omg i am in love with this website

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hey i'm new and i was wondering if you have any friends you would recommend

so many nonnie!  

@capsbuchanan: Is literally one of the sweetest people on here! She is a phenomenal writer and friend  

@buckybarnesismypreciousplum: Hailey is absolutely amazing, she will always stick by you no matter what! 

@bucky-plums-barnes: I literally can not say a bad word about Gen she is amazing and anyone else who thinks differently can fight me! 

@mcuimxgine: Hannah, my love. My sweetness she is to pure for this website I swear. 

@assembletheimagines: Linds, my little sinnamon roll. She has made me sweat on numerous occasions with her writing…

@emilyevanston: Has the best headcannons I have ever read, omg each one is perfect and just beyond anything I could ever write! She is goals!! 

anddd that’s all I can think of right now, there are so so many amazing people on here that I know 100% I am forgetting. 

A note from my Grandma:

100 percent my least favorite website online is Internet. Now please post this Honey. Don’t have to type what? Oh, I am typing. Sorry. I just love internet. I’m Grandma. Bye. 

OMG LMAO that was grams she wouldn’t let go of the keyboard LMAO>

This wasn’t true : (Monkey Emoji. Monkey Emoji he’s covering his mouth)

I remade: ommanyte --> ommastar

Well, I suppose it’s time to make an official post about this. As many of you may have heard, my blog, ommanyte, got terminated.

I have no idea why. I feel that I have done nothing wrong. Tumblr will not respond to me at all, I have now sent countless forms to support, and I get back nothing, whereas if I ask friends to contact support for me, they get a response within the hour, telling them that I need to contact tumblr myself - which is obviously what I have been doing.

I think I need to accept that my old blog is gone. This is tough, because I have put two years of love and hard work into that blog.  Literally hundreds and hundreds of gifs, and tonnes of art, ranging from really shitty doodles to stuff I was really proud of. I also contributed some choice shitposts during my time.  I know follower counts at the end of the day are meaningless, but I was about to reach the 20k milestone, I was really excited. Its tough you know, to try and find the will to rebuild, when it feels impossible to replicate what you had. It is especieally disheartening when it’s all taken away from you, seemingly for no reason at all. At many times I felt that I didn’t have the heart to come back.

However  (sorry if this gets cheesy) you guys have been so incredibly supportive. *this song starts to play in the distance* I have felt so much love,  kindness, and support from so many people in the past few days, and I am so flattered, honored, and eternally grateful. It made me realise that the best part of this website is not about the follower count, or having popular posts, its the people, the community, the friends you make, and the shitposts you share. (omg that was so cheesy, but seriously, thank you so much everyone) 

So, I’m afraid you’ll have to endure me sticking around a bit longer. You can’t repeat the past (sorry Gatsby), so I am moving on, evolving. I welcome you to my new blog, ommastar!

Helllloooooooo! OMG this is so crazy. I never ever imagined having 15,000 followers. So many good things have come to me from this website and I am so glad that I can have all of you here in this little community. Thank you guys and I love y’all so much! I could possibly be doing a giveaway next week, so keep an eye out. 


Here is everyone that I follow!

A - D: abandonedwillow actualphandomtrash adoringoakley alexdoestv alfpacas alittledizzy amazingphil anyoneeslebutyou awk0troyler awsugg ayytilly chaitroye chefyk chilltroye conniefrannie connorfranta cookieluke coolbeansfrancesca cutesivan daddygordon danieeeellee danisnotonfire demfairylights disenchanfed divergentsivan drmng-alone

E - H: elliotfriar fallenfor5sos fathoming-the-stars fivesource flusteredphil fr3ntus frentus-wants-to-frickle-frack frentustroye frickmeoakley fricksivan gasoline-troyler greenerdfighter har-ree harryonfelix haveyouseentheirbutts hella-zoella hopelesshowell hotdamn5sos hrhblainers httpsivan

I - L: i3troyler i3tyler iadoretroyler icelandandbeyond infinitytroyler inlovewithtroyler itme-emilymarie itmeslayvan itmetroye jamesdugganyoutube japandan joedarbyshire julianneshumake kardashiansandconnorfranta kickthe-amazing-fire koreykuhl letsgoyoutubing literallytroyler lock-screens lookingfortronler loving-youtuber-things luekcompletemess lukehemmingsdaily lukeisapenquin lukesfavorite-flannel lukeysheart luukhemmings

