omg i am never getting over this

hahaha guys the musical version of Romeo and Juliet is just so quality, honestly:

French? Hungarian? You can listen to the soundtrack in English probably, but pick a language and prepare for An Experience

French version is Romeo et Juliette, and it’s the original play/music

  • the Montagues and Capulets are color-coded. Pretty sure it’s supposed to be red and blue, but honestly, it’s more like magenta and violet. Sharkboy vs Lavagirl, omg
  • everyone’s hair is so Extra in this version
  • the d a n c i n g
  • Les Rois du Monde. Just that song/scene 
  • everyone looks like MCR Killjoys era, and the general visual and musical theme is like, Mad Max if governments still existed
  • everyone! is so! gorgeous! and amazing!
  • i just love Juliette a lot in this version, okay?
  • dialogue updated to more modern language (as far as my subtitle-reading self can tell) and it works really well
  • nobody cares about Romeo’s lonely soul because everyone is too busy TEARING UP VERONA IN SYNCHRONIZED DANCE STEPS

okay, so I’m a bit biased. I think you should watch both! Definitely, you should watch the French version, because it’s amazing and original!  but actually, if you’re going to only watch one of them, you should watch the Hungarian version because:

  • Bereczki Zoltán
  • Benvolio is like 97% more Personality in this version
  • alas, the color-coding is not nearly as obvious, but do not fear, because the hair is cranked up to 300% to make up for it
  • idk if this was a mistranslation or if this is genuinely the closest English meaning to match the Hungarian, but somewhere in the middle of a really serious song, Romeo says something like “my buddies, my friends” and I can’t stop laughing 
  • Juliet is so pretty and cute and she’s just so excited to fall in love! and meet someone who is cute and nice and wants to kiss her! 
  • if you didn’t already ship R&J you’re freaking going to now they’re so cute i’m literally covering my face with my hands and squealing 
  • pretty much every time Benvolio and Mercutio are sharing the stage, I cannot stop smiling
  • this Romeo is like Romeo+Hamlet. he’s all introspective and premonitions of doom, so it punches you in the feels that much harder when it turns out he’s RIGHT
  • the Montagues are a pack of young, feral, hedonistic, heathens and it’s fantastic
  • frickin’ Tybalt
  • the serious parts are actually serious, and they’ll tear you up, let me say. if you didn’t feel feelings about the deaths and the suicides before, you will while watching this musical
  • (those last 6 are true of the French version, too, I just stuck them in here because I’m biased)
  • this link really says it all tbh:
  • Bereczki Zoltán
  • he bears repeating

Links w/ English subtitles:

Hungarian: (Act 1! Act 2 in sidebar)



Prom hasn’t been feeling very well but he’s not willing to skip on his training, not least of all because it’s time he gets to spend with Noct. He takes a hit and it’s not very hard but Prompto doubles over, mouth open in a silent scream as the colour drains from his face. 

Noctis of course assumes he’s done something to cause this, not making the connection that Prompto’s self proclaimed ‘it’s just a cold’ might have been something more.

Something like maybe appendicitis. He tries to get back to his feet because Noct is panicking thinking that he’s somehow caused this. But prompto doesnt even get half way to standing before he’s collapsing and Noctis drops down after him.

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aah I really like your recent seventeen neighbour au! can you do that for the rest of the members too? if that's too much then just wonwoo, soonyoung, and seungcheol. Thank you! <3

