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MOM MOM MOM PLEASE PLEASE SMALL AU FOR DOYOUNG !!!! i really love your blog, everytime i open tumblr the first thing i do is to search for your blog. your scenarios make my days!

waaaa you’re so cute!! thank you ~~ (also omg i love doyoung,,,,)

  • baker!doyoung 
  • opened up a bakery with his brother,,,,except his brother handles finances and doyoung does all the baking LOL
  • which doesn’t bother him because doyoung l o v e s to bake,,,,especially cookies in different shapes and ,,,, sometimes when he has the time he’ll make his own chocolate from scratch to use as filling or icing
  • and he has an apprentice, mark lee, who he’s always got running around doing errands and delivering orders for customers
  • and the elderly women who come in to buy cookies for their grandchildren or something aDORE doyoung and they’re always like “i want to introduce my grandchild to you,,,,,,,,you’d be such a good husband!!!!”
  • and doyoung is flattered, but all he can do is embarrassingly laugh and be like!!!!!!!! im not,,,,,im not charming whatsoever 
  • but what a LIE,,,,when he’s baking he has his shirt sleeves rolled up and his bangs in his eyes and he looks so cute and concentrated,,,,,,
  • anyone who walks by the window while he’s working has to look in because what a handsome baker????
  • and you don’t even know about the bakery??? you’re on your way when you suddenly run into someone and everything you’re holding goes flying in the air
  • and mark appears in front of you with his bike and he’s like oH NO!!! your papers are everywhere!!!! im so sorry!!! and you’re like it’s fine it’s not like they’re ripp-
  • but then someone comes running by, stepping over your papers and tearing them in half and you’re like,,,,,,wha
  • and mark is trying to gather whats leftover and he hands the messy pile to you and he’s like “im sorry, come with me ill make it up to you!!!”
  • and you let him drag you somewhere, still thinking about how your papers got shredded in two
  • and you only look up to notice you’re infront of a ??? bakery
  • and mark tugs you along inside and he’s like “doyoung!!!!! i messed up this persons whole day im gonna give them cookies to make up for it ok??”
  • and you’re like ? doyoung? cookies? where am i?
  • and you suddenly hear another boys voice go “mark, you can’t compensate for everything with cookies.”
  • and you look over to see,,,,,,,a handsome lean boy with striking features, especially his eyes who you presume is this ‘doyoung’
  • and he’s like “im sorry about mark, he never looks where he’s going. here, i just made this batch.”
  • and suddenly your arms are full off sweets instead of papers and you try one and your eyes go wide and you’re like THIS IS SO YUMMY !!!!!!
  • and doyoung gives a proud grin and he’s like “first batch of the day is always the best!” and you’re like omg i could eat this forEVER
  • and mark is like “that’s what i tell doyoung!!!!!!! his baking is the best”
  • and doyoung chuckles and is like flattery will get you nowhere
  • but you’re eating another cookie and you’re like seriously !!!! this is so good!!!!! your hands are blessed
  • and doyoung notices the cute way you’re staring at all the sweets in awe and he’s like “is,,,is there anything you want to try? we’re not open yet,,,,,so you can have a free sample”
  • and doyoung watches as you walk around, looking at everything in the displays curiously 
  • and when mark ends up packing you a bag full of sweets to try you’re like !!!!!!!!! i never knew about this bakery but ill only come here from now on!!!!!!!!!!
  • and doyoung can feel his heart race but he keeps it at bay and he’s like “you’re very sweet, thank you!” and as you walk out of the bakery, waving at mark and doyoung
  • mark elbows doyoung in the side and he’s like I CAUGHT YOU LOOKING ALL LOVEY DOVEY
  • and doyoung is like “mark lee do you want to me take all those cookies they ate out of your paycheck?”
  • mark: omg no im sorry 
  • doyoung: exactly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but um whats their name again i just,,,i just wanna know,,,,,,,,,coughs
The houses trying to eat healthy
  • Gryffindor: OMG I FEEL SO ENERGIZED AND AWAKE I NEVER WANNA STOP THIS!!! *secretly eats chocolate in the middle of the night*
  • Hufflepuff: I tried eating healthy once and I had nightmares for two weeks straight. Also, I treat my body the best with cake k bye!!
  • Ravenclaw: *on a date* Eating healthy is actually the best thing you could do to yourself - it helps you concentrating, feeling more awake, ...
  • *them* Okay, why don't you try it then?
  • *Ravenclaw, shoves breadsticks into purse* Sorry but I have to go right now immediately.
  • Slytherin: I see my body as an empire - only if I give candy to the folks they will be satisfied. Otherwise they would rebel.
Bucky THORt Wrong part 3

part 1 part 2 // part 4 part 5 masterlist

Sooo funny story, remember when I said I’d post this on February 2nd… well here it is!! only 10,000 years too late (fight me). Considering as much, I’d suggest reading the first 2 parts again if you’re still interested in this story (a girl can dream right?). Enjoy!

