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I read a lot, too—pretty much anything I could get my hands on, from dad’s history books to fantasy novels—because I spent a lot of time sitting around in hotels and airports and dig sites in foreign countries where I didn’t know anybody. (Carter’s POV, The Red Pyramid, p.2).

  • headcanon that after Carter and Annabeth meet in The Crown of Ptolemy (which I haven’t read yet oops) they exchange book recs regularly bc they’re both Nerds™
  • and Carter always makes sure that the books he recommends to Annabeth are available in audio format bc he’s aware of her dyslexia
  • and their shared reading always ends up in intellectual debates
  • #CarterKaneAndAnnabethChaseAsBookBuddies2k16
  • Sirius: *Is rummaging through Lily's stuff for a dare*
  • Lily: *half asleep* Why are you going through my stuff?
  • Sirius: I'm's all a dream.
  • Lily: *eyes still closed* So, why are you going through my stuff?
  • Sirius: It doesn't matter, all that matters is that you remember this is a dream, a dream dream. You are asleep.
  • Lily: Why would I dream about you going through my stuff?
  • Sirius: I don't know that, Lily. Ok, it's your dream take responsibly for it.

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Is it common for autistics to train themselves to laugh when everyone around them does, even if they don't understand the joke? I do that sometimes, and I feel like I only do it to pretend to be NT

Omg yes! I do that all the time! I can’t give you actual statistics or anything like that but my anecdata from myself and all the various Autistic people I know suggests that this is indeed a Thing. We Spergs tend to do a tremendous amount of scripting. Trying to fit into NT spaces is HARD and being around NT people can be the worst so many of us do what we can and that definitely includes stuff like laughing even if we don’t know what’s going on just so that we don’t seem like the odd one out. I don’t know about you but I know for me and a lot of other ND people I know being the odd one out is the worst, it’s upsetting in all kinds of ways. It’s one of those horrible catch-22 things where either you don’t put in the work to fit in and you risk being “that weirdo” who everyone makes fun of or you do put in the work to fit in and you’re just sort of miserable and stressed bc you have to fake it, there’s kind of no winning there…. unfortunately…

We all do it differently, not all Autistic people do this or script in this way but it’s definitely a Thing that some or even many of us do. I’m sorry you’re stuck pretending to be NT sometimes, that particular struggle is incredibly real, solidarity <3

~ mod rage

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*Quickly runs in the room and starts screaming* Can you do Ladynoir for the "I don't know if I should kiss you or push you off a bridge" one please!? *runs away*

Omg yes!  This one was fun to write, enjoy.  I did change the prompt slightly to fit with the story so instead of a bridge its a rooftop :)


It was midnight, she was standing on top of a building near the Seine after completing patrol for the evening and she was exhausted.  Ladybug sighed as she heard her partner leap onto the rooftop next to her and hold out a single red rose.

“So…My Lady…do you come here often?”

She just rolled her eyes and crossed her arms as she looked away from him, “Chat, please, that has to be one of the lamest pick up lines you have ever used.”

Chat pouted as he leaned in front of her, the flower drooping slightly in his hand. “But, you love my pick up lines!”

“And what makes you say that?” she asked as she glanced over her shoulder at where he stood.

He smirked as he sidled up to her and whispered in her ear, “Because you told me so only last night, Bugaboo.”

Ladybug shivered at the feeling of his breath so close to her, “Well that was last night when you actually had a decent line.  Try again tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow huh?  What about now?  Can I try again now?”

“Sure, I will give you one more chance to woo me with one of your lines.  If it works I’ll give you a kiss.  If not, you don’t get to try for a week.”

“A week!?”

“Don’t make me turn it into a month Kitty,” she warned and turned her head away from him again so he couldn’t see her smile.

Chat stood there for a while, mumbling under his breath as if he was trying to come up with the best pick up line ever.  

“Ah ha!” he yelled abruptly making her jump in surprise, “I’ve got it!  The perfect line.”

“Well, let’s here it then,” she prompted.

He cleared his throat before looking her dead in the eye and saying, “Your’re so beautiful, you made me forget my pick up line.”

She looked at him, her mouth wide open in shock, “I don’t know if I want to kiss you or throw you off a rooftop.”

“Can I pick?”

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An Alpha who is known as the class ‘delinquent’ due to their poor attendance and even poorer grades, but who also happens to be in love with the Omega that is the top student in their class and has very little patience for the Alpha’s obnoxious flirting and other antics. (I had to shorten the prompt to fit it in the ask) if you're still taking prompts ! I don't mind if you're too busy though ! I LOVE all your omegaverse omg! And TBH all your writings !!

