omg i cant believe i actually did this

what are the signs thinking right now
  • Aries: "did i do enough push-ups today? btw i love my ass omg i love myself im so fucking hot"
  • Taurus: "where that pizza at tho"
  • Gemini: "omg my instagram's lit af i love myself i am literally goals"
  • Cancer: "i'll just have to get over him i guess... and learn from my mistakes" *DOESN'T LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND DOES THE SAME MISTAKE 20 times*
  • Leo: "omg wHO WAS THAT GIRL ON the train she wAS SO fuckN HOT SHES MY SOULMATE I SWEAR"
  • Virgo: "uh-oh i still haven't started that assignment and it's due 90 years omg im SO LATE"
  • Libra: "i'm so glad that i made my friends' day better"
  • Scorpio: "i canT BELIEVE THAT that fucking bitch/fuckboy is my ex omg i still cant believe that i gave them an actual CHANCE"
  • Sagittarius: "which bitch do i slap tomorrow hmmmmmm"
  • Capricorn: "how do i get more money bc i need that gucci coat and those adidas slippers"
  • Aquarius: "damn im so popular but im insecure i need to fix that"
  • Pisces: "where thE FUCK IS MY FAME im TOO PREcious & inTERESTING TO NOt be famOUS im a fucking gem why is this universe so cruel to me what did i do like bitch I NEED THAT FAME & MONEY RN BECAUSE I NEED TO BUY CLOTHES & DONATE THE REST OF MY MONEY"
what are the signs thinking right now

Aries: “did i do enough push-ups today? btw i love my ass omg i love myself im so fucking hot”

Taurus: “where that pizza at tho”

Gemini: “omg my instagram’s lit af i love myself i am literally goals”

Cancer: “i’ll just have to get over him i guess… and learn from my mistakes” *DOESN’T LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND DOES THE SAME MISTAKE 20 times*


Virgo: “uh-oh i still haven’t started that assignment and it’s due 90 years omg im SO LATE”

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“Naughty Boy”

While I’m still totally emotional about the revelation of the twins in the latest chapter, I’m also laughing so hard because something incredible happened today. I usually totally suck at making chapter predictions, but this time I actually managed to predict one of real Ciel’s lines in this chapter, namely this one of all things:

悪い子だね (You’re a naughty boy)

This is my “Let’s predict real Ciel’s lines in the coming chapters BINGO” I posted on twitter back in June after ch129 was released

and in the square marked in red I had indeed written

悪い子だね (You’re a naughty boy) [*Note: It’s exactly the same phrase real Ciel said to our Ciel in this month’s chapter xD]

Like I wrote in this post, to me real Ciel somehow had that super (yandere) oniichan vibe so all I did was actually to put a lot of creepy, stereotypical yandere-ish phrases in that BINGO, and voila, I already got one right haha xD

follow your heart gently;

september @jilychallenge | @acciododie vs @erase-grace 

social media au +  “after lily spotted james on campus, she posted a video to her university’s campus story, telling james: ‘To the cute guy wearing the blue jersey in the university’s snapchat story, I’m seriously in love with you. find me.’ a modern day cat and mouse game ensues with the whole campus urging romeo and juliet to meet because oMG its love at first sight!!” 

4.3k words. 


it was just a flash of blue. the deepest, most beautiful shade of navy. an ocean of explosions, all of them within her ribcage. he was one of the best things she’d ever seen. she felt her heart quickening and pushing out of her chest. and the puddlemere united jersey is what started it all. 

[campus story; user @lilyevans30] 12:23am


[interlude i.]

she wasn’t sure what it was about him. dark hair. ruffled. his friends around him, laughing and lighting up his hazel eyes. the flecks of green in them that caught in the light, even through the lens of his glasses. the fingers that were worn and calloused from plucking the strings of the guitar. the way he smiled at her and tossed his head with a wink. but she needed to know him. 

no matter what it took.

james potter to sirius black: have u seen the campus snap story 

sirius black: no y 

james potter: there’s a girl on there 

james potter: she’s rlly hot 

james potter: and i’m sure she’s lookin for me 

sirius black: ur full of it 

sirius black: wait 

sirius black: i’ve seen u lookin at her before

sirius black: maybe she wAs looking 4 u 

james potter: how do i find her 

sirius black: idk 

sirius black: but love is a game 

james potter: now who’s full of shit 

sirius black: still u 

[campus story; user @jimmy27] 9:02am

to the girl with the hair on fire, you’re hot too! like… smoking. if you think you can handle me, *wink*meet me at the english block.

marlene mckinnon to lily evans: are you for real 

lily evans: wot 

marlene mckinnon: you go looking for a cute boy you saw 

marlene mckinnon: on the campus snapchat story? 

lily evans: y not 

lily evans: i got a response 

lily evans: wot a twat tho 

marlene mckinnon: why bother then? 

lily evans: he’s cute 

lily evans: and i think there’s more to him than that 

lily evans: not sure y 

marlene mckinnon: so you’re gonna meet him? 

lily evans: yea i think so 

marlene mckinnon: go get him girl 

lily evans: lov u 

[interlude ii.] 

