omg i can't believe i just said that



“NCT’s Golden hands!!
Thank you for the beautiful drawing~

Thank YOU, Taeyong, for being such a beautiful human being inside and out! I hope NCT becomes even more popular and I hope to be able to meet you one day to give you this drawing in person ♥



I was talking to my mom about Voltron because I’ve been drawing fan art from it so I explained the characters and the ships and stuff.
And so I was super excited to find Allura wearing paladin armor and a pink helmet! So I was saying out loud that I think she is going to pilot the blue lion which was Lance’s lion (she didn’t know who lance was) then I said Lance would then pilot the red lion, Keith’s lion. And Keith would pilot the black lion. aND BEFORE I SAID ANYTHING ELSE SHE GOES “Shiro’s lion?” I nod and she then says with a straight face, “Is that because it’s killing him when he’s away?” I’M SCREAMING

Every YEAH in Blurryface

This is every YEAH! in twenty one pilot’s album “Blurryface.” DISCLAIMER: I know someone has done this before but for the life of me I can’t find it so I went ahead and made it again.  All audio belongs to Twenty One Pilots, I just stitched it together cause I was bored.  Credit for the idea to whoever did it first that I can’t find anymore.

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can I just scream of how the first ep, the description saying it has flashbacks to the beginning of shiro's n keith's relationship, in swedish the word they use for relationship is def the one i'd use for a romantic relaionship, like i can't believe my eyes... if it said friendship or smth else, ok, but now my eyebrows are up at my forehead, lol


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Reading all these kind words and prayers literally made me cry. I still can't believe how generous she is. And just to let everyone know: she is incredibly happy. I won't tell any details about Joe but from what she told me, he absolutely is the love of her life and while talking about this entire subject she even said that she sees herself having children with him as well for the first time. This makes me, personally, very happy because she's not just a great person, she'd also be a great mom!

Omg this woman deserves everything good in this world 😭💕🙌🏼

  • *Tae & Kookie fights and end up breaking the tv*
  • Jin : *fuming* OMG!! I can't believe this!!!
  • Yoongi : *Annoyed* Seriously guys?! A five year old behave better than this.
  • Jin : Exactly!!!
  • Yoongi : Y'all needs to be fucking smacked back into your senses!!!
  • Jin :
  • Jin : Yoongichi I agree with what you just said.
  • Jin : But why are you smacking my ass?
  • Yoongi :
  • Yoongi : It was the closest?
  • Jin : You just walked past Tae and Kookie to get here.
  • Yoongi : ...Bad aim.
  • Jin : Srsly?

More content of Sleeping Beauty Plance AU on my blog? It’s more likely than you think.

Okay guys, I heard you wanna more :’D

So here it is!

Prince Lance of Arus, with his brave, loyal, emo horse Keith!

Seriously, drawing horses aren’t my thing, forgive me

And, THIS is that iconic scene I talked about in previous post.

And more headcanons!

  • I totally see Romelle as Merryweather (like the @planceislife said) (The blue one). Her mentality just fit right in “omg, just let’s use this stupid magic wands”.
  • And I thinking about Shiro as Fauna, but I’m not sure. Or Coran! I can’t really decide for that one.
  • The point is, I really see Coran as Fauna, when she’s making a dress. (On the Romelle ofc). Do you fell this, cause I see this in my mind. And believe me, it looks perfect.
  • And Shiro as Flora. Not exactly, but imagine this. Shiro making a freaking cake. When he has nO IDEA what he’s doin.
  • This all, with Romelle watching this all disaster.
  • Shiro is close friends with Matt, who’s (ofc) prince of Olkarii
  • Shiro promissed him, in the day when they took Katie, that he’s gonna keep his little sister safe.
  • And “fun fact”, on this pic, Lance try to force himself to NOT to tryin to kill his horse friend with a Mullet.

That it’s just a few little random facts, but I’m not having any ideas for now. But if you, fellow gardeners, have any ideas, I’d love to read them UwU.


Title: the agony of love

Rating: M

A/N: for @rebelcaptainprompts  agony, fingers, shiver OMG GUYS THIS IS IT *hisses* I’m writing smut and it’s not leaving tumblr because my little brother it on ao3 and >.> celebrate with me. It could be read as the ending to The cliffhanger ending to my temptation fic but you don’t have to read that first

Jyn couldn’t take it.

She couldn’t take it, Cassian’s mouth hot on hers, his fingers digging in to her skin, him pressing her hard against the wall, her legs wrapped around his waist, as he scraped his teeth over the corner of her jaw.

This was the fruit of her labors to get him to crack.

This was the fruit of his labors to get her to crumble.

She drove him insane, and this was how she was paying for it, and she’d gladly suffer this agony for it, this painful ecstasy of of love, of hope that she never thought she’d ever be able to feel.

Her fingers scrabbled under his shirt, pulled at it until it came off, and his mouth returned to hers, and she found a scar above his heart, and he shivered as her fingers danced across it. He kissed away the smirk it made, tasted it and memorized it. 