joshua, mingyu & seungkwan can be found (here) ~


  • relatively keeps to himself, is the kind of mysterious neighbor that no one really knows much about 
  • sometimes kids are afraid of him because he has a really deadpan expression so the moms are always like “wonwoo-ah ,,,,, please smile? it’s so nice out!!”
  • but he ends up just getting embarrassed and then asking mingyu when they hangout at a cafe like “kids never let me pat their heads,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,am i scary?”
  • and mingyu is like uh WELL,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but in reality wonwoo is a sweethearted angel. like he picks up litter if he sees it around the apartment building and always offers to hold groceries for any of the elder neighbors 
  • also he always gets cutely startled when another neighbor’s dog comes over to him and sniffs him or barks in greeting and he’s like !!!!! usually ends up dropping whatever he’s holding
  • and he looks down at the little like ??? pomeranian and is like “so,,,,,scary,,,,”
  • and the owner is like omg,,,,,,,,,,,no they’re not scary they’re cute do you wanna pet them??? and wonwoo is like NO ,,, no ,,,,thank you i gtg
  • his apartment is really clean and well kept,,,,,,he has this vintage looking record player and collects mostly older jazz stuff that’s soothing and sometimes even a lil sad
  • when his friends come over they’re always like “dude,,,,,,,do you have any records from like pop groups???” and wonwoo just blinks and is like “why would i have that,,,,,,i listen to records before i sleep i don’t think i could fall asleep to snsd’s ‘party’,,,,,,”
  • he’s also a big fan of blankets and has them everywhere so he can fall asleep anywhere he pleases: the living room, the bedroom, the goddamn kitchen -
  • doesn’t really decorate his walls but has a photo of parents and brother in the hallway and every morning he waves goodbye to it before he leaves,,,,,it’s cute
  • and you have seen wonwoo before, mostly in passing. he never really looks up from his phone or book so it’s more like passing a ghost than anything
  • until one day you’re both on the floor at the same time and as you unlock your door, you take a step in until you look back and see that,,,,,,,,,,,
  • wonwoo is staring at his door and you’re like ?????? what’s he doing
  • and then you see him literally fall forward with his forehead against the door and you’re like IS HE OK and you’re hesitant but you call out like “everything alright???”
  • and wonwoo turns his head and he’s like ,,,,,,, “i don’t have my keys,,,,,,,im locked out.”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,did you,,,,,,,forget them inside??? and he nods,,,,shamefully looking at the floor and you’re like oh,,,,,unsure of what to do
  • but then you hear it. a growl. 
  • a stomach growl
  • and you can’t help but laugh and wonwoo puts a hand shyly over his shirt and he’s like “e-excuse me,,,” but you’re like “if you’re hungry you can come over, im just making ramen tonight so?” 
  • and wonwoo is shy, he’d usually probably decline because he doesn’t want to bother you but then he hears his stomach growl again and he knows mingyu (who has a spare to his apartment) is gonna take like 2 hours to get here
  • so he nods and you grin, telling him not to be shy and come over.
  • and once you’re inside, wonwoo sitting awkwardly at your kitchen table you’re like “so,,,,,while the water is boiling - tell me about yourself.”
  • and wonwoo is like “there’s not much,,,,,” and he tells you that he has a brother, he likes to listen to music, write lyrics sometimes,,,,,and he’s kinda like “im sorry im boring” and you’re like no not at all and once the ramen is done you guys keep like talking
  • and wonwoo is a little reserved, obviously you guys are strangers basically, but you keep listening with enthusiasm and you smile when he attempts a joke and ask him more about himself
  • and unlike most people you’re not,,,,,,,making some comment about how he looks angry or tired. you’re just,,,,,,,genuinely listening and it’s been a long time since wonwoo has met someone new who didn’t right away seem judgmental of how kind of simple he is about most things
  • and once he realizes that mingyu is calling him to let him know he’s here, wonwoo is kind of upset that he has to leave the conversation,,,,,
  • but you tell him that it was nice talking and he thanks you for the food and when he meets mingyu out in the hall
  • mingyu is like nudging wonwoo and he’s like “that neighbor you were with - they’re cute.” and wonwoo is like “oh,,,,yeah they are,,,,,and they’re nice,,,”
  • and mingyu’s like wiggling his eyebrows and he’s like “did you just call someone nice,,,,,,,,,hmmmmmm i thought you weren’t a people person,,,,”
  • and wonwoo is like GIVE me the spare keys mingyu
  • and mingyu is like “go ask the neighbor on a date and i will.” and wonwoo is like m I NG Yu,,,,,,,but mingyu won’t let up because he’s like c’mon i know you think they’re cute 
  • so when you hear a knock on your door and open it, wonwoo is biting his lip but he’s also like “not,,,,not to be weird but are you free this weekend? i just want to get to know you more so we can get coffee,,,,,,,if this isn’t awkward,,,,”
  • and you’re like oh,,,,,,,,you’re flattered and you’re like sure!!! and wonwoo is like ,,,,,,,,well in shock because you agreed but also blushing because wow,,,,,,,he actually got a date with you,,,,,,
  • and you exchange a time and place and you smile before closing the door and wonwoo swears his heart beats a bit faster
  • but then he hears mingyu’s voice like GET IT BRO and wonwoo is like “give me the spare this time or eLSE-”


