She literally made six or seven of these and she was sending them to everyone who was in the LGBTQ, harassing them and calling them slurs. She was also going on these rants talking about they’re “abominations” and “disgusting” and she hoped they all die blah, blah.

like she posted all of these horrific things but she likes gi-never mind *sips tea*🐸☕️

So I ended up not speaking to her for a couple years after that.

But yesterday, she messaged me on Facebook and she apologized for everything she did and she explained that we’re adults now and she “respects who I am”. She asked me if she’d like to meet me for coffee the next day and I said okay because I thought “maybe she finally changed”

Lmao I was soooooo wrong.

Y'all, as I’m typing this, she’s pulling up all these websites and she’s explaining that what I have is an illness and that I’m “dirty” and that I need to be cleansed. Then she pulled out these fucking brochures that are “straight camps”

And she keeps on saying “dirty” over and over and over again and it’s bothering me so much.
And it’s taking everything in me to not shoot across this table and slap the daylights out of her.

Y'all dare me to throw this coffee in her face?

Don’t worry, it’s not hot it’s iced coffee (I got it for this specific reason so I won’t go to jail lol) ❤️

kind and no kind people.

aaa omg I finally found your account!! a handful of people were posting your art (without permission obviously)on instagram and I always were wondering who ya were!! now that I know who ya are, hopefully I can ask the people to take the posts down xD //also sorry i dont know if this is the right place to send this aaa


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It make me sad when people take my fan art without permission, I hope they understand one day that is important to put the reference of original artist.
That’s another problem! When you want to find that artist you can’t because the picture don’t have reference of the website.

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Thank you so much for tell me about this and give help and support, you’re the best!  
Arceus Bless you ! ! !  ───==≡≡ΣΣ(っ´▽`)っ

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Imagine Vegeta watching the rehearsals for a school day production of Macbeth and pulling a Christopher Lee: “This is not the sound a person makes when dying! Stop lying to my daughter! And about such an important matter!”


OMG! I had no idea what you were talking about at first!

You made me google, and I finally found the Christopher Lee video you were referring to!

You guys crack me up!

And, yeah! I could totally picture Vegeta saying stuff like that!

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Could I please have the rfa plus unknown reacting to finding a picture of their s/o when they were a teenager and going through like a hardcore emo/punk phase and their s/o is really embarrassed about it?

Ahhh yes…We can all relate to the angsty bean phase of our teens.

**Gazes past laptop screen in remembrance of her own. The black hair…the MySpace photos. MCR piano keys play in the distance…

~Ahem. Anyway…Yes. Here you go!


  • Often likes to look through old photos and one day suggested you do it together
  • It was all well and good until a family photo popped up
  • There you were, clad in black looking angry between your parents
    • “M-MC?! What?!”
  • You snatched the photo away from him but the damage had been done, he was snickering
    • “Yoosung, you dye your hair blonde you have no right to say anything to me right now”
  • Your look of death made him swallow his laughter
  • He had no idea someone like you went through such a phase
  • Wondered what else he didn’t know about you
    • “MC, I’m taking the day off tomorrow. Let’s stay up late tonight! I want you to tell me all about yourself before I met you. I want to know these things!”


  • Has no sense of privacy so of course he was rummaging through your things when he found the photo
  • He thought you looked ridiculous, he didn’t understand the fashion at all
    • “MC, what is the meaning of this?”
    • “OMG JUMIN HAN. How many times do I have to tell you to stay out of my stuff?!”
    • “We shouldn’t have secrets between us, though I can see why you tried to hide it…”
  • This ass
  • You ripped the picture from his hands
  • He immediately felt bad, he could see that he upset you
  • In all honesty he’s not the type of person to care about the past or dwell on it
  • It’s a waste of time in his opinion
  • Tries to come up with something to say to apologize
    • “What I really meant was that you look much better now. I’m glad”
  • It was the best he could do lol
  • Eventually you forgave him


  • Selfie king who loves photos
  • You were both looking through a mess of them, putting together a collage for the wall of the apartment
    • “Woah! What’s this?”
  • He had a smirk plastered on his face
  • It was a photo of you and an old friend, you were wearing a punky shirt and lots of black
    • “No don’t look!” You cried
  • You lunged and rolled away with the photo
  • Laying on the ground clutching it to your chest and feeling like curling into a ball of embarrassment
  • You feel his hand on your back and open your eyes to find him holding a photo of himself as a teenager
  • Of course he still looks good
  • But he’s wearing a biker jacket and a scowl
  • He went through his own rebellious phase so he doesn’t judge you at all
    • “The guy in this photo would have been crazy for that girl, if he knew her then.”