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P - S: palesivan peace-love-youtubers peace-out-little-munchkins perfectoakley phanaction phansllamas phanyoakley pixeltroye pointlessblogtv pointlesssugg promoakley punkclemmings queenfrentus queenofswagalot remusjlupn ripsticktroye runawayphan ryan s-u-g-g-s sam-on-stage samkingftw sandandfoamworld sassy-troyler sassyfrentus seethestarsinyou sellingmysoultotyleroakley shipping-the-phandoms sivanlyoakley sivansweetheart slaysfordeyes sleep-sarcasm-youtube smilingoakley smilingtroye softsivan sparkleoakley sparklingsivan standingbyavriel starryeyesandblurredlies sup3rfrit supernaturalyoutube swiftlysivan

T: tanhowell thatsacutedesk thatsgrace thefrikc thesecretlifeoftroyler theyoutubefangirl tillyoakley tillysbooty tomlinsonunicorns tr-oyesivan tronnorsphan trovesivan troye-gasoline troyeboybutt troyeboyish troyes-lip-ring troyesivan troyesivan18 troyesivanknowles troyeslay-van troyetrxye troyeuphoria troyler-sheeran troyleralways troylerandtaylor troylerfangurl troylermeetsworld troyleroakleyy troylersheart troylersombrero troylersos troylertouch twentyoneklaine twinkbottom twinkoakleys twirlingtroye tyler-chokeme tyler-oakleys-pickle tylerbroakley tyleroakley tyleroakleyfanpage tyleroakleyiseverything tyleroakleyisthebae tyleroakliy tylerscallus tylerslayvan tylerslittleshit tylersranchdressing tylerthequeenofgay

U - Z: uggly-self ugh-troye ughoakley unftroye ur-a-lil-nugget versa-tilly warblercolfer whatsagarb whatstroyler whoistroyeanyway wishingfortroyler yaytroyler youtubeitube youtubenugget youtubephanclub youtubers-ugh youtuberszl zalfie-troylerr zalfieinlove zalphie zapidos zoella zoella-deyes zoellagifs


My Youtube Channel (which just hit 1k subs so thanks!)

My Twitter

Thank you and I hope you all have a wonderful day/afternoon/night wherever you are :) This is craaaazy! And if I forgot to bold your name, I apologize, this is taking so long and I can’t really see bc I need glasses. 


So you guys I made 600 followers on this new blog already! I’ve only had this thing since like Dec!

I dont even know where to start. I’m so glad to be back. When I deleted at daddywangsnoona with 2000+ followers i thought this was the end of me on tumblr with all the drama that went on.

But you know I cant stay away too long. ;)

Im just so happy that not everyone hates me on this website and I am able to come back and thirst over Jackson/Got7/BTS/kpop in general!

I’ve even made some new friends along the way!

Hella hella love to my mini squad: @aireyelle @victorinyan You guys are the best..dealing with my crazy ass. lol

(I did this in abc order so I wouldnt forget anyone. If I said Im sorry omg dont hate me)

Hugs and kisses to:

@100minas @4seungri @abrieflygreatdelusion @akaihanabi @aliceinthemadness @allofk*** @assass-n-ate-it @atokatsu

@black-krystal-balls @blindmarks @bumkangsung*** @blackgirlandkpop

@cheskaandquarterlife*** @commedes-khaleesi @crown-queen-bambee

@danibabyluv @dsouls*** @dlcute***

@e-lamia-vita*** @exorablexiu


@got7europe*** @gzbae @gotnojamschimchim(thank you for that msg after I lost my job)

@halfheartedwish*** @hobaeyourthirst @hobiandthe95z*** @holdmehoseok*** @holyfuckmark*** @hobanana28 @honeydewbeauty

@i-believe-in-neverland @iamawe50me @igot7-love

@jacksonisbae @jacksonsorganictea***  @jacksonwang-fanpage @jenniferchiang @jiminyah @jinyoungs-hipsdontlie @jitaeri @jiyongs-g-thong @jjj-flawless

@kidsbopidol @kisipie @kissmedalmateangel @kpop-biased-blogger @kpop-sweetie*** @kryssinykki

@l0ve-2live-live-2l0ve @lethallycute*** @letmenoona @lialovesyouall @loladivine*** @lovely-savage

@madame-austere @markbutton @memoriess-liveonn*** @messyandstressed @musicvengeance @myliipslikesuga @mysticalafrofairy

