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Okay so let's pretend that the RFA were able to talk to their respective MC in a language besides Korean so they've been assuming for the longest time ever that MC can't speak Korean. One day, they come home and hear her singing a song creepily in Korean and once they find her she's just laughing her ass off. How would the RFA react? I'm sorry I just have a sudden urge to see someone write this if your requests aren't open feel free to disregard this~

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long omfg ;A; But I hope I got what you were talking about??? ~Admin 404


               -Since you didn’t start out speaking Korean in the chatroom, he just assumed you couldn’t


               -After the two of you got close, he came home early from his classes one day- not knowing you were in your shared home

               -He was in the middle of changing, shirt halfway over his head, when he noticed singing?

               -It was a standard Korean lullaby, but it was being sung quiet and very slowly


               -Tried to run out of the house, thinking it was a ghost, but ran into the wall- resulting in him falling on his ass

               -You pull the shirt off his head, asking if he was alright

               -“MC WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE, THERE’S A GHOST!!!! A G H O S T!!!”

               -He’s up on his feet, trying to drag you out of the house yoosung what about your shirt

               -“A ghost? What do you mean? What makes you say that?”

               -“I just heard someone sing this lullaby all slow and creepy and we just, WE GOTTA GO”

               -Super confused when you bust out laughing

               -omg you weren’t laughing at the fact he had no shirt on, were you???

               -“That wasn’t a ghost, I was singing!”

               -One second, two seconds, three seconds…. ding! Light bulb!

               -“You learned a Korean lullaby? When did you do that?”

               -“Uh, years ago. When I learned Korean. Didn’t you know that?

               -when you fuckin’ WHAT

               -He is completely mindblown to find out you speak Korean??

               -Though now he’s really embarrassed about just assuming you didn’t know the language

               -Super happy to talk in either language, it makes him feel cool tbh

               -is completely pissed off when he finds out you sent a video of him running into the wall to saeyoung


               -He always asks for an extra copy of his scripts in *insert mc native language here* so you can practice with him!!

               -You never understood why he did that, maybe he was just trying to be nice?

               -But he always did that with you? With everything?

               -Any DVD’s, CD’s, absolutely anything he brings home is in your native language

               -Does he think you’re more comfortable that way?

               -Obviously, you appreciate it but it’s kind of like…..

               -There’s no need to go so out of his way to do all of that for you!

               -One day, you were taking a shower and decided to sing one of the songs from his most recent play

               -You love Zen and love that he’s happy with his career but god daMN THAT SONG IS STUCK IN YOUR HEAD AND YOU ARE BEYOND DONE WITH IT

               -So you made fun of it by singing ridiculously, trying different voices, tones, anything you can think of

               -All of a sudden, the bathroom door is thrown open, slamming against the wall


               -You just poke your head out of the shower to stare at him, watching as he starts to talk to himself about how beautiful his voice must for you to have learned it so quickly

               -“Do you know the meaning??? I can give you a word by word translation!! Do you want that? DO YOU WANT ME TO DO THAT?”

               -“No? I mean, yeah… You play it all the time… because you’re learning it but I know the words on my own, thanks sweetheart”

               -You??? Knew what the words meant??

               -He just kind of stares at you in disbelief before you roll your eyes and return to taking your shower

               -“Zen? Why are you still here? Go aw-” “YOU CAN SPEAK KOREAN”

               -You sigh and agree that yes, you can speak Korean, and you’ve been able to this whole time

               -He starts crying??? What in the world???

               -“I CANNOT BELIEVE I DIDN’T KNOW THIS ABOUT MY LOVE! I’M A TERRIBLE MAN, DON’T LOOK AT ME, MC!” not looking at you anyway, zen, tryna shower here

               -“Save the drama for your play later, sweetheart. It’s alright, I just never said anything about knowing another language”

               -Literally spent most of the rest of the day just pouting and feeling terrible that he never knew. You have to comfort him often because it was something neither of you ever really brought up way to go mc ya broke ya boyfriend


               -After working for Jumin for so long, she’s unfortunately learned to assume if you look foreign, you might not speak other languages

               -So she’s already assumed you speak only your native language, so she automatically accommodates to your needs

               -Though you…. don’t need it??