Words: ~700

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

Bucky was feeling altogether rather shitty right now. His head was throbbing from too much of the Asgardian liquor he had indulged in last night, and so far his only successful hangover cure had been to sweat it out in the gym. That plan was out the window though thanks to another little Asgardian issue popping up in his life. It was laughable really. In the ‘40s he had no problem holding his liquor, and certainly no problems with the ladies. Now, a supposedly “enhanced super soldier”, he was more off his game than ever! Down in the dumps over some chick he’d never even spoken to, hiding out in his room all day with a long-melted ice pack over his head.

He spent all day trying not to picture you, trying not to imagine it was him you were straddling today instead of Thor in that gym. Your small frame panting above him as you try to pin- Stop! 

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It’s interesting- and annoying as hell- how patronizing and nagging people get when you don’t have a car and dare express zero intention of fucking with your life to have one. Judging by people’s reaction I almost inevitably get, not driving is one of the utmost subversive act of weirdness imaginable in this society (btw this is NEVER coming from people who legit need a vehicle because they’re in very isolated areas or have mobility issues). 

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So, Isak and Even spend their afternoons at home talking and eating toasties and still trying to make it through so Isak can rap but they always end up laughing and will never manage to make it work.

Awwww anon this was such a sweet gift <3 I love you. 

but omg can you imagine them making rapping their thing? Like anything could happen and suddenly Isak just goes “E-Box Gimme a Beat!” 

and without question Even starts beat boxing and Isak will rap about whatever just happened. 

Like they ordered pizza and instead of saying “Even the pizza will be here in 15 minutes” Isak goes “E-box gimme a beat” and Even will do as told and then Isak will just rap something like 

“pizza will arrive in 15 minutes, 
Don’t forget to pay the guy with our dinner…
You said you wanted pepperoni
But I ordered the one with extra anchovi-” and then he breaks off and is like “i’m kidding” 

hahaha they are too much. I love them.

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Hi there! I hope your having a good day! ^-^ may I request todoroki and tokoyami trying to confess to their crush? (if that's all right ^-^)

(you didn’t specify so I went w fem pronouns) i’m sorry if the todoroki ones so bad but i’ve had the tokoyami one written for so damn long i’m sorry this took so long


It all happened by accident, Shouto confessing to his crush and knocking her into the fountain.

All accidents, but he only regretted the latter.

It was Saturday and the pair sat on the edge of a fountain in the middle of a surprisingly vacant park. She had roped Shouto into going on this group outing with a few of their classmates but she had messed up the meeting place landing them in the earlier mentioned vacant park.

Well it wasn’t completely vacant; there was a flock of pigeons to the pairs left.

His crushes head sat in her hands, completely mortified that she had messed up something so simple.

Todoroki sat stiff a couple feet away, unsure how to comfort his crush. He thought it’d be best if he didn’t interfere, scared he’d somehow make it worse. This didn’t actually work for him though since his crush came to him with teary eyes, rambling on about her mistakes. Todoroki was too stunned to answer, not by her emotions but by the fact that she could even think that about herself.

‘’I’m just omg, so fucking dumb I can’t believe I messed up something so simple! If I can’t read directions how am I supposed to be a hero cause I’ll get calls and they’ll be like hey we need you here at I don’t fucking know street cause there’s a giant cannibal on the loose and you’re the only hero who can stop them but I won’t be able to cause I can’t read fucking directions and their gonna eat everybody! I’ll never get to show my face again and I’l-‘’

‘’You’re amazing and uh I’ll be there to read the directions for you so you’ll never get lost and I love you.’’ Todoroki seemed caught off guard by his own statement, surprised he had just said what he’d been hiding for the past year aloud and to the one he’d been hiding it from.