  • always running out of his apartment because he seemingly is late no matter what???
  • like no matter how many alarm clocks he sets,,,,,,he leaves his house juggling his keys, his bus pass, his jacket, his water ,,,,,, and his hair looks like it has never seen a brush in it’s life
  • he always ends up forgetting something too. usually it’s literally he forget to lock the door to his apartment 
  • but this is his charm!!!! all the older people are like “he’s such a youthful young boy full of energy!” and all the kids think he’s super cool because he dances and does taekwondo 
  • and also hoshi has this bad habit of listening to music way too loud in his headphones so if you’re on the elevator with him you’re sure to be hearing shinee’s 1of1 album blasting through the small space 
  • and speaking of shinee, hoshi looks up to them so much he has their poster up on his wall. well he has a lot of stuff on his wall from the medals he’s won in taekwondo, to bizarre polaroid photos of seokmin and minghao, to autographs he’s gotten from famous choreographers he’s met
  • and his wall is a mess, so is his floor and bed. like there’s training clothes everywhere and his bed is never made and the only saving grace is the can of febreeze he got from mingyu as a gift on secret santa 
  • his refrigerator is just big bottles of water and frozen sushi he got from the grocery store and like no one understands what in the world he’s living off??? maybe he’s running off energy from the sun??? who knows
  • and you know hoshi, it’s impossible not to with his crazy bedhead and his singing outloud to ‘sherlock’ habit
  • and you guys are friends, not like super close but you know enough to talk in the hall and one day as you’re talking you mention you just beat your highscore in ‘just dance’ on this song by usher
  • and hoshi’s like “that’s your highest score? i could crush you if that’s your best.” and you’re like OH WANNA BET 
  • and hoshi is like hell yeah i wanna bet come over and ill show you how a pro does it
  • and so you end up sitting on his couch (which he had to clean, there were chip bags and notebooks on it) watching hoshi turn on his wii and before starting the game he turns around to give you a grin and you’re like PFFT you’ll never beat my score
  • but ,,,,,,,,,,you are wrong. he beats your score. that and also,,,,,,you’ve never seen such a good dancer in your life
  • so you get up there and you bust out everything you have and hoshi is like OOOOOOO you look serious,,,,but it won’t be enOUGh
  • and by the end of it you’re huffing and puffing but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YOU GET A HIGHER SCORE
  • and hoshi is staring at the TV with his jaw on the floor but then he’s smiling and he’s like “you’re so cool!!!!!!!! you actually beat me!!!!!” and he high-fives you because tbh he’s competitive but like,,,,,,,he’s also a sweet guy
  • and you’re like ohg;ldskgfh,,,,,i did,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and hoshi is like “i don’t have fifty bucks on me, but i do have enough to take you out to dinner? it’ll be japanese take out though,,,,,” and you’re like LOL that’s fine. free food = good prize
  • and hoshi like offers out his hand and he’s like “shall i escort you to the five star restaurant than?” and he’s got this mock british accent but you’re laughing and you take his hand 
  • and you only blush when you realize that you guys are still holding hands as you leave the building and go up the street,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and maybe you blush even more when hoshi is like “doesn’t this kinda feel like a first date?” right in front of the cashier at the takeout place and you’re like SHUT
  • but he’s just grinning and you’re like,,,,,,,what is going on
  • and hoshi is like “i figured just dinner isn’t enough so, ill add another thing to your prize.” and you’re like what is it??” 
  • and then he like pokes his cheek and is like “this date with me~~~~” and you’re like never do aegyo again but omg you’re cute,,,,,,,


