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oohhh, hmmm.... “our buildings are across the street from each other and we always wave and say hello but now that i’m meeting you i’m really nervous” au

This isn’t a big deal, she tells herself, watching the dark-haired man in the apartment across the street take in the morning air. She’s not just out here because he is — she has plants to water, thank you very much. If she waited for Elsa to remember to water them, there would be no plants to speak of. It just happens that the best time for her is before work, the very same time he always slides his porch door open and greets the world. 

Her gaze keeps slipping from the watering can, accidentally dripping water all the way down the leg of her pajamas as she waits to catch his eye, but it’s not a big deal. Even when he sees her like he always does, and gives her that I have no business looking this good at 7 in the morning grin, it’s not a big deal.

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🌞 i just followed u but just wanted to tell you ur original content is beautiful!!! i didnt know study notes could look so aesthetic!!! anyways there was a really huge rain today and i just find that so comforting (if im not under it) bc i love the chill vibes it gives + the sound & smell of it 🌧

Hey Bonie! Yay, i love chatting to new followers ☺️Thank you so much!! Omg same! I love listening to the rain whilst lying in bed- there’s something so wonderful about listening the rain/storms whilst being dry inside. ☔️

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