               -You figured that she wanted to make things easier for you, which you appreciated, but you wanted to make things easy for her too!!

               -What’s funny is that you’ve talked to her late at night, after she’s been up for days, in Korean so that it’s easier for her mind to process what you ask

               -Did she pick up on it? Not at all. poor tired bby, someone help her

               -So despite the fact that you leave notes for her written in Korean, she just… hasn’t…. noticed?

               -Because she still talks to you in your native tongue

               -Seriously, you’ve tried everything to make it blatantly obvious that you could speak Korean

               -The easiest way to tell her that, ‘hey, i don’t need you to translate convos for me, i promise’ is to just straight up tell her

               -Except you didn’t get a chance to?

               -You were sweeping the house one day, belting out one of Zen’s songs from his latest musical

               -Getting into it, you dance with the broom, dipping it dramatically

               -During your dip though, you look up to find Jaehee standing in the doorway, at a loss for words

               -“Oh… so.. you really do speak Korean.. I wasn’t going crazy, then”


               -“I, um, I apologize for just assuming that you-”

               -You cut her off when you pulled her into a quick dance around the living room, singing the previous song all over again

               -With a swift motion, you dipped her like you did the broom

               -A quick peck to her lips sent her over the edge and she burst into giggles

               -“You’re a much better dance partner than the broom” you tell her in Korean, with a wiggle of your eyebrows

               -She pushes you away from her and laughs as she leaves the room, calling over her shoulder

               -“Maybe you should learn a few more songs there, MC”


               -Also guilty of just assuming you only spoke your native language

               -Also never bothered to ask

               -You don’t even bother to tell him though because you’re lowkey salty about it

               -Like??? He didn’t even ask???

               -You love him and all, but it’s been… how long? And he never even bothered to asK YOU IF YOU KNEW HIS LANGUAGE

               - damn mister trustfund kid

               -But it’s actually really funny because he talks to Elizabeth in Korean

               -So he thinks you don’t know how much he’s praising her, or baby-talking her

               -But you KNOW

               -And you’re left wondering why he doesn’t talk to you like that sometimes

               - god damn cat getting all the attention (kiDDING I LOVE U ELLY)

               -But let’s be honest, you love her just as much and do the same exact thing

               -In fact, you love to sing to her! And she loves it too!

               -She turns into a freaking motor box when you sing, she loves it soo much

               -So you sing to her every day, it makes her happy, makes you happy, everyone is happy

               -One day, you were singing to her, but Jumin actually came home early??

               -So he heard you singing too, and just sat down quietly next to you

               -Waited patiently until you finished the song before speaking

               -“So, you sing to Elizabeth?”

               -“Every day, sweetheart! You just happened to catch the show”

               -Immediately thought about asking Saeyoung to install some hidden microphone or something to capture you singing every day

               - that isnt creepy at all, dude

               -With a slight tilt of his head, he looked at you, eyes full of question

               -You had to fight the urge to kiss his cute little face, but it was worth it

               -“So, MC? You can speak Korean? Not just *insert native language here*?”

               -You nodded in agreement, looking down at Elly, petting her with a smile on your face

               -“I’ve known this whole time… *pulls Elly up to face* But SOMEBODY *kisses Elly’s nose* Never bothered asking. Did he? No, no he didn’t! He didn’t, did he Elizabeth??”

               -You shot him a side glare, watching as his face twisted into slight embarrassment and back to a playful one before getting up to leave the room

               -“It’s okay, MC. I’ll test out how well you can pronounce those Korean words later tonight.”


               -He loVED your aCCENT

               -So he spoke to you in your native language just so he could hear it

               -Did he know you could speak Korean?

               -Yeah probably

               -DID HE CARE? I’m hearing “no”

               -Did he remember, a long time later, that you could speak Korean?

