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“Can I take your order?”

Raphael looks up from the menu he’d been holding and almost chokes on his words.

The boy in front of him can’t be older than he is. Eighteen, maybe nineteen. He’s wearing a white apron and a white-pink striped button up shirt underneath to match the walls of the diner. His glasses are thick and black, but he doesn’t look nerdy in them like the boys he’d seen coming out of the local high school.

(Part 1/?) Fanart for @raphaels-santiagos wonderful Saphael-50′s AU

toastyhat  asked:

Could I have a Psiioniic meeting Sollux? Perhaps in some AU where our Alternian heroes liberate him from the Condesce's ship and he's just shocked and confused to see that he has a descendant (and possibly that the rest of his friends do too)?

This kind of AU is 200% my jam, omg. Thank you so much for asking me to draw this. (I was going to fit a Karkat in there somewhere but I still have a fair amount of drawing to get through, so alas. Another time perhaps.)




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Dope (chorus only) cover
  • Dope (chorus only) cover
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this is no where near perfect and i know that 100%  but i felt like i owed you guys something since i always say i’m going to post another cover and i never do so i super quickly did this for you guys during my lunch. i hope you kinda like it, if not that’s cool too. i am in no way a singer so… yeah, also this was the first time i’d used garageband so i didn’t really know what i was doing but i tried. enjoy.

Omg, so I’m really doing this. I am posting my first fic ever! *hides* I am sooo nervous you guys!!! So just some warnings to begin with: English is not my first language, so brace yourselves, some spelling mistakes and grammatical incoherencies will be expecting you. Originally the first chapter was way longer than the one I’m posting right now, but I decided it’ll be best to divide the fic into smaller parts. The chapters just seemed to long for my taste. As I already said, it's my first fic ever, so please, please, if it already seems too boring feel free to tell me, I’ll try to spice things up a bit or try to make it more juicy, or even just don’t bother to post anything! Just tell me honestly, I need you to be harsh and raw. ;D I don’t have a beta reader, so if you think I should look for one, tell me as well. :D

Ok here it goes.
In this AU Finn and Rae attend secondary school together.

Don’t Look Back in Anger, Chapter 1

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I voted 2058 votes for Riker and 1338 votes for Rumer last night and I REGRET NOTHING. Poor Riker was robbed from having two perfect score dances last night :(
I hope everybody vote for these two couples because they deserve nothing less than being in the top 2 and winning this season


Magnus Bane Trash Network: Team Immortal
↳ Challenge #2: Favorite Friendship

Magnus Bane and Raphael Santiago.

Big cuddles to alecbluewood and timelessarmourforalexander for inspiring me to write this.

It was raining that night, and Magnus didn’t particularly enjoyed sleeping with the sound of rain for some reason. If Alec was there, they would be involved in each other’s arms, but the shadowhunter had to go on a hunt that night, leaving Magnus alone with his thoughts that couldn’t help but haunt him every time his head would touch the pillow. His thoughts about Raphael, and how he didn’t get to save himself that time.

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1st of March - sorry bout the short notice but basically tomorrow



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okay so first of all I notice how there always all of these meetups but at least as far as I know there has not been a tronnor one so I decided to give it a shot! Since I’m not really that big of a blog I’d love it if you guys would spread the message so we could try this and see if this could become an actual thing!

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

A/N: OMG okay. So this is my first time ever posting one of my fanfics. You can probably imagine how nervous I am about it. *sweats* I’ve been trying to get over some intense writers block so I haven’t written anything in months. So please go easy on me! I’m awful at descriptions so I’ll just try to make a short one. Also the song is not mine. Its Little Monster by Royal Blood. Its all theirs. :)

Description: Natsu meets the new girl at school and she surprises him with her similar tastes in music.

“Stupid stripper. Getting me in trouble. Fucking dick.” Natsu grumbled to himself as he slapped the mop against the cafeteria floor. The only thing worse than after school detention was early morning detention.

The previous day, Natsu and Gray - the aforementioned stripper - got into a verbal disagreement which lead to Natsu calling Gray several not so school appropriate names. Unfortunately for him, the teacher walked in just in time to hear him use some particularly vulgar language which lead to him having to come in at the ass crack of dawn and clean the cafeteria.

After about an hour of sweeping, mopping, and belly aching, Natsu finished up with half an hour to spare before classes started.

“Whew!” he huffed, wiping some sweat from around his headband. “That didn’t take as long as I thought it would.” He snatched up a chair from the stack in the corner and put on his headphones. “Might as well hang out and relax before I have to go kick that ice prick’s ass.” He sat down and kicked up his feet onto a near by table, leaned his head back, and closed his eyes while the first song on his shuffle started up.

“Hey little monster, I got my eye on you. Where are you going, where are you running to?”

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