omg i even cried while making these

The Inuyasha Hunger Games

Because why not?

Let the games begin.

Somehow, the idea of Kouga taking alcohol doesn’t surprise me. And Inuyasha just grabs a shovel…because…yeah. That’s smart. Also, who knew it would be so easy to kill Naraku? Way to go Bankotsu! Takin’ one for the team!

…And Jaken, you poor, poor imp.

I admit. I may have laughed a bit harder from Jaken begging for death than I should have. Honestly, this is kind of scarily accurate, while still being OOC enough to be hilarious.

And geez…Inuyasha, you and mom number two having a chit chat? Got something you’d like to share with the class?

Also a cannon shot announcing Naraku was dead, but we knew that. 

Well. Bye Kouga. :’D *sheds tear* 

…And Jakotsu. 

Lol, Jaken I swear to all things holy, you are going to be my downfall in this. Everything you do is making me laugh. 

“In the forest, in the trees…in the mountains, in the breeze… Lord Sesshomaru, where are you?” - Jaken 2017 while picking flowers.

Also, somehow Kaede camouflaging herself reminds me of when Inuyasha buried her.

…I mean, I should have seen this coming. Even though Naraku’s dead, Kohaku has always seemed a bit shady.


And I mean, of course Sesshomaru would win. But why, Shippo? Why? 

And uh…good going Ginta. You do you.

…Rin, how could you? The only reason Sesshomaru died is because he couldn’t fight Rin. :c So sad. 

Better watch out though, because his mommy is about to throw down.

And I mean…I might have stabbed Myoga too if he didn’t stop trying to suck my blood. :D

So here we have the current status. Still not over Sesshomaru’s death.

“Lord Sesshomaru has fallen! Please end my miserable life!”

“No, I will not. You must continue in his stead.”


…and what better way to do that than…

…Slicing Inuyasha with Bakusaiga? :D

And I mean, we knew it was going to happen. Sesshomaru’s parents had an arranged marriage.

I find it ironic that Kaede has trouble starting a fire after setting Rin on fire.

I don’t miss them. :D


I don’t know whether to be sad or relieved that Jaken is dead, because I was about to go into shock if he won. In the end…his biggest weakness was being cold-blooded. 

I don’t feel bad for you Kaede. I hope Rin haunts you.

Ah, what a lovely couple.

But all good things must come to an end. 

You know…he would probably be the one most likely to win, with Sesshomaru right behind him.

I’m just glad Jaken didn’t win…*cough*

Boyfriend Series; Joshua/Jisoo

- hong jisoo is the definition of gentleman
- for your first date, jisoo takes you out for a picnic at the park and the basket is filled with delicious food the other members probably helped him make
- the date goes amazingly well because the food is great and jisoo is so easy to talk to
- but then it starts raining
- neither of you checked the weather that day so now here you both are, standing under a tree and waiting for the rain to pass
- but it doesn’t look like the rain will be stopping anytime soon and jisoo apologizes nonstop for not double-checking everything
- you assure him that you’re not upset at all but seeing how he still kind of is, you grin “well how about this? there’s a convenience store right across the street. last one there buys the umbrella!!”
- and before jisoo could say anything, you start running towards the store and you’re both pushing each other out of the way to get there first
- but at some point, you both just find yourselves laughing and holding each other under the rain
- and that’s when you both share your first kiss
- he may have been suave and cool the entire time but when he got back to the dorm, he was all red in the face
- but no he’s not sick at all, he’s just embarrassed because of how cliché your first kiss was LOL but let’s be real, he probably replayed it over and over in his head before going to bed
- i cannot emphasize enough how much of a gentleman jisoo is
- he holds doors for you
- he walks closest to the curb
- he pays for your dates
- he gives you his jacket when you’re cold
- he carries things for you
- do you see where i’m going with this
- plays the guitar for you whenever you ask him to, and he knows how to play all your favorite songs
- also does pin drops to try to impress you
- he gets flustered really easily like once you kissed him on the cheek because he did something really sweet and his whole face just heated up
- when you asked him if he was all right, he gave you a really long answer…… by mixing up all five languages he knows
- so you heard fragments of korean, english, japanese, chinese and spanish and you were like what
- he was really shy when you guys first started holding hands but now that he’s used to it, he holds your hand whenever he can
- the type to cry while watching sad movies with you
- panics a lot
- like when you’re sad, he just runs around like WHAT DO I DO???
- jisoo’s a big worrier but it just shows how much he cares for you
- “are you sure you’re not hungry?” “aren’t you cold?” “is this enough?” “is this okay?” “are—”
- jisoo loves taking pictures with you but not as much as taking pictures OF you, his favorite ones are candid shots
- whenever you guys go out shopping or even something as simple as walking around the city, everyone admires you two because you guys make such a beautiful couple??
- everyone also thinks he’s so cool and amazing omg who is this model
- like jisoo’s holding your hand while the other’s casually in his pocket, his skin is glowy under the bright sun, and his hair is blowing in the wind
- everyone’s like where can i get my own hong jisoo??
- stays up late watching dramas with you
- you’re pretty sure his eye smiles are going to be the death of you
- spoils you A LOT and you feel so guilty so you spoil him too and then he feels guilty and it’s an endless cycle of guilt
- jisoo doesn’t get jealous very often but when he does
- may the person rest in pieces
- he may be smiling and all but there’s death in his eyes like he probably killed the person with 89374 different anime attack combinations in his mind
- speaking of anime, he loves telling you about his favorite anime, movies and characters and he just looks so happy while talking about them like his eyes are sparkling and his voice is loud and excited
- you once showed up after seventeen’s dance practice to see him and you were wearing his sweater and when he saw you he nearly died
- like jeonghan, hoshi and seungkwan had to calm him down because he was so flustered
- the other members still tease him about it to this day
- jisoo always thinks about you before he thinks about himself
- always tries extra hard to look nice if he knows he’s going to see you that day
- he loves lazy days where he’s sitting on the couch and you’re sitting between his legs and he has his arms wrapped around you while his head is resting on your shoulder
- you have matching bracelets and whenever he’s nervous before a concert, he looks down at it and thinks of you and he knows he’ll be fine
- he always cups one of your cheeks and stares into your eyes before leaning in and slowly kissing you on the lips
- jisoo considers the words “i love you” really powerful so he’d only say if he truly does mean it
- but now as you’re both watching the sunset after having a picnic at the park
- jisoo takes your hand in his and whispers the words “i love you”
- your mouth falls open in shock for a second before slowly turning into a smile as you whisper
- “i love you too, jisoo”