  • Let’s be honest he was stalking you online for fun and had been tracking your old social media accounts when he found them
  • He lost it when he saw the pictures
  • He was laughing so hard as he clicked through the albums
  • Curious to see what the hell was so funny you snuck behind him, freaking out when you saw what was on the screen
  • You smacked him in the head
    • “Turn it OFF SAEYOUNG!” You fumbled to find the power button, completely mortified.
    • “Nooo I want more goth MC!” He pouted
  • Still laughing
  • For the rest of the day he kept cracking jokes or calling you ‘Elvira’ and didn’t stop until you threatened to make him sleep on the couch
  • A few days later though you found a black corset and a new black lipstick waiting for you in the bedroom


  • Was helping you move the last of your stuff in with him when he found a shoe box in your closet filled with pictures and some old letters
  • Curiosity got the best of him and he decided to look through some of the stuff when he saw it
  • Thick eyeliner and tight pants with a black tattered shirt
  • You found him on the floor of your bedroom surrounded by pictures
  • You literally just screamed and rushed to scoop them up from the floor
    • “Omg no don’t look at these I was such a dork!”
    • “No…I, uh…I kind of like it”
  • When he looked up at you finally you realized he was blushing
    • “Do you still have this outfit, MC?” He held up the photo.
  • He was definitely diggin’ it wheeew boi
  • After that day you added some more edgy clothing to your closet
  • Secretly kept the photo and carries it around with him everywhere
Hamilton characters as things said in my friends gc
  • Laurens: dude I'm alone sitting on a couch with my turts jamming out to carols with a cup of coco
  • Madison: omg my dad got me a burrito and ive been wanting a burrito for like a week now life is good
  • Jefferson: thank you has 3 syllables
  • Hamilton: *an entire discussion centered around the fact that we found me from freshman year in a cringe comp*
  • Mulligan: Someone finally returned the shoes I lost two weeks ago woohoooo
  • Lafayette: excuse you my nickname always has to be in french
  • Peggy: *pictures of empty chairs at empty tables* the squads all here
  • Seabury: [redacted] said she wants to put pot on the periodic table
  • Burr: every 20 hour is a dissapointment in its own way
  • Angelica: The roast has the world's knowledge to its disposal
  • Eliza: I fucking come from one of the hottest place on earth snow is a miracle

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Well my speak now story is this. Two years ago I had a huge crush on a guy (who's a few years older than me), somehow that evolved into something deeper than just a crush and I felt like I loved him. I used to see him everyday and then, we finally talked and he told me his name. So I searched him on Facebook and I found out he was married. I remember listening to speak now and enchanted, crying while I watched his wedding pictures. (Very dramatic) 😑

Oh MY GOD why can I picture this happening to me, and me sitting on my bed with a tub of icecream and a bottle of vodka. Speak Now omg the perfect song for that situation. 

tell me your speak now stories 💜💗

1:23 am (Namjoon)

I have finally written a scenario for a member other than Jungkook omg the world is about to end! Kidding lol.

But good luck to those who are studying and working hard for finals or just any test at all ;) NOT ME CUZ I DID THEM TWO WEEKS AGO HAH Do your best and get lots of sleep :)

*Insfired by this beautiful picture I found lol, totally not mine so creds to owner*

You hated, absolutely despised finals week. It was a week of having to sit in each of your classes for more than an hour taking a test consisting of over 100 questions. It was a week you fucked up your already out of whack sleeping schedule to stay up studying for tests, and a week you deprived yourself of any distractions including your dorky boyfriend, Kim Namjoon.

Must finish all this homework and review tonight, you convinced yourself, tightening your tied up hair and gripping your pencil with a new determination blazing in your eyes.

Have to finish tonight so I can sleep the day away tomorrow when I get home from school. Your attempts in convincing yourself were deemed in vain when your eyes focused on the stack of textbooks and pages upon pages of passages to read and annotate sitting idly on your crowded desk. You weren’t even sure it was a recognizable desk anymore, you could no longer point out a spot of hickory wood from underneath the mountains of work to be done. 

Slumping down in your chair, you pouted as a huge wave of lethargy settled in your system. No matter, you sit up, adjust spine of the desk lamp and start working on your homework.

Hours later, you don’t even know what time you finally finish, sloppily jotting down the last of your answer to the final review question before sliding off your chair to the ground with a relieved sigh. Your brain is completely fried, head throbbing and eyelids heavy with fatigue as you slip out your phone and check the time.

1:23 am

Great, you think sarcastically, but optimism replaces the sarcasm when you remember that you finally have a break tomorrow night - or rather tonight. Smiling tiredly, you don’t bother to organize the mess on your desk and opt to turn off the lamp and slip into bed. 

There’s a soft click when you twist the knob and the light bulb shuts off, a minty glow radiating from the gas within, slowly dissipating as seconds pass.

Yawning, you stretch to your full height, toes curling and wiggling as your arms raise and reach for the ceiling. Rolling your neck and rotating your shoulders, you moan in delight at the release of tension before slowly trudging towards your bed in the dark, save for the moonlight spilling through the crevices of your blinds.

Slipping into the sheets, you only then realize that.. you’re not alone.

A soft yelp leaves your lips, but you don’t fight back as your back meets a firm chest and a slender arm slides over your waist. 

The familiar earthy, wooden scent of his cologne envelopes you as he presses closer, plump lips skimming over the nape of your neck. The smell is spicy and yet sweet at the same time, reeling you in to inhale a deep breath as his lithe fingers splay across your stomach.

