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“I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”


Parker, pick a fight with Hardison’s date.


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After the scene in the woods my grandma called me up and said “Jon..“ you know and she’s like ”you shouldn’t be sleeping with that woman in the woods, she’s married! And you’re getting married, too!“ 

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It's interesting to me that TLJ had a cut scene of Luke admonishing Rey over Kylo and TFA had a cut scene of Snoke admonishing Kylo over Rey. I am very grateful that we at least get to see the former scene in the documentary, because it really has to be seen to be believed.

omg I never put those two things together. THAT’S SUCH A GOOD POINT. masters calling both of them out for having some sort of feelings for the other. and I love that Ben gets accused of having compassion, something more deep and meaningful, meanwhile Rey’s getting accused of wanting to bang Ben, basically lmao

//So back when I was re-watching Naruto, I noticed something during the Sound and Sand Invasion Arc.
Bear with my long post as I delve and ramble into detail ;)

Sasuke ran off to stop Gaara the moment the attack started, urged by Genma who declared he was already at Chunin level and to consider this the continuation of their fight. Genma holds off Baki who was supposed to capture Sasuke on Orochimaru’s behest. Without question Sasuke runs off ahead to do his part. Once Kakashi notices this, well aware of the danger that threatens his student, he has Sakura wake Naruto and Shikamaru from the genjutsu to pursue their comrade. He wants them to catch up and get Sasuke (and themselves) to a safe location before any harm can come their way. He also knew Gaara was no regular Genin (unaware that he was a Jinchuuriki at the time) and is worried for their safety. Sending Pakkun to help in tracking and avoiding the enemy, he declares it an A rank mission.

As we know, they catch up, Shikamaru separates to fend off a group of Sound ninja that ultimately was no match for him. Asuma’s timely arrival saved him.

Sasuke used too much chakra in pursuit, during his small/brief fight against Temari, and mostly in his battle against Gaara. He fought to the point of exhaustion, pushed himself near death by forcing a third chidori (which Kakashi warned him plain and simple that it could kill him) and ultimately succumbed to the overwhelming pain the curse mark manifested, causing him to become immobile. Gaara was going to kill him, but Naruto comes in time to strike him aside. While Sakura is immediately at Sasuke’s side, worry forming as she fears the worst.

Sakura defends him when Gaara bypassed Naruto, getting caught and rendered unconscious in the process. While she is stuck and Sasuke is incapable of moving, Naruto advances. However, he gets struck and sent flying back. Sasuke, despite the pain he’s enduring, lunges himself forward to soften the blow, something that wouldn’t have harmed Naruto all that badly had he hit the tree instead.

Afterwards, the two debate on the fight, wondering the best course of action to take. Sasuke overcomes the throbbing pain, managing to stand again. This is a very important character development scene for him. Although his whole life, revenge has been his fuel, his reason for existing, Sasuke willingly put the life of his comrades ahead of his own. Claiming that he’d sacrifice himself in order for Naruto and Sakura to get away, even if he only bought them a few minutes, he’d give that. He’s even out of breath as he explains, showcasing his growing fatigue.

It’s just as Orochimaru mentioned back during the preliminaries of the Chunin Exams. Being around his friends, mostly Naruto, changed Sasuke’s heart. For someone who should be preserving his own life, selfish in design in order to kill his brother, shouldn’t be so ready to die. But he takes no reproach upon himself for being weak here. He doesn’t even hesitate or pause to think of another solution. Deciding that if he died here, he was never meant to go further, tossing any chance of avenging his clan aside.

He lost his family, everything that was precious to him when he was merely seven years old. His heart and mind never fully healed, but being around Team Seven, living instead of simply surviving, caused them to become family. Just like in the Land of Waves, Sasuke stopped Haku from killing Naruto by getting in the way of a fatal attack. And later when he hears Itachi is back in the village, his instinct isn’t vengeance, it’s saving his friend.

Sasuke has taken loss after loss, structured his world on loneliness and sorrow, growing up in a devastation he learned to hon and tolerate. Yet, he’s grown. He managed to comprehend what truly mattered throughout his time with them. Although his protective instincts are usually buried in fear of losing more, he’s learned from those around him. Orochimaru’s offer of power is certainly desirable, but there was never a moment where Masashi depicted him contemplating the idea (despite the fact that he probably had at some point prior to the Sasuke Retrieval Arc).

His words stir Naruto into action, making him realize what it means to be strong. Sasuke sparked the notion of strength via protecting others into Naruto’s head, making him remember the power that lies in having people you care about. Due to Gaara’s ferocity, he nearly forgot, questioning it. He and Gaara were alike, so much that he began to fear the idea of what he could’ve become if he didn’t have Iruka and the others, that it somehow made Gaara stronger than him, unbeatable. Until this very instant, recalling all former mentions and selfless actions that were proved by Sasuke’s words, he knew he had nothing to be afraid of.