Katsugeki Rant#13 -THE FINALE-

I’ve been waiting to do this since last night. LET’S GET STARTED

-Ooh so Hori was just only added to the flow of history. And here I thought Tetsunosuke was a goner ‘cause Hori replaced him.

-Wait whaaat??? What do you mean it’s been 3 years since you parted with Team 2 Hori?? Or does he mean that he’s been assigned to team 2 for 3 years now??


-Oh what am I supposed to do with you Hori? Not only Kane-san was able to “fix” history, you do realize that because of you a thousand enemies are making their way to Hakodate right?? Way to go Hori, you pulled a Hanamaru Yamatonokami better than the Hanamaru Yamatonokami himself.

-Well at least you finally have your resolve cleared, so welcome back Hori.

-I never knew “Inspirational Speech” and “Knocking Some Sense ” was a sword technique. 

-Wait how is everyone able to catch up with Kane-san, who’s riding a horse?? I mean I can understand that Hizamaru caught up since he’s in-game one of the fastest tachi. But Oodenta, in-game one of the slowest tachis, on the other haaand….

-Damnn Ufotable, back at it again with the unlimited budget.

-RIP Kane-san’s horse.

-Ufotable sure love their glowy circles in the sky huh?

-Yamanbagiri kicking ass with a wounded shoulder.

-The lack of enemy yaris and naginatas is really REALLY disturbing. 


-Mikazuki’s entrance alone killed like 50 enemies.

-The 3 Great Spears of Japan(Only 1 is present), and the 5 Heavenly Swords (only 2 is present).

-Wait whaat?? Jijii and Tsuru-san used to be partners?? So they used to work together before being assigned to different units? I’d like 4 anime seasons, 2 movies and a stage play to explain their past please. Oh and don’t forget to throw in Kogi with it too, thank-you!

-We also need like 2 seasons explaining the origin of Team 1 too, thank-you!

-And yeah, that whole MikaTsuru(or TsuruMika if that’s your preference) scene is going to spark so many fan art, doujin, and fanfiction.

-Ooh Tsuru-san with his feathers special effects. Fancy.

-Anija finally remembers his brother’s name?? Check I guess?? I’m happy yet so confused right now. I mean I’ve always seen Anija’s inability to remember names a running gag in this franchise.

-I’m sure when they’re introduced in Hanamaru there’s gonna be a whole episode dedicated to helping Anija remember his brother’s name.

-Wether Anija genuinely forgets Hiza’s name or is just pretending is still very controversial.

-What’s even more surprising is Hizamaru’s reaction. I was hoping for the man-child to go “OMG ANIJA YOU FINALLY REMEBER!!” and cried tears of joy while still kicking ass. But there’s also a high possibility that Hiza didn’t hear his brother, looking at the situation they were in at the moment.

-Awataguchi family fighting style!!

