omg i cant believe i actually did this

what are the signs thinking right now
  • Aries: "did i do enough push-ups today? btw i love my ass omg i love myself im so fucking hot"
  • Taurus: "where that pizza at tho"
  • Gemini: "omg my instagram's lit af i love myself i am literally goals"
  • Cancer: "i'll just have to get over him i guess... and learn from my mistakes" *DOESN'T LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND DOES THE SAME MISTAKE 20 times*
  • Leo: "omg wHO WAS THAT GIRL ON the train she wAS SO fuckN HOT SHES MY SOULMATE I SWEAR"
  • Virgo: "uh-oh i still haven't started that assignment and it's due 90 years omg im SO LATE"
  • Libra: "i'm so glad that i made my friends' day better"
  • Scorpio: "i canT BELIEVE THAT that fucking bitch/fuckboy is my ex omg i still cant believe that i gave them an actual CHANCE"
  • Sagittarius: "which bitch do i slap tomorrow hmmmmmm"
  • Capricorn: "how do i get more money bc i need that gucci coat and those adidas slippers"
  • Aquarius: "damn im so popular but im insecure i need to fix that"
  • Pisces: "where thE FUCK IS MY FAME im TOO PREcious & inTERESTING TO NOt be famOUS im a fucking gem why is this universe so cruel to me what did i do like bitch I NEED THAT FAME & MONEY RN BECAUSE I NEED TO BUY CLOTHES & DONATE THE REST OF MY MONEY"
what are the signs thinking right now

Aries: “did i do enough push-ups today? btw i love my ass omg i love myself im so fucking hot”

Taurus: “where that pizza at tho”

Gemini: “omg my instagram’s lit af i love myself i am literally goals”

Cancer: “i’ll just have to get over him i guess… and learn from my mistakes” *DOESN’T LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES AND DOES THE SAME MISTAKE 20 times*


Virgo: “uh-oh i still haven’t started that assignment and it’s due 90 years omg im SO LATE”

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Boyfriend Hansol
  • yes my busan prince has a request ( finally omg )
  • big shoutout to the anon who requested this ,
  • and also for @anoukpower for requesting too !!
  • sm better debut him soon he deserves more
  • im weak for him too so this might get really fluffy idek
  • and also this marks the very last post of the boyfriend! series i had alot of fun writing for all the 17 boys ( i cant believe i actually did all of that too ) but there are still many more scenarios and au’s to come so feel free to request ~
  • okay let’s go

