omg i cannot take it anymore

I cannot take the word Cuck seriously anymore because of the anti side of Tumblr, like when I’m on the porn side of Tumblr and there’s a title like “Cuck husband found out by wife” I’m like omg Debra what leftist policies did he agree with

This fandom is extremely immature

I support EXO with all my heart, but I refuse to be called an exo-l. Why? Because this fandom is fu*king immature.

For the past few months I refrained from posting and taking part in anything fandom related, but I cannot keep quiet anymore.

I just don’t understand why there are people out there who would call themselves fans if they don’t know the meaning of the word. I’m not saying that a fan should support an artist no matter what and like all the stuff they say/do, but I think some people should be reminded that IDOLS/ARTISTS are REAL PEOPLE.

Don’t you ever make mistakes? Don’t you sometimes say stupid things? Should all your friends leave you for it? Or should you be snubbed by society? NO, they usually laugh at you and life goes on.

This kind of things happen to artists too, they cannot be proper all the time. They make mistakes and say silly shit, but instead of a slap on the wrist they receive endless criticism from people who should look at themselves before speaking (or writing in this case.)

Who are we to judge when we ourselves are less than perfect?

Now to the main issue of this post: Kyungsoo drew Jongin black BU HU HU… lol

I just can’t believe that before starting a fu*king war none of you immature asses waited for the context in which the drawing was shown. Everyone jumped to conclusions and started writing hurtful comments about Kyungsoo.

I understand that racism of any kind is bad. I can understand why some were offended. But what I don’t understand is why say anything before having all the facts. Why say you are Kyungsoo’s fan, but you are “oh so disappointed in him” before giving him the benefit of the doubt?

Since debut the members of EXO have said many hurtful things about Jongin’s skin tone. See here if you want to know more. What they did was wrong and hurtful, but I believe that the problem was solved among themselves.

There is a last thing I want to say : BEFORE TALKING/WRINTING USE YOUR BRAIN! (if you have one lol)

At the end some KaiSoo skin tone comments:

EXO 2nd Box: Jongin & Kyungsoo Couple Talk

Q: What do you two have in common?

KS: We’re roommates.

JI: That’s right. We’re dark.

KS: I used to be pale, but I tanned a lot filming for a movie.

JI: He’s darker than me.

KS: Kai used to have the darkest skin tone, but I’ve become the darkest.

JI: People seem to use me to figure out how dark or pale.