-Isn’t Yamanbagiri and Hori going to talk to each other like, at all?? YOU GUYS ARE BROTHERS FOR GOODNESS SAKE. AND HERE I THOUGHT BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER.

-Aw Hori don’t cry…

-Mikazuki, being vague doesn’t make you sound old and smart. It’s confusing, be more specific.

-Don’t worry Kane-san, humans randomly die all the time.

-History is all about learning from the past so we don’t make the same mistakes again so we don’t mess up the future. One small change in the past can result in a really really different future. Butterfly effect’n stuff, aruji will fill you up on that once you’re back at Honmaru Kane-san.

-Love how team 1 looks at team 2 and be like “Oh this is just the beginning of your slavery.” Well team 1 is very OP so I totally get that the saniwa must’ve worked their asses out and shaped them into what they are now. 

-But again, there’s like 50 swords in Katsugeki’s Honmaru. Can’t the saniwa arrange new teams instead? Or is that too much work?

-Last rant I said this is not Hori’s kiwame training. I take that back. This 13-episode season IS his kiwame training.

-Things are so intense here while in the game we’re eating dangos and chasing bunnies.

-And finally, I totally underestimated map 1-1. I never knew it was this intense.

Man I can’t believe it’s over! I sound so salty and triggered in this last rant don’t I (lol)? . My expectations weren’t high for this so I really could say that Katsugeki was really well-made. I still don’t like the way they portrayed Kane-san and Hori’s relationship. Also they really need to go more in depth with explaining each character. But it was overall enjoyable, so I’m giving this anime a 3/5!!

There’s also a movie coming up! I hope it’s not just a recap of the series. What’s the movie going to be about? Maybe Team 2′s new mission? Or the history of Team 1?? Or Mikazuki’s and Tsurumaru’s past?? But please move away from the Shinsengumi, Hanamaru and Katsugeki has already given us more than enough.

And since this is the last rant, may I present you: Saniwa Tsukiko’s version of Team 1 and Team 2!!

Basically they’re all OP in my citadel. I really should get the petals off of their faces….oh well haha.

That wraps it all up! Thanks to everyone who took time reading my rants. You’ll still see me with my TKRB event reviews. So..

See y’all later then!! 

mitch0sandoval  asked:

How about rfa+ V and Saeran react to an Mc with lil hearts in her eyes? (Tbh I was watching Hetalia and the new art gave everyone heart eyes and it was beautiful)

Here is another,,,ask that has been in my inbox forever,,,Be forewarned there are a lot of these. I’m super sorry it’s taken me this long!!!

I do know what Hetalia is and I know the heart eyes you’re talking about. Even though I don’t watch or have anything to do with Hetalia anymore (it’s associated with bad memories for me rip) at least I understand what you’re saying lol, otherwise I’d be confused. I’d probably think about how hearts appear in people’s eyes whenever they see someone/something they like, but in Hetalia they literally have lil heart shapes in their normal eyes (their pupils right? It’s been a while). Hopefully this is good!

P.S. Jihyun will now be forever included when people just request RFA. I would’ve done this all the time except writing these takes a lot of time and sometimes I just didn’t have it in me to keep on going ;;;

RFA + Saeran



     = When he first met you in person

     = He kind of cried a little because you’re so beautiful

     = And don’t even get me started on when he noticed your lil heart eyes

     = He adores it, absolutely positively

     = Whenever you smile he can’t help but to smile with you because omg you’re so adorable and your eyes are so cute and it just makes him so happy

     = When you’re mad tho it kind of terrifies him lol because you have something so sweet in your eyes while you’re so angry

     = He can’t handle the paradox lmao

     = But yes, Yoosung thinks your heart eyes are 100000/10 bless


    = Um hello?? Yes 911 I’d like to report a murder. Who? His name’s Zen and cause of death was cute overload

     = Like seriously when he opened his door and saw you standing there the first time he kinda had to clutch at his heart because he thought it was going to explode out of his chest

     = He would be offended that there’s someone even better looking than him except he loves you so much and he’s always just like “That’s right, MC’s mine, I’m the luckiest man in the world” and then proceed to like kiss your forehead or something

     = This man INVENTED being cheesy I swear

     = He finds it very hard to take you seriously when you’re angry but he tries because he knows your emotions are valid

     = It’s just that you’re so adorable

     = When you just wake up in the morning and you’re all sleepy still

     = That’s his favorite time

     = He cries a little when your tired eyes find him and just light up

     = He won’t even try to deny it either he just loves you so much bless


     = Error: Jaehee.exe has stopped functioning

     = Someone’s??? More beautiful than Zen??? What???

