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“NCT’s Golden hands!!
Thank you for the beautiful drawing~

Thank YOU, Taeyong, for being such a beautiful human being inside and out! I hope NCT becomes even more popular and I hope to be able to meet you one day to give you this drawing in person ♥


I was talking to my mom about Voltron because I’ve been drawing fan art from it so I explained the characters and the ships and stuff.
And so I was super excited to find Allura wearing paladin armor and a pink helmet! So I was saying out loud that I think she is going to pilot the blue lion which was Lance’s lion (she didn’t know who lance was) then I said Lance would then pilot the red lion, Keith’s lion. And Keith would pilot the black lion. aND BEFORE I SAID ANYTHING ELSE SHE GOES “Shiro’s lion?” I nod and she then says with a straight face, “Is that because it’s killing him when he’s away?” I’M SCREAMING

Every YEAH in Blurryface

This is every YEAH! in twenty one pilot’s album “Blurryface.” DISCLAIMER: I know someone has done this before but for the life of me I can’t find it so I went ahead and made it again.  All audio belongs to Twenty One Pilots, I just stitched it together cause I was bored.  Credit for the idea to whoever did it first that I can’t find anymore.

  • *Tae & Kookie fights and end up breaking the tv*
  • Jin : *fuming* OMG!! I can't believe this!!!
  • Yoongi : *Annoyed* Seriously guys?! A five year old behave better than this.
  • Jin : Exactly!!!
  • Yoongi : Y'all needs to be fucking smacked back into your senses!!!
  • Jin :
  • Jin : Yoongichi I agree with what you just said.
  • Jin : But why are you smacking my ass?
  • Yoongi :
  • Yoongi : It was the closest?
  • Jin : You just walked past Tae and Kookie to get here.
  • Yoongi : ...Bad aim.
  • Jin : Srsly?

Title: the agony of love

Rating: M

A/N: for @rebelcaptainprompts  agony, fingers, shiver OMG GUYS THIS IS IT *hisses* I’m writing smut and it’s not leaving tumblr because my little brother it on ao3 and >.> celebrate with me. It could be read as the ending to The cliffhanger ending to my temptation fic but you don’t have to read that first

Jyn couldn’t take it.

She couldn’t take it, Cassian’s mouth hot on hers, his fingers digging in to her skin, him pressing her hard against the wall, her legs wrapped around his waist, as he scraped his teeth over the corner of her jaw.

This was the fruit of her labors to get him to crack.

This was the fruit of his labors to get her to crumble.

She drove him insane, and this was how she was paying for it, and she’d gladly suffer this agony for it, this painful ecstasy of of love, of hope that she never thought she’d ever be able to feel.

Her fingers scrabbled under his shirt, pulled at it until it came off, and his mouth returned to hers, and she found a scar above his heart, and he shivered as her fingers danced across it. He kissed away the smirk it made, tasted it and memorized it. 

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Yes Sir!

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut

Rating: M

Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

A/N:: Military One Shots Series, 41 phrases, first up is KIM TAEHYUNG WITH “Yes SIr!”. I thought this entire series the other day with my friends because we are crazy Eonnies. 

Warning: Military Boot camp talk to my imagination

“Military school?! Are you insane?!” you shrieked at your parents at the dinner table. “I have friends here. Every year it’s a different school and location.” you fuss completely losing your appetite as you push your food away. 

Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all because when you arrived you were met with a hot instructor. Your dad was the Major and you being the military kid met everyone he worked with, leaving you to stare and drool at every officer. Some were old and some looked to young to be an officer but you let it go.

You never knew you would actually be sent to boot camp. The instructor, Kim Taehyung, was so mean. You thought for sure he as the only making your life here was hell. You were drenched in sweat as you tried to do push ups the way he wanted them done. 

“You’re not raping turtles, give me a real push up!” he yelled at you causing you to roll your eyes as you continued your push ups until ordered to be relieved. Oh how much you wanted to put him in his place. But every day it got more and more frustrating because you noticed he would single you out. 

Three days later he had you running laps in the field. He ran beside you but he was always a step ahead. Always. “You want to run slow?” he asked you never slowing down. 

“No sir!” you yell trying to keep up with him.

“Are you sure because you’re slacking off.” he stated as he was riling you up to run faster.

Your heart pounded in your chest as you tried to keep up but he was too fast so you fell behind. You stopped running as you hunched over your knees gasping for air. You clenched your eyes shut. Sweat dripping off of you, you longed for a shower.

He back peddled to you. “I didn’t say you could rest, Let’s go!” He yelled but your body had enough. 

“Tell that to my father. I’m leaving.” you say as you leave your instructor, Kim Taehyung on the field to take a much needed shower.

The hot water was soothing and relaxing to your body. It felt nice as the water ran down your body. For once you finally smell clean and fresh. The steam made it look like a sauna. But then you felt hands push you against the shower wall. 

“I didn’t dismiss you, now you will be punished.” your instructor said to you against your naked body. “What do you say?” 

“Yes Sir!” you grunted out as all the sexual tension finally erupted between the two of you. His hands roamed your naked body until they roamed your core. “T-Tae…” you gasped.

“You don’t get to call me by my name, understood?” he smirked turning you around to look at him. He raised an eyebrow at you as you still didn’t respond to him.

He didn’t undress, instead he turned your water off and took his throbbing cock out of his pants and held you against the wall. Without warning he rammed into you causing you to let out a loud moan. 

“You think you’re high and mighty because your dad is the boss of me?” he grunted as he thrusted in and out of you.

You were a moaning mess. This was so wrong and you both knew the repercussions of this act if you were to ever get caught. You tried to suppress your moans so you bit your lower lip. 

“You are dismissed when I say you are dismissed.” he grunted as his thrusts were harder each time. You clench around him as you pant unevenly.

