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Hamilton characters as things said in my friends gc
  • Laurens: dude I'm alone sitting on a couch with my turts jamming out to carols with a cup of coco
  • Madison: omg my dad got me a burrito and ive been wanting a burrito for like a week now life is good
  • Jefferson: thank you has 3 syllables
  • Hamilton: *an entire discussion centered around the fact that we found me from freshman year in a cringe comp*
  • Mulligan: Someone finally returned the shoes I lost two weeks ago woohoooo
  • Lafayette: excuse you my nickname always has to be in french
  • Peggy: *pictures of empty chairs at empty tables* the squads all here
  • Seabury: [redacted] said she wants to put pot on the periodic table
  • Burr: every 20 hour is a dissapointment in its own way
  • Angelica: The roast has the world's knowledge to its disposal
  • Eliza: I fucking come from one of the hottest place on earth snow is a miracle
1:23 am (Namjoon)

I have finally written a scenario for a member other than Jungkook omg the world is about to end! Kidding lol.

But good luck to those who are studying and working hard for finals or just any test at all ;) NOT ME CUZ I DID THEM TWO WEEKS AGO HAH Do your best and get lots of sleep :)

*Insfired by this beautiful picture I found lol, totally not mine so creds to owner*

You hated, absolutely despised finals week. It was a week of having to sit in each of your classes for more than an hour taking a test consisting of over 100 questions. It was a week you fucked up your already out of whack sleeping schedule to stay up studying for tests, and a week you deprived yourself of any distractions including your dorky boyfriend, Kim Namjoon.

Must finish all this homework and review tonight, you convinced yourself, tightening your tied up hair and gripping your pencil with a new determination blazing in your eyes.

Have to finish tonight so I can sleep the day away tomorrow when I get home from school. Your attempts in convincing yourself were deemed in vain when your eyes focused on the stack of textbooks and pages upon pages of passages to read and annotate sitting idly on your crowded desk. You weren’t even sure it was a recognizable desk anymore, you could no longer point out a spot of hickory wood from underneath the mountains of work to be done. 

Slumping down in your chair, you pouted as a huge wave of lethargy settled in your system. No matter, you sit up, adjust spine of the desk lamp and start working on your homework.

Hours later, you don’t even know what time you finally finish, sloppily jotting down the last of your answer to the final review question before sliding off your chair to the ground with a relieved sigh. Your brain is completely fried, head throbbing and eyelids heavy with fatigue as you slip out your phone and check the time.

1:23 am

Great, you think sarcastically, but optimism replaces the sarcasm when you remember that you finally have a break tomorrow night - or rather tonight. Smiling tiredly, you don’t bother to organize the mess on your desk and opt to turn off the lamp and slip into bed. 

There’s a soft click when you twist the knob and the light bulb shuts off, a minty glow radiating from the gas within, slowly dissipating as seconds pass.

Yawning, you stretch to your full height, toes curling and wiggling as your arms raise and reach for the ceiling. Rolling your neck and rotating your shoulders, you moan in delight at the release of tension before slowly trudging towards your bed in the dark, save for the moonlight spilling through the crevices of your blinds.

Slipping into the sheets, you only then realize that.. you’re not alone.

A soft yelp leaves your lips, but you don’t fight back as your back meets a firm chest and a slender arm slides over your waist. 

The familiar earthy, wooden scent of his cologne envelopes you as he presses closer, plump lips skimming over the nape of your neck. The smell is spicy and yet sweet at the same time, reeling you in to inhale a deep breath as his lithe fingers splay across your stomach.

Mm Namjoon?” you whisper lazily, eyes already shut closed as he kisses your bare shoulder. As much as you’re surprised to find out he’s been in your bed while you were slaving away doing homework, his presence brings you immense security and comfort. You figured he must have walked in and refrained from bothering your form hunched over your surplus of work to be done.

Shh babe, I know how tired you are after studying so hard,” he interrupts, his fingers beginning to trace mindless designs into your flesh, “I think you really deserve to rest.”

Humming into your ear, he makes a noise of satisfaction when you relax and cuddle closer into his warmth, your hand raising to place over the one on your stomach, fingers entwining and tangling.

Sighing in content, you smile and allow yourself to release any tension and stress from studying. Guilt eventually runs through your system the longer you lie there in his comforting embrace.

“Namjoon… oppa.. I-I’m sorry I haven’t been able to hang out with you.. I-I..”

Don’t be.”

“Such a hardworking and smart girl, I’m always so proud of you babe, you’ll surely do well on your finals,” he slurs, husky and deep voice a soothing lullaby to your tired ears. 

Helping you turn over to face him, he smiles, his prominent dimples making their usual appearance as he pecks your forehead lovingly. Silencing your guilt with an endearing and sincere kiss sealed on your mouth.

His lips form a lax smile against your flesh as he pulls away, your breathing slowing and you’re soon fast asleep minutes later in his arms. Carefully, resting your head on his bent arm, he brushes your hair over your shoulder before pressing one last kiss to your forehead.

Goodnight (y/n).”

Miraculous Ladybug 2D OAV !!

Guys… Jeremy Zag just confirmed that the 2D OAV we were all waiting for since 2012 is currently in progress ! It’s going to happen !! We can go wild now !

This comment can be found on a picture on his Instagram page, link’s here if you want some evidence : Jeremy Zag Instagram

May I just add a few words : O…M…G…!!! I FREAKIN’ CAN’T WAIT !! *is getting way too invested in this show*

PS : also, japanese dub confirmed at the same time I guess.

Man Photobombs Pictures of New Park

When Lydia found out that a new park had been opened, he knew he had the perfect fluff piece for his paper. He just needed some good photographs. Glued to his camera, he eagerly snapped pictures of all the shiny new benches, trees and other various park things, innocently unaware of what was to come.

*Dereks POV*

It was 4 AM when Y/N started texting me and woke me up. Her finals were over so she went out with her friends to celebrate.

I decided to look for her, I just could picture her on my mind, she was probably destroyed. Y/N couldn’t control her drinking when she was out, even less, if she had such an stressful month of finals. 

I got to the place she was going to be and I found her sitting on the floor, half asleep with her friend Ashley next to her. “Hey Derek” she greeted me, Ashley for religious reasons, didn’t drink, so I was relieved Y/N was on good hands. “Hey Ash, OMG Y/N you look terrible” I mumbled to myself the last part. “Where are the others?” “They still inside, Y/N was about to throw up so I told her to call you, or she may have ended up in a toilet for the next couple of hours. I laughed and carried Y/N to my car. “Thanks for taking care of her, Ash. See you” I got in my car. “No problem, DLuh. See you” She headed back to the club and I got to the road.

On the way, Y/N was really calm, I was glad, she usually gets hyped and annoying.

We arrived to my place, I again took Y/N bridal style and carried her to my bed. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I HAVE A BOYFRIEND” Y/N started screaming as soon as I layed her on my bed. “sssshhhh mami, stay calm” “MY BOYFRIEND WILL BE PISSED AND BEAT THE FUCK OUT OF YOU” “okay, baby girl, okay” She suddenly fell asleep. I took of my clothes and got into the bed and put my arms around her waist. Tomorrow, on my free day, I would have to deal with a hungovered chick. Great.