     = I’m not joking she kinda goes into a meltdown for a minute because everything she knows is wrong

     = But she’ll emerge a blessed woman

     = “MC…you’re amazing.“

     = She didn’t think she was the type to get sappy but apparently there’s a first time for everything

     = She can’t help but to giggle to herself sometimes, especially when something’s confusing you and you get this adorable little pout on your face

     = Will bop you on the nose and enjoy watching you go cross eyed to keep her in your line of sight

     = Nose kisses are also A Thing

     = You guys,,,are the cutest couple bless


     = He’ll honestly try to convince you to let him use you as a model for C&R because you just look so amazing and pure and he just wants to show you off to the world

     = He’ll respect your decision on it no matter what you choose, and will definitely always look at you with this sappy look on his face

     = The first time the other RFA members see him looking at you like that they have a small riot because??? Jumin Han??? Looking sappy????????

     = Seven would probably deliver a long speech to Jumin about looking after his virgin child and making sure they’re well taken care of lmao you’d have to hit him to get him to stop

     = Meanwhile Jumin’s just like??? What’s you guys’ problem MC is beautiful of course I’d be awed by them

     = I headcanon Jumin as a cuddler so expect him to like, just snuggle up to you on the couch after he gets home from work bc he’s had a long day and you’re just so precious to him it helps him unwind

     = The image in my mind is especially cute if you’re smaller than him because here comes this big teddy bear who just kinda, wraps himself all around you bless 

    = To him, your eyes speak volumes about what a good person you are

     = Of course someone as pure and amazing as you would have hearts in your eyes, is there any other way??

     = Jumin absolutely adores you always he just is so enraptured by you bless


     = Heart eyes mother fucker

     = Expect him to make lots of puns whenever he can lol

     = “Hey MC, that ride didn’t scare you right? I could’ve sworn I saw your heart leap”

     = “Saeyoung, I swear one more pun about my eyes and I’ll just be positively red with anger”

     = “Touché MC, touché”

     = Will probably stare at you when you’re not looking because your eyes are just so amazing

     = When he’s feeling sappy he’d probably leave gentle lil kisses on your eyelids

     = Will randomly pop out of places to scare you just to see your eyes go wide lol, best view of the hearts

     = If you say anything like “These hearts were put into my eyes for you Saeyoung” he’d honestly lose it, like be prepared to hold a crying Saeyoung in your arms for a while because he is not gonna let you go

     = He’s just so,,, happy to have you bless


     = ?????

     = ???????

     = How is it possible for someone to have hearts in their eyes???

     = He secretly thinks it’s very cute don’t worry

     = Likes to see how your eyes droop when you’re sleepy late at night, and how you kind of fight him off like “No Saeran I’m not tired my eyelids are just practicing that’s all” and then five minutes later you’re conked out with your head on his shoulder

     = Side note: he’d have an internal debate about whether he should wake you up to move you to the bed where you’ll be comfortable or if he should just stay put so you could sleep, but you’ll be less comfortable. It’s a great battle in his mind

     = If he’s feeling down he’ll just kind of nuzzle against you and listen to your heartbeat for a while

     = Absolutely LIVES for the moments when your eyes get all mischievous because of a prank idea you have, whether it’s on him or Saeyoung he doesn’t care he’s u p f o r i t

     = Gets you little heart themed knickknacks he finds because he thinks it’s cute (it is)

     = He absolutely,,,adores you please take care of him


     = Swears up and down that you’re an angel

     = If you try to argue with him he’ll just be like “The eyes are the window to the soul MC, and yours show that you’ve got heart”

     = Awwwwwww

     = Wait did he just make a heart pun damn it Jihyun

     = Cue him laughing as you pout at him

     = Likes to do face paint where he’ll put more lil hearts around the corners of your eyes if you let him

     = Also does gentle eyelid kisses like he LIVES for them

     = He’ll also nuzzle his nose against yours because he’s a giant sap

     = Absolutely would stare at you dreamily sometimes, like not even trying to hide it he’ll just be going about his day and then he’ll see you with a particularly adorable expression on your face and he’ll just kinda stop and go “Oh wow I really love them a lot”

     = And then when you catch him staring and raise your eyebrow at him he just kinda grins and tells you how much he loves you and wow now you’re blushing

anonymous asked:

omg i just watched your "that would be enough" animatic, and i'd never been able to get into the song that much, but i almost cried while watching it? and this isn't even the first time-- you did this with "the story of tonight" and "my shot" and basically how do you make everything (and everyone) so beautiful

lmao idk tbh sorta happens but thank you!

~Follow Forever/Appreciation Post~

Yooo I was bad and didn’t actually do anything at 500, so here I am at 550 instead!

I figured it’s time to show some positivity/shout outs for my great mutuals, and everyone I interact with! Before I start the (very) long list, I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who follows this blog and puts up with my constant inactivity, lots of OOC, tons of incoherencies, and then of course the RPing on this blog!