She hadn’t realized it at first, laughing at his absurd comment but it quickly died once she realized what came at the end.

The teens both turned a bright red, unsure how to continue after Todoroki dropped that bomb.

‘’I uh, I love you too Todoroki-kun.’’ She swallowed; it was hard to talk since her mouth was so dry.

Todoroki smiled awkwardly and went in for a hug but of course that didn’t go so well. He had put too much weight into it and his crush was still fairly disoriented from what just happened. She was sent back into the fountain with a screech sending Todoroki into a panic.

He pulled her out and offered her his coat. She was soaked head to toe and shivering like crazy.

‘’I’m so sorry I’m so fucking dumb are you ok?’’ His hands hesitated over her shoulders for a couple seconds before he placed them down, gripping her gently.

All she did was laugh, wrapping the jacket tighter around her body.

‘’Hey Todo-k-un du-do you wanna go on a date with me?’’


It had been a bad idea for Tokoyami to go to Ashido-san for help, sure she was just trying to be helpful but none of this really seemed his style. That morning she had shoved a box of chocolates and an overbearing bouquet of red and white roses, a few bluebells scattered in it, into his hands.

Her smile encouraged him to confess big and bold manner but his heart and brain told him it wasn’t the best idea, especially considering what kind of person you were.

Shy with a mean face but kind under that hard shell, Tokoyami already knew how Ashido-sans plan would really pan out, you running away with a red face and locking yourself in your dorm out of embarrassment.

One time Uraraka commented on how cute she looked and that was the last they saw of her all day. She would completely overload and systems would fry if she even saw Tokoyami walking her way with such a large gesture sitting in his hands so that’s how he ended up hiding them in a closet near your dorm.

Knock Knock.

‘’Come in!’’ She sang from the other side of the door, the sound of feet hitting the wooden floors crossed the dorm room.

Before Tokoyami could even open the door it was swung open, revealing his crush clad in her school uniform which was strange since school ended three hours ago.

‘’Helloo Tokoyami-kun.’’ She hummed with wide eyes, clearly in a cheerful mood. He looked passed her head, seeing text books lining the floor in a semi-circle, paper strewn everywhere painting with bright colours.

She must’ve been studying for the upcoming test.

‘’Studying?’’ Tokoyami mentioned eyeing her messy room with the tiniest hint of a smirk.

Her face went red, bringing up her hand to the back of her neck, ‘’Yeah, I’ve failed the last two so I really gotta step it up according to sensei.’’ She giggled, bringing warmth to Tokoyami’s heart.

‘’Do you need any help?’’ The offer left his lips before he could even stop himself, truth be told he hadn’t done so hot on the past couple tests either so he shouldn’t be offering anyone help.

His crushes face instantly brightened with a rushed nod, ‘’that’d be amazing Tokoyami-kun, it’s great that you popped by I’ve actually been stuck on this one question for the past ten minutes.’’ She added the last part with a less enthusiastic mumble before stepping aside and letting the taller boy in.

It had only taken three steps for disaster to strike, unseen by either of them was a half full cup of peppermint tea sitting forgotten in the middle of the room.

Tokoyami’s foot collided with the cup sending the tea into the air and all over the papers and text books lining the floor only a foot and a half away.

‘’I didn’t even see that there I’m so sorry!’’ He cried head whipping from left to right searching for something to clean up the mess while his crush panicked to his left.

It took a couple seconds for her to remember the closet a couple dorms down from hers where they kept all the cleaning supplies.

That was the same for Tokoyami, but his mind wasn’t focused on the cleaning supplies.

He looked to his left hopping she hadn’t left the room yet but when he turned his head he found nothing but empty space.

‘’Fuuuuuck! Fuck! Fuck!’’

The four lettered word continued to fall from his mouth as he sprinted the hallway, it seemed longer than usual, the walls closer, boxing him in as his heart raced at an alarming rate.

He found his crush in the entrance to the small storage closet, head in her hands steam practically spiralling off of her fingers and up to the ceiling. She was facing the bouquet and box of chocolates Mina had given Tokoyami, her face was hidden behind her hands but he could tell it was beet red.

Tokoyami’s mouth hung wide open, hoping he could think of something clever or funny to fix the awkward situation but all that came out was ‘’I like your face.’’.