he’d seen her around before. he’d never forget the red hair that was set alright by the sunset. never. she smiled at remus a lot. he was sure they had classes together. he wasn’t sure how to explain it. he didn’t just notice the shape of her legs or her hair or her breath taking eyes he could drown in. he noticed the curve of her fingers across the spines of her books, the smile as she laughed with her friend on the quad, the little drawings she had on her notebook, the result of absent-minded talent. he thought that she was the kind of girl all those classic authors wrote about. pale cheeks and splatterings of freckles and reckless and wonderful ideas in her head. 

he wanted it, and he wondered if her lips tasted like cherry wine, or strawberry lip balm. he couldn’t help himself. 

peter pettigrew to the boys are back in town (campus): jim 

peter pettigrew: y r u on the uni story 

remus lupin: i was thinking the same thing 

remus lupin: you know snapchat isn’t the same as tinder right 

peter pettigrew: esp on a story the whole uni can see 

james potter: idiots 

james potter: i am aware of all of this 

peter pettigrew: yea but there are other ways to meet chicks 

sirius black: apparently this isn’t “some chick" 

sirius black: she’s a girl that wants to talk to jimmy 

sirius black: for some reason 

james potter: stfu black 

james potter: anyway

james potter: do any of u know anything abt her 

remus lupin: well 

remus lupin: i have lit w her 

remus lupin: her name is lily 

remus lupin: she’s rlly smart and nice 

peter pettigrew: she seems rlly cool 

remus lupin: yea she is 

james potter: thx moony 

sirius black: i thought i was ur wingman 

james potter: always 

sirius black: go get er pal ;) 

james potter: i hate u 

mary mcdonald to lily evans: babe im seein u on the snap story

mary mcdonald: ur such a flirt O.M.G

lily evans: im not even sorry

mary mcdonald: darling id never ask u to b

mary mcdonald: and tbh hes hella fit

mary mcdonald: r any of this friends single?

lily evans: om g

lily evans: u know idek

mary mcdonald: ik

mary mcdonald: so when u meeting him

lily evans: shit

lily evans: idek

lily evans: F U C K

mary mcdonald: o shit

lily evans: I GTG

mary mcdonald: bye love

[campus story; user @lilyevans30] 4:09pm

puddlemere jersey boy; fuck u!! *gives camera the bird*

[campus story; user @lilyevans30] 4:10pm

nah, I’m just kidding. But you didn’t show! *pouty face* I wish you’d told me a time or something. Better luck next time I guess!

alice fortescue to girls (who run the world): GALS

alice fortescue: I MISS U ALL

alice fortescue: LIKE SO MUCH


lily evans: aaGREED

mary mcdonald: come back to uni alice ;(((((

alice fortescue: haH i wish

alice fortescue: but hard pass

mary mcdonald: BTW

lily evans: mary pls no


lily evans: I DID NO SUCH THING

marlene mckinnon: I KNOW RIGHT

marlene mckinnon: ITS SO JUICY

alice fortescue: OMG TELL ME


lily evans: STFU MARLENE

lily evans: I HATE U ALL

mary mcdonald: lIEs

lily evans: NOPE

lily evans: PURE HATE


marlene mckinnon: IF YOU DON’T SHUT THE FUCK UP

marlene mckinnon: AND LET US TELL THE STORY

marlene mckinnon: I WILL BURN YOUR VINYLS

lily evans: NO

marlene mckinnon: WELL

alice fortescue: GUYS JUST TELL ME

mary mcdonald: lily saw a cute boy and put a post on the campus snapchat story about it asking for him

marlene mckinnon: he responded and suggested they meet at the english block

marlene mckinnon: but he stood her up

mary mcdonald: and lily is still making excuses for him

mary mcdonald: and still wants to meet him

alice fortescue: OMG

alice fortescue: but LILY WHY


lily evans: I KNOW



mary mcdonald: H O W  


alice fortescue: lil I think ur whipped

mary mcdonald: ur 1000% right alice

marlene mckinnon: yep, fuckin whipped as cream

lily evans: *middle finger emoji*

alice fortescue: love u too

[interlude iii.]

hands on her thighs, cracked lips along her jawline. those calloused fingers roaming through her hair. she doesn’t know why, why he’d intruded into her mind like this. doesn’t know him. she swears she doesn’t. but god, it feels like she does when it’s like this. playing guitar with him, wondering what his laugh might sound like if she’s the one who causes it. she can’t help it. she doesn’t mean to wander to him. she doesnt’t. but the contents of her subconscious are beyond her control. he is actually going to be the death of her.

she wishes she could stop dreaming of him. and actually meet him. talk to him. know him. more than life itself.

peter pettigrew to can the real slim shady pls sTAND UP: has anyone seen my chocolate stash

remus lupin:

remus lupin: no

peter pettigrew: I hate u

remus lupin: SIRIUS HELPED

sirius black: TRAITOR

sirius black: I TRUSTED U


sirius black: ok fine

james potter: wtaf guys

james potter: y would u do that to peter

peter pettigrew: ty jim

james potter: n not share w me

peter pettigrew: nvm

peter pettigrew changed the group name to I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS DECEPION

remus lupin: on another note

peter pettigrew: donT CHANGE THE SUBJECT

remus lupin: jim hows it going with lily

james potter: uhhum

sirius black: he accidentally blew her off

peter pettigrew: “accidentally???”