               -Again, I am going with no

               -He’s always thinking about god knows what all the damn time so it isn’t surprising that he forgot you spoke Korean all together

               -In fact, you were hoping he did forget you spoke Korean, or your new plan wouldn’t work out how you wanted it to

               -You see, you and Saeyoung like to prank each other like crazy, but his last one really irked you

               -(I mean come on??? Who in the world thinks it’s funny to sneak a permanent marker into your pants pocket when you do laundry??? That rUINS YOUR CLOTHES)

               -So, you decided that revenge was in order, and you wanted nothing more than to scare him to death

               -After a long set up with a creepy life-size doll trapped to an rc car, a couple of speakers hidden, and a ton of hidden cameras, you were ready for him to come home

               -When he got into the room and noticed the girl standing in the corner, he immediately noped the hell out and tried leaving

               -But you locked the door! There is no escaping sweet revenge!

               -You started to sing little kids nursery rhymes through a microphone, it coming through the hidden speakers broken and ominous


               -So you kept singing, stopping only to ask him to come play, in child-like voice


               -You decided to chase him around with the doll, using the wireless controller from the other room

               -You didn’t know he could scream in such a high pitch, I swear to god, dogs from around the world could hear it

               -He was getting out of that room, then and there. He broke down the door. Ran down the hallway and heard you laughing from another room

               -He didn’t even think about why you were laughing, he just jumped onto your lap, and latched onto you, hugging tight and burying his face against you


               -But you couldn’t even reply- you were laughing too hard. He looked around and saw your set up of monitors, wireless controller, and microphone

               -He looked up at you with a ton of mixed emotions

               -First of all he was still a little freaked out?? But he was also kinda pissed off that you scared the hell out of him! But he’s also in awe that you set all this up… and so in love with how hard you’re laughing…

               -HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT TO F E E L

               -Takes a second to think about the situation and suddenly remembers


               -You give him an innocent smile, but based on the look he gave you once he stood up and walked away

               -He was probably going to use that fact against you for his revenge prank, and you weren’t positive you wanted to know what that was going to be


               -Off the bat, he asks which language you’re more comfortable speaking in

               -When you said your own native language, he understood, and tried his best to accommodate for you!

               -Ever since then he’s always making sure he can translate things for you, whether it be signs or casual conversation

               -You knew Korean but didn’t know if you were a strong enough speaker, which is why you initially told him you were comfortable with your first language

               -So, you secretly were testing out your language skills every time the two of you went out!

               -When he translated for you and you had gotten it right in your head, you were so excited!

               -But he didn’t know that ’s what you were doing??

               -He just always saw you light up and smile softly to yourself and it made him weAK

               -Was it because he was translating for you??

               -Didn’t know exactly, but was definitely going to keep doing whatever he was doing because that loOK

               -IT WAS SOOO PRECIOUS

               -But he felt bad that he couldn’t go shopping with you one day because he had some people he had to see

               -What if you couldn’t read the signs?? What if you couldn’t talk to the people?? WhAt If-

               -So he tried to make his meetings go as quickly as possible without being rude

               -And he ran to meet you at your favourite coffee shop, where he knew you’d stop first!

               -As he walked up behind you, getting ready to surprise you and order for you, he took a step back when he heard you ordering perfectly fine in Korean

               -You even made small talk with the barista! In perfect Korean!

               -When you turned around with your coffee, he stared at you in surprise, but he scared the shit out of you! You almost dropped your coffee!

               -“V! Hey! You scared me…. I thought you had to go meet a few people? Did something happen? Are you alright?”

               -You asked. In perfect Korean. Why did you doubt your language skills??

               -“I thought you only knew *your native language of choice*? So I haven’t needed to translate for you this whole time?”

               -You could see the disappointment in his eyes as you quickly shook your head (and hands) in embarrassment

               -“No no no no, you asked me in the beginning if I was more comfortable with my native language, which I am! I know Korean but I was afraid about getting something wrong, so I really appreciated all of your translations! They help me make sure I’m learning and getting it all right!”

               -Explaining it to him was definitely the smart move because you watched as he went from sad puppy to ecstatic pup knowing that he was able to help you learn new things and solidify what you already knew!

               -From then on, he always tries to let you figure it out first, then help you if you need it!

               -Was he embarrassed that he always translated when you didn’t need it? Yes

               -Did he get over it quickly? Also yes. He’s a precious tol bean. He is alright with this revelation.