I’ve truly enjoyed running this blog, even despite my anxiety and constant mood jumps that have come with it. I’ve truly enjoyed meeting people through this, even if I no longer talk with them or they have left tumblr. I love being able to talk with those that I’ve met and interacted with though, and you’ve all no doubt had huge impacts on me that I will forever be grateful for! I honestly have no clue where I’d be without you all. While I still am struggling a bit with a few things, everyone that I talk with is helpful and supportive which honestly is so kind??? This blog and those I’ve met through it have helped me through when I’ve been feeling down and feeling awful, and I can’t say how thankful I am for it.

Also, I highly recommend following all those that I list, as they’re all quality RPers and people that I enjoy talking and interacting with! 

@inverted-iris/ @dxgital-dolls - OMG SCARFY U ARE SUPER NICE IDK WHERE I’D BE WITHOUT UR KIND WORDS AND ENCOURAGEMENT YOU HAVE MY ETERNAL GRATITUDE. But also, your writing is amazing and I love seeing you on my dash, and RPing with you even if it’s only small interactions at times! Seriously tho I appreciate u a ton and am very thankful to be able to talk with you and have fun and RP and all that like I do now. And I’m so sorry for accidentally spoiling the mystery for you next round you can be certain I’m keeping my mouth shut.
@motherfuckingredsaber/ @tateboshi/ @chibitsuniism - Melluuuuuu you are incredibly sweet and kind and I love talking with you. You make great promos and graphics and all other sort of art things, that are really very amazing. And ur writing omg. You write an amazing Nero that made me actually like Nero? I used to not like Nero at all but ur writing convinced me otherwise. Also I sincerely hope that you enjoyed the insanity that was the umupocalypse.
@accidentalphenom/ @fogboundgentleman - Aaaaaaaaaaaa I enjoy talking with you so much! It’s fun to talk about the El-Melloi classroom even though I hardly know anything about it still because I’m lazy and won’t read things. BUT. I love ur writing of Flat and Jack, and honestly I’ve fallen in love with them both because of your amazing portrayals and it got me to finally start SF and the Case Files. And I’m sorry for killing Waver in the mystery and subsequently murdering Flat’s happiness I didn’t mean to hurt him he’s too good and pure for this pain.
@motherfuckingqueenoflances - AAAAA we need to RP still. We really need to. Take charge, and begin to train Lily. I want this to happen, we need to interact. But also, it’s lots of fun to talk with you EVEN THOUGH YOUR ADVICE SUCKS AND I WONT LISTEN TO IT. But lol, seriously, it’s really nice to talk with you and joke around and scream lots.
@grand-order-girl - Eyyy I’ve loved our interactions so far! You’re incredibly nice and fun to talk to, and I appreciate that you stick around to listen to my constant screaming! But seriously I love Cana and I apologize for my Phantom I’m always up for more interactions if you are! All in all, a very good muse who reflects an amazing and kind mod!
@master-chaldeas/ @duguescllinn - Bully Lily anytime my friend. Our interactions always have me laughing though, I have to admit. It’s lots of fun FOR THERE TO BE MUSES WHO ARE MEAN TO LILY NO ONE EVER IS ITS FUN! But honestly you’re a good addition to my dash, because if I see a new post from you I know that I’m probably going to be laughing. Lots of fun to just chat with you as well!
@brotheroftheyear - I know I’m really bad at responding to things in time I’m so sorry orz. But you’re lots of fun to talk with, and you have a really nice portrayal on an often looked-over muse! I’ve had fun writing responses and RPing with you, and it’s nice to talk with you as well!
@sheer-steel - A quality meme. Lots of fun to talk with, and talk about Holy Grail Wars and all that with! But lol I don’t think we’ve even interacted yet, or not much if we have. I’m always open to interaction or RPing!!! Also ur an IB senpai. Help me I need to get high test scores plz.
@voyager-of-chaos/ @bloody-clarent/@motherfreakingtwinkaleidosticks/@rxgncll/@prismatic-homunculus - Eyyy Kao u have so many blogs props to u for being able to manage them I can’t even keep three in order. But lol I’m slowly getting into things from you, like pokemon once again and fire emblem, so with any luck i’ll be able to talk with you more on that kind of stuff once i know more! But also, it’s fun to talk with you, even with my limited knowledge at times! It’s fun to talk with you and see ur cosplay stuff, because it’s so nice to see others having fun with cosplay and be able to talk about it too!
@motherfuckingpinnacleplaywright/ @motherfuckingheavenshole - Hey Shakes! You’re fun to talk to, and our interactions have always been lots of fun!
@motherfuckingmagicalgil/@motherfuckingberkser-rider/@motherfuckingtrojanhero - Aaaa we haven’t talked too much I don’t think but I love our interactions! Ur Gil is super sweet and honestly I love seeing him on my dash, and ur Martha and Hector are amazing! ALSO, you’re incredibly nice and lots of fun to chat with!
@regalius - aaaaaaa ur Gil is so amazing??? Just???? IDK how to express my amazement and wonder at ur writing and portrayal they’re fantastic! I enjoy interacting with you a ton! And I know I haven’t talked with you too much but you’ve always been super sweet and kind when I have!!!
@motherfuckinghoundofchulann/ @thirdratemaster - Eyyy I’m sorry I know I’m bad at keeping conversation most of the time, but it’s fun to talk with you! Also, I apologize for Lily’s actions in this HGW she just wants to be useful xD. But honestly, it’s fun to interact with you!
@knightofbeaumains/ @throneofheroes/ @chimericlunarmagi - OMG UR PORTRAYALS. UR AMAZING OCS. UR AMAZING ART. I AM IN AWE. I always have fun chatting with you and with our interactions though!!!
@eusebas/ @afleurial - OMG I’ve had so much fun talking with you even though it’s only been a little while???? Like plotting with you has been so much fun AND I ALMOST CRIED WHEN I SAW YOU WERE MAKING A MERLIN BLOG NO JOKE!
@rialoir/ @zordestiya/ @ghaisgich/ Im so sorry I can’t remember all of ur blogs right now orz - BUT ANYWAYS IF ANYONE WANTS TO INTERACT WITH SOMEONE WHO RPS AMAZING OCS AND CANON CHARACTERS AND IS AN AMAZING WRITER IN GENERAL AND SUPER SWEET THEN FOLLOW CENT’S BLOGS YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!! I love the interactions we’ve had! And! Lily! And! Ailill! Development! Has! Killed! Me! 