sirius black: ya idk how either pete

james potter: I DIDN’T MEAN TO I SWEAR

james potter: WE DIDN’T SPECIFY I TIME

james potter: and I FEEL AWFUL

sirius black: ya i can imagine

remus lupin: just try again

remus lupin: and be really specific

peter pettigrew: REALLY SUPER specific

peter pettigrew: dumb knob

james potter: rude twat

sirius black: wow

sirius black: love was created in here

sirius black: in this group chat

remus lupin: Sirius

remus lupin: shut the fuck up

[campus story; user @jimmy27] 1:19am

ok, i’ll admit, im a total asswipe. i should have specified a time. how does 8pm on the main quad tomorrow night sound?

lily evans to mary mcdonald: god

lily evans: I think I am whipped

lily evans: how did this happen

mary mcdonald: I gotta admit honey

mary mcdonald: he is pretty hot

mary mcdonald: can u ““handle it?””

lily evans: lmao

lily evans: ofc

lily evans: the question is

lily evans: can he handle me

mary mcdonald: tru

mary mcdonald: the infamous lily evans

mary mcdonald: is a fucking travesty

lily evans: omg

lily evans: stfu

lily evans: slag

mary mcdonald: lov u

lily evans: lov u 2


lily evans: NAD PLACE

lily evans: ITS GONNA HAPPEN


james potter to remus lupin: god im an idiot

james potter: what if she doesn’t like me

remus lupin: well

remus lupin: you are a twat

james potter: NOT HELPFUL

james potter: U HAVE A CLASS W HER

james potter: HWATS SHE LIKE

remus lupin: idk

remus lupin: she likes lit obvs

remus lupin: prefers lee to hemingway

remus lupin: but cant pick between plath and atwood

remus lupin: smart

remus lupin: I think she has a nice smile

remus lupin: always sits in the sun

remus lupin: draws in class ???

remus lupin: is this helpful???

james potter: v

james potter: ty

james potter: PAL

remus lupin: don’t call me that

[interlude iv.]

he’s running through a hallway. she’s just ahead of him, running through the archways surrounding the quad. hair alight and in a flurry behind her. he’s not too far behind her but he cant reach her. he wonders if he ever will. they keep missing each other. he wonders if he ever held her hands or if her fingers have only ever been touched when they’re slipping out of his, out of reach again. he wonders if he will ever catch her. if they’ll ever catch each other. if he’ll ever find out if she tastes like cherry wine or strawberry lipbalm. if he’ll ever know enough about her to pluck chords on the guitar and write about her. but she’s gone again. he’s missed her again.

and he wakes up, wondering if it was really a dream. because even in the darkness, he’s stilling feeling like he’s missing her.

lily evans > Hogwarts University: Student Facebook Page

has anyone seen a boy wearing a puddlemere united jersey? and like, black hair and hazel eyes and has a,,,, grin that’s so fuckin snarky it could kill? pls???

replies (8):

severus snape: y do u need him when their r so many better options ;)))))))

mary mcdonald: fuck off severus snape lily has already told u N O

evan rosier: mary mcdonald better watch ur mouth slag

lily evans: severus snape evan rosier if u 2 don’t get the fuck out of my comments then I will not hesitate to report u. not to mention anyone who accesses this page can see what ur saying

marlene mckinnon: slay lil

remus lupin: hi! Im in your lit class, and im close friends with the guy you’re looking for. I think.

lily evans: remus lupin thank u omg !!! IM FOREVER GRATEFUL.

remus lupin: welcome :)

james potter to ive changed the location of my chocolate stash and im not telling any of u: boys

james potter: she didn’t turn up

peter pettigrew: oh

peter pettigrew: give it time ???

sirius black: mate he’s given it nearly 2 hours

sirius black: I feel like u should u kno

sirius black: come back to the dorms now

james potter: yea I guess

sirius black: its ok

remus lupin: oh jim im sorry

remus lupin: im sure she had no cruel intentions

sirius black: hehe

peter pettigrew: I didn’t understand that film

remus lupin: guys

james potter: nah its ok

remus lupin: anyway

remus lupin: I feel like she had a good reason to blow u off tho

james potter: unless its payback for when I blew her off

sirius black: nah I don’t think so

remus lupin: look shes been lookin everywhere for you

remus lupin: even the facebook page

remus lupin: where she got harassed

james potter: rlly?

remus lupin sent an image.

sirius black: shit

james potter: oh

james potter: I rlly hate that snape guy

james potter: but thank u for tellin me moon moon

remus lupin: you’re welcome

remus lupin: but I fucking hate you

[campus story; user @lilyevans30] 10:47pm

Hey, puddlemere! Yes, that’s your name now. I’m such an idiot, I got called into work and had to go! I should have posted about it ughhhhh.

[campus story; user @lilyevans30] 10:48

ANYWAY, I took a trip to the library and my number is in one of the books in the lit section if you could find it. *winks*kiss me and you will see how important I am. *finger guns*

james potter to remus lupin: its plath right

james potter: ive heard u talk abt it

james potter: and googled it after u mentioned it bc she actually sounded interesting

remus lupin: yes

remus lupin: you never cease to amaze me jim

james potter: thnk u

lily evans to marlene mckinnon: wow im an idiot

marlene mckinnon: what did you do

lily evans: watch the campus sc

marlene mckinnon:

marlene mckinnon: omg

lily evans: was i too strong?

lily evans: I look like an ass

lily evans: ugh hes gonna hate me

lily evans: I totally picked the wrong plath quote

marlene mckinnon: lil chill

marlene mckinnon: u totally nailed the flirting

marlene mckinnon: and you picked the right quote

marlene mckinnon: and he’s totally still into you

marlene mckinnon: calm

lily evans: u sure?

marlene mckinnon: yes

lily evans: ok

lily evans: ugh ive never been this finicky abt a boy before

marlene mckinnon: because you’ve never actually cared before

lily evans: so y do i care now

marlene mckinnon: I don’t know

marlene mckinnon: guess you’ll have to wait and see

[interlude v.]

she wants it all to stop. but she’s afraid of what happens when it does. three days pass since the first story. the whole school knows about it now. people begin adding their own thoughts into the campus story. someone organises for a filter to be made, and “puddlemere and plath” becomes the affectionate nicknames of the two involved. lily doesn’t know what to feel. its sweet, but shes growing anxious. she feels like she’ll never stop wanting, waiting for the moment when they finally meet. whether they’ll meet or they’ll collide. she doesn’t know anymore. but she has to find out soon.

[campus story; user @jimmy27] 10:08am

Hey plath, god I really gotta come up with a better nickname for you *chuckles*

I think I found your number. Being friends with a lit student really helps hah. But uh, if you can, meet me in the The Three Broomsticks at 1am on Saturday. It’s a nightclub, I’m sure you know *scratches neck*

God. See you then, I guess.

[campus story; user @lilyevans30]

Dearest puddlemere, I’ll be there, I promise. *holds out pinky*

[drafted message: lily evans to marlene mckinnon]

dear god, marls what if im not ready his laugh makes my heart ache and ive only seen it through a screen oh my holy hell what if he knows that im just a fraud who reads plath to fill the emptiness inside oh god am I ready I don’t think im ready I want this whole not-knowing business to be over but I don’t want it to stop what happens when it stops marl —


marlene mckinnon: im so fucking ready for this

alice fortescue:omg same

mary mcdonald: MOOD BABES

mary mcdonald: u gotta tell us everything

marlene mckinnon: its been so long omg

alice fortescue:its been like

alice fortescue:5 days

alice fortescue:but ok

lily evans: im

lily evans: what happens when we meet

lily evans: oh god

mary mcdonald: lils ull be fine

marlene mckinnon: he’s gonna love you

marlene mckinnon: i mean love is too hasy

marlene mckinnon: but you know what i mean

alice fortescue:come on

alice fortescue:ur just nervous bc u actually care

lily evans: yea

lily evans: u guys r comin w me to the club tho right

mary mcdonald: duh ofc

marlene mckinnon: we’ll be over in 5 to get ready with you

lily evans: life savers

lily evans: lov u all

mary mcdonald: lov u too bbys

james potter to ZINGER ZING AH: mates

james potter: its GONNA HAPPEN


peter pettigrew: FOR REAL????

james potter: Y E S

remus lupin: oh my god yes good

sirius black: is it appropriate to wear a tie to a club

remus lupin: what

remus lupin: no

sirius black: aw wel too late

james potter: ?????

sirius black: its u and gingers first date I gotta look fancy

james potter: eofgheodjkfo y do i put up w u

sirius black: im ur wingman

james potter: eh tru

james potter: anyway lads get ready ur all my wingmen tonite

peter pettigrew: ok but can i bring cookies

sirius black: YES

remus lupin: reason #478 why you two cant get laid

sirius black: u cant talk

james potter: $20 that remus will have a girl’s number by the end of the night but Sirius wont

remus lupin: thanks james

sirius black: I SMELL B E T R A Y A L

peter pettigrew: $20 sirius will get a number WITH the cookies

james potter: oh its on bro

[interlude vi. part one;]

the night feels heavy with sweat and some sort of hope. but there’s a build up inside her chest and she feels like flowers and birds and butterflies will explode out of her heart, fill her ripcage and take over her insides. and maybe if that’s what it takes to know him, that’s okay. as they walk through the streets, her hair looking striking against to her black dress, she finds her hand intertwine with mary’s and marlene’s. a silent vow of support. they are here. with her.

the three broomsticks is tucked away amongst pizza restaurants and cinemas, but it makes itself seen. it seems to be brimming with rambunsious life and youths who are the definition of living. and as lily walks into that club, she is ready for it. And she doesn’t want to be dramatic, but part of her feels her life will never be the same.

