omg i cant believe i actually did this

i still cant believe that Chanyeol actually wore that “may the bridges i burn light the way” shirt and that hoodie that he wears every single day in THE ACTUAL MV. WHY DID NO ONE STOP HIM.

Far East Movement: “hey so the mv outfit coordinators have some awesome selections for you–”

Chanyeol: “NO THANKS IM SET”



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I think the 2012 series has done a good job on Mikey (save for maybe a few instances) and all the other characters. A lot of the Mikey fans, however, don't want to see him as anything other than 'the baby' and get mad when they see anything that's 'mistreating' him. Then they go out of their way to make his brothers seem pure evil towards him. It's just like when some fans of Leo give him the 'golden child' label.

OMG YES!!! thats why I cant stand SOME Leo fans. and SOME Mikey fans.

Shit, I cant stand A LOT of fans that are like that.

But yes, the 2012 series did a fantastic job. You can actually watch an interview of Greg actually saying how Mikey will mature a lot in season 2, thats why I just cant believe people who say he hasnt matured….Compared to season 1 to 4.. He’s not a baby no more. We’ve seen Mikey find his voice, even snap at his brothers multiple times. And even then….people…still….say….shit.

And dont get me started on how the brothers, never appriciate their baby brother….cause they never praised himself in the past. 

Oh and lets not forget that the brothers give him multiple shots to fix his mistakes he makes.

But no, those fans, they are soooo right.

Pure evil indeed, Mikey is to baby, totally. And Leo being a golden child? Well duh.

((Please tell me that you caught my sarcasm?))

The faces just says it all.

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did u end up seeing la la land? i just watched it and omg i'm not a fan of musicals but this blew my mind, the set pieces, the lighting, the choreography, the music and the overall aesthetic plus the story was great. its also crazy how young the director/writer is. i cant believe whiplash was his first script he ever wrote CRAZY!

Yes! I actually watched it for the second time tonight, and I loved it even more than I did the first time around. It’s a really beautiful and exquisitely crafted film - and the ending is so, so powerful. 

You’re so right about the director! He makes other 32-year-olds look like major underachievers. 


Maglor and his wife Lothwen

(that wife that did not even have a name in the tolkien-verse)

Lothwen: my Bae @acearodaryl

Maglor: me

photographer: Axel Czypionka

edited by: my Bae <3 look at that photoshop magic oh god