Naruto tells Sasuke that’s he’s done enough, that he should rest, while he decided to take over the fight. In obvious consequence to Naruto’s raging power and capabilities to take down Gaara, Sasuke is surprised to see just how much stronger his friend became. And as Naruto did the same during the exams, while Sasuke and Gaara fought, he belittled his own strength by comparing. It’s only natural that this occurs due to their rivalry and competitive nature. 

However, in Sasuke’s perception, it’s different. He considers himself only strong when he’s stronger than those around him, stifling his inferiority by his nurtured superiority complex. He gets criticized over this, but it’s what he’s done in order to make it this far. He has to claw his way out of the past, out of the vulnerability that was exposed when Itachi took his entire world away from him. Rebuilding a future around the destruction caged inside was all he considered himself capable of until those ideals were squandered by his upcoming defeat at Itachi’s hand.

Once the fight draws to a close, the sand binding Sakura to the tree disappears. Her interference in order to protect him caused her to get hurt. The guilt is betrayed on his face. He catches her, placed her down gently, telling Pakkun to keep an eye on her as he goes to check on Naruto’s condition.

After reaching Naruto, hearing that Gaara wishes to stop fighting and go home, the other passes out with a smile on his face. Initially, Naruto is still trying to move, but Sasuke warns him that it’s enough, and tells him Sakura is safe, allowing Naruto to feel relieved. Their teamwork might not have been on display during this fight, but their devotion to protecting one another outweighed any question to how deeply they care for each other. This is a prime example to how much Team Seven has developed since they first formed as a team. They’re imperfect, maybe even mismatched at times, but their imbalance stabilizes them, forming bonds.

Now I can get to the actual point of my post. This is where Masashi decided to close on their progress and we only see these three later on, well after the invasion forces are being drawn back, this arc coming to a close.

But at this time, after the Sand Siblings leave, they still need to get somewhere safe. While his teammates are both unconscious, Sasuke is the only one able to move despite his physical exhaustion taking a toll. He has to take the both of them to a place they can hide from enemies. Now as Pakkun and Shikamaru stated enemy shinobi are lurking around, travelling in strategic groups to ambush any ninja they come by in the forest, all Chunin level or higher.

Sasuke had to manage all on his own, carrying his friends, probably running into numerous fights along the way in order to protect them. The strain he must feel on his body is enormous since the curse mark siphons chakra and he depleted himself the moment he decided to use a third chidori. Forcing himself to stand is one thing, but being on the verge of collapse, pushing past his lack of strength, he gathers himself, his friends, and fights.

They were sent out to stop him, and in the end, Sasuke is the one that has to safeguard them on his own against all odds. If that doesn’t display Sasuke’s development and where his priority truly lies before he was enticed by the lure of power, then I don’t know what does. But even then, Sasuke proves himself many times over before leaving the village that he cares and is no longer the child he used to be, clinging only to self-preservation. His devotion goes beyond revenge. It’s only the mix of fear and confusion that shatters that resolve later.

Imagine your OTP
  • <p> <b></b> *Character 2 breathes*<p/><b>Character 1:</b> OMG! YOU'RE SO OBNOXIOUS AND BORING! I HATE YOU!<p/><b>Character 2:</b> I didn't say anything!<p/><b>Character 1:</b> Shut up. JUST SHUT UP!<p/><b></b> Character 1 leaves. Character 2 gets confused and Character 3 enter the room.<p/><b>Character 3:</b> Hey, don't worry. It's not your fault.<p/><b>Character 2:</b> I didn't think it was my fault...<p/><b>Character 3:</b> So... what the hell were you thinking about?<p/><b>Character 2:</b> Well, for some reason, he's upset. I just want to know why.<p/><b>Character 3:</b> It was your fault.<p/><b>Character 2:</b> But you just said-...<p/><b>Character 3:</b> It cleary was your fault.<p/><b>Character 2:</b> What did I do?<p/><b>Character 3:</b> You're cute.<p/><b>Character 2:</b> What?<p/><b>Character 3:</b> He is angry because you're too cute.<p/><b>Character 2:</b> That doesn't make any sense.<p/><b>Character 3:</b> It doesn't have to. I agree with him. You're so cute that I feel bad about myself. You're just... so perfect. I just want to take you to see the stars and then kiss you badly.<p/><b>Character 2:</b> What?!<p/><b>Character 3:</b> What?!<p/><b>Character 1, appearing from the shadows:</b> WHAT?!<p/></p>

dkharbour: If you haven’t been yelled at by one of the greatest living scientists for your terrible selfie skills and proceed to use a wonderful musician as a human shield you haven’t lived. Watch @colbertlateshow tonight to see none of this. But you may see terrible dancing and other talk show tomfoolery with yours truly 🤨

“Don’t cry about dreams that don’t come true today. Sometimes ya needs ta try another way” ☀