  • casanova of your apartment building 
  • winks and uses the same “you look like a flower every time i see you, but this time - you’re in full bloom~” line on everyone,,,,,,,,,and when i mean everyone i M E A N E V E R y o n E
  • even the dogs that live in the building ,,,, like there’s a lady with a little chihuahua on the second floor and after telling the lady she looks ten years younger than before, seungcheol like calls the dog a beauty and wow is that dog blushing?????? probably 
  • he’s kind of a really popular guy,,,,like to the point that people will wait outside your building and be like “does seungcheol really live here??? i heard he’s so handsome you can’t look him straight in the eyes,,,,,,,”
  • but in reality,,,,,, his apartment is just the most least romantic thing ever LOL
  • like there’s just sports equipment, sports magazines, and empty water bottles everywhere ,,,,,,, and his laundry pile is so big it’s threatening to fall over,,,,,,, and like the only thing he has for decoration in his whole apartment is like a picture frame he got as a housewarming gift from seungkwan but ,,,,,, there’s no picture in it
  • and like he’s lucky because he has a balcony he can go out onto but on it is his bike that takes up half the space and dying plants he never takes care of
  • and he’s so,,,,,,,like well-kept when he leaves the house but then he comes home and throws everything off and like literally rolls into bed or plays video games in just his sweatpants
  • and you know more than anyone else how the ‘suave and cool’ seungcheol really is because you’ve been friends since before you were neighbors
  • and you’re always over at his place sitting on his balcony and just talking (mostly gossiping because seungcheol actually has a LOT to say and the view from the balcony is nice)
  • and sometimes you come over and trip over like a jumprope he left on the floor and the only reason those plants on his balcony are not DEAD but definitely close is because you water them when you drop by LOL
  • and seungcheol tries to bribe you to do his laundry but you flick his forehead and you’re like “no. im not your maid. get joshua to do it.”
  • and one day you come over and you’re like ,,,,,, seungcheol your apartment is negative ten degrees” and seungcheol
  • who is sitting on his couch in a literal down coat is like “yeah i forgot to pay the heating bill.”
  • and you’re like OH MY GOD but you’re also like get up loser you can spend the night at my place and not die here like a human icicle 
  • and seungcheol is like like i love you you’re my everything my SAVIOR
  • and you’re like SAVE IT DO NOT GREASE ME
  • so seungcheol ends up in your living room on your couch instead and you’re like ok goodnight and seungcheol is like “hEY,,,,,since im here let’s watch a scary movie or something” and you’re like dude we’re not kids this isn’t a sleepover your dumb butt literally didn’t pay- and seungcheol is like fine fine you’re scared I GET IT
  • and you pause because exCUSE me who did you call scared???? move over
  • and you plop down next to him and pick the scariest movie you can find and you’re like “first one to scream is a big loser - ok?” and seungcheol is like “when in my life have i ever screamed? you’re on”
  • but halfway through,,,,like you aren’t even paying attention because you’re sitting under the same blanket as seungcheol and like his arm is practically around your waist and your thighs are touching and he’s really big and warm
  • and you’re tired,,,,,,you had a long day and before you know it you’re knocked out. like what movie? what bet? ZZZZ time
  • and seungcheol notices, and he’s like oh they’re asleep,,,,,he should move so you can lay down
  • but as he’s watching your face illuminated only by the light of the TV like ,,,,,, seungcheol notices finally just how nice your features are
  • and you two have been friends for like ever,,,,, but he’s never quite looked at you and taken it all in,,,,,,,,and somehow now that he is
  • seungcheol is like ,,,,,, oh god ,,,,,,,, you’re cute
  • and not only that???? you literally have saved his ass so many times from bringing him actual food when he forgot to grocery shop, to helping him get hotpacks when he pulled his shoulder, to now,,,,,,when he found himself freezing in his own apartment like YOU saved him
  • and leaning down he brushes some hair from your face and he’s like,,,,, you know what im not gonna move
  • and instead moves a bit so your head falls on his shoulder more comfortably and he moves the blanket off himself so it’s covering all of you
  • and he falls asleep too,,,,,,,,,with the movie still playing
  • and in the morning you open your eyes and you’re like wow my mattress is so warm but broad and oooo it’s moving
  • but then you look down and oh hey there seungch- WHAT
  • and you want to jump up and be like WHAT IS GOING ON but seungcheol lazily opens one eye and is like “go back to sleep,,,,,,,”
  • and for some reason nothing feels wrong about this,,,it’s surprising but not wrong,,,,,,,,
  • so you just shrug and go back to sleep as you feel seungcheols arms wrap tighter around you
  • and oh my god isn’t the best friends to lovers cliche amazing,,,,,,it really is hehe 

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Can you do a scenario with Shinee at cinema please?? ❤❤❤ I love this blog. It's the best!!

you got it bebs ❤ shinee hosting a movie marathon at home could also be found here!