“I’m-” you try to say but can’t because it just feels so good. You make a ‘M’ sound.

He grins but never slows down. “You’re what?” he asked on purpose.

You wanted to scream. “I’m sorry.” you tell him as quietly as you can.

His thrusts start to become sloppy. “If you are truly sorry, then you will start listening to me. Got it?!” he yelled in his instructor voice.

You nodded furiously but it wasn’t enough.


He smacked your butt as he came undone but kept thrusting. “I can’t hear you!” he yelled again in his instructor voice. 

“Sir yes Sir!” you moaned in a yell. Your legs quivering. Your body shaking. 

“What was that?!” he yelled once more on purpose.

“SIR YES SIR!” You yelled louder.

“Come.” he instructed and come you did. When you came off your high, he set you down so you dried off and got dressed. “Now, be on the field front and center at 0600 hours!” he instructed. 

“Yes sir!” you say at the volume he wanted.

“Dismissed.” he said as he watched you leave.

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Omg a consistently unbearable rude old man flipped me and my coworker off, after he told the guy to have a good day despite being rude, and i reactively flipped him back off. The customers behind him who saw him being rude while checking out and then that simply told us to not let it ruin our days and a guy in line still after I told them other encounters with him said he would have thrown hands with the guy a long time ago. I can't believe I did that though. Wtf. I was just so tired of him.

just when i thought lm couldn’t disappoint me anymore………….. why release a new single when you haven’t even promoted touch?? which had been rising in the us quite well?? yall could’ve pushed touch ft. kid ink for another month or so like you didnt even push it at all so far??? also nmss is a good STAND ALONE SONG you don’t need another feature omg this is why i said the promo for gd sucks and is a super big mess

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Way back before Trump was elected president I lied to my mom about him being a Capricorn like her (she said she didn't believe in astrology) and she just kept asking "why?? No this can't be Capricorn are the best why did I have to the same sign as Trump" and basically had a small existential crisis (her eyes actually watered up) until I told her he was actually a Gemini (so much for not believing in astrology)-a (maybe) secretly evil fish


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omg in that vid where Jeremy talks about the 'im just a boy from cuba' line I think 2 questions after that someone asked if there were any inside jokes between the cast and he said something like 'I can't say any until after season 7' and omg do you think one of their inside jokes could be about klance?? Or am I just reaching too hard lmao

if they wanted to just go for a friendship arc with klance, I really think it’d be spread out more but it felt like such a focus in season three, all the interviews, signs, tropes point to klance. And most of us believed if it were to happen before the show ends it’d be around season 6/7 so yeah it’s possible, plus Jeremy saying “don’t worry but you’ll be happy” about LGBT rep in the show…honestly it’s not a matter of if anymore, but when….like I don’t wanna get my hopes up…but I think klance is really endgame y'all…………

no okay but just consider magnus bane who has spent centuries believing that he couldn’t be loved and that he was a demon not worthy of love, was told that he was loved, by alec lightwood, a historically stoic and closeted individual, in public for everyone to see?!

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Can we talk about the way Jimin sang "I just hope you're lying next to somebody who knows how to love you like me"..... I literally wanna punch a hole through the wall omg, the way he said like it's from his heart, his voice is so raw and emotional 😭 jikook truly blessed us I can't believe it's real, they did THAT!!!!!

Since it was a duet song it KILLLLLED me how they were kind of singing it back and forth like brokenhearted lovers and asjdfkl;gjsl;dkf brb I need to listen to it again ;______;

actual aaron burr sir
  • hamilton: wait omg r you aaron burr?
  • burr: um--
  • hamilton: OMG i can't believe it's you OKAY um MY NAME IS ALEXANDER HAMILTON but like you can call me hamilton that's fine! I've been like stalking you FORVER I CAN't BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! so actually i just heard you name at school and then like accidentally punched this guy idk who he was but he said i was stupid but SHAKE OFF THE HATERS RIGHT?? like i just want to graduated college really fast JUST LIKE YOU WE COULD BE #TWINS amiright? anyway like i wanna how did you do it? TELL ME
  • burr: um, well, my it was my parents dying wish before they passed? but--
  • hamilton: OMG #TWINS EVEN MOOREEE!!! my parents are dead too lol WE COULD MAKE SUCH A GOOD TEAM omg we should make plans to like destroy the government and do wars and be in fight AND PROVE ALL THE PEOPLE WHO WE ARE cuz like, idk if you feel this, but i feel really attacked as an orphan like WE HAVE FEELINGS TOO!
  • burr: hm. you want advice?
  • hamilton: *squeals* yes!
  • burr: stfu Hamulstiwanga

I wish I had money to buy all four bts albums. I feel like it will be a wonderful day for me when they bring out a new album and I could acc buy all four without debating for like a year over which one to get. Omg imagine if it was broken or like my friend broke it and I could just ride in on my cashmobile that shoots out money and be like “don’t worry I’ll just buy another one”. What a happy day that would be.

the brother and I have been busy with a wedding and have been out of town, so we weren’t able to watch bnha for the last two weeks. we’re home now tho and just finished the episode from two weeks ago! this nonsense got super sassy with me I’m dead 

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Omg! So I was at Barnes&Noble earlier and I do this weird thing were I speak to inanimate objects. So I was walking around, speaking to the books and the toys, just a normal everyday thing I do. I walked past a table with only Harry Potter stuff on it, and there was a Harry Plush, so I said “Hello…Harry Potter” i had paused in between the ‘hello’ and 'harry’ and there was this girl standing right next to the table and she looked up and said “oh, hello” but then I said “Harry Potter” and she just looked down. I’m like, “ah! I’m so sorry!” And I walked away as fast as possible, then I burst out laughing.