omg i actually said that

Tactician | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars (EU)

I blame reading Command Decision for this entirely.

(more Star Wars fanart)


707 thinks Santa is a spy and tbh he’s persuasive

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Sunday 8th January, 2017.

This was my first show since September so to say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. Not even a tube strike was going to bring me down! Anyway, as you’d expect from someone with my username, this is 90% Albus and/or Scorpius. I tried not to describe everything in minute detail because it’s been done a hundred times already (my previous recaps are here), yet this still managed to be 9k+ words long! Fear not, I’ve written this scene by scene so you can skip to the bits you are interested in. Or just because I’m a self aware rambler, you can skip riiiight to the end for the TL;DR bit I did at the end! 

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OMG A PAINTING I’M ACTUALLY PROUD OF?! I said that i was worried about people not being able to tell it was a painting and someone mentioned, ‘sign it.’ duh. Jesus, I can be dumb sometimes.

ALSO: Thanks you guys for the comments and the reposts I love them all!

i feel proud,every anime character i was like “he gays” wasn’t gay and now when i saw victor and yuuri for the first time i said “they gay” and they actually gay OMG 2016 thank you for believing me I will be a good child after that


Barcelona, I want to hear you sing this song with me. Muy loud. Very loud. Here we go. It’s called Brother.

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Wait! So you screamed "ILY BEN SAVAGE" was that when he said "ily too"😂😂😂😂awe

omg i wasn’t actually that girl LOL

i didn’t hear what he said to that girl tho i was laughing too hard bc i related to that girl hard core