  • staring at the giant glowing menu signs
  • it’s so beautiful
  • but 15,000₩ for popcorn???
  • back in his day they could have gotten two popcorns aND a drink
  • got curly fries instead
  • also in his pocket he has a ziploc full of walnuts he cracked at home practicing his ttakbam (forehead flick)
  • the previews started and he’s debating if it’s worth it to run out to get ketchup
  • nvm key pulled a bottle of ketchup out of his bag
  • he’s grateful but also key wtf
  • after the movie: they should get chicken / minho: is it srsly bc you saw an animated chicken SRSLY


  • why is it always so cold in movie theaters?? 
  • they are people not perishable food items thx 
  • good thing he always keeps a sweater in his car… or 5 
  • does anyone else want a sweater???
  • hands them out like oprah 
  • yeah they mocked him but who wants his sweaters now??? 
  • shinee does (jong: you all smell like me now) 
  • a sniffle (ot4: *heads snap towards him* ‘ jong: what i have a runny nose) 
  • and two seconds later, wiping his eyes with his sweater sleeves: “okay well now i am, her grandmother diED in the first 10 mins of the movie!!!!”
  • keeps whispering to onew: “hey it’s lazy writing to kill someone to propel the plot *shakes him* are you listening?? they can’t just do that it’s lazy writing / onew: *gently places a fry into jong’s mouth* shhhh)
  • there’s a duck crane machine at the theater and he always gets one for sodam every time he goes bc he’s adorable (sodam: aw thanks baby bro / jong: *beams*) 


  • wore shoes that are easy to slip off so he could sit cross-legged 
  • already singing the songs bc he looked it up beforehand 
  • is honestly blown away by the animation and keeps commenting on her hair bc it actually looks like hair!!!
  • cries a lot when tala dies and jong give him tissues and holds his hand to make sure he’s okay 
  • snuck in a fruit tart in a tupperware and is legitimately eating it with a fork and knife rn (minho: psst pass it over) 
  • makes everyone watch all the damn credits in case there’s a post-credit scene (taemin: key hyung i promise there’s not, all the lights came on) 
  • super triumphant when there is one and they all doubted him 
  • when they exit the theater he’s not glaring, it just takes his eyes a bit to adjust to the bright lights (jong: stop groping around it’s not that bad / key: you don’t know my pain) 


  • man he loves these huge reclining chairs 
  • they give him tons of room to stretch out 
  • leans alllll the way back 
  • o ya what a good thing 
  • was up late last night so he drank a red bull to tide him over bc last time he fell asleep and jong chopped him in the throat which was a super dick move 
  • jittery af now 
  • shaking his leg until taemin puts a hand on his thigh and says “stop it, your luck’s going to be shaken off” (”하지마, 복 떨어져”)
  • his jaw actually dropped when the giant crab started singing “shiny” 
  • who did this 
  • looking at the other members like “is this a joke” 
  • plagiarism 
  • one of those people who claps at the ends of movies  


  • went to the bathroom during and since he was the most inwards, when he came back he sat on everyone’s laps for a sec before adjourning to his seat
  • now his back stings from being smacked
  • worth it
  • a little lost bc he was gone for ten mins but refuses to ask what happened
  • it’s okay he gets the gist
  • but he’s going to watch the movie at home bc it’s a good movie ok he gets what happened
  • bursts out the doors when the movie’s over like I AM
  • *breathes deeply*

Oh man……. This episode had me feeling some kind of way…. Now don’t get me wrong! I love Reiner and Bertholdt. I truly do! Even more so than Eren and Armin. I feel the same over Annie and Mikasa too! But back to my point…. Seeing Reiner break down and go through a panic attack of sorts….. Made me hurt for him so much more! Omg….. I really am afraid of (manga) Reiner from here on out, because that man’s emotions and mentality are only going to get WORSE! But if I’m being honest… I never realized how sociopathic and manipulative Bertholdt really is…. Trust me, this isn’t my first rodeo… At this time back in 2014, I already found out about all this back in the manga! But goodness gracious, actually watching it on tv and listening with my own ears…… The man truly had some mental control issues over Reiner! Don’t get me wrong….. I still ship them (I also ship Bertholdt and Annie too!) but I’m starting to wonder…. If that’s one of the reasons why Annie also kept her distance from those two? I mean I guess besides Mina and Hitch, she also confided a lot with Eren. Idk….. I’m getting all mixed up in my thoughts!!! I also can’t believe is will be one of the very last scenes we ever see Ymir again in…….. Fuck that makes me emotional! We all know what happens to her in the end……and…..I just…… It’s just not fair! Ymir reminds me a lot of Levi. Their stories are so parallel….. But I will elaborate more on that, next post!


I’m gonna tell you a story about what that man did for me. And why I think you should trust him.