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just when i thought lm couldn’t disappoint me anymore………….. why release a new single when you haven’t even promoted touch?? which had been rising in the us quite well?? yall could’ve pushed touch ft. kid ink for another month or so like you didnt even push it at all so far??? also nmss is a good STAND ALONE SONG you don’t need another feature omg this is why i said the promo for gd sucks and is a super big mess

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Way back before Trump was elected president I lied to my mom about him being a Capricorn like her (she said she didn't believe in astrology) and she just kept asking "why?? No this can't be Capricorn are the best why did I have to the same sign as Trump" and basically had a small existential crisis (her eyes actually watered up) until I told her he was actually a Gemini (so much for not believing in astrology)-a (maybe) secretly evil fish


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Omg a consistently unbearable rude old man flipped me and my coworker off, after he told the guy to have a good day despite being rude, and i reactively flipped him back off. The customers behind him who saw him being rude while checking out and then that simply told us to not let it ruin our days and a guy in line still after I told them other encounters with him said he would have thrown hands with the guy a long time ago. I can't believe I did that though. Wtf. I was just so tired of him.

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NOT TO BE THAT EXTRA BINCH IN HERE but i think itd be really amazing and heartbreaking if coran was actually 12's former victor bc he has that working the crowd vibe and being charismatic when he needs to be to get sponsors but also really serious and has a dark past. also ik i just said nyma as finnick but shiro being finnick would also be good bc of the whole capitol owning him feeling even after the games were over paralleling the whole "champion" thing like... now im being extra af

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I just finished Conquest like half an hour ago and I'm so annoyed with my husband. I married Laslow in my playthrough and in the epilogue it says that he just! Disappears! Leaves! (To his old world i guess but STILL). I imagine him being summoned to Askr and finding a Very Angry Corrin and its making me a little less mad but only a little because what the FUCK Laslow we have TWO CHILDREN you can't just POOF AWAY

i KNOW laslow is my #1 fates husband…….. i can’t believe he left me like that as if i won’t hunt him down and fight him!!!!


summoner: [getting the audience to shush] alright, alright, today we have a special guest named corrin, who’s upset because her husband AND baby daddy laslow up and left her! [audience boos]

corrin: that’s right summoner! he said “i’m going to be right back i’m just getting some water” and then didn’t come back for a WHOLE YEAR! [audience gasps]

summoner: well, i have a surprise for you corrin, yesterday, i summoned laslow and he’s hear to tell HIS story. [boos increase in volume as laslow walks in]

corrin: OH HELL NO [turns into dragon form to fight laslow, has to be held back by half the army]

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I'm the anon who said about virgin Sid ideas and OMG I LOVE IT. I bet Geno was absolutely kicking himself not just because he feels like he's damaged his relationship with his best friend but a tiny part of him can't believe he's had virgin Sid so close to his grasp all this time. He's always assumed Sid is just extremely picky and ruled himself out as someone Sid would ever be interested in. If nothing had happened by now then it never would, right?

But in reality Geno has been pining forever over the perfect boyfriend Sid who he figured he’d never have. So instead he just sleeps around and enjoys having Sid in his life any which way he can. So the idea that Sid could be his - and only his - and that he could give Sid every experience for the first time is breaking his brain.


Just bc I’m a h/c demon, imagine the regret when Geno figures that everytime he went home with someone, THAT was why Sidney had always looked so dejected the next day. Quieter, more subdued, like he’s tired and sad but can’t put it into words. Like the homesickness Geno feels sometimes. Like practice wouldn’t be quite the same for a few hours before Sidney snapped out of it. And now, even as he courts Sidney wholeheartedly and enjoys the quieter, slower love story with Sidney, he can feel Sidney’s doubt lingering like a wounded animal. Like Geno will have his fun with Sidney and leave once the summers over. Sidney hasn’t ever said it, because Geno knows he’s superstitious and doesn’t dare to say it into existence. And it just breaks Geno because he hates seeing Sidney looking so hopeful when Geno surprises him with a loving gesture, a love note or a flower or a cake, and almost immediately see Sidney swallowing that happiness to contain it like he can’t let himself be too happy or it’ll hurt more later.

Anyway that summer, and every day after that, Geno commits himself into making Sidney feel cherished.

How Myrcella Earned My Undying Love and Respect in ACOK
  • Tommen: But Mother said!
  • Joffrey: *mocking voice* Mother SAID!
  • Joffrey: *snorts* Don't be childish.
  • Myrcella: We're children. We're SUPPOSED to be childish.
  • Me: Oh my god I can't believe Myrcella Baratheon, nine year old, just ripped all the people who hate Sansa (or Arya or Jon) for their AGOT arcs to fucking shreds while also managing to look down her nose at her brother, King Joffrey, a psychopath, who is like six feet tall, and came out of it victorious and dignified OMG what a fucking icon can we just make her queen.