omg i cant handle your face

usually a nerdy type might be like, oh no an evil math wizard, lemme defeat it with smarts & careful strategy, but w ford its like, math is no match for my huge fucking gun, you idiot, and i love that

he took boxing lessons along w stan in the past but in those times he didn’t rly strike me as the kinda guy to actually use force? like sure he was brandishing a crossbow during his paranoid bill period but that seemed more scared and less im actually gonna fire this thing

now he says shit like “if my hands were free i’d break every part of your face” and sounds so convicted & sure and im like…shit man. u cant do this to me (& im saying that half as “omg what a manly man take me now” and half “omg what must he have gone through to be more than willing to handle weapons & use deadly force if needed”)

OKAY…literally you guys, my friend Nick today was sitting in his desk in English class beside this other guy, and Nick was talking to my best friend. All of the sudden The other guy took his arm and put it around Nicks chair, and I immediately noticed and was like “Nick! Michael has his hand on your chair.” And Nick look at his hand and then turned to me and made this exact, uncanny face that Anthony is making in this gif…

The Feels exploded out of me…And then I died