omg i cant

{{ 離れずにそばにいて }}

{Stay by Me}

Here, now, and anywhere.

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Muggleborns trying to figure out spells to get CDs to play without use of electronics, and once they figure out the right spell, there’s a furious swapping of CDs, and none of the purebloods can figure out what a ‘jagger moves like, this song makes no sense!’ ‘Why are you guys laughing so hard about this song? He’s singing about never giving someone up, that’s kind of sweet…”

GUYS, EVERYONE YOU KNOW HOW YOONGI HAD A WHITE LIGHTER WELL, THE WHITE LIGHTER THEORY IM SHOOK GOOGLE IT. Basically, there are a terrifying amount of musicians who died white lighters next to them or used white lighters. Am I going crazy??? Has someone thought of this before???