omg i apologize for the bad quality ):


Under the cut you will find approximately 400+ HQ small/medium roleplayable gifs of Acacia Brinley. There shouldn’t be any repeats or frozen gifs but I apologize if there are, also non of these gifs are mine and I take no credit for them, all the credit goes to the talented people that made them, I did however resize some of them. Please like or reblog this gif hunt if you’ve found it helpful or useful in any way.

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Based on the IshiTatsu Headcanons Post by @gunnerpalace OMG! i went to heaven!! I am so jumping here again, woho!!! 

I apologize in advance for the shit quality but i am pretty done with being scared to let my inspiration do her thing just because i worry about how bad my art skills have developed, so fuck that, this artist is allowing herself to post shit art because the muse can’t be stopped.

And Uryuu and Tatsuki deserve love and deserve better. Yeah, they are team deserved better for all I care.

Now I gonna rest in peace and continue drawing my goddess Katagiri who at least got together with the love of her life <3

Crispy updates (dying edition)

NNNHH As some of you may have already read on the Crispy main blog, some of my teachers teamed up to try and kill me /iskicked 

(I’m just making a more detailed update under the cut for you lovely peeps before I get back to work ;v; + some bonus doodles yaay!) 

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