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Inspired by @darcylovette this is the spirit of War. Or my interpretation of it anyway. It embodies the mask of an ancient fallen Japanese warrior and it’s cloak is filled with the weapons of every race ever to have been created or that will ever be created. It is said that if you ever get the chance to see its mask’s details up close then it is already too late…War is already upon you.

An incredible story to tell.

I’m not one to draw to “shippy” stuff…but I just couldn’t help myself with a Ben and Rook one…because UGH these two are too in love…and it’s NOT that shippy..friends can do that, right?…right? ./////. *cough*

poison and wine.

A standard, one subject spiral notebook contains seventy pages, college ruled. That’s seventy letters, back to front, filled from the very first line, to the very last. Seventy letters were slaved over, meticulously written, carefully proofread and even folded properly to ensure that every detail was perfected. Seventy letters crafted like art that were disregarded and tossed like the first day’s syllabus. 

Seventy letters–in the course of a year. Oh yeah, there were more. So much more than that.

Ciel Phantomhive wasn’t necessarily desperate. No, he wouldn’t call it that. He’d call it persistent in proving a theory–that Elizabeth Midford is to be and will be his partner in crime, that this will crush all odds that the most immaculate, untouchable girl in this current universe could indeed fall for the most unfavorable, most teased, biggest joke of the entire school. That’s what they all say, of course, but when he did his math, he didn’t find any of those terms to be true, and would prefer to settle for ‘misunderstood’. And as he continues to write letters, he wonders if he would ever make the message clear to her. Perhaps write it in another language? No, there’s no way she knew German. Or French. That’d be hot, though.

Having been childhood friends since they were five years old, Ciel has waited this long, an additional thirteen years to find a formula in which the planets would align and she would declare her secretive love for him. Thirteen years is a lot of notebooks, a lot of time spent trying to write the best love note one could write. He’s saved notes that were never opened and just thrown back at him, notes that have been torn open and balled up–to also be thrown back. He’s studied the body, the intro and the conclusion. They all seemed pretty reasonable, up until this year when he was almost, almost beginning to lose faith. Because this year, is the very beginning of senior year. She may run off next summer and his chance in finally being with her will be sucked away from him into a black hole, to never exist ever again. It was time to get serious.

Maybe she didn’t like intricacies, maybe she was too busy to read his well-thought letters. Okay, that’s fine, he can be simple, too. Simple is good, it’s quick to the point, it’s effortless, while making a bold statement at the same time. 

Contemplating as he ran the tip of his tongue across the back of his teeth, he flipped from his current page of chemistry notes to the very back of the notebook where he would just tear out half of a page. Yes, Ciel, short and sweet, maybe that’s what she wants. With that half sheet of paper that he chose to leave the spiral hinges hanging off in a sloppy fashion, he grabbed for his red marking pen and hesitated in gathering his words before he wrote out a simple message:


He’ll only fold it in fours, something she didn’t have to configure how how reveal the same message she’s been hearing for years. Good. This might be it. If this didn’t work, then he wasn’t sure if he had any more options. Thirteen years of hearing no is quite a long time, but he’s never given anything up. Not even that one time in fourth grade when he was in the hospital for his tonsillectomy while he was supposed to be launching a long-waited time-space D & D campaign with his friends. Man, what a killer campaign that was.

As he patiently awaited for the bell to conclude class for the day, he contemplated how this would turn out in the end. What if she really said no? He is holding a promise in pen, on that piece of paper. He doesn’t break promises. How could he ever face himself if this were really the very last interaction with Elizabeth that he’ll ever have? With deep inhale and exhale, he tossed his messenger bag over his shoulder and stepped out of the classroom, beginning what may be his very last journey to her locker two halls down. He knew exactly which one it was, and when she would be stopping at it. It was just before lunch, so she would most likely meet with her friends in the same vicinity before they run off for the period.

Lo and behold, there she was. A goddess, really. The perfect shade of blonde that never seemed brittle or damaged, her makeup set as if she were to be crowned in a pageant, and her own unique way of dressing somewhat against school code that had the other guys–and girls–at their knees. She was even too good for herself, and she knew it. She owned this school, and he was crazy for having come this far. But perhaps that journey will end today, when he’s let down yet one more time, when he has to rewrite this entire campaign himself, leaving her out of the story. He didn’t think he could keep playing at that point.

Without a word, he looked over the blonde momentarily before casually slipping the note into her open locker, just in time for her girl friends to smirk, snort and giggle at loser Ciel Phantomhive stalking poor Elizabeth Midford day after day. This time, he wont await rejection as she reads it. He’ll allow her this one last time to really study that simple sentence, written as basic and as bold as can be.

Maybe this time, she’ll approach him. Maybe this time, he’ll finally win the lottery.

The video was only made for Artistic Expression, it is purely fan-made. This video is in no way associated with the musical artist or the anime company. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Song: Lone Digger by Caravan Palace

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia. 

I needed more videos of Boku no Hero Academia. I couldn’t find many that I really liked in YouTube, so I made my own xD. 

I hope you like it <3