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20yrs ago, the show that would forever shape me began. I was 11 going on 12 & Buffy was everything.
As I entered my teen years, Buffy taught me how to be confident & self assured & that it was also ok to fail. I learned to beat bullies & mean girls with sharp wit, using my own confidence in myself & my abilities as a weapon.
I’ll never forget my best friend getting on the bus after the 1st episode aired & me asking “omg did you watch Buffy?”
And I’ll never forget watching later seasons with my dad, who fell in love with the show just as much as I did. Nor will I forget the bond it gave me & one of my uncles. I was gifted his collection of Russian Buffy stamps after he died recently.
There’s millions of ways that Buffy has touched my life over the last 20yrs & I am forever grateful to Joss Whedon & Sarah Michelle Gellar for it.











i am so blessed omg ♥♥♥

1) ichi was sitting by himself and totty came to keep him company!
2) oso came over to a standing kara and they sat down like this together!
3) todo was by himself and jyushi scooted right up to him on his belly!

i am not really sure if we have something, but i hope we have because ugh i am getting emotions about you

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Hi! Can I request a fluffly one shot of akashi being a father with his wife reader? Like a day out with their toddler kid or smth? Thank you!

This is too cute omg!! I hope you like it! I am sorry I have been slow! 

Akashi looked over at you as you dressed for the day. He only smiled at the thought of how his life turned out. He had never imagined he would feel as much fulfillment as he does now. You felt his gaze on you, and you shifted your attention to him. You smiled and tilted your head slightly.

“Are you ready, dear? The nanny is getting our son ready.” You smiled, making your way over to Akashi and placing a soft kiss on his lips. Akashi wrapped his arms around you and nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, not wanting to let you go. You laughed a bit when you attempted to pull away, yet he held you close still.

“Just a moment longer.” He smiled. You wrapped your arms around him again and rested your head on his shoulder.

“Alright.” You two stood there for a moment, only to be interrupted by a knock on the door. Akashi, holding onto you, looked over at the door and frowned. You chuckled slightly and made your way to the door, opening it up and greeting your son and nanny at the door. 

“Mama!!” He clung to your leg. You ran your fingers through his hair and gazed over at your husband, who was admiring this picture perfect scene. He walked over and wrapped his arms around you from behind, placing a kiss on your neck. Your eyes fluttered slightly at his touch.

“Shall we get going?” Akashi asked. You took your son’s hand in yours and nodded. You three made your way to the car, getting into the back seat. Akashi told the driver to head out and wrapped his arm around you. The driver took the three of you to the park nearby. 

You got out of the vehicle and helped your son out onto his feet. He instantly ran to the nearest playground equipment and started to play. You laughed and waited for Akashi to make his way out. Akashi held your hand and you walked over to your son.

“Mama! Papa! Watch me!” Your son climbed to the top of the jungle gym and made his way to the slide, sliding down with ease. You clapped your hands together and applauded your sons ability to climb and play on his own.

“Wow! You are so amazing!” You cheered. Your son’s face was exuberant with happiness. He quickly climbed back up and repeated his previous actions, always looking over at you and Akashi for approval. You smiled brightly. Akashi also had a smiled on his face, almost lost in thought about how lucky he believed he was.

After an hour or so of playing, your son made his way to you crying. You picked him up and sat him on your lap. Akashi got down on one knee and checked out the slight abrasion on his knee. Your son clung to you, crying into your chest. Akashi frowned sadly. You pulled out a band aid from your purse and handed it to Akashi, who placed it over the wound.

“You should be more careful, next time don’t run so fast.” Akashi scolded. You kissed the top of your sons head as he cried harder at his fathers words. Akashi looked up at you, worried he just made everything much worse.

“There, there. It’s alright. Mama’s here. Daddy doesn’t mean to make you sad, he is just worried about you. He loves you very, very much.” You son looked over at Akashi and held his arms out to him. Akashi smiled and picked your son up, hugging him tightly.

“How about we get you some ice cream?” Akashi bargained. You son smiled and nodded, as if the pain on his knee had magically disappeared.

“Yes please!!”

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I can literally never get over how beautiful you look in your pictures! Also, your eyebrow game is on point! Please, tell me your secrets.