I cannot keep writing paragraphs but here’s more people that I would recommend following/appreciate: @themooncell, @avengerangramainyu, @moedredpendragon, @ofstorytellers, @motherfuckingshadowoftheheir/ @neverendinghorizon, @motherfuckingsonofsurya, @motherfuckingprincessofcolchis/ @motherfuckingsaintofdestruction/ @encasedlnamber. @nordiixa, @pxnchfire, @noircisaint, @innxcentius, @gravekeepergray, @shieldofsteel, @poisonqueenofbabylon, @axphodel/@fyhaul, @motherfucking-genna/ @airgxtlam/ @motherfuckinglionheartedking, @mini-cu-chan, @crystalpendium, @faker-king-knight-sage and I have no doubt I’m missing some but @ THE CHAT PEOPLE THAT DONT HAVE RP BLOGS U KNOW WHO U ARE, @ those who have quit RPing on tumblr that I’ve talked with and interacted with in the past, @ everyone else that I talk with and enjoy RPing with, all those I somehow forgot, @ those that I follow that I have yet the courage to send in asks/memes/whatever to, and @ all of my other followers that I have yet to interact with!

theradkid  asked:

Hey, i want to start it by saying that I LOVE all your post! You're literally so good💖 anyway I was just wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is pregnant with Sherlock's child and she's super hormonal and she sees a cute dog and begins to cry and he comfort her while laughing which ends up that she cries even more. Sry if it's hard to understand💖 Thanks

Nooo omg I immediately knew what you meant… at least I hope I did! Thank you so much for your absolutely lovely message and hopefully you enjoy this one! <3 (I was really tired while writing this so I hope it still makes sense haha)

You blinked in confusion and sat up in your warm, comfy bed.

“Sherlock, what the hell are you doing?”

You groaned and tried to get used to the sunshine filling your bedroom.

Finally having gained your vision fully back, you could see your partner in crime and boyfriend of three years running around the room, picking clothes from your wardrobe and throwing them onto the chair next to the bed.

“We are going for a walk. You haven’t left the flat in weeks- and no, visiting Mrs Hudson downstairs doesn’t count as going outside, don’t even start protesting.”

“But Sherlock, my feet! They’re so fucking big that none of my shoes want to fit me anymore! And don’t even get me started on my clothes, they’re like twenty sizes too small-”

“(Y/N). You need fresh air, and it’s me saying that. Mary borrowed you some of her clothes, and you’ll definitely still fit into these brown elefant shoes.”

“You mean ugg boots?”

You asked with a giggle while heaving you and your swollen belly out of the bed to change into the clothes your overprotective detective boyfriend had brought you.

“Exactly. I never know with these which shoe belongs to which foot- oh!”

He widened his eyes.

“The eggs!”

He stormed out of the bedroom and left the door open while doing so.