Can we just talk about how perfect Community’s 6x04 “Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing” is?

Like there’s so much to it, from Chang’s concern that he was only cast as Miyagi because he’s asian, to Abed (canonically recognized as having ASD) having intense empathy for the baby birds (with the wonderfully tragic subtle parallel of his mother having left him when he was young).

But the best part was the amazing discussion of sexuality and it’s complexities.

Dean Pelton has always been assumed as somewhat queer. He is very attracted to Jeff and he often dresses in drag. But sexuality is so much more complicated than just liking boys or girls. There are more than two genders, more than monogamy, more than monosexuality, more than physical attraction, etc etc. And while any kind of positive LGBTQIA representation is awesome, it’s usually something like what the school board tries to do in the episode. They want the Dean to be a neatly packaged, cardboard cut out of the gay white cis male. But that denies so much of who he is and also reduces him to a symbol of how not homophobic they are rather than a complete person.

I cannot get over how well Frankie sums up how problematic this is

“When a person becomes symbolic, they gain symbolic power at the price of independent power.”

Omg. I am obsessed with how perfect that line is. Frankie Dart is my hero. Plus, she subtly comes out to Jeff and the Dean as queer like it ain’t no thing. New fave characacter. 

But most importantly is the vagueness of the Dean’s metaphor. Personally, I took the never ending handkerchief metaphor to mean his sexuality is complex and constantly evolving, while still having some things in common with being straight up gay. Both handkerchiefs and rabbits can be pulled from a hat. But the rabbit is pulled out once and done so it is much simpler, while the handkerchief progresses over time (hence “never ending” handkerchief). Additionally, the rabbit out of a hat is a magic show trope; it is the example non-magicians use as what a magician does (like how heterosexuals only think of queer people as simply gay). Whereas the handkerchief trick, while there is sometimes of an awareness of it, isn’t really as commonly thought about or represented. There’s even a ton of variety within how the handkerchief trick is performed; it doesn’t even have to be out of a hat but can be from a sleeve, mouth, pocket, or behind an audience member’s ear. I think I’m letting this metaphor run away with me, but you get the idea.

I also like that they don’t say what else the Dean is. Because, as Frankie said, your sexuality “is nobody’s business.” The Dean is simply himself. 

Sexuality and gender is a spectrum that extends in a multitude of directions, not just gay or straight. And when we stop having to label and understand something in order to accept it, then we will have truly made progress.

am i the only one absolutely, completely and utterly heartbroken over the deaths of the suriel, the weaver and the bone carver?¿? please tell me i’m not!! (bryaxis is adorable psh he just wants company) they were such interesting characters that were more than the myth that was built upon their lives !

and this book had such realistic character arcs omg especially how tamlin never did completely get over feyre and her betrayal, how long nesta and elain took to recover from their experience, how there was always a price to pay for everything. and don’t even get me started on the amazing female! support! and! female! friendships! and strong female characters!!!!

although i did think it took a teeny bit too long to build up to the climax where they kind of rushed all the events at once aka my heart got steamed over by a roller coaster ;-;

also i understand this book might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the hate towards it is kind of over the top?


July 5th: Dancing 

Pairing: Prompto/Ardyn

I think I died a thousand deaths while painting this. It took me soooo fricking long to get to this stage! Thought I would just paint a quick sketch, but then I wanted to try a different style from what I usually go with and I never painted two people (fullbody) in one piece and omg I have zero knowledge about dance movements and anatomy. Well the day is almost over (at least for me), so I am going to leave it at where it is, but maybe one day I can finish it properly. 

Also I am really confused whether I want to strangle Ardyn or give him a cheer up hug.

(the picture looks a little bit better when you click on it ;-;)

Angel  [ J.J ]

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Sister!Reader

Request: Hey :) Could you please write an imagine where the reader is Jughead’s little sister (by a year or two, whichever you like) and when she starts high school some people bully her and he’s never around to witness it but one day he sees her getting bullied, maybe pushed down the stairs, and he just gets really angry and over protective, and then like sister/brother fluff? Thank you ❤️❤️

Warnings: Bullying and mild-ish language

Word Count: 1010

A/N: I am sooo sorry this took so long to get up omg. Anyways, I thought this request was super cute! 

Jughead and you were always like two peas in a pod. There wasn’t that much of an age difference between the two of you; Jughead is just over a year older than you. You were practically best friends.

