omg i dont even like them but lol

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i feel like if the boys read your subtitles they'd fuckin laugh out loud, especially yoongi idk why. your subs are truly phenomenal and btw i legit snorted when i read 'is your beauty legit as a joint' lmao how do you even come up with these ahaha

LOL if they ever read these… omg i dont even know how they’d react lmfao i make them so savage and ratchet loool i mean, i hope they do laugh hahaha

thanks for liking them!!

Realest OTP: Jinmin

welllllll…. i dont see many talking about this but they’re a special pair too!!

even if i dont feel them too much someone will ;; (sorreh guys)

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omg i didn’t expect that one to pop up first… let’s move on

we all know Jin is a cute mommy trying to take care of his troublesome kids along with the help of joon and suga uncle (lol just go along with me suga is an uncle in the group)

and look at him being all like: “that heart is not for showing to everyone” and throwing the pillow at his face -.- and kookie is there like “… wtf?”

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he doesn’t want jimin to fall off ;; why do i find this cute??

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omg i really cannot focus on jinmin i just keep looking at jimin’s derpiness love this bby

gdi i should really focus here

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disgustingly cute jimin + curious jin= CUTESY CUROSITY (kill me otl)

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come on not in the MV!! (how come i never noticed this??)

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seokjin is the cutest fluff i say (btw watch this bomb if you love or want jinmin)

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jimin is really a filial brother to all of bts ;; (me @ me: FOCUS YOU PIECE OF FANGIRLING SHIT) watch this bomb too!

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b-but this is cute…. ;; le crying

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JIN YOU’RE A GOOD BRO OKAYYY tuT WE LOVE YOUUUUU and look how happy jiminie is while j]in suffers and is almost red lolol

that’s how their relationship is

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leave them, i think BTS doesn’t even have the thinnest line of privacy like THEY DO PDA WITHOUT HESITATION

“two hand some guys” WE KNOW JIMIN WE KNOW HOW HANDSOME YOU TWO PEOPLE ARE and look at Jin bro smiling cutely for his bro

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btw that’s a pretty lip balm container

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oho~ not the height, seokjin ;; jimin’s gonna be angryyyy (btw im almost jimin’s height o.o)

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honestly i feel like this pair is a mommy with a proud son or a proud elder bro with his cutesy little bRO <33

hope you all know about jinmin now… but do i ackowledge them> YAS.

i can write a bro fic with them… ^^

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this is like the cutest gif of this whole thread idk what to d anymore ;; LOOK AT THEM

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this is me pulling you into the world of BTS OTPs lmao