!!!!!!! omg this is too much 😭

I will say tho I made a video today? a time lapse of my friday because I am SHIT at talking directly to a camera and some eyebrow action is seen. I’ll be done with it tomorrow night

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how did you get a concussion playing COD i am v. intrigued

omg. ok. so it was like 3 in the morning and i was sleeping over at my friend’s house, and we decided to play COD bc we’d never played before and we thought it might be fun to dick around on the voice channels. 

so we were playing around, playing shinji voice clips from neon genesis over the microphone? and we played this ridiculous scream and the lobby just went deadass quiet. and this guy w/ a rly deep voice just went ‘shit, son.’ and i fuckin lost it. i laughed real hard, my head went back and i hit it super hard on the solid wood frame of the couch. 

i was a fool and went to sleep like an hour afterwards bc i didn’t know i had a concussion

Bookworm - Theo Raken x Reader


Request: do you think you could do a theoxreader whet the reader almost always reading a book and Theo notices and thinks it’s really cute and stuff and like it’s really fluffy if that makes sense?

A/N: Finally i got that request done! This was on my list since FOREVER omg i swear. I really really hope you like it! It’s 2 am rigth now, so if there are any mistakes, i am sorry.

Warnings: None, really fluffy

My fingers graced over the cover before I opened the book and started to get lost in the words of Jane Austen.

Pride and Prejudice was by far my favorite book. I could read it over and over again and no matter how often I read it, it just never gets old.

Which is why I had the already worn-out copy with me all the time. I never left the house without the book in my bag and I always found time to read it. On the bus station, while driving in the bus, at a line, when I’m at the café, in the waiting room or when I had a free period.

Like now, for example.

I sat in the library, quite hidden between the shelves with my head lying on my bag. Reading was just a thing I always loved doing whenever I could. It was my escape from reality, a chance to go into someone’s head and see the things out of their view for a while.

Completely consumed by my book, I didn’t notice Theo Raeken, the guy I was always told by the pack to stay away from, was watching me.

 When I took a look at the clock, I saw that I had to be at my next class in about ten minutes, so I closed my book and put it back in my bag, which I loosely slung over my shoulder.

I headed towards my locker to get the things I needed for biology. Opening it, I noticed a small note fall out and landing on the floor. Bending down and opening the note, my heart skipped a beat.

I immediately recognized the words, of course, they were lines from Pride and Prejudice.

“You have bewitched me, body and soul.” –T.R.

T.R. ? Was it possible that..could it be..? No. Theo Raeken, the guy from my biology class, the guy that Stiles desperately tries to prove guilty, the guy that the pack does not trust, would never, not in a million years, take an interest in me. No.

Even though I tried to convince myself that this was just a random note from someone else, a prank or something else, something meaningless, the thought that someone had picked up the fact that I read this book so often and then wrote me a note with one of my favorite quotes…

That just made my stomach flutter like crazy.

As I walked into the classroom, the only seat left was next to Theo. I tried to avoid looking at him as best as I could, but I could still feel myself blushing, especially since I could sense him staring at me.

“Got something to say?” I asked, instantly regretting the harsh tone.

“Oh, sorry, I was just wondering if you liked my note, Elizabeth.” He smirked, making an emphasize on the nickname, which made me smile.

“Well, I don’t know, Mr. Darcy, what are your intentions?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

It’s not a good idea to react to his flirting, and it sure as hell isn’t a good idea to flirt back, but I couldn’t help myself. He really got me with the note, it was just way too romantic and cheesy to come from someone who is apparently a bad guy.

“Meet me at the parking lot after school and I’ll tell you.” Theo whispered in my ear, his breath on my neck making me shiver.

After I finished my last class, I made my way to the school parking lot to meet Theo.

It only took a few minutes for me to spot him, leaning against his car.

I walked over to him and his smile grew, making him look even more gorgeous than before. He was a werewolf so I was aware that he could sense my emotions through chemo signals, so I was trying my best to keep calm and not get nervous.

“So, what’s up with the note?” I asked leaning my head to the side.

“Well, I certainly know that Pride and Prejudice is you favorite book and since I’ve been wanting to ask you out on a date for a while, I figured that would be the perfect way to do so.” Theo took a step closer and looked at me with a flirtatious grin.