  • so you have been friends with yuta since like forever

  • his friends are your friends and vice versa with him
  • so it wasn’t much a surprise when yuta suddenly introduced you to hansol one day
  • but something about him was just different but you couldn’t seem to find out what it was
  • back to hansol ,
  • when he first greeted you he said it in a monotone without much expression
  • “nice to meet you , yuta’s friend . i’m Hansol ”
  • “ haha nice to meet you , Y/N here ”
  • /gives a small smile and says nothing else/
  • then he acts as if nothing happened and goes back to listening to the conversation
  • and throughout the whole time he doesnt even glance at you
  • he hardly smiled too
  • you highkey thought he actually disliked you and you also scolded yuta for forcing him to join since he didn’t look too happy
  • little did you know he was just shy and wanted to seem like a tough man infront of you
  • and he’s an awkward little bean so he didn’t know what else to say
  • and he was the one who begged yuta to introduced you to him
  • “ yuta-ah , hyung needs help ”
  • “ what is it ? ”
  • “ your best friend … she’s really pretty ”
  • “ are you interested in her ? ”
  • “ …. ”
  • “ what do you want me to do ? ”
  • “ introduce her maybe .. ? ”
  • “ hm … not until you treat me to a meal ”
  • and just like that , for the sake of getting to know you hansol burnt a hole in his wallet because yuta just had to pick a 5 star high class restaurant which caused 50$ a dish
  • yuta you asshole
  • soon enough he began hanging out with the both of you more ,
  • and you’d slowly notice him looking at you from time to time ,
  • and how he’d blush a little when you got too near
  • one day you fell ill and yuta was busy so he couldn’t rush over to attend to you just in time
  • and once hansol heard about it he rushed over to your house within like 0.2983293secs
  • he wrapped you up in thick blankets
  • and offered to cook for you
  • and he attended to all your needs despite being tired
  • soon after he fell asleep beside your bed with his head in his arms
  • and you couldn’t help but take in every detail of his features
  • you were utterly touched and stunned by his caring side
  • which he hardly ever showed to others
  • after this incident the both of you grew closer
  • and yuta being himself , he teases the both of you a lot
  • “ wow Y/N , 8 years of friendship gone just like that because of hyung , bye i’m off ”
  • “ why are you saying this yuta ”
  • “ because someone’s been stealing my bestfriend /eyes hansol/ ”
  • “ i did not steal her ”
  • “ and i’m not even yours wth yuta ew ”
  • “ you’re not mine but you should be his ”
  • then the both of you stare awkwardly at each other
  • blushing like mad
  • then two weeks later he showed up at your house ,
  • and he passed you a small notebook
  • and when you read the contents of it you almost cried
  • because it was hansol’s daily journal/daily entry of his feelings for you
  • all for 4 months
  • and you hugged him so tightly he almost choked
  • and when you tell him you like him too
  • he smiles like crazy and immediately pecks your forehead
  • so cute aw -and when the two of you cuddled in bed together that night ,
  • he thought you were still asleep so he called yuta to fanboy over the news
  • when in fact you were lying in his arms trying hard not to laugh
  • “ hyung did it !! guess who’s my girlfriend now ? ”
  • “ she’s so cute ”
  • “ ahh i love her so much ”
  • honestly the type of boyfriend which helps you in everything ,
  • he tries to cook for you ,
  • buy gifts
  • and he likes to compliment you , but very lowkey though
  • and he doesnt show much affection , but on days when he’s in a good mood ,
  • he hugs you really tightly , and loves burying his face in your hair
  • pecks on the cheeks too !!
  • even though he seems manly and tough he’s actually a really big softie
  • he’s too shy to even initiate kisses on the lips so you’re always the one doing so
  • and when you do he blushes like crazy
  • for like one whole hour
  • he’s so tol you look so tiny beside him
  • so he loves having his arms around your shoulder ,
  • and resting his head on yours
  • lots of backhugs too aw
  • it started when he was busy with work one day ,
  • so you crept up behind him and gave him a backhug
  • he froze at first but he turned around and hugged you back without saying any words
  • from that day on he loves surprising you with backhugs , and catching you offguard makes him giggle like a small kid all the time
  • when he gets jealous though , he gets really confident and starts speaking more ,
  • when normally he’s just quiet and not saying much
  • “ baby do you want to go home now ? ”
  • “ it’s still early hansol , is something wrong ? ”
  • “ he’s getting too close to you ”
  • “ babe he’s only my friend , you don’t need to worry ”
  • “ i love you ”
  • and that was the first time he ever said those three words first to you ,
  • both sincerely and genuinely
  • you were so touched and happy you agreed to leave early with him in the end
  • he has your picture set as his phone’s lockscreen
  • and on yours , it’s a picture of him sleeping on your lap
  • and he blushes everytime he sees that picture because your hand was on his head , your fingers touching his hair
  • when couple fight happens he’s always the first one to apologise
  • and he’s always on the verge of crying because he cant bear to leave you
  • yuta also plays an important in helping y'all to patch up ,
  • he’d lecture you with his wise words on the choices and decisions you should be making
  • and he reminds you of all the times hansol has been there for you at your lowest points when he couldn’t be
  • and when you broke down after you heard his words ,
  • yuta called hansol right away
  • and like always , he appeared within seconds and he comforted you
  • okay ngl but lots of binge-watching of animes & probably cartoon shows together
  • when he first told you he liked watching them you were shocked at first before y'all dated ,
  • “ you’re turning 23 soon hansol ”
  • “ but it’s really nice , i can guarantee ”
  • “ okay … but what if it isn’t ? ”
  • “ it is ”
  • and he said it with so much confidence you couldn’t help but watch it with him
  • now both of you are hardcore anime enthusiasts taeyong had to stop y'all from influencing winwin any further
  • but it’s too late , yuta already did
  • he lowkey bought y'all matching pokemon soft toy keychains
  • but you didn’t know until you noticed he had the same one hanging from his bunch of keys
  • he often posts one word description pictures of you online ,
  • “ Beautiful. ”
  • “ Stunning. ”
  • “ Mine ”
  • yuta unfollowed him once because he was posting like 8 pictures of you in a day with those captions
  • he’s a great listener so you often rant to him when you have problems ,
  • and even though he doesn’t give great advice ,his hugs and company never fails to make you feel better
  • but since he isn’t that good with words either , he has problems trying to speak/say out his feelings and thoughts
  • so he asks for nothing more than your hugs when he’s sad
  • he stares at you in awe like 24/7
  • and everytime you ask him ,
  • “ what are you staring at ? ”
  • “ You ”
  • “ why ?? ”
  • “ you’re beautiful ”
  • he’s so sweet ahh
  • in conclusion he’s someone you can lean on and ask help from
  • and he loves showering you with love even though it may not be obvious
  • dont sleep on him , he’s too adorable not to be loved
  • i hope you enjoyed this series and thanks for reading !!

i still cant believe that Chanyeol actually wore that “may the bridges i burn light the way” shirt and that hoodie that he wears every single day in THE ACTUAL MV. WHY DID NO ONE STOP HIM.