A strangled noise came from his crush as she uncovered her face, turning to the bird boy with a red face and watery eyes.

She choked out her response, mimicking Tokoyami’s blunt statement exactly, it seemingly being the only thing her brain could think of.

They later (like five minutes later) went on a date to the next supply closet since there weren’t actually any paper towels in the one the pair ended up confessing in, then they went for ice cream.

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Key even posted a group pic of SHINee eating at IN-N-OUT burgers in response to him mentioning them and thanking him in the caption! When I read about Obama mentioning them all I could think of was that pic of Ed Sheeran edited to him wearing a SHINee shirt :p

lmao yes I saw it omg!!! never thought in a million years that Obama would namedrop shinee into a speech but I guess he really is the coolest president we’ve ever had man 

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Hi! I'm not sure if you're into doing angst but how would the RFA + V and Saeran react when they're in their eighties and their MC passes away from old age?

omg I’ve never done any before but I could try xD. pls don’t hate me if this sucks. also sorry it took so long, I’m kinda slow at writing ><;;


  • it was too sudden for him to digest
  • he wouldn’t eat or sleep, he wouldn’t be able to face the rest of the RFA or even his children
  • for him, it was impossible to believe that the world had once again taken away someone he cherished
  • why does this always happen to me? it’s just not fair.
  • he’d cry day and night wondering if it was his fault, was he the unlucky star that caused pain to anyone and everyone around him?
  • he just didn’t know how to live without MC; MC was his everything
  • and although he never said it out loud, he always secretly hoped he’d die with MC - maybe even be the first of them to die
  • he didn’t want to feel lonely again, he didn’t want to let history repeat itself
  • there was nothing that could take away the pain this time, he was too old to play games, it was so unbearable that he wanted to leave the world too; maybe that way, he’d be able to see MC once again


  • he watched as MC passed away on the hospital bed, yet he still couldn’t believe it
  • how could have MC died before he did? MC was the one who didn’t smoke or drink
  • for a while he’d be angry at himself and blame himself for MC’s passing
  • why didn’t I take better care of MC? what did I do wrong? MC didn’t deserve to die
  • he’d lock himself inside for months, the letters of consolation from his fans did nothing but make him question why he hadn’t spent more time with MC when he took roles for Korean dramas
  • he didn’t even log onto the messenger because he didn’t want to hear their pitiful words
  • and as much as he wanted to exercise his emotions away, he was just too old to move
  • soon, his bad habits started again, smoking and drinking non-stop; he wasted the rest of his life away
  • he just didn’t want to feel anymore


  • she was very rational
  • months prior, she had noticed MC’s health getting worse and worse by the day
  • she researched the best way to take care of MC
  • as much as it broke her heart, she didn’t falter in front of MC; not even until the last moment
  • even after MC really had gone away, she didn’t let go of her calm and collected self
  • she organized a proper funeral, attended to the guests who came to pay their respects, she even told the RFA that she was fine and that she could handle everything when Jumin offered to send help
  • but she was actually so, so hurt
  • why did it have to be MC? why couldn’t it have been me?
  • after the funeral ceremony, she took one last look at MC and closed the coffin
  • that night, she cried herself to sleep, unable to return to her usual self


  • he understood why it happened
  • in fact, there was a very logical, systematic reason as to why MC had left him
  • he constantly repeated to himself that MC had become old just like him, and that it was very reasonable for MC to pass away
  • the doctors had let him know that MC would be gone in about a weeks time
  • but no matter how much he assessed the situation he just couldn’t comprehend the pain in his heart
  • his heart ached, a heavy brick sat on his chest day and night and no matter what he did he couldn’t get rid of the feeling
  • constantly reminiscing about the times MC and him had together made it worse, but he couldn’t help it
  • he wanted to hold MC in his arms again, fall asleep next to MC’s small fragile body and wake up to see MC’s soft eyes gazing into his
  • he still ate properly and went to C&R International occasionally to check on his employees and how his children were handling the company, but deep inside, he missed MC every second of the day and couldn’t bear to look his children in their eyes that reminded him so much of MC