Oh boy, I think I’m about to faint.

“Oh, uhm, really?” looking down and then slowly back up at him again, I saw him wearing a genuine smile.

Theo slowly took my hand in his and nodded.

“Then just tell me when and where.”  

“I can pick you up at 8 tonight. The Where is still a surprise. You okay with that?” he asked and I responded with a yes, before he stepped in his car and drove away.

“Why the hell were you holding hands with Theo –Shady- Raeken ? “ Stiles practically jumped at me as soon as I walked through the door.

“Well hello to you too. Couldn’t you guys have texted me and told me there was a pack meeting now instead of hiding in my room and almost giving me an heart attack?” I snapped at my friends, who had scared the shit out of me by all sitting in my room when I came home.

“It was kind of urgent, considering the fact that you’ve been cozying up to the enemy.” Stiles spat, squinting his eyes at me.

“We don’t know if he’s really the enemy, maybe that’s a little overdra-“ Scott intervened but I ignored him.

“Just because you think Theo is the devil in disguise doesn’t mean that I can’t talk to him. In fact, He and I are going out tonight.” I crossed my arms on front of my chest and smirked, Stiles’ eyes going wide.

“(y/n), you can’t be serious. Theo can not be trusted!” he yelled, throwing his hands in the air.

“Okay guys calm down. (y/n) isn’t stupid, she knows what she’s doing. If he seems suspicious to her, she can always call us, and she can protect herself really well.” Lydia defended me.

“Thank YOU!” I sighed, shooting her a grateful smile.

“I mean I get why she wants to go though. He does look extremely hot.” Malia, who had been quiet the entire conversation, threw in casually.

“Okay, wow, thank you, that’s definitely helping.” Stiles groaned.

It was almost eight and I was slowly but surely freaking out.

My outfit was cute, but not too fancy. My favorite blue jeans paired with a nice white lacy top.  I took the delicate golden necklace out of my jewelry box and hung it around my neck

Shortly after I finished my makeup and hair, I heard a car park outside and I rushed downstairs to open the door.

Theo was dressed in a pair of jeans that fit him perfectly and a black shirt that was tight enough so you could make out his muscles underneath. He held a simple white rose and handed it to me.

“You look absolutely beautiful.” He said, making me blush.

“Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself. So, where to?”

I closed the door behind me and we made our way to his car with our hand intervened.

“You’ll see soon enough.” Theo smiled.

When it started to get dark outside and I noticed that he was driving into the woods, I was getting second thoughts. What if Stiles was right? What if Theo took me here to murder me and then bury my body in the woods? Oh my god. I’m screwed.

“Hey is everything okay? Your heart is beating like a sledgehammer.” He asked, looking concerned, which confused me because it seemed so honest.

“Uhm yea, I’m just nervous I guess.” I chuckled awkwardly.

“Oh. You’re thinking I’m going to hurt you right? Of course you are. I’m driving you into the woods in the middle of the night..oh my god I’m such an idiot. I am so sorry (y/n)! I wanted to to a picnic at the lookout point. I should’ve just told you. I’m sorry.” Theo explained , shaking his head at himself.

I let out a relieved sigh. “It’s okay Theo. It will be great.” I said, putting my hand on his that was on the steering wheel and smiled at him.

About five minutes later we had reached our destination. Theo exited the car and went to my side to open the door for me. He offered me a hand and I gladly took it, thanking him.

The view was absolutely breathtaking. You could see all of Beacon Hills from up here, the lights of the town in the dark blue night shining like stars at the bottom of the hill.

Theo got a blanket and a few snacks out of his car and placed it on the ground before he motioned for me to sit down beside him.

“You know,” he started, “ever since I came to the Beacon Hills High School, you fascinated me. I saw you in the halls every day, talking to Scott and Stiles and I wondered. What could a person like you have to do with the supernatural? Without sounding creepy, you just pure for this dark world that we live in. And then I noticed you in the library whenever we had a free period. You would always sit in a quiet corner, all by yourself, with that one book in your hands. And you had that deep, concentrated look on your face, completely shutting out every one else. “

He smiled softly and paused, like he just relived one of those moments in his head. Then the reached out to gently push a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Every once in a while you would push your nice (y/h/c) hair behind your ear.