You chuckled to yourself and changed into the fresh clothes, what actually felt pretty good.

You were eight months pregnant, and moving got harder with every day passing by.

“Ah, you’re dressed. You look good.”

Sherlock pressed a kiss to your cheek and went to get his coat.

“I thought you made breakfast?”

He peaked his head around the corner, his breathtaking features smiling at you apologetically. 

“I did try. It burned. Hudders almost called the firepolice. Fire department, that’s the word.”

Every time you thought your soon coming parenthood had make you all nervous, you just looked at Sherlock and immediately were convinced that it had hit him far worse.

“So, where are we going?”

Your boyfriend took your hand and started going down the street.

“The park. That’s where families go, don’t they?”

You grinned.

“Yeah, they do. Just that normally, the children do get a lot more out of a visit at the park when they’re already born.”

“There’s always something, isn’t it?”

The both of you laughed, and like this the way to the closest park actually went by pretty fast.

“You stay here, I’m gonna get you two something to eat. And I already know what you want, no need to give me orders. Just relax.”

You closed your eyes and leaned back in the park bench, letting spring’s first sun rays warm you up in the most pleasant way imaginable.

But all of a sudden, a weird sniffing sound appeared next to you.

You opened your eyes and looked down on the floor, only to look at the most beautiful eyes you’d ever seen.

Sorry Sherlock, but no one would be able to compete with the in the sunshine almost golden seeming eyes of the puppy sitting in front of you.

“Hi there!”

You squeaked and carefully bowed down to pet his ridiculously soft ears.

The doggo closed his eyes and placed his head in your lap.

“So, I got you two hot dogs because you’re always hungrier in the mornings and-”

You heard Sherlock’s voice behind you and turned your head to look at him.

“Look at this dog!”

You whispered while you sensed tears starting to fill your eyes.

This creature was just far too soft and beautiful to exist.

“He’s so beautiful.”

You couldn’t help it.

You helplessly started sobbing and shook yor head.

“So beautiful.”

Sherlock carefully placed your ‘breakfast’ on the bench next to you and sat down next to you, draping one arm over your shoulder and pulling you closer to him.

You just continued crying, overwhelmed by- well everything.

Suddenly, you noticed how your boyfriend’s chest started vibrating.

Was he crying?

Oh no.

“Sherlock you ass-hole, stop laughing!”

You whined, causing even more  tears to run down your cheeks.

Still, you just couldn’t help but join him in his laughter.

Your behaviour was ridiculous, you knew that yourself, but you were carrying a goddamn small human inside of you, for god’s sake.

By the time the owner of the dog arrived with a stressed yet relieved expression, you had calmed down again so you were able to talk to the middle aged man about how beautiful his puppy was.

Sherlock just sat next to you and tried to hide his amusement.

After you’d said goodbye to the dog and eaten your breakfast, it was just the two of you sitting next to each other on the park bench and enjoying the calm.



“As soon this baby is born we get a dog.”

He smiled.


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I will never get tired of watching s3 of Skam over and over and over again hell I still get shook when even looks straight at isak while kissing sonja, my heart still stops when they almost kiss in the kitchen, i still freak out when e5 starts with the cutest cuddling scene there ever was, i still get feelings towards even when isak sees him kissing sonja at the party and breaks down on the sidewalk crying, I still get excited when even shows up at Isak’s door like 2 minutes after he gets the text, still have to make myself watch the entirety of e8 and still cry at the end because isak cries, and omg the o helga natt scene is still the best thing I have ever seen in my life…. it. never. gets. old.

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You're pregnant and go into labor when he is at a live show/performance? (Scenario for Jimin?? ^u^)

  • Jimin scenario

You walked around your tiny apartment making your way to the fridge for some ice. Your stomach was killing you and you thought it was just one of those phases of being 9 months pregnant. The baby was due July 28, so that gave Jimin enough time to get here before it was time. So you thought.

As soon as you made it to the fridge, you felt your core begin to feel wet, and you knew exactly what that meant. You tried your best to run and get your phone. Instead of calling Jimin first you decided to call 911.

“911, Whats your emergency?” You held you stomach trying to speak due to pain that was going on right now.

“I think I’m going into labor.” 

It didn’t take too long until 911 was at your door with a stretcher. You were lifted into the back of the truck, while they hooked you up to machines to check your pulse. You grabbed your phone to attempt and call Jimin but none of his calls were getting through, so you decided to call the other members who were also not answering. 

When you made it to the hospital the doctors rushed you into a room to set you up and get ready to go full affect into labor. The pain was too much to handle and you needed him here to calm you down, but he wasn’t.  

Trying to see if he would answer you called again, but this time it went straight to voicemall. You gave it a rest and prepared to go through labor.