Okay first of all thank you so much @red-admiral-lyon I’m very very happy to know that you enjoy my fics xD it means a lot, for real! And to the anon and you, HERE U GO.

“Leave me alone Jones, I’m too busy to deal with your shit today.”

“Aww come on sweetheart, there’s no need for you to be like that. You know you look more cute when you smile.” 

“If you want me to smile, kindly remove your presence from my life.”

They were currently in their school’s library that surprisingly enough was empty. The Omega was trying, key word trying, to study for their upcoming history test but he found himself unable to progress thanks to the annoying, albeit handsome, hooligan of an Alpha that couldn’t for dear life leave Arthur alone. 

“Aww you say that now Artie, but you would definitely miss me if I’m gone.” 

“Whatever helps you sleep at night Alfred.”

“Thinking about you helps me sleep at night.”

Ugh how was Arthur supposed to concentrate if he had to suffer the Alpha’s cheesy comments every five seconds? He knew the content but one didn’t stay as the top student just by knowing the content of their class. Then it hit Arthur, it was probably the best or worst idea the omega has ever had in his entire life. 

“That’s nice Alfred, but listen, if you leave me alone now and manage to get an A in our upcoming history test, I’ll finally accept one of your stupid offers to go on a date. However, if you don’t, you’ll leave me alone once and for all. Deal?”

“Babe you’ve got yourself a deal.”

And before Arthur could even process what just happened, the Alpha got up from where he was sitting next to Arthur, kissed him on the cheek and ran out of the library.


Some peace and quite.

Arthur started studying, not thinking about the consequences of the deal he just made. He wouldn’t regret it a week later, but he would learn to not underestimate the Alpha.


It was supposed to be impossible!

The Alpha had less than 48-hours to study and yet somehow he managed to score not only an A, but an A+.

“Soo Artie, you do remember our deal from the other day right?”

Arthur stopped looking at the Alpha’s test sheet to look at him with a forced smile, “Don’t be silly Alfred, I’m a gentleman and I wouldn’t forget something that I proposed myself.”

“Great then I’ll pick you up tomorrow around 7pm. I hope you like bowling!” Arthur wished he could share the Alpha’s enthusiasm. He didn’t reply, he just kept up the fake smile while he cursed himself in his mind.

Okay so it turns out that Alfred wasn’t as bad as people made him seem. He was actually very sweet and also very smart and also every single bit of Arthur’s type. Plus, he was also a very good kisser. Arthur could definitely confirm that, since they were furiously making out in the Alpha’s truck.  

A-Al..” a soft moan escaped Arthur when Alfred stopped kissing him on the lips in favor of leaving love bites all across his neck, Arthur’s weak spot. He felt Alfred smirk and he decided that he needed to knock him down a peg. 

Leaning in closer to Alfred’s ear he whispered, “For the record, you are still annoying as hell…and I expect an A on the next test as well.”

Artie…” the Alpha whined.

“No whining Alfred, now let’s get back to where we left it shall we?”

Granted it surprised everyone when the day after both Alfred and Arthur smelled like each other, but not as much as it surprised them when the class delinquent was no longer a delinquent but a top student. 

Here u go. Enjoy. From me for u 2. 

PokeAoki. featuring Vulpix!Kise and Charmander!Aomine.

Made these for a schrinkwrap test . I think Vulpix is a good fit for Kise, not that sure with Charmander and Aomine tho. 

@wiccanwy || liked for a starter

Where the hell was that file? Kate pushed all the paperwork off her desk in a fit of anger and groaned; her hands falling forward and holding her upright when all she wanted to do was fall. She knew she had seen the folder last night, there had been a lot of rereading and note taking involved, and she was so sure that she had a possible lead for the missing person’s case, but now? Now it was fucking gone and she couldn’t handle it. 

Maybe if she called up the person for more information? They could help her out, but then her credibility goes out the window. With a loud sigh, she bent down to start cleaning up the mess she had just made. It wasn’t much but still, it needed to be done. With each file she picked up, she did a quick check through to make sure the original information on Cassidy Marshall hadn’t slipped in.

Cassidy’s mom had come to her two days ago, crying about her missing teenage kid that the cops wanted nothing to do with. Apparently the kid had been busted with selling drugs and stealing in the past, and it also wasn’t the first time she’d ‘gone missing’ but the mom had assured her that this time was different. This time there had been no fight between Cassidy and her father. But who was Kate to judge? Her own relationship with her father had influenced her decision to move away.