               -Also knew from the start that you knew Korean

               -He talked to you from the beginning in Korean so he knew afterwards that you’d know

               -Not like you all of a sudden lost your knowledge on a full language….right?

               -That being said he just plain refuses to let you pretend like you can’t speak him language

               -Every time you try to talk to him in your native language he just kind of looks at you with absolutely no emotion

               -“Hi, MC, speak in a language I know please, thanks”

               -Like seriously

               -This man does not let you have any fun with it at all

               -You even tried to fake some sort of amnesia, too

               -To like, pretend you forgot how to speak Korean so he’d have to talk to you in your native language

               -Did it work? No

               -He just stared at you like you were stupid

               -He’s such a jERK


               -You even try to mess with him in public

               -You ask him to order some food for you, asking him in your native language

               -The cashier is confused but Saeran just stares at you

               -He completely understands what you say, despite pretending that he doesn’t

               -Turns back to the cashier and tells them that you’re getting nothing


               -Until the day he slips up and responds to a question you ask him in your language

               -You celebrate, including a victory dance

               -He just curses at himself for messing up and letting you win

               -Though he does think it’s really cute that you’re this excited about winning

               -Maybe he should let you win more often thAT WONT HAPPEN


I played a lot of Oblivion as I waited for my internet to get fixed, so I decided to color some older doodles of my Hero of Kvatch and her thief brother! About time I revisited them and updated their looks. ✨✨


I’ve been sitting at my computer for an hour. Literally. And usually when you make a masterlist you write out the words you want to add a link to, and then highlight it and these badges will appear that allow you to add links. and ive restarted, refreshed, researched, and the badges will not pop up. i dont know of any other way to make a masterlist :( im real sorry guys im so frustrated. I think I’ll have to borrow another computer and see if I can fix mine up then.



steve hcs

darry nsfw hcs

ponyboy nsfw hcs

dating modern gang hcs

lgbt gang hcs

sodapop strip tease/lapdance hcs

sodapop dry humping hcs

curtis brother hcs

johnny nsfw hcs

dallas hcs

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ponyboy hcs

johnny hcs

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jealous ponyboy hcs

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morning in with tim hcs

tim finding out his girl is bisexual hcs

first date with tim hcs

johnny hcs

cuddling with tim hcs

summer with the gang hcs

curly hcs

gentle tim (+nsfw) hcs

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gang teaching you backflips hcs

moving in with tim hcs

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sodapop hcs

jealous sodapop hcs

curtis sister x gang hcs

cherry nsfw

pda ponyboy hcs

flirting with tim hcs

sodapops girl cheats on him with steve hcs

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tim considering long term relationship hcs

gang receiving lap dance hcs

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two-bit nsfw hcs

taking care of tim after a rumble hcs

anniversary with tim hcs

darry x soc hcs

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tims girl in a rumble hcs

drunk gang hcs

gangs reaction to curtis sister in a rumble hcs

what the gang calls their girl hcs

tim telling his girl hes in love with them hcs

ponyboy x artist hcs

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steve hcs

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cherrys greaser sister hcs


ponyboy imagine

dallas imagine

dallas imagine

ponyboy imagine

johnny imagine

dallas x reader x sodapop imagine





gangs ideal types

gang: boob or butt?

gang: scale of how much gang likes you sitting in their lap

tim: boob or ass?

ponyboy: boob or ass?

accidentally read your diary au with steve and ponyboy


you were my future,
i was your yesterday

clockworksalsa  asked:

What is ur opinion of people who want to write Michael as Filipino who aren't Filipino? Is there anything that writers should avoid completely or, like, must include? Like I want to do the character justice but have zero knowledge to draw from and don't wanna mess up,,,

im not one to police however other people write anything!! frankly, it makes me really, really happy that there are so many people interested in writing a filipino character.

when it comes to things to avoid, well. i guess my overall blanket statement for this is that being filipino, just like being any other nationality, is not, y’know, their entire personality/sole characteristic. it’s small things that peek through, like words here or there or cultural references or a character’s music taste or favorite foods or how they deal with the weather. when it comes to michael, who is ecuadorian/filipino-american, there’s so much to explore!!! i find it really interesting to explore an aspect of him that i know and hold dearly while also exploring everything else that makes him a compelling character. 