[ interlude vi. part two;]

sirius’s arm is on his shoulder. the silent promise that he will be fine. he’s never had to think about a girl like this before. he’d say he’s never had to try, but the truth is he always has, he’s always tried too hard, and girls have always fallen for it. but this girl is different. her name is a flower and she likes the sun but she reminds him of the sun in herself and its all strange and beautiful and terrifying. he walks into the three broomsticks, three friends beside him, tequila already in his system, sirius slowly takes his arm off his shoulder, and remus and peter are bickering about pizza toppings and rum. that’s when he knows there’s not really anything to be nervous about.

james potter to lily evans: where r u

james potter: I cant see u

lily evans: we didn’t get here long ago

lily evans: meet me by the bar.

james potter: r u a girl who likes hard liquor evans

lily evans: ofc

lily evans: already downed a couple o shots

james potter: what a mood

james potter: I see u

[interlude vii.]

she’s at the bar like she said she would be. his heart is racing and he isn’t sure if the light-headedness is the tequila or the fact that he’s finally looking at her in real life again. she’s ethereal. her black dress and her hair in the reflection of the dance lights look like the sun and the moon crashed into each other and he’s in love with the idea of that. the sun and the moon loved each other so much they both died to let the other breathe, and then for a split second, they collided to make lily evans. sirius would call him a loser if he said that out loud. remus would tell him he should take up poetry full time. peter wouldn’t get it. but none of that matters because he’s looking at her and his feet are walking over to her and everything is trembling and falling, falling apart or falling into place, he doesn’t know.

she sees him walking over to her as the girls dispatch to go dance. she can’t believe he’s real and she has to let her jaw drop and stare at him for a moment. no puddlemere jersey, but the hair and the eyes and the smirk are all still there. before she knows it, she’s jumped up from her stool, ran to him on shaky legs that can’t run in high heels, and has crashed herself into him. he’s real.

he is surprised, but he clutches her still and breathes her in. there’s a muffled shouting and he realises that the whole club is clapping and cheering as they embrace. they’ve been waiting for this too. lily smells like daisies and caramel and rain, and he’s okay with that. more than okay.

she smiles into him as she hears the club cheering. although all she can see is james’ chest, the lack of puddlemere pride, she knows marlene and mary are smirking.

she looks up for a second and sees remus from lit class behind james. she mouths a thank you at him and she looks at james properly. he makes her knees weak. he brushes hair out of her face absentmindedly and gives her that grin.

how you doing, evans? he asks as they break apart and begin talking at the bar, and they slam down some tequila shots, almost competing. lily has to stop her eyes wondering to his lips.

peter hands james a 20 at 3am, and glances at remus in defeat. from across the dance floor, james sees a girl typing her number into remus’ phone. he smirks, and lily giggles at the antics.

james winks at peter and pete huffs and sighs, but that’s when they notice that sirius has a punk-rocker chick who was in the band earlier in the night against the wall and smashed against his lips. peter raises an eyebrows and makes to take back his money.

ah! tongues in throat do not equal phone numbers, young peter, james says with a grin as he pockets the note. lily snorts at him and peter skulks off to find where sirius put the cookies.

they talk all night, and they don’t mean to, but they dance and talk and become so enchdanted with each other that they don’t notice anyone else and they are kicked out at 6am.

6am means that james and lily have to find somewhere else to talk, and her fingers are already intertwined with his as they stumble through the streets, feeling tipsy and magical.

they make out in the public bathroom at 6:30. it’s messy and tipsy and quaint and perfect.

at 9am, before they go back to their dorms, they promise to do it again, and watch all the snapchat stories from “puddlemere and plath.” one girl actually cried when she saw the video of james and lily hugging.

lily’s head is on james’ shoulder as she laughs at this and he thinks that life is wonderful. they kiss goodbye when she gets to her dorm, and he can’t stop marvelling at the fact that lily tastes like strawberries and cherry wine. all at once. she’s sunshine.

lily thinks james tastes like alcohol and aftershave, and she’s a little in love with that. she falls into bed at 9:30, knowing she’s not going to study, excited to do it all again.


there’s sun and the taste of champagne everywhere and hats are tossed into the air. they did it, they graduated, and now the snapchat story is filled with the class of 2020. and they’re all brimming with happiness and friendship. it is wonderful.

james and lily graduate holding hands, their friends surrounding them on all sides, grins becoming the most predominant feature on each and every face. their speeches are both about the opportunities the uni has given them. both of them tell the crowds that the uni gave them a chance to find each other, and for that they are grateful.

they all raise a glass to hogwarts university, and to the fact that puddlemere will definitely win the championships this year.

and in a flash of every colour under the sun, the champagne is sliding down throats, and james and lily kiss.  

hope you enjoyed. 

Fake It Til You Make It

JILY CHALLENGE | @ginevrashorcrux vs @lilypcttr
 social media!AU + “After a misunderstanding with his fans, james begs lily to be his fake girlfriend until this all blows over. which includes posting cute instagrams together and doing all the couple challenges.”

(nothing like waiting till the last second! I’m so sorry this took forever but its up!)


James’ fans were some of his favorite people in the world. But sometimes, he really wanted to punch them in the face. This is one of those times.

 It all started with one, stupid youtube video from one, stupid Sirius Black. At the time it seemed like a good idea. Do a ‘boyfriend tag’ video with your best friend, who is like a brother to you, as a joke.  And it was a good idea because both boy’s view count and subscriber count went up by the hundreds.

 It wasn’t a good idea, however, when everyone thought that it was true and thought Sirius Black and James Potter are actually dating.

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i still cant believe that Chanyeol actually wore that “may the bridges i burn light the way” shirt and that hoodie that he wears every single day in THE ACTUAL MV. WHY DID NO ONE STOP HIM.

