omg how old are you now

Had dinner with my fiance and some friends for my b-day which was really fun! We did trivia night at a local restaurant and we lost super hard haha. But I got cake and ice cream so it’s all good~~ Also–

oldhollywoodlesbian: “honestly ever since I found out we weren’t the same age I’ve like looked up to you even more because I always feel so bad about liking cute things when I’m almost 22 years old but seeing you and how you don’t care what people thinks have given me so much inspiration OMG”

@oldhollywoodlesbian bawww Bambi you are so cute like ;_; 

Sorry I didn’t reply to this yesterday but this seