omg i cannot wait for this film

Hannibal film set was a blast tonight!! Rutina was super kind and came out to say hi after her scenes with Richard Armitage. it was so incredibly awesome to see them both in the flesh and acting together. CANNOT WAIT FOR JUNE 4TH OMG.

ALSO, everyone go follow the-consulting-fannibal-angel (left) because she is a boss!

today for my film photography class my friend and I got really close to this old abandoned house right next to my school, there’s a collapsing shed with an old rusty car right next to it, I think I got some really cool shots and I cannot wait to develop these photos omg they’re gonna be so cool, dude next time we get to go out shooting I’m gonna take more people from my class and try to break in, there’s so much cool graffiti in there and who knows what else, I’ve gotta get in that house