Far East Movement: “hey so the mv outfit coordinators have some awesome selections for you–”

Chanyeol: “NO THANKS IM SET”




so all weekend i was not sure what i was going to do in my cockles photo op and even in the line, in the room, i still didn’t, so i went up to them and asked if we should do something cool or something all smiley and misha just started pulling me towards him by my hair and said “let’s do something stupid” and all the time i was repeating to him “no, no, no, no, everything but” but he was all like “come on!” and i don’t even remember what happened and i didn’t know what jensen did and i saw that chris only waited to take the picture until i started smiling and i look just so scared, regretting all my life choices, letting misha take the wheel and knowing that i will never let him decide anything ever again; and afterwards i was a little bouncing ball screeching at misha “no, this is not what i want, what did you do, no” and looking at jensen all like “you know him better than i do, help me” and the people wanted me to leave, but jensen took over and said “what did you want to do, cool or smiley? let’s do something cool!” and we ended up doing that and i couldn’t even function anymore and jensen told me to put my hand on his shoulder and i apologized after and said thank you and also the creation people said “it’s not your fault” because they know misha is a little shit and even though i apologized to misha again later he thought it was funny i still feel the biggest embarassment in all my life

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They're working on getting an english translation 💕💕 I know that you did upload illegally in the first place, but I'm grateful that you could share and promote it overseas so many more people could read it, like me, an indonesian fan ❤️😭 really I thank you so much for the hard work to this point. I am grateful that you are takingn responsibilty and do not wish to harm the artist by dropping it. You are really a good person Lisa, thank you again ❤️❤️❤️

hhghhhhh THANK YOU

and im also really happy that people got to read the indonesian version because of my releases aswell!!!! thank you so much ;; i think one of the upsides to illegally translating is that they get more exposure and they get a higher chance of an official english release (everything else is all kind of bad though, lol….) ♡ but its no problem at all :D seriously tysmtysmtysm

the signs as typical tumblr captions/posts
  • Aries: oMG guys guess what HAPPENED TODAY an alien couple stopped me on the SIDEWALK and said they LOOOOved my blog??? I love my fans ♥♥♥
  • Taurus: ☆♥ hipster indie goth aesthetic punk rock mac n cheese retro glam fashion blog ☆♥
  • Cancer: why doesn't this have more notes ??
  • Leo: haha I'm looking for a tumblr gf/bf.. any takers ;)
  • Virgo: deleTE THiS
  • Libra: *starts drama* *gets dragged* :) honestly guys this website is getting too toxic for me
  • Scorpio: *picture of fave* ram my ass :)
  • Sagittarius: TUMBLR GIVEAWAY - Reblog for 70 concert tickets, 4 mansions, 10 macbooks, 3 iPhones and $5,000,000 :)
  • Capricorn: *one tumblr user makes lame/corny joke/pun* OMG DID YOU JUST??? I CANT BELIEVE YOU JUST?? I HATE THIS WEBSITE
  • Aquarius: *someone makes a joke* actually sweetie.. *cue 10 paragraphed essay in MLA format on why your ideas are invalid*
  • Pisces: me me me is this not me? me

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THIS IS WINWINS GYMNASTICS ANON OMG OMG :(((( you really did it i cant believe it!!!! it was such a big request😭😭😭 thank you so much it's beautiful i love it!! (the move winwin did on weekly idol is a round off and "back" handspring actually but i know you were going completely off my ask info so i don't know if i forgot to include that :( it's probably my fault BUT ANYWAY I DONT CARE ITS SO BEAUTIFUL IM GONNA REBLOG IT A MILLION TIMES ok i love you thank you so much again❤️❤️❤️!!

ahh no omg the back handspring part was my fault rip ;;;; you definitely included it in your first ask but somehow i forgot to include the word whoops…. i deleted my original psd so i’ll re-gif it eventually asdjkfhalksdf but i’m glad you liked it overall!! you’re very welcome and thank you for all these sweet words ♡

Sexting (Kyohei x MC)

Being Iori’s girlfriend is not an easy task. Not that it’s demanding, just that I don’t see him too much unless he has a day off. Don’t get me wrong we’re constantly texting and calling and keeping in touch, but sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming to not physically see your boyfriend for a week when he’s with the band. Any alone time we get is usually interrupted or spent with the rest of the Revance guys.

We haven’t shared “alone time” together in over 2 weeks. Every time he comes home I’m working on a new song or he’s exhausted and too tired to have any fun.

I’m so tired of it. A woman has her needs you know? So today I’ve decided to do something extra scandalous (Heh. see what I did there “Scandal” in The Spotlight).