But ever since Jason Blossom’s murder, Jughead had immersed himself into other things. Things that you had known were important to him yet the slight possibility that he valued them more than you still hurt you more than you would admit. It’s not as if you didn’t talk to each other at all because you interacted the same as usual just not as often as you did before.

Jughead still cared for you more than he cared for anyone else and vice versa.

So, when people started to treat you badly at school, you didn’t have the heart to tell him. What made it easier for him not to know was that he was just never around whenever a bully would step up to you. Students would tease you or shove you and you had no idea of the reasoning behind it. You knew that you weren’t exactly like the other students but what did you do for them to bully you?

It wasn’t that you were embarrassed to tell Jughead, it was that you knew it would make him angry and you knew that it would upset him. Besides, he’s dealing with more important things. Right?

You were walking to your locker after last class, your books held tightly against your chest. You ignored the stares that you received from the same group of students who found it so damn amusing to make your day horrible, silently hoping that nobody would address you.

You sigh as you pass them without contact, your fingers loosening around the books in your hands. They were only a few feet behind you but you had assumed that they wouldn’t bother you now that you had passed them. You were wrong.

“Hey, loser,” A strong male voice called from behind you. “Heard your brother was on the list of suspects. Wouldn’t be so surprised if your name’s on there too. I bet it was you–”

You snap, turning around abruptly with a strong glare aimed at the whoever had spoken. You couldn’t have cared less about his words but you were sick of their attitude towards you. Honestly, you had surprised yourself by having the nerve to finally confront (even it was just a stare–it still managed to catch them off guard) them without making everything ten times worse.

You’re eyes held a look that sent them all a step backwards. Who knew that the Jones girl had so much flare? Obviously they didn’t. You absolutely hated when anybody said anything wrongly of your brother. It always flicked a switch inside you.

The boy scoffs, rolling his eyes as a smirk crosses his lips. His eyebrow raises as he nods his head in your direction, waving at his friends to follow him. You stay still, unaware of his intentions.

As he walks past you, he juts his arm out roughly, shoving his elbow into your side. The force of the impact sends you into the locker, your arm hitting the metal with a loud noise. You wince at the added pain. Tears well in your eyes as you bend to pick up your fallen books as the group of kids laugh, the hurt in your side and side throbbing in sharp bolts of pain.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” You let out a wrangles noise at the familiarity of the voice; Jughead. You look up at him, immediately ripping your gaze away.

Jughead was infuriated, his jaw clenched and his skin reddening as his fingers curl into fists. The glare he sends at each and every one of them was almost terrifying before he turns to you, his expression softening as he grabs hold of your arm to help you up.

“You know what? I don’t care. All I care is that you’ve had the audacity to hurt her as you did. She’s an angel–she’s never done anything to you! And this is how you treat her?”

Nobody says a word as they watch with what you hoped were regretful expressions. They were scared of Jughead at this certain moment and your heart swelled with pride at how he’s standing up for you. You were so thankful to have him as your brother.

“You can all shove a damn knife up your asses and go to hell for all it matters to me. But don’t you ever mess with her again, you hear me?” He almost yells at them, his eyes sending daggers at each individual. The boy who had shoved you looked as if he had messed his pants, gulping as Jughead spoke angrily. “Otherwise, I swear to god you’ll all be begging for–”

“That’s enough, Jug.” You softly cut in, shaking your head at the group of students. Jughead takes a deep breath, waving a hand at them, motioning for them to bugger off. And they scurry away quickly, murmuring between themselves.

Jughead pulls you into his chest, his arms tightly holding you firmly against him as he kisses the top of your head. You bury your face into the soft fabrics of your brothers clothing, letting a few tears fall.

His heart shatters as he holds you, his little sister, as you cry. He bites his lips, squeezing you tightly. How could he have not noticed? He shakes the thoughts away.

That was the last time anybody messed with you. You would see them glance at you with hateful glares now and then but many of them were caught by your brother. If anybody so much as looked at you the wrong way, you knew Jughead would have at their throats. But he made sure nobody did in the first place and the rest of your days at school weren’t so dreaded anymore.

You had nothing much to worry about from now on. And it was all thanks to Jughead.

A Short Review of World Enough and Time by Me

Okay boys I am ready for this.

Steven Moffat your fanboy is showing.

I never thought I would actually hear the words “I am Doctor Who.”


I live for random blue characters.

Omg the Doctor said it!

I am SO happy right now.