  • he knew what was happening as MC was starting to get less and less lively 
  • he wanted to take MC to the hospital, but MC insisted that they stayed at home 
  • as MC’s eyes slowly drifted to a close, he bit back his tears and held MC in his arms
  • the person who had changed his life, who gave him love, gave him back his brother and a family had finally left him
  • he knew it was selfish to want to keep MC forever, but he couldn’t help it
  • he just felt so guilty 
  • maybe if I hadn’t let MC into my life, MC would have lived longer. if only I’d pushed MC away harder, then MC wouldn’t have had to suffer
  • he didn’t speak to the RFA, he didn’t even see his brother; it was almost as if he disappeared off the face of the earth
  • he knew would never be the same again, not without MC


  • he was so, so angry
  • he couldn’t contain himself; he lashed out at everything that came in his way
  • even his brother couldn’t help him
  • he blamed the doctors, he blamed the RFA, he blamed everyone
  • but he blamed himself the most
  • he knew that he was horrible to begin with, constantly fighting with MC, creating conflict whenever he had the chance
  • in fact, before the last few moments of her passing, they’d had another argument about the most trivial thing ever
  • maybe if I hadn’t pissed her off so much MC wouldn’t have died from heart failure. why am I like this?!
  • he left the house that he felt like he hadn’t deserved to have shared with MC and disappeared into the mountains he used to live in so many years ago


  • it was real this time
  • it wasn’t like the false death of Rika he had told the RFA many years prior
  • was it karma for leaving Rika? maybe if I hadn’t left her for MC…
  • these thoughts kept repeating as he prepared for MC’s funeral
  • at the funeral, he placed pictures of MC he’d taken a few months before MC passed away
  • MC was still just as beautiful
  • a tear slipped out of his eye, but he quickly brushed it away knowing that MC would hate to see him like this
  • he wasn’t bitter about MC’s death… in fact, he was very open minded
  • he knew that everyone had a due date, he could feel his approaching too
  • with his remaining days, he took photos of the places MC had always liked to go, the little trinkets MC liked to buy and play with
  • anything that reminded him of her, he photographed and soon enough, he had an album full of MC and his memories
  • he kept it by his side as he was admitted into the hospital
  • ready to be taken away, he thought only of MC and felt that their souls would meet once again

gahh I hope you liked it! thanks for reading~ <3

-Cherry L.

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So… How would Liz feel, spilling her beloved coffee??? Just asking~



I have an answer for you, but it’s not coffee (however it could count for anything that she spills lmao)

before she could ask her anything, everything inside her sandwich fell to the ground.

“Ah.” She let out, surprised, then it hit her when a street cat ran to the food and started eating it. “WHY?!”

-Chapter 19.

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Hey Holly! If you could choose any 3 Choices characters to be your roommates, who would they be and why? :)

OMG I LOVE THIS QUESTION. My first answer was Ben but I know it’ll be weird to crush on a roommate so never mind. 

1. Brooke: Because I’ll be forced to stay in shape and eat healthy. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to make me smoothies so yes! Definitely Brooke!

2. Jess (Party Twin): Because I can count on her for weekly bar hops and clubbing. Yay! Plus she’s more responsible now so I can trust that we won’t overdo the partying.

3. Michelle: I know that she’s like super hardcore strict and all, but I admire her determination to balance so many things in her life, especially her pursuit of med school plans. Maybe she’ll give me study tips.

That’s our suite! :) Thanks @michellenguyens :)

Oh hi! You didn’t tell me you were a carnist! How long have you been eating meat for? when did you decide to go carnist? I could never do that, I love my swiss chard too much! Oh you didn’t decide to go carnist, you’ve just been forced to eat a carnist diet all your life by your parents? Ugh I hate carnist parents shoving their beliefs down innocent children’s throats. Omg where do you even get your vitamin K, C, Foliate, fiber and carotenoids? You HAVE to be deficient in something! Do you eat kelp? Chia? Quinoa? What about Chenopodium and hemp seeds??? Don’t worry, I’m getting my vitamins since I eat your food’s food! Ha! How bout that! You know what, I’m going to vow to eat more kale just because you don’t eat any.
—  If vegetarians and vegans regurgitated the same bullshit carnists say

jimin x bday edits: 1

Dear my Jiminie,

Happy birthday my sweet boy <3 I really suck at expressing my feelings using words but I spent hours upon hours making graphics of you that you’ll never see so that says something i guess!!

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Seventeen Scenario- Woozi x Reader: OMG

Requested by ghostlychanbaek 

Summary: When you dye your hair the same color as him. 