I put on my favorite lingerie that Iori bought me a while ago as a gift. The white lace of it contrasts to my tan skin perfectly. The set consists of a lace bra and panty, along with a garter belt and thigh high stockings. It was truly a work of art, in fact Iori got it hand made for me in Paris. So this should be a nice way to repay him.

I turn the lights off in our room and light a few candles. I pulled out my phone and prop it up on the desk so it can get me at a good angle. I put the photo timer on and make a few seductive poses it front of the camera. When I finish I browsing the photos, choose a few of my favorite ones and send them to Iori:

Picture attachment: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)

Thanks for the gift bby I luv it. ;) I hope you’ll enjoy it too. Pleaseeeeee is there any way that u sneak away just for today. I need ur punishment  :)

There. That should do the trick and he will be –


Oh! He responded!

Never gave u a gift like that but I’m kind of wishing I did…. Damn that’s so sexy. I never thought u were that kind of girl. Lucky Iori. And as for sneaking away from work, u should be getting back to urs. Lol apparently you do need punishment for sending something like this to me and not ur bf.

OMG. That didn’t… just happen… Kyohei?…. OMG I cant believe this.


Hmmm… I don’t think so _____, they’re pretty good shots actually. You should wear more flattering clothing. I never realized that you actually have quite nice curves. You should shoot with me in a commercial sometime.

Kyohei. Please I will do anything please just delete the pictures and don’t mention this Iori.

Okayyyyy, but only under certain circumstances.

And what are those?

1.    I get to call u naughty girl whenever I want

2.    I get to keep one of the photos

3.    Our next song should be finished a week early

4.    Shoot with me in my next commercial

Ummmm. Okay but only because it’s better than the alternative



After sending a few last good-bye messages I turned my phone off and walked into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and got in because I seriously needed one right now to calm me down.

Once I got out of the shower I wrapped a fuzzy robe around my body. When I walked into the bedroom I found Iori sitting on the couch reading a book.

“Oh, hey babe.” He said, noticing me.

“Hey…” I tried so desperately not to sound awkward, much to my dismay.

“By the way… I’m not really sure what he meant, but Kyohei asked me to tell you that the commercial shooting was next Thursday at 5? What’s that all about?”

I turned my head while blushing. Damn you Kyohei.

Disliking a Character is like disliking a certain food.


Person 2: yeah. I’ve tried it. I don’t really like it.

Person 1: but did you PROPERLY TRY IT?

Person 2: I’m pretty sure I did. Look I just don’t like the taste of it. If you like it, that’s cool though.


Person 2: ….well. I just don’t like the taste..


(( let me dislike a character simply because I don’t like them. I HAVE ACTUALLY watched the show- I HAVE seen the character- I CAN see why some people like this character- BUT I. DONT. LIKE. THEM. As long as I’m not cross-tagging and spreading hate I’m free to my opinion.))

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in your opinion what are the top five todae moments of all time

This is hard since i enjoy every todae moment out there, because they are all so sweet and fluffly 

uhh yes very sweet and innocent… 

so yeah as i was saying.. my top 5 fav todae moments, in no particular order really.

honestly the extraordinary20s dvd has seriously so many todae moments that make my heart turn all gooey, because top sticks to daesung like 24/7. Plus it was when daesung was out of the spotlight after the incident so it just make it all the more sweeter that top was by him. Look at top’s hands…

and then u also have this

10/10 for having the cutest hyung-donsaeng relationship

i think i first started having feels and shipping todae when i saw this. because honestly who da hell tries and kiss their band mate halfway through the interview and most importantly dat hand holding is hella tight.

Todae during their alive tour was also ridiculous. everywhere they went there was bound to have todae fancams and moments. those were good times… but this was my favourite.

like wat even. two ridiculously good looking man waltzing. very homo. much like

AND THE FINAL ONE .. well actually two and it is more of a thing than moment, which is todae moments at the airport and todae piggy back because they are so fucking ridiculous and sweet, more importantly it makes my heart very happy.

oops wait how did that get there..

they even take turns but like only once every 3 years or something, 

they even do it at airports. Bless.



not exactly todae moment, but todae feels. best described by @ikyzusaku 

“ TOP was shouting/introducing Kang Dae Sung right before my favorite Dae Sung’s part. I know TOP done this probably because it was Dae’s comeback after the 2011 accident and Dae’s part in Cafe is the climax of the song. It’s just the way he shout “Kang Dae Sung” proudly plus the hand gesture, really warm my heart. As if he really glad Dae Sung was there with them again (well, of course he is, everyone is). ”

OK YAY so those are my favourite todae moments! They’re too damn sweet tgt.


i regret nothing (insp.)


Maglor and his wife Lothwen

(that wife that did not even have a name in the tolkien-verse)

Lothwen: my Bae @acearodaryl

Maglor: me

photographer: Axel Czypionka

edited by: my Bae <3 look at that photoshop magic oh god