omg i actually finished it

The future fuhrer and his wife


Huevember Day 13: I actually finished this off last night but then I had to do an entire comic to explain it because I NEEDED TO. Mob is bad with text messages for sure.

Okay, but look, until canon tells me otherwise I refuse to believe Teruki is as okay as he pretends to be, especially with the whole living alone thing. He’s 14 omg


An exploration of the dark love affair between the Champion and Red Paladin.

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Inspired by my personal fave Kureith interpretations in fics written by @fenri@lycoria@Ithiel_Dragon @eunzos, and special thanks to @captainkogane​ / @naou​ who introduced me to the perfection that is Howl <3 and who listened to me whine non-stop while working on this…


so uh
I drew some cat boys

i actually intended to just indulge myself and draw keith with cat ears
but suddenly there is lance???? idk man


I ran into these Bravely Default / Second cosplayers on Friday of katsucon as Tiz!! They were super sweet and took photos together! Credit to the 707 that was with them,,, i never got their contact info orz ;; and let me know if the Magnolia has any social media! I don’t think she has a instagram so!

Ringabel / Edea- @somersetsews / Khint / Tiz / Magnolia

mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [30/30] TESCO AU

As far as young Sherlock Holmes is concerned, Tesco is absolutely perfect for running experiments. It’s full of stuff he can use and he can always be sure Mycroft will rather just pay for everything than show up personally in that kind of establishment.

Sadly, Sherlock doesn’t consider one of most annoying Tesco employees - Greg Lestrade, who either is taking his job way too seriously or has a crush on Mycroft. Sherlock finds both options equally disgusting.

He moved quickly and in one second you were on your back, eyes wide. Chat was hovering over you, his torso between your bent legs.

“That’s… enough.” His breathing was ragged and his cheeks were as red as a tomato. “My turn now, ma chérie.”

The Muse, Chapter 7

His heart melted when Viktor saw him, giving him that smile he saved just for the young man. He rose from the bench and walked to Yuuri, circling an arm around his waist and giving him a sweet yet lingering kiss.

Viktor and Yuuri featuring fangirling barista and my local Starbucks because that’s the only place I can draw from memory.

This is fan art for @paxohana‘s AU fan fic Met by Accident.  It’s one of my favourites and you should definitely check it out!  I literally cannot stop rereading this scene, it’s simply too cute!  It’s from chapter 13 after they *ahem spoiler alert* confess.  I’m translating it into Chinese as well.  I swear to god chapter 2 is almost done but I have a lot on my plate right now and I promise it will be up later this week.

I suck at drawing so I don’t know if this turned out okay or not.  I hope it’s not too bad and didn’t end up butchering that sweet scene. *sweats profusely*

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Thank you great wonderful Bi Mom, I watched One day at a time. Omg when I finished the season, I actually cried. I've never cried for a tv show before. It's amazing! Can't wait for season 2!

the show just does so much good i heart it so much. 

“Can I take your order?”

Raphael looks up from the menu he’d been holding and almost chokes on his words.

The boy in front of him can’t be older than he is. Eighteen, maybe nineteen. He’s wearing a white apron and a white-pink striped button up shirt underneath to match the walls of the diner. His glasses are thick and black, but he doesn’t look nerdy in them like the boys he’d seen coming out of the local high school.

(Part 1/?) Fanart for @raphaels-santiagos wonderful Saphael-50′s AU


Jotakak Doujin - “Butterfly Effect”

Chapter 1




. Next chapter :

I should play Off again with HEADPHONE~! Since I want to do some crossover arts I think I should be more familiar with everything in the game. Like, I might miss some important details in the first run. Maybe I’ll find something new in the second run. heh

My computer was actually back but it’s going to be sent to the repairer again because the problem is still appearing…danm it.

Before my computer is gone, have a sketch that might appear in the crossover comic. lol