The small bell she had put over the door, at Jessica’s insistence, alerted her of someone’s presence. God, she hoped it wasn’t Mrs.Marshalll coming to check on her, and at first glance, she didn’t recognize the guy so she continued to put files away in the freshly bought filing cabinet behind her desk. “I’ll be with you in just a second.” It was while she was halfway through the stack that she realized just who was standing by her door. “Billy?!”

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what do you think about reece king as jason todd? bc that jawline. and do you have some fancast for robin jason?

OMG REECE KING I LOVE HIM !! I don’t really know if I see him as Jason though. I could see him as Jason but I don’t know about him acting since I only know him as a model. I’m for it I guess.

I think our fan cast for Red Hood Jason Todd would fit Jason as Robin as well but /personally/ I’m thinking Boo Boo Stewart as Jason’s Robin lmao


CS AU [½]: Killian and Emma have been friends for as long as they can remember, always there for each other. Due to the endless list of heartbreaks in both of their lives, they have a Valentine’s tradition: play video games with her son, Henry, tangled in blankets during the whole day and buy a lot of chocolate and candy on sale during the other day. But what happens when Emma sees Killian asking someone else to be his date for the special night? Maybe that (and a big push from Henry) is exactly what she needs to see her true feelings for her friend. The only question is: will he be her Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Jare (aka lovelycaptainswan). I had a blast being your secret agent, I hope you like this little thing I came up with and that you have a lovely day <3

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Hey, can you imagine if Hope ever traveled back in time when Lightning's parents just died and he just hugs baby Claire Farron? D:

I had to write something for this because the mental image is so adorable and heartbreaking omg

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     you the fella Eve told me about ?
The question is preposterous, for there’s
no one else around, perhaps even in the
that fits the description the giantess
gave him. And even then     no image that
Jimmy could ever possibly conjure fits the
true picture
of the man. 

As humanity’s outcast himself, Jimmy is
reluctant to judge solely on appearance, he
know it unfair. But      though the thought
draws guilt from the boy after, the stranger’s
visage is … revolting. A vision of horror to
say the least, but that is why Adam must be

If anyone knows acceptance towards those
the world reviles, it’s this troupe. Whatever
has hurt him outside this camp will not again,
that Jimmy is certain of.

❝ I’m Jimmy, Jimmy Darling, ❞ He greets, a
lobster claw unburying itself from his pocket
in offering for Adam to shake. // @anabioun