Far East Movement: “hey so the mv outfit coordinators have some awesome selections for you–”

Chanyeol: “NO THANKS IM SET”



Boyfriend Hansol
  • yes my busan prince has a request ( finally omg )
  • big shoutout to the anon who requested this ,
  • and also for @anoukpower for requesting too !!
  • sm better debut him soon he deserves more
  • im weak for him too so this might get really fluffy idek
  • and also this marks the very last post of the boyfriend! series i had alot of fun writing for all the 17 boys ( i cant believe i actually did all of that too ) but there are still many more scenarios and au’s to come so feel free to request ~
  • okay let’s go

  • so you have been friends with yuta since like forever

  • his friends are your friends and vice versa with him
  • so it wasn’t much a surprise when yuta suddenly introduced you to hansol one day
  • but something about him was just different but you couldn’t seem to find out what it was
  • back to hansol ,
  • when he first greeted you he said it in a monotone without much expression
  • “nice to meet you , yuta’s friend . i’m Hansol ”
  • “ haha nice to meet you , Y/N here ”
  • /gives a small smile and says nothing else/
  • then he acts as if nothing happened and goes back to listening to the conversation
  • and throughout the whole time he doesnt even glance at you
  • he hardly smiled too
  • you highkey thought he actually disliked you and you also scolded yuta for forcing him to join since he didn’t look too happy
  • little did you know he was just shy and wanted to seem like a tough man infront of you
  • and he’s an awkward little bean so he didn’t know what else to say
  • and he was the one who begged yuta to introduced you to him
  • “ yuta-ah , hyung needs help ”
  • “ what is it ? ”
  • “ your best friend … she’s really pretty ”
  • “ are you interested in her ? ”
  • “ …. ”
  • “ what do you want me to do ? ”
  • “ introduce her maybe .. ? ”
  • “ hm … not until you treat me to a meal ”
  • and just like that , for the sake of getting to know you hansol burnt a hole in his wallet because yuta just had to pick a 5 star high class restaurant which caused 50$ a dish
  • yuta you asshole
  • soon enough he began hanging out with the both of you more ,
  • and you’d slowly notice him looking at you from time to time ,
  • and how he’d blush a little when you got too near
  • one day you fell ill and yuta was busy so he couldn’t rush over to attend to you just in time
  • and once hansol heard about it he rushed over to your house within like 0.2983293secs
  • he wrapped you up in thick blankets
  • and offered to cook for you
  • and he attended to all your needs despite being tired
  • soon after he fell asleep beside your bed with his head in his arms
  • and you couldn’t help but take in every detail of his features
  • you were utterly touched and stunned by his caring side
  • which he hardly ever showed to others
  • after this incident the both of you grew closer
  • and yuta being himself , he teases the both of you a lot
  • “ wow Y/N , 8 years of friendship gone just like that because of hyung , bye i’m off ”
  • “ why are you saying this yuta ”
  • “ because someone’s been stealing my bestfriend /eyes hansol/ ”
  • “ i did not steal her ”
  • “ and i’m not even yours wth yuta ew ”
  • “ you’re not mine but you should be his ”
  • then the both of you stare awkwardly at each other
  • blushing like mad
  • then two weeks later he showed up at your house ,
  • and he passed you a small notebook
  • and when you read the contents of it you almost cried
  • because it was hansol’s daily journal/daily entry of his feelings for you
  • all for 4 months
  • and you hugged him so tightly he almost choked
  • and when you tell him you like him too
  • he smiles like crazy and immediately pecks your forehead
  • so cute aw -and when the two of you cuddled in bed together that night ,
  • he thought you were still asleep so he called yuta to fanboy over the news
  • when in fact you were lying in his arms trying hard not to laugh
  • “ hyung did it !! guess who’s my girlfriend now ? ”
  • “ she’s so cute ”
  • “ ahh i love her so much ”
  • honestly the type of boyfriend which helps you in everything ,
  • he tries to cook for you ,
  • buy gifts
  • and he likes to compliment you , but very lowkey though
  • and he doesnt show much affection , but on days when he’s in a good mood ,
  • he hugs you really tightly , and loves burying his face in your hair
  • pecks on the cheeks too !!
  • even though he seems manly and tough he’s actually a really big softie
  • he’s too shy to even initiate kisses on the lips so you’re always the one doing so
  • and when you do he blushes like crazy
  • for like one whole hour
  • he’s so tol you look so tiny beside him
  • so he loves having his arms around your shoulder ,
  • and resting his head on yours
  • lots of backhugs too aw
  • it started when he was busy with work one day ,
  • so you crept up behind him and gave him a backhug
  • he froze at first but he turned around and hugged you back without saying any words
  • from that day on he loves surprising you with backhugs , and catching you offguard makes him giggle like a small kid all the time
  • when he gets jealous though , he gets really confident and starts speaking more ,
  • when normally he’s just quiet and not saying much
  • “ baby do you want to go home now ? ”
  • “ it’s still early hansol , is something wrong ? ”
  • “ he’s getting too close to you ”
  • “ babe he’s only my friend , you don’t need to worry ”
  • “ i love you ”
  • and that was the first time he ever said those three words first to you ,
  • both sincerely and genuinely
  • you were so touched and happy you agreed to leave early with him in the end
  • he has your picture set as his phone’s lockscreen
  • and on yours , it’s a picture of him sleeping on your lap
  • and he blushes everytime he sees that picture because your hand was on his head , your fingers touching his hair
  • when couple fight happens he’s always the first one to apologise
  • and he’s always on the verge of crying because he cant bear to leave you
  • yuta also plays an important in helping y'all to patch up ,
  • he’d lecture you with his wise words on the choices and decisions you should be making
  • and he reminds you of all the times hansol has been there for you at your lowest points when he couldn’t be
  • and when you broke down after you heard his words ,
  • yuta called hansol right away
  • and like always , he appeared within seconds and he comforted you
  • okay ngl but lots of binge-watching of animes & probably cartoon shows together
  • when he first told you he liked watching them you were shocked at first before y'all dated ,
  • “ you’re turning 23 soon hansol ”
  • “ but it’s really nice , i can guarantee ”
  • “ okay … but what if it isn’t ? ”
  • “ it is ”
  • and he said it with so much confidence you couldn’t help but watch it with him
  • now both of you are hardcore anime enthusiasts taeyong had to stop y'all from influencing winwin any further
  • but it’s too late , yuta already did
  • he lowkey bought y'all matching pokemon soft toy keychains
  • but you didn’t know until you noticed he had the same one hanging from his bunch of keys
  • he often posts one word description pictures of you online ,
  • “ Beautiful. ”
  • “ Stunning. ”
  • “ Mine ”
  • yuta unfollowed him once because he was posting like 8 pictures of you in a day with those captions
  • he’s a great listener so you often rant to him when you have problems ,
  • and even though he doesn’t give great advice ,his hugs and company never fails to make you feel better
  • but since he isn’t that good with words either , he has problems trying to speak/say out his feelings and thoughts
  • so he asks for nothing more than your hugs when he’s sad
  • he stares at you in awe like 24/7
  • and everytime you ask him ,
  • “ what are you staring at ? ”
  • “ You ”
  • “ why ?? ”
  • “ you’re beautiful ”
  • he’s so sweet ahh
  • in conclusion he’s someone you can lean on and ask help from
  • and he loves showering you with love even though it may not be obvious
  • dont sleep on him , he’s too adorable not to be loved
  • i hope you enjoyed this series and thanks for reading !!