things to avoid based on language specifically:

  • try not to use google translate because It Gets Things Wrong, Oh My God
  • any bilingual will tell you that we usually do not “slip” into another language, unless under special circumstances. the phenomenon of “slipping” has an implication of….accidental-ness? when in reality language is something very deliberate. in my pining fic is this a forest?, for example, michael only really uses tagalog to swear, and continues to speak tagalog because jeremy tells him it’s okay and jeremy asks him what he means. there isn’t a slip, but there is instead a Conscious Decision to speak tagalog. in my dragon fic, goodnight moon, tagalog is spoken only in concerns to name honorifics (which are commonly used in english sentences anyway), and at one point, when a character is very. very out of it and tired (an example of a special circumstance). my point here is that unintentionally slipping into another language doesnt really happen.
  • no, seriously, google translate. just. Do Not. it might get individual words correct (SOMETIMES), but if you try to do whole sentences, the grammar will get MANGLED.

i dont think there is anything you Must Include, because identity doesnt work like that, like theres this…quota we gotta meet. sometimes it’s as simple as just saying “hey, he’s ecuadorian/filipino”. 

when it comes to what to do when you have zero knowledge, my only advice is to research or ask filipinos! ive already helped a couple of fanfic authors with translation concerns from english to tagalog, and it’s really my pleasure to help when i can when i have the time

im unsure if this is helpful, because while im filipino, i cant possibly speak for, like, everybody else….

anonymous asked:

give me the proof bitch

Here is the proof that barbie life in the dream house is gay:

Everything in the show is pink right, and the colour pink is gay, therefore making the show gay. Barbies sister skipper has back hair with a pink stripe, while everyone else in the family has blonde hair implying that she dyed it, making her different from them, aka a bisexual, or more specifically an edgy bisexual.

Ken is super clean cut which is a huge gay stereotype while his boyfriend ryan is a #coolbikerdude making them the ultimate gay couple and/or gay couple stereotype, which is fine by me. Ryan also jumped down a slide where ken was sitting and landed on him, which is not straight by any means.

In the dream house (gay house) barbie has the biggest closet in the entire world, big enough for her to live in, meaning she’s closeted. There’s also a robot named closet which at one point flirts with ryan making ken angry which implies that ken is jealous of closet because he’s dating ryan and he was flirting with his boyfriend.

Raquelle and barbie are also dating. They both pretend to hate each other (or at least raquelle pretends to hate barbie) to hide this fact. Raquelle also tries to make it seem like they aren’t even friends for the same reason.

Nikki and teresa are also super close but they don’t seek out anything romantic or sexual with each other or anyone else meaning that they are both very close aro/ace best friends.

There was also a scene where barbies little sister got abducted by aliens or smth and a rainbow hologram thing appeared around her, and rainbows are gay so like, it was gay.

All in all barbie life in the dream house is gay and anyone who thinks otherwise can fight me.

anonymous asked:

Smut fic smut fic smut fic!! God this birthday fic so far is brilliant , well done!

Thank you so much!! Here are Part One and Part Two of Annabeth’s 23rd Birthday Fic; Now on to Part Three, where Percy finally gives Annabeth her present.

As soon as they were through the door of his cabin, Annabeth collapsed forward onto Percy’s shoulder, letting him hold up her weight as she giggled. 

“So much for stealth,” she said between fits of laughter.

He exhaled, hands sliding around to her back. 

“I’m going to make sure Piper and Grover can only have cold showers for the next week,” Percy grumbled. 

He had been absentmindedly rubbing her back, but paused and pressed his cheek against hers. 

The entire atmosphere in the room changed, sending a shiver down Annabeth’s spine, as he dropped his voice and said, “There is one good thing to come out of this, though.”

Annabeth held her breath, shifting minutely to press closer against his chest. “Yeah? And what would that be?”

He tilted his head forward, putting his lips against the shell of her ear and whispering, “There’s no need for you to be quiet now.”

A rush of heat flooded through her. “Oh.”

He nuzzled her ear and kissed down her neck, humming pleasantly. “Mhmm. You can be as loud as you want.”

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