     8 hours later/ Jimin’s Pov

“Where’s my phone?” He looked around the dressing room exhausted from their last performance barely getting enough sleep, while he tried to find his phone, but it was no use. 

“I got a call from _____.” Yoongi lifted his phone to show Jimin, who stared at it confusingly. 

“Us too?” The rest of the members handed all their phones to Jimin to see. He took Jin’s and listened to the voicemail left on it;

Hey Jin mmf, it’s _____, I don’t know where Jimin is right now, ugh, but please tell him that I’m going into labor, and I need him here. I’m at the hospital by where I live.

Suprised and in shocked, Jimin jumped up and down yelling that she was in labor. Reality struck when he realized he wasn’t there to help here.

“We gotta go to the hospital now.” 

       Your Pov

“Okay ______, we’re gonna need you to push as hard as you can. This baby is coming now.” You nodded you head listening to the doctors instructions. Trying your hardest you pushed with all your force trying to get the baby out, yelling from frustration.

You took a deep breath and pretending Jimin was here to hold you hand. Taking another breath you pushed harder this time trying to get the baby out. 

“I can see the baby’s head, okay push har-. Sir, I’m sorry you can’t be in here right now.” You look to the side to catch eyes with Jimin trying to push past the doctors, and the rest of the boys looking through the window outside.

“No, I need him right now. He’s the father.” The doctor nodded and returned his attention back to the baby in your womb. 

“Okay, now I’m gonna need you to push a little harder okay?” You nodded once more and gripped Jimin’s hand as you began to push harder than before holding his hand tightly.

This continued for a few more minutes until you felt weight leave you and heard the sound of a baby crying. You look up to see the doctors holding your newborn baby. Tears filled your eyes as they cleaned the baby and handed her to you.

“It’s a girl!” You cried even more and turned your attention to Jimin who eagerly wanted to hold her. Handing her to him, he smiled and you saw tears start to fill in his eyes.

“Hi cutie. I’m your daddy and that’s mommy.” He held her facing her towards both of us while holding her tiny hand with his index finger.

Nothing could make you happier than this moment right now.


I tried something different I hope you like it, jimin as a dad omg

our poor nochang

the higher than e-sens song, apparently he made it in 3-4 days bcs blacknut asked for the song bfore his (double) single was supposed to be released. said there’s personal reasons why blacknut had to release the singles on that day?? and suddenly he ended up having to give away his beat that he treasured alot. he felt angry out of a sudden, bcs he just finished producing things for the members and wanted to concentrate on making his own EP album, also it was a few days after the ‘instagram incident’ happened, so he got really mad suddenly. he heard someone of them said “hey just tell him he has to concentrate on finishing it by these few days since you have to release it a few days later” the person said it like it’s nothing and he just felt angry and thought “ah i’m really just a slave” “ah so i’m really just a nobody here.” first he finished it really quickly (some parts might even be done simply) and also that day he produced for blacknut and also the song that giri produced he did the master mixing for both songs so that day he didn’t even make his own songs. and just went home drank alcohol and just lied there.

while in the evening he was lying there almost dozing off, daewoong katalk msged him “yo man, i want to change something in the song can i ask for your help? ㅠㅠ” and nochang cried right after he saw that msg (Omg lmao).. that day it was difficult for him both physically and mentally. he typed a long reply to the katalk and kept watching it, keep looking if its read already or not, and after its shown that it was read, after 30 secs, blacknut called him “ah!! what are you talking about u asshole” nochang then said WHILE CRYING “I really hate doing these!!! I really want to do my own songs!!! ” and just said everything out. nochang said blacknut was a little flustered as he shouldnt have done this to a hyung. nochang got very mad in a long time to the extend in the nxt day he forgot what happened after that hahaha now after that incident, everyone respects him. he said as expected he has to show his anger once in a while for them to be like this

at last he said this interview is going to be interesting one as he made every JM member sound like a jerk AHAHAHA

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at the hospital, byakuya's reaction when he hears his baby's first cry, when he realises that yes his baby has just been born ??

I could cry this is so adorable omg

Byakuya stood alongside his wife, holding her hand in his with the same monotonous expression he always wore. Even while his wife was practically breaking the bones in his hand with each painful squeeze, he kept watching her and making sure something wasn’t wrong. Though, soon enough the doctors pulled the child from her body, and his mood change. His mind zoned in on the cries that could be heard, the sweet little child in the doctors arms. His eyes were only slightly wide, but he felt something wet rolling down his cheeks; he was crying. He was actually crying over the small child the doctor was handing too him. Holding the little one in his arms, he smiled; he was a father. A father of all things. He couldn’t believe it. He had the perfect family. He held the baby close to him, listening to it calm down slowly and start to fall asleep.