omg i actually said that

SO THIS HAPPENED OMFG ASJNJJDSF I met Rainbow Rowell with my sisters, she signed our books and then we took a pic,,, and omg she was the sweetest and the nicest 💖💖💖

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When I read that Gemma answered a larrie again I was like "can people stop?", but when I saw what she said, omg I was actually shocked, it was too harsh, I don't know if it's because I'm not from somewhere where english is the native language, but to me "mental" is not something you should say to anyone at all ??

People commenting on anyone’s posts with larry stuff is soso absurd and childish and I’ve never been able to understand what they think they’re doing. One can’t approve of that.

But I won’t approve of an adult reacting this way to a fan, either, when she could have simply blocked her (I do this for a job, I do happen to talk to our clients’ family members and help them make a fair and safe use of sm). It would have sounded very wrong even if she had gone off to an anti using that wording. It was bad in 2013 and it’s bad now. 


Barcelona, I want to hear you sing this song with me. Muy loud. Very loud. Here we go. It’s called Brother.

Tactician | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars (EU)

I blame reading Command Decision for this entirely.

(more Star Wars fanart)


707 thinks Santa is a spy and tbh he’s persuasive

OMG A PAINTING I’M ACTUALLY PROUD OF?! I said that i was worried about people not being able to tell it was a painting and someone mentioned, ‘sign it.’ duh. Jesus, I can be dumb sometimes.

ALSO: Thanks you guys for the comments and the reposts I love them all!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Sunday 8th January, 2017.

This was my first show since September so to say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. Not even a tube strike was going to bring me down! Anyway, as you’d expect from someone with my username, this is 90% Albus and/or Scorpius. I tried not to describe everything in minute detail because it’s been done a hundred times already (my previous recaps are here), yet this still managed to be 9k+ words long! Fear not, I’ve written this scene by scene so you can skip to the bits you are interested in. Or just because I’m a self aware rambler, you can skip riiiight to the end for the TL;DR bit I did at the end! 

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i feel proud,every anime character i was like “he gays” wasn’t gay and now when i saw victor and yuuri for the first time i said “they gay” and they actually gay OMG 2016 thank you for believing me I will be a good child after that