Author’s Note: Thank you so much for this request! It was so much fun to write I think I may have had too much fun with it! :P I’ve actually been thinking dying my hair this color but who knows if I will! ^_^ I really hope you enjoy~<3

You sat in the salon, a huge smile plastered to your face, as you waited and carefully watched the last few seconds on the timer tick away. You almost stood up and cheered as if your favorite sports team had just finished and won their championship game. Instead, though, you straightened up and hastily looked around the room for the hairstylist, who was a good friend of yours. She walked over to you, turned the timer off, and couldn’t help but chuckle at you. 

“You haven’t stopped smiling since you walked in here this morning!” She laughed and smiled with you as she began getting ready to rinse and wash your hair. 

“I can’t help it! I’m so excited! Even though this is so cheesy, I can’t wait to see his reaction!” You laughed and couldn’t help but smile wider when you’re boyfriend’s bands song came on in the salon. Adore U, the acoustic version, played throughout the salon as you got your hair washed and you couldn’t help but tap your foot and listen to the sweet voice of your boyfriend, known by many as Woozi. 

After washing your hair your friend set you up and began blow drying it with your back to all mirrors so she could surprise you with your new hair. 

“Ready?” she asked as she finished drying, combing and slightly styling your new hair. 

“Yes!!” You exclaimed as she slowly turned you around to face the mirror. Your mouth dropped open and you were at a loss for words. Stroking your new hair, and feeling the softness you couldn’t help but admire how the soft pink tone had beautiful contrast with your skin color. 

“Oh my gosh..” Was all that came out of your mouth, “Oh my gosh… Thank you so much! I love this!” 

It was your first time ever dying your hair an unnatural color and you did it because you adored the color of your boyfriends hair. Now, the two of you had matching couple hair and you couldn’t wait to show him when he got home tonight. 

You thanked your friend many more times, paid and made your way home. It was chilly in your apartment so you grabbed a dark gray hoodie and threw it on noticing how nice your light hair looked with it. Then you got an idea. You tucked your hair back and pulled the hood up over your head and hid any pieces sticking out to hide all traces from your boyfriend. As you waited for your him you decided to cook up a simple meal for you two to share when he got home from his schedules. Just as you finished and were about to dish the meal out you heard the door chime and open followed by the shuffling of Woozi taking off his shoes and jacket. Butterflies rose in your stomach and waves of nerves and excitement washed over you as you heard his soft footsteps follow the scent of food wafting through the house. 

“Ah jagi, you made food!” He exclaimed as he stood in the doorway looking at your back. You took a deep breath and tugged on your hood to keep your hair hidden as you slowly turned around. 

“Ahh jagi? What are you doing?” He smiled and laughed at the cute scene in front of him as you kept the hood plastered up against your head. 

“I have a surprise for you!” You smiled and and took a deep breath as your watched his expression mold into pure confusion. Before he could ask any questions you threw your hood back and wiggled you head exposing you light pink hair that matched his perfectly. 

“OH MY GOSH! OMG, JAGI! ITS SO PRETTY!” He exclaimed excitedly as you ran your fingers through your hair and giggled at his reaction. He ran up to and played with your new hair. 

“It’s so soft! Oh my gosh (Y/N) I would have never expected you to do something like this!” He spoked in utter adoration and shock. You laughed and turned back to finish dishing out the meals so you two could eat. As you walked to the table with him trailing behind you he continued to compliment you and only when you both sat down he realized…


replies from long ago, sorry!

sim-pudding-faces replied to your photoset “i’m sorry game but i think he doesn’t want to eat!”

Yeah, I don’t think so either.


Originally posted by whatgiftoday

sim-pudding-faces replied to yo

ur photoset “they might need another computer”

Lol I think so too.

Spoiler: i never actually got them another on xD

plumbtales replied to your photoset “meet Mallory! she’s super cute♥♥♥ and also no one noticed her after…”

Omg she’s super cute! ��

She is! I’m surprised my game could generate such a cute townie

sim-pudding-faces replied to your photoset “really Vasyl… Camilla: ohh i think you’re really hot, taking sponge…”

Lol whatever floats Camilla’s boat. ^^;

They are one weird couple these two! :D

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hello omg i love ur blog !! idk i think its the fact that i relate to it so much ?? i dont have pica but i do get a lot of impulsive thoughts abt eating non-food things and im a v oral person so i love chewing on things like paper. erasers, blu-tack, plastic bags an crayons are heaven tbh

I could never really get with chewing crayons, the texture wasn’t really my thing ^^;; but I totally get what you mean about erasers!