NO I cannot handle the music I am actually going to cry.

Doctor Who: destroying social constructs yet again.



Somehow a random electronic device saying pain over and over is incredibly disturbing.

I’m getting a The Girl Who Waited vibe here. Which of course is a good thing.

I admit I don’t know this Mondasian janitor dude’s name, but I adore him.

Heck yes Venusian aikido.

Oh no what janitor dude was in league with them?

“She’s cleverer than you” “And more evil” Yes but you gotta love her.




It’s Bill isn’t it

Okay from the moment he said ‘self destructive’ I knew but still

“When you’re the former Prime Minister” reference to The Sound of Drums I love it


Yep. Bill. The Doctor BETTER fix this.


So we have the Mondasian cybermen, the RTD cybermen, and the Moffat cybermen. I am READY

I wonder, because for the most part the RTD ones were Cybus Industries, but that was in the parallel universe. I guess they’re the same ones from The Next Doctor?

I’ve loved Missy’s character development throughout this whole series, she better choose the Doctor’s side.


anonymous asked:

I am squeeing over your Jumin x MC comic you just posted! It is so adorable!! I hope if you feel up to it we will get more because it is just so wonderful! Thank you for your amazing art, as always!!!

omg I actually was never planning to do any more. Because I don’t like drawing stories that I might never finish haha. but I got a bunch of comments here and on Instagram to continue it. So I might!!!!  :) I just don’t know how it would end since It’s not really a Mystic Messenger comic. it’s just a shoujo of Jumin and MC hahahaha

*Update: I ‘made’ my crush jealous!

I submitted that story time! and Yes, I gladly do have an update on what happened, I read all of the advice and took my time and did a lot of thinking and I’m trying my best to stay calm and avoid writing in all caps!!!!

OK, So after I sent that submission, I decided to take your advice, kmusicandblackwomen! I also asked my friend and she LOVED the idea! So I wrote him a long letter, I didn’t expect to make it that long, but I threw in some jokes, to not make it weird. And the letter was basically me confessing how much I like him and that I’ve had a crush on him for over a year and that he gives me butterflies. I also told him how, as weird as it sounds he made me happy! and that every time I saw him walk in that door, he made my day better! And I was like, Man, I hope you’re single, if not pretend you never read this letter!

Even though we talk on the phone some times (mostly text), I couldn’t find the courage to tell him on the phone or to his face, that gave me anxiety thinking about it and I didn’t want to play the “make him wait/play hard to get” game! I was scared some other girl would sweep him off his feet, so I have courage enough to finally take it to the next level and confess, even though I think it’s quite obvious to him I like him. And from all the staring and flirting he gives me, I think it’s quite obvious he likes me too….at least I HOPE!

Keep reading


i am so blessed omg ♥♥♥

1) ichi was sitting by himself and totty came to keep him company!
2) oso came over to a standing kara and they sat down like this together!
3) todo was by himself and jyushi scooted right up to him on his belly!

ask-planet-flower-vmin  asked:

(( it is FLUFF time now smh -- imagine namjin cuddling in bed, post bangtan sound, the baby girl they just adopted in the other room and finally asleep. joon's pressing sweet little kisses all over jin's face and he tells him of how gorgeous he is, how amazing he is, how much he loves him. and jin ends up looking down shyly and blushing because no matter how many times joon tells him this, he gets so shy because he never expects it. joon then holds him close and jin falls asleep in his arms ))


tiny-smallest  asked:

My favorite thing about Cerberus (besides the pure unadulterated fluff) is the fact that it's actually plausible for him to exist! The Pluto to his Mickey. And I know you didn't make him for the OTR au, but I am tempted to write Henry making him real for Bendy following the circus trauma to help Ben recover from that. It'd mean more work for Henry but dogs don't have existential crisises and Ben seems like he's REALLY traumatized after the big top nonsense, so screw it, let's try this.

Oh man… tbh, I never really thought of including Cerberus in my Over the Rainbow AU, but… omg, Henry getting Bendy a therapy puppy… oh nooooo, that’s very tempting because like–

The only way he’d be able to create Cerberus would be if he used Ink… from the Ink Machine… back in the Studio. 

Ok, now I’m picturing Henry literally digging up the remains of the ink machine to gather up a bucket’s worth of ink to create Cerberus and ohhhh imagine the CONSEQUENCES, Henry. 

…Screw it, I’m including it in canon.