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I cant believe you came back to the furry fest and are immediately getting a fursona omg

ITS A JOKE i dont actually have a fursona i jst mentioned fursonas being a thing and she knew my fave animal and she went from Boy He Boutta Do It to Damn She Did That

(@the-pinkest-dragon submitted (cant tag for some reason)) I always like showing off my Murder Chicken…This picture was taken during a cosplay contest my friends and I did. What you can’t see is my yellow tights and the fact that I wear bright obnoxious orange knockoff crocs for her feet. Because reasons. :P

(my response) OMG YOURE SO CUTE!!!! you make a really really good toy chica omg… i would Trust You with Making Me a CupCake.

the signs as typical tumblr captions/posts
  • Aries: oMG guys guess what HAPPENED TODAY an alien couple stopped me on the SIDEWALK and said they LOOOOved my blog??? I love my fans ♥♥♥
  • Taurus: ☆♥ hipster indie goth aesthetic punk rock mac n cheese retro glam fashion blog ☆♥
  • Cancer: why doesn't this have more notes ??
  • Leo: haha I'm looking for a tumblr gf/bf.. any takers ;)
  • Virgo: deleTE THiS
  • Libra: *starts drama* *gets dragged* :) honestly guys this website is getting too toxic for me
  • Scorpio: *picture of fave* ram my ass :)
  • Sagittarius: TUMBLR GIVEAWAY - Reblog for 70 concert tickets, 4 mansions, 10 macbooks, 3 iPhones and $5,000,000 :)
  • Capricorn: *one tumblr user makes lame/corny joke/pun* OMG DID YOU JUST??? I CANT BELIEVE YOU JUST?? I HATE THIS WEBSITE
  • Aquarius: *someone makes a joke* actually sweetie.. *cue 10 paragraphed essay in MLA format on why your ideas are invalid*
  • Pisces: me me me is this not me? me
Disliking a Character is like disliking a certain food.


Person 2: yeah. I’ve tried it. I don’t really like it.

Person 1: but did you PROPERLY TRY IT?

Person 2: I’m pretty sure I did. Look I just don’t like the taste of it. If you like it, that’s cool though.


Person 2: ….well. I just don’t like the taste..


(( let me dislike a character simply because I don’t like them. I HAVE ACTUALLY watched the show- I HAVE seen the character- I CAN see why some people like this character- BUT I. DONT. LIKE. THEM. As long as I’m not cross-tagging and spreading hate I’m free to my opinion.))

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Dont compare Calvin to Harry. Taylor is at ease and happy with Calvin now so dont bitch about it. I know the truth hurts hun but she was never happy with your oh so adorable Harry. It was full of anxiety.

Um, is this issue not done yet? But okay, anon. I’m gonna humor you. Okay, so take it out on somebody else who actually did this because I didn’t. I want Tay to be happy but I have my opinion. So I like Harry, I dont like Calvin. 