If you haven’t already, see if a chew toy from stimtastic would work out for you! It would be like chewing on an eternal eraser, and maybe the chewing would distract your brain from intrusive eating thoughts!

Dating Jungkook


Originally posted by ofzico

-phone calls/skype calls after concerts where he’s really shy

-those calls proceed to get out of hand quickly when jimin and tae attack

-literally never being able to beat him at anything

-and if you manage to, there is a great amount of pouting and sulking

-trying to be sexy and it just comes off as adorable

-“jungkook you’re so cute”

-“Jagi PLEASe.”

-this lil fucker thinks he’s all grown up

-cute little bunny smile

-super quick and shy kisses in public that happen so fast that you’re not entirely sure it actually happened

-constant teasing by the others

-jin treating you like a daughter

-jungkook becoming annoyed when jin drags you away to make you try food

-hot make out sessions when you’re all alone

-instantly blushing when he pulls away

-kissing your cheek and keeping an arm around your waist when you go on dates

-proudly displaying you to the public

-trying to teach you dance moves, only to finally come off as sexy

-confused maknae when you get up and abruptly leave because you’re blushing so hard

-unable to look you in the eyes when he tells you he loves you for the first time because he’s so nervous, OHMYGOD 

-smiling so wide and literally picking you up in a hug when you say it back

-cuddles where you’re both wrapped in a blanket teasing each other

-he’ll try anything with you

-but it gets out of hand fast because he has to be good at it

-“jungkook it’s just cookies, I’ll bake them for you.”


-fuckboi jungkook

-sometimes you go on dates, and the entire maknae line is there, forever interrupting every kiss you attempt

-tae and jimin distracting you because they know it annoys jungkook

-back hugs in the morning

-realizing that jungkook has fallen asleep on you while you’re trying to make breakfast

-“jungkook? hello?…. you’re asleep aren’t you?”

-Monitoring him because you’re afraid he’ll overwork himself

-making him relax when he is overworking himself even though he’s being grumpy about taking a break

-he’s grateful for you though

-and to make sure you know that, he leaves flowers in your house every chance he gets

-super shy maknae taking you out on a carefully planned date making sure everything goes perfect

-nervous maknae when you get home after the date

-“so… was it okay?”

-“of course jungkookie.”

-“oh thank god.”

-him letting you do his makeup, even insisting on it sometimes

-stealing his beanies

-protests from him because he hates sharing clothes even though you look so freaking cute

-never having any snacks because he comes over and eats them all

-comforting disappointed maknae when he can’t get something right

-cuddles where he lays on your chest and let’s you play with his hair

-asking his hyungs what he should get you for your birthday

-carefully planned first time with kookie

-clumsy awkward sex with innocent maknae omg

-shy giggles and soft forehead kisses after it’s over

-“you’re so beautiful, I love you. How could I get so lucky?”

-cheesy texts and snaps from him on tour telling to you to take care of yourself and how much he loves you



-“call me oppa”

-“jungkook. no”

-calling him oppa anyways because it makes him giggle and it’s cute

-sometimes you find little presents in your house

-jungkook trying his best to protect you from the pranks the others pull, but eventually ends up pulling it himself

-harmonizing for days

-him teasing you because you actually can’t harmonize for shit

-apology cuddles when you start to pout

-telling you how proud he is of your hard work

-getting fidgety and embarrassed around his members because they literally never let up on how cute you guys are

-secretly he loves it though

-not a lot of public skinship

-A LOT of private skinship

-ice cream dates at 3 in the morning when he comes back from tour

-singing you to sleep whenever you ask, doesn’t matter where he is

There it is guys! Dating Taehyung and Best Friends with Taehyung will probably be up tomorrow after school

anonymous asked:

HAHA My dad told me that my mom would eat a six course meal and LOSE weight, ok so get this idk my moms birth time and never got to know her so I've been trying to figure out her Asc through different means. My conclusion maybe Capricorn rising bc her cheekbones are outstanding and what everyone says when they see a photo of her. Then I thought that she's a Scorpio rising (my sun) which could put her Saturn in the first house.

That could be possible omg, the Scorpio Rising would be the best!