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the signs as nct lines

aries : oh dude that’s nasty - mark

taurus : when i’m lying on my bed, I have the feeling of a forest fairy - taeil

gemini : ten and I just showered together - johnny

cancer : you are all gay - taeil

leo : i’m putting 10,280 grains of rice in each bowl - mark

virgo : oh my god - chenle

libra : I was walking and I saw a handsome man. it was me - johnny (abt bathroom mirrors)

scorpio : six pack [abs] is too heavy, i only brought 1 pack and left 5 pack behind - haechan

sagittarius : I’m the chocolate myself, why would I buy chocolate? - jh 

capricorn : be there or be square. no one wants to be a square - mark & johnny

aquarius : vroom vroom talk show - dy 

pisces : I don’t know anything about dating - ty

bts vers

  • Chat: Why can't I know who you really are, ladybug?
  • Ladybug: We already talked about this, Chat.
  • Chat: Yeah, but maybe we know each other in real life.
  • Ladybug: I doubt that.
  • Chat: Why? It is possible. Maybe I am the one you have a crush on. (grins)
  • Ladybug: In your dreams kitty. Besides I see no similars between you and Adrien. He is more Gentleman than you.
  • Chat:
  • Chat: Wait, you have a crush on Adrien? Adrien Agreste?
  • Ladybug:
  • Ladybug:
  • Ladybug: I ... didn't say that ...
  • Chat: OMG!!!!!!!!!

Ran across this unsourced anime cap/edit (?) of Garou on twitter. Recognized it from ch54 when he meets Tareo a second time. Can anyone confirm if it’s legit?

@pandoramajora have you seen this? 👀
Edit: source found! Manga coloring by sher_lleen on twitter. 

I’m gonna be honest, I did way more research than necessary when writing Part 4 of the Soulmate RR with @sp4c3-0ddity.

Writing Lance is fun because I get to learn a lot about Cuba, a country of which I know (knew?) absolutely zilch. There was a lot of drinking culture regarding the cave moss juice which didn’t make it into this part (damn that word limit!) and some food stuff, but the dancing did make it in (if I ever finish any of my ongoing fics, you’ll realise I’m an absolute sucker for dancing plance).

I see Lance written as a salsa dancer in 99% of the fics in which he can dance. I always subscribed to that theory, but in the course of research (I did a bit of latin ballroom and salsa isn’t part of that) I discovered that mambo is actually a Cuban dance.



Salsa Lance is dead, Viva La Lance del Mambo or something I don’t speak Spanish

And as for Pidge…

There is no way this girl has not done ballet (though her ex-teacher would have been appalled at that form. Look at that trailing leg!). I doubt she would have cared enough to put up with the hyper-competitive atmosphere as she grew up, though, which is why I say she switched into Latin for fun later on. but reem might nix that that’s half the fun of this thing

wanna one as types of stans
  • yoon jisung: the loyal stan; only has the time and money to stan one group tbh, has stuck with this group since debut, loves and supports everything the group does
  • ha sungwoon: the intellectual stan; stans both boy and girl groups, loves every member of every group, what is a bias?, comments "i hope you're eating well" or "i really appreciate you" under instagram pics of their idols, v soft for their fav groups
  • hwang minhyun: the closet stan; too embarrassed to admit to their friends they like kpop, secretly jams to albums at home, probably knows every choreography, lies and says "ew wtf is kpop haha" whenever their faves are mentioned in public
  • ong seongwoo: the "send memes not nudes" stan; replies to everything in group chats with memes of their idols, blocked by 1/2 of their friends, has an entire meme/reactions folder and stockpiles memes for every situation
  • kim jaehwan: the "choke me daddy" stan; thirsty 24/7, can be found in the twitter/youtube comment section saying "fuCK ME UP" or "siT ON MY FACE", search history full of sweaty fancams, saves pics of tongue, crotch shots, and booty, most used emojis are the eggplant and tongue ya nasty
  • kang daniel: the multifandom stan; stans literally every group known to man, has 543 biases, changes their ult every week, "sTAY IN YOUR MF LANE" @ everyone, has every album of almost every group downloaded, does not have enough time to keep up with everyone, has 15049 pictures of their biases saved and changes their wallpaper every 20 minutes (rip phone storage)
  • park jihoon: the "i'm like ㅠㅠ" stan; always crying and stressed, reads every fan theory and has a mental breakdown when new mv's are released, usually sobbing when they see their bias, "how is he so perfect omg", went to a concert once and couldn't stop crying, loves their bias to pieces
  • park woojin: the broke bitch stan; prob can't afford albums or merch, too many comebacks and not enough $$$, lmao what even are concerts?, low key needs a sugar daddy
  • bae jinyoung: the "wait what's going on" stan; probably new to the group and has no clue what's happening, still confused about the member's names, comments "wtf i didn't know they had a comeback" under every new mv, still makes jokes that died in 2013
  • lee daehwi: the "fic recs??" stan; preferably gay fics but all are welcome, cries every time when reading 10080 (chanbaek fic), follows 1059632 scenario blogs, has 3 moods: hardcore smut, fluff and the occasional angst, always looking for new content to read
  • lai guanlin: the "eng sub pls" stan; your local international fan who can be found sulking in the comments section of youtube saying "i need eng sub", catch them on duolingo and google translate, always reading the latest news on allkpop or soompi, only shops kbeauty and korean brands, lw a koreaboo