Oh, and Taylor wasnt happy with my oh-so-adorable Harry?


Look at them! So sad….

Omg so miserablleeeeeee I cant look at them!

UGH this looks fake as shit.

Can you seriously believe people even shipped this sad little thing.

OMG this looks so fake. They’re not even in love omg. Look at Tay! She doesn’t look happy. Harry never loved her.

God do they call this happy in love? WTF they’re so miserable in this relationship.

See? Taylor was never happy during that crappy relationship.

Yeah, right.

Keep telling yourselves.

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in your opinion what are the top five todae moments of all time

This is hard since i enjoy every todae moment out there, because they are all so sweet and fluffly 

uhh yes very sweet and innocent… 

so yeah as i was saying.. my top 5 fav todae moments, in no particular order really.

honestly the extraordinary20s dvd has seriously so many todae moments that make my heart turn all gooey, because top sticks to daesung like 24/7. Plus it was when daesung was out of the spotlight after the incident so it just make it all the more sweeter that top was by him. Look at top’s hands…

and then u also have this

10/10 for having the cutest hyung-donsaeng relationship

i think i first started having feels and shipping todae when i saw this. because honestly who da hell tries and kiss their band mate halfway through the interview and most importantly dat hand holding is hella tight.

Todae during their alive tour was also ridiculous. everywhere they went there was bound to have todae fancams and moments. those were good times… but this was my favourite.

like wat even. two ridiculously good looking man waltzing. very homo. much like

AND THE FINAL ONE .. well actually two and it is more of a thing than moment, which is todae moments at the airport and todae piggy back because they are so fucking ridiculous and sweet, more importantly it makes my heart very happy.

oops wait how did that get there..

they even take turns but like only once every 3 years or something, 

they even do it at airports. Bless.



not exactly todae moment, but todae feels. best described by @ikyzusaku 

“ TOP was shouting/introducing Kang Dae Sung right before my favorite Dae Sung’s part. I know TOP done this probably because it was Dae’s comeback after the 2011 accident and Dae’s part in Cafe is the climax of the song. It’s just the way he shout “Kang Dae Sung” proudly plus the hand gesture, really warm my heart. As if he really glad Dae Sung was there with them again (well, of course he is, everyone is). ”

OK YAY so those are my favourite todae moments! They’re too damn sweet tgt.

Sexting (Kyohei x MC)

Being Iori’s girlfriend is not an easy task. Not that it’s demanding, just that I don’t see him too much unless he has a day off. Don’t get me wrong we’re constantly texting and calling and keeping in touch, but sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming to not physically see your boyfriend for a week when he’s with the band. Any alone time we get is usually interrupted or spent with the rest of the Revance guys.

We haven’t shared “alone time” together in over 2 weeks. Every time he comes home I’m working on a new song or he’s exhausted and too tired to have any fun.

I’m so tired of it. A woman has her needs you know? So today I’ve decided to do something extra scandalous (Heh. see what I did there “Scandal” in The Spotlight).

I put on my favorite lingerie that Iori bought me a while ago as a gift. The white lace of it contrasts to my tan skin perfectly. The set consists of a lace bra and panty, along with a garter belt and thigh high stockings. It was truly a work of art, in fact Iori got it hand made for me in Paris. So this should be a nice way to repay him.

I turn the lights off in our room and light a few candles. I pulled out my phone and prop it up on the desk so it can get me at a good angle. I put the photo timer on and make a few seductive poses it front of the camera. When I finish I browsing the photos, choose a few of my favorite ones and send them to Iori:

Picture attachment: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)

Thanks for the gift bby I luv it. ;) I hope you’ll enjoy it too. Pleaseeeeee is there any way that u sneak away just for today. I need ur punishment  :)

There. That should do the trick and he will be –


Oh! He responded!

Never gave u a gift like that but I’m kind of wishing I did…. Damn that’s so sexy. I never thought u were that kind of girl. Lucky Iori. And as for sneaking away from work, u should be getting back to urs. Lol apparently you do need punishment for sending something like this to me and not ur bf.

OMG. That didn’t… just happen… Kyohei?…. OMG I cant believe this.


Hmmm… I don’t think so _____, they’re pretty good shots actually. You should wear more flattering clothing. I never realized that you actually have quite nice curves. You should shoot with me in a commercial sometime.

Kyohei. Please I will do anything please just delete the pictures and don’t mention this Iori.

Okayyyyy, but only under certain circumstances.

And what are those?

1.    I get to call u naughty girl whenever I want

2.    I get to keep one of the photos

3.    Our next song should be finished a week early

4.    Shoot with me in my next commercial

Ummmm. Okay but only because it’s better than the alternative



After sending a few last good-bye messages I turned my phone off and walked into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and got in because I seriously needed one right now to calm me down.

Once I got out of the shower I wrapped a fuzzy robe around my body. When I walked into the bedroom I found Iori sitting on the couch reading a book.

“Oh, hey babe.” He said, noticing me.

“Hey…” I tried so desperately not to sound awkward, much to my dismay.

“By the way… I’m not really sure what he meant, but Kyohei asked me to tell you that the commercial shooting was next Thursday at 5? What’s that all about?”

I turned my head while blushing. Damn you Kyohei.