The Signs From A Cancers Opininon
  • Aries: Fucking rad. Aries are so headstrong and hilarious I've never met an Aries I didn't like! You come off as a little intimidating imo but that's usually because of how awesome you all are!
  • Taurus: I've never really seen eye to eye with Taurus' which is weird because we should be hella compatible but they're usually so cocky and it rubs me the wrong way. I do however know a Taurus and I highkey love him he's this super weird, innocent quiet kid who is obsessed with cats and lowkey seems a little crazy but I'm obsessed with him he's amazing!
  • Gemini: MY FUCKING DORKS OMG, Geminis are all like those weird dorky kids and I love them all they don't fit in with society and they don't need to! You get along with everyone effortlessly and you are awesome!
  • Cancer: Lowkey I cannot stand Cancers at all when I first meet them. We're too similar and I don't like it I like diversity and being able to learn new things but when I finally get to know them we're like two peas in a pod awesome lil emotional water balloon mamas.
  • Leo: Y'all need to calm down for like a minute, just a minute, the world doesn't revolve around you it revolves around me. But Leos are the life of the party they're so crazy and fun but also really chill and relatable and I envy you're extrovertedness.
  • Virgo: Literally either get the whole entire fuck away from me or never leave my side. Virgos can either be hella obsessive and controlling, in which case girl bye, or the most down to Earth ride or dies ever and the latter ones are my soul mates
  • Libra: Fuckin' party! I get on with Libras so well! We just chill together. Libras are really flighty and chill and awesome that I could listen to them pretend to know what they're talking about for hours because they're just so down to do whatever!
  • Scorpio: Literally fuck me. Scorpios are fuckin' hot and sexy and dark and mysterious and I love it oh me oh my!
  • Sagittarius: There is a 99999999% chance if we get together we will bitch about something and it will be hilarious that is the way when we are together.
  • Capricorn: Fuckin' nerd. I know one Capricorn and he just studies constantly and does so well in school and still has time to be a human and idgi how do you exist so easily?
  • Pisces: BABE. Babe, you're the sweetest peach on the tree but you can also be a rotten apple if you wanna you're my emotional bitch sisters till the end and we will destroy all who stand in our way
The Signs As Things I've Done
  • Aries: Considered going out at 11pm into the woods to use my friends deer skull and candles to make a pentagram bc it was a full moon.
  • Taurus: Shoplifted from a Sephora, got caught, and then started talking to the lady who asks you questions, and we started talking about my writing while waiting for the cop and she was like "How??? Did you not??? YOURE ANALYTICAL YET YOU WERE STUPID ENOUGH TO STEAL FROM SOMEWHERE WITH HIGH TEC SECURITY."
  • Gemini: While watching my friends make out, she then got her neck bit and kissed and i threatened to punch her if she moaned. (She didn't).
  • Cancer: "I understand", as I walked away from the guy who just broke up with me and then left and just kind of ignored the situation as my heart like, died. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Leo: I was doing Romeo and Juliet, and I missed my cue by five minutes because I was sleeping in the dressing room.
  • Virgo: Making a zombie music video, trespassing, and then turning it in to my teacher and when he asks if I got permission, I said, "I was supposed to?" and he says yeah, so, I replied "Well, I was running from zombies can they blame me?"
  • Libra: I gave advice to my friend while dying my hair, sitting naked in my bathtub, with a towel wrapped around my head as they sat on my toilet. It was damn good advice too.
  • Scorpio: I went to a secret hiding spot around my school and took my now ex boyfriends virginity there.
  • Sagittarius: I fought with my friend for the arm rest while watching "The Boy" and spent 30 minutes fighting and then the next hour and a half I just laid my arm on his as he started freaking out because he is SUPER scared of dolls. He kept moving his hand like every few minutes and he would jolt them sometimes to try and scare me and at one point he did it as they turned on a light in the room (in the movie) and I screamed really loud and everyone in the movie theater either died laughing or died of secondhand embarrassment or confusion. He also stole my food and totally fucked up my Nacho-To-Cheese Ratio, and I have that shit down to a science.
  • Capricorn: I finished my music video 3 days before the extra credit date and showed everyone in everyone of my classes and posted it on facebook, youtube, and tumblr. Everyone loved it and I threw some fucking EPIC shade at our "EP".
  • Aquarius: I was at a abandoned cemetery with my friend smoking weed at 12 am and we called our Pisces friend (one of my exs) to pick us up and he did. We then went to Steak n Shake, talked about his EX, then I said, "Look, all of your ex's are assholes!", my friend looks at me and goes "You are one of them, Shayne." and I respond, loudly, "YAH! THATS HOW I KNOW!!"
  • Pisces: Everytime one of my friends call me by my first name, I go to my "alter-ego" and respond with something along the lines of, "Brittany!! Stop it!! Omg you always throw such a hissy fit when I'm better than you. Just stop. Accept I'm better. I'm sorry Britt. I LEFT MY CLOTHES AT YOUR HOUSE SO YOU COULD LOOK DECENT FOR ONCE AND YOU JUST GAVE THEM BACK.So, don't say I never tried to help you. Don't talk to me Britt-Britt because there is a reason your mom named you after Brittany Spears cause girl I see a break down in your near future." *snaps*

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Omg! I just had an amazing idea! I know you are probably swamped in stuff to draw but I thought it would be total cool to see like a rebel/emo/punk version of Jean and Marco! I could total see them as them fit into that catagory. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR ART! !!!-hugs tightly- don't stop drawing ^_^ -happily skips away into the sunset-

Whoops, kinda turned greaser-y XD


get to know me meme → [2/5] favourite tv shows web series

↳ red vs blue

Maybe you’re all here because this is the only place you fit in, maybe you’re here because you don’t have anywhere else to go, maybe you’re all here because deep down, you want to be here. The reason doesn’t matter, what matters is that you’re here.”

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"Why aren't we having sex?" Sherlock asks one morning over tea. "Because you're married to your work," John replies bitterly. "If I hadn't said that would we be having sex?" Sherlock asks. "I don't know maybe," John shrugs. "Why maybe?" Sherlock asks. "I think we'd have given it a go but I'm not sure we'd fit," John replies. "In other words you have a huge cock and you're not sure I could handle it," Sherlock says irritated. "Your words, not mine," John replies. "I can handle it, trust me."

PFFT omg hahahahaha~♥