And all I could think about how I wanted to do it too, just like I did now and how you looked so effortlessly beautiful. As you do right now.”

My pulse was speeding up. Never in my life had someone said something this thoughtful and romantic to me. All I could think about in this moment was to kiss him.

And when Theo saw my eyes flicker to his lips, he took the chance, softly grabbed my neck and pressed his lips to mine.

Maybe want to continue this if you guys want it?


so the lovely brainyisalwayssexy tagged me in “your top 6 bollywood movies” challenge! (this was really hard to choose omg) here you go, in no particular order:

kuch kuch hota hai:

this is a no brainer. shah rukh khan is the first bollywood actor i have ever loved and still love & my entire family and i are obsessed w/ him so it’s really not surprising that half of my fave movies are his. this movie is the quintessential kjo all rounder of loveliness & amazingness and it never fails to make my heart smile.

hasee toh phasee:

this movie just asserts the fact that i am a sucker for romcoms. i can’t get over how the chemistry between sid & pari is literally crackling and how sid is actually so gorgeous in this. furthermore, there’s a great plot centred on a man who’s lost in love and a girl who wants to get back to her family and a lot of chaos ^-^


*chuckles* came to watch this for the impossibly hot fawad khan and left crying over the oh so sweet plot and the chemistry between milli & vikku. some of my favourite characters ever and i just want to see more of their royal adventures (which is satiated by amazing fanfiction ;-)) it’s bound to be great when disney & bollywood come together.

yeh jawaani hai deewani:

one of my all-time favourite movies! i spent a good month or more watching this religiously every single week. i relate to the character of naina a LOT, and the whole travel aspect of the movie is so wonderful. deepika is simply beautiful in the movie and once again the chemistry between her and ranbir !!!! (i love good chemistry between actors/actresses) just a great movie. 

kabhi khushi kabhi gham:

the no 1. movie of my childhood. the ultimate kjo masterpiece. this movie formed my obsession w/ srk & kajol together and gave me the impression that they were happily married when they actUALLY WERE NOT UGH!!! (resulting in a sad child questioning life) everything about it is just so good and it’s so larger than life & i simply love it. fave song to dance to as a child was ‘you are my soniya’ bc poo is the greatest we must all aspire to be her 


the darkest movie in this list. highway touches on so much intense topics and it is the only movie that has me crying constantly throughout the movie. it is heartbreaking but if you watch, you will be changed for the better. a true cinematic masterpiece imo, that is just a massive social commentary on the injustice and perversion of life. also it will erase any previous misconceptions you have on alia bhatt from student of the year bc she was so good in this. 

i’m going to tag my fave bolly blogs so baawri koffeewithkjo hotshahrukh chaandaniya jhanak deepika-face-appreciation  ❤

Nurse has written 10000000 poems about Dex this is canon

And even if Dex finds them, he will never realize the poems are about him, because lbr Nurse is 100% the kind of person who deliberately makes all his poetry obscure.

[Although yes it is a *little* suspicious that all of them are chock-full of references to red hair, but in the words of Derek Nurse, “haha oops what a coincidence am i right”]

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Bellarke + first kiss


[AO3] [FFN]

Clarke Griffin is twenty-three years old and has never been kissed.

It’s like that stupid, awesome Drew Barrymore movie, except Clarke’s extremely self-educated about human sexuality and it’s not for a lack of wanting that she hasn’t been kissed.

In fact, she’s pretty sure it’s an excess of wanting that’s gotten her to twenty-three unkissed.

Specifically, wanting Bellamy Blake.

Sure, she’s had other options. If she had really wanted to just get kissed and get it over with, she could have kissed Finn (though thank god she didn’t, because after a month of Finn sniffing around Clarke, Raven turned up, and if Clarke had given in and kissed him, that could have turned out to be a major shitstorm). 

Or Wells, because even though Clarke hadn’t felt the same, she knows he would have forgiven her if she had taken advantage of his feelings for her to try out the kissing thing. 

She’d come closest to getting her first kiss with Lexa, but though the other woman was beautiful, strong, and very attractive, Clarke couldn’t get stupid Bellamy Blake out of her mind long enough to lock lips.