@nb-pvndv @nevertinkerluv

@officialyanghyunsuk @ot7-trash

@paperbird92 @pedonoonaswag @pkdollface @princessmiimiii @properandangerous***

@rayneoftherisingsun @rose-vanity @roseangel16

@selcouth–soul @seungripls @sexuali-tae @shiroworld (I added you since we go way back lol *blush* ) @sometimesnoona @starscall @stressed-princess-syndrome @strongbaeri @suddenlyatpeace @suho-is-my-style-23 @sujumon-secre7s*** @supersoftghetto @supremethunda @sweet-taboo

@taehyungsgrowl*** @tearsanddesolationakathebbc*** @thegirlinreallife*** @thejadediaries @thirstinism @this-isnt-jose @tokwha

@victorialiuw @vintageginger (I miss you i hope everything is okay)

@wang-me-harder @wang-thighs @wangbubble @wangmebaby @wangnation852 @woshiyingtao


@yg-drag @ygcutie @yglies @youngbaebae*** @youngbaedong  @your-sweetembrace*** @yourmajestyqueenchelseachels

***: You guys know what you do for me. You guys make me happy and understand me.

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Forever trash

YOOOOOOOOO even if I was travelling this summer, you guys still thought I was interesting enough to follow me so I would like to thank every single ones of you! I joined this fandom at the end of the previous season and I became friends with amazing people. So yeah, here’s my back to school/pre season follow forever!


hockeyismyreligon jan HOLY SHIT WHO DOESNT KNOW JAN SHE IS FLAWLESS. i am so glad we became friends because she is such a kind person in her own way (she will be ready to fight people to defend you) (LMAO ILY) Jan is the first friend I made here and it convinces me to stay on this website. No matter what time it is, I can talk to her about everything. like E V E R Y T H I N G. and she will be there listening (well reading) and support you.

horseshitfuckingcall ashley SHLEE OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! <33 shlee is basically the girl that you can tell all your funny stories because she is such a friendly canadian. i think she likes beer (do you like beer?) so i would love to meet her one day in a pub. i always talk with her cause obviously, SHE IS SO GREAT.

canadiens-not-canadians em EM IS MY OFFICIAL TRANSLATOR OK!!! she is such a generous and funny person wow who doesn’t like her tbh (if u dont like her, which is impossible, LETS FIGHT). i might move in her city, which is CRAZY. like omg she’s a goddess i will die.

dont-stepan-shit laura !!!!!!!! laura and I became texting buddy, which is great cause she knows all my love stories. whenever you are sad or stressed, she is always ready to send you cute pics. also, i really love her maturity for her age!!! (im old guys) im so glad i became friend with her

t-o-ews maddie yooooooo i dont talk that often with her, but it is always great when i do it. i just admire that she has such a strong opinion on things. i just wish i can set my mind and defend my point as great as she does. also, she is always willing to give you advices when you are in shit.


aaronekbald, a-bgally, alexeiemelinstwin (<3), aliceinhabsland, andrewshawmademedoit, bennguinislife, bennmeover, bennyandthestars, bortuzzo, bozaks, brandonbolligs, brassymoore, brassyanddmoore, brendamngallagher, brendassgallagher,capitainequebec, carey-price-31, chicago-runsonduncan, chrisdamnthomas, cinnacrunchseguin, crosbye, dallas41chicago88, darthtulip, davidjohnnyoduya (MEEEEL OMG ILY YOU ARE COOL), fucale, fuckingtoews, galchenchuckie, gallyarmy, gallylove, gaudreausbeforebros, glovehand, goallagher-galchenpuck (ROSE IS LITERALLY THE BEST JTM), gogallys, hawksofwinterfell, hockey-keithrichards-pizza, hockeyisanaddictivedrug (CRISS FER JTM DEY), hockeywashergame, jamesonrandolph, jakegards-flow, jesus-price-save-us-all, jordanstaal, jvr21, kissthecup, ladysstardust, lahs-ellah, letangs, lilkaner


mad-salty, marchandmad, marianyossa (a++ blogger and human bean ok zach lmao i forgot the actual word so i wrote bean because i think its close to the real word), mo-rielly, mycaptaintazer, nathanbeaulieus, natesbeaulieu, ohmy–darling, plekaface, pksubban76, price-subban-pacioretty, puckhiminthefivehole, puckingchucky, puppykickersubban, saintcrow, sainteflanelle (MA JUMELLE DE NOM YO <3), scottdarls, segsytoews, shawismymainboy, sleepysaader, so-hockey-eh, stars-seguin, suckmyprusticles (OLIVE MY BAE), talk-hockey-to-me, teamtoews19, thatch-demko, toewsaf, toewsme1988, toewsok, tylerxseguin, typaulseguin, whenthepuckdrops