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Caejose Week: Day 1

(also on AO3)

Title: We’re Not Dating!
Prompt: Domestic
Rating: T (for swearing)
Summary: the one where everyone except caejose knows they’re in a relationship (save joseph 2k16)
Word count: 3518
Warnings: tooth-rotting domestic fluff. u have been Warned

The whole thing is Josuke’s fault, Joseph thinks furiously, head in his hands, his leg bouncing up and down nervously. Caesar’s in the kitchen, whistling some old Italian song as steak sizzles in the pan. The bottle of red wine Joseph brought home is sitting on the counter– the fancy kind, because Caesar doesn’t like the way the cheap stuff tastes. Joseph has literally been wearing Caesar’s clothes for the past week. It’s nice, homey. Domestic.

It’s also destroying Joseph’s soul.

Fucking Josuke.

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