Mm Namjoon?” you whisper lazily, eyes already shut closed as he kisses your bare shoulder. As much as you’re surprised to find out he’s been in your bed while you were slaving away doing homework, his presence brings you immense security and comfort. You figured he must have walked in and refrained from bothering your form hunched over your surplus of work to be done.

Shh babe, I know how tired you are after studying so hard,” he interrupts, his fingers beginning to trace mindless designs into your flesh, “I think you really deserve to rest.”

Humming into your ear, he makes a noise of satisfaction when you relax and cuddle closer into his warmth, your hand raising to place over the one on your stomach, fingers entwining and tangling.

Sighing in content, you smile and allow yourself to release any tension and stress from studying. Guilt eventually runs through your system the longer you lie there in his comforting embrace.

“Namjoon… oppa.. I-I’m sorry I haven’t been able to hang out with you.. I-I..”

Don’t be.”

“Such a hardworking and smart girl, I’m always so proud of you babe, you’ll surely do well on your finals,” he slurs, husky and deep voice a soothing lullaby to your tired ears. 

Helping you turn over to face him, he smiles, his prominent dimples making their usual appearance as he pecks your forehead lovingly. Silencing your guilt with an endearing and sincere kiss sealed on your mouth.

His lips form a lax smile against your flesh as he pulls away, your breathing slowing and you’re soon fast asleep minutes later in his arms. Carefully, resting your head on his bent arm, he brushes your hair over your shoulder before pressing one last kiss to your forehead.

Goodnight (y/n).”


SO TODAY I MET JENNA COLEMAN AT ARMAGEDDON AND I DRESSED UP AS CLARA OSWALD… THE OUTFIT FROM SERIES 8 EPISODE 6 YAY! I found a delek (wonder if this is the “good delek” ;) )…and i found a small tardis… THEN A BIGGER TARDIS WOAH. THEN TO MAKE THINGS EVEN BETTER, i finally met jenna coleman AND she was so beautiful and nice omg. So i was lining up for autographs and before she got to me, we had eye contact and she smiled because she saw what i was wearing hehe! Then when it was finally my turn, she complimented me on how exact my outfit was and she said she loved my bangs and OMG… i was so flustered that everything i said was probably jumbled!! THEN THEN THEN, WHEN i finally got to take a picture with her, she then says to me “wow, gosh you’re tiny” HAHAHA and this is coming from clara oswald (jenna coleman) herself. We’re both small people. She was just so amazing and I got to finally meet my favourite companion!

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hi. I have a question that's been bothering me for a while and I thought I'd ask someone who loves and knows mj like me. so I just wanna know why on his 1995 HIStory album he has LMP in the You Are Not Alone video but sings “I have a wife and two children that love me” in They Don’t Care About Us which is on the same album, it confuses me bc he didn't have kids with LMP and didn't marry Debbie until 1996 then Prince wasn’t born until 1997. I just don't get it hahah please reply ty xxx


so, lisa had 2 children at that time from her ex, riley and benjamin, and michael was referring to them! it makes more sense lyric/beatwise if you say “i have a wife and two children” than “i have a wife and two stepchildren from her ex” lol. that’s just my guess, but the more i think about it the more i like that guess :’)

here! have a picture of michael and his step children:

hope i helped! thanks for asking me :)

you made flowers grow in my lungs on ao3.

Zayn loves being alone. It’s his need to get away from things when they get a bit too much that leads him to a cat that he loves way too much for it to not be his, and Liam who makes him feel things that he has never felt before.

featuring eleanor and louis as zayn’s best friends, tiger as zayn’s pet cat that isn’t actually his pet cat, and liam as the wonderful human that he is.

author’s note: inspired by mashallahmangoes‘s love for lonely!zayn talking to animals, this fic (like everything i do)  is for zayniejavadd for being amazing, and fantastic and incredibly supportive of the rampant ranting at 4 am, and forzayniepaynie who’s lovely words made me blush and motivate me to finish it. This fic is honestly like a child to me, and it takes a village to raise one, and without Bushra and Allison this fic would have not come to fruition - so thank you, lovelies. and camilancabello, for being the cutest ball of fluff.

this fic is my baby, i’ve always hoped to write something more than 5k, and today i’ve accomplished this. i’m extremely proud of myself, and i hope you all enjoy reading this as much as i loved writing it.

disclaimer: it’s not beta’ed, and as much of a perfectionist i am, i am just as lazy too. ignore the messiness, if found. also, the manips (black and white pictures aren’t mine, but i couldn’t find the source. if it’s you, please let me know so i can credit you properly.

also, i might add a small sequel if people don’t like the way i hurriedly ended things. 

Miraculous Ladybug 2D OAV !!

Guys… Jeremy Zag just confirmed that the 2D OAV we were all waiting for since 2012 is currently in progress ! It’s going to happen !! We can go wild now !

This comment can be found on a picture on his Instagram page, link’s here if you want some evidence : Jeremy Zag Instagram

May I just add a few words : O…M…G…!!! I FREAKIN’ CAN’T WAIT !! *is getting way too invested in this show*

PS : also, japanese dub confirmed at the same time I guess.