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“I moved out to this huge city all by myself. I had to grow up quickly. I learned a lot of things about the real world that my friends are just learning. Also, I started reading the dictionary and books about college education — I was teaching myself what my friends were learning in class. And it worked out — I would come home and talk to them about stuff that they hadn’t even learned yet.”  - Jensen Ackles

Top 10 bias tag~

I am so weird about lists and always like to do my research before making a ‘favorite’ list. But like… omg how can I even get to know everyone in the kpop world well enough to put on lists?

So before I let myself try and research all of my options fully, here is a top 10 list (In no particular order) quickly off the top of my head.
However, I gave myself a rule of using only one member per group. VIXX would take up the top 6 so… unfair to everyone else.

Thanks to the lovely @chasang for tagging me <3

1. Ravi (VIXX)
2. Jungha (Beatwin)
3. Ten (NCT)
4. Dokyun (History)
5. San E
6. Nayoung (Gugudan)
7. J.Don (N.Flying)
8. Seo In Guk
9. Rocky (Astro)
10. Suga (BTS)

*clears throat* Gonna go… look into female groups a little more…

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Remember this post going around about drawing your OCs in dorky 70s attire? Well, since I don’t have any cool OCs, and also because I couldn’t get it out of my head, I drew Geralt instead.

Serious. Artist. 

OMG, there are people complaining because Emilie isn’t there . . . .

Well, mainly ONE person, and this person has me on ignore (mutually) but other people have reblogged so I see.  

Let’s have a reality check here.  Emilie is very, VERY pregnant.  We have no clue exactly how pregnant.  She publicly announced her pregnancy on October 5th of last year.  That was nearly FIVE MONTHS ago.  Most women, especially women in the public eye, do not make such an announcement outside of immediate family until they are well into the 2nd trimester because the 1st trimester is always the hardest to get through and the most likely time when a miscarriage will occur.

So it is very, very, VERY possible that Em was well into her 4th month, if not MORE, at that time.  Women don’t start to show significantly until the 5th most for the most part.  The reality is, for all we know, Emilie could be due to have the baby at any moment now.  Is that what we wanted?  For her to go into labor at the 100th episode celebration, just so that we could get a picture of her and Bobby together?  OMG, get a fucking CLUE!  

I just can’t even with some people … … . (also Em tweeted and said she wished she could be there)


I was gone the whole day and now I’m back with my face 🐶

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