While Clarke has known Bellamy for the better part of a decade, Bellamy’s spent that time patching up her scraped knees, scaring off potential prom dates with terrifying scowls, and in general completely failing to see how head-over-heels stupid in love with him Clarke is. 

Keep reading


I love Finally in Love, it’s a really good game.  I love the stories, I love the MC I love the music “la-la-la-laa-la-la-la-la-laaa”, I love the characters and I really love Aki.  Like, REALLY love Aki and I started this doll of him last year then never finished it.  In an attempt to get over my funk I thought I’d try and finish him.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I think is wrong with him.  To the point where I’m not actually sure if I like him now OR if he even looks like him.  In particular there is this weird dent thing going on in his face and I cannot get it out.  I’M SO SORRY AKI!  I LOVE YOU I REALLY DO!

Little Dolly Aki was staring at the plate before him, a conflicted look on his little dolly face.  “What’s wrong?”  the Dolly Maker asked.

“N-nothing.”  Dolly Aki tried to smile and poked the offending item with his little dolly fork.  The look of distain still there.  Looking around and making sure that the Dolly Maker wasn’t looking little Dolly Aki quickly threw the mushroom into a nearby plant, “Mmm.  Yummy!” he said in a very hollow voice, “I love mushrooms.”  He called out patting his little dolly tummy.

  • person: I nearly died
  • me: okay but michael clifford posted a video on snapchat of him sleeping and I am very not okay I did not expect it and I'm just hurt and he looked like an adorable baby and I will never get over this you don't understand I died and you are both so inconsiderate to other peoples feelings omg just leave me alone

I AM SO WEAK YOU GUYS…..a while i ago i was like “alright…blackmilk…you passed the leggings test and they ACTUALLY fit me but…ur dresses tho” so i decided i would save up for one! AND IT FITS ME TOO??? i am in awe there are tiny little butts all over me guys

i laugh at people who are like “omg why do so many people on tumblr complain about updates things change get over it” bc my tiny undergraduate university renovated our student center, which we called the UC or university center, and tried to rename it the trone center or “trone zone” after the guy who donated the money to pay for the renovation and there was like all out mutiny hating change is really not a tumblr thing, i am pretty sure it is a human condition thing

OMG! I am seriously so happy right now! I got over 9000 notes on my Dan and Phil fanart! That is crazy! Thank you guys! And I am so moved by all sweet comments. I never thought this image would get this much love. 

I really regret not putting my name on it thought. So I really hope no one has been rotten enough to steal it, cause I have put in so much work in this. 

this edit is so lame i’m sorry i have no sleep but guys! i reached 2k around the start of summer, but i’ve been putting off making this because i have so much love to type out and i’m very lazy but here it is! thank you so much for following me and supporting me, it means the world to have over 2k, i never dreamed i would have this much. i love you all ♡

here are my friends, moms, and wives. thank you for being there for me and i love you the most.

emohoshi - snotphia, sophia ben hood, my beautiful mom, we have been friends for so long omg you’re like a freaking sister to me. i love you so freaking much, i am always so comfortable with you and you are my best friend, without a doubt. thank you for sticking with me and i hope i get to meet you soon :( so we can start our own pepe franchise and defeat the minions.

hvrricane - anna… my sweet wife. you have always been my rock and you are always there for me. i know we’ve been through a lot together but that makes you even more special, thank you for caring about me and i love you sosososo much. you are so beautiful and i want you to be happy anD I WANT TO MEET YOU SO BAD i bet you give the best hugs. 

daddielouis - sarah!!! my beautiful wife… i wish i could meet you but we are in a different time zone and that always makes me super sad :( i love how we can stop talking for two weeks and then pick up where we left off at ungodly hours. i love you to the moon and back, you are my favorite louis stan even though your url is very unfortunate and like i’ve promised before, i will personally drive myself to your house when i get my license. i love you my sweet bean

hazah - AMANDA I AM SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU AT OTRA COLUMBUS omg we are gonna have so much fun there, i swear if i don’t get to hug you at least three times i will invent a time machine just so i can hug you again. you are super kind, sweet, and hilarious. and also you’re larrie trash and babygate is a bunch of crap :) i love you, and we’re gonna have an amazing time in a few days!!

i also want to give a shout out to all of my other amazing friends!!!! they’re really sweet and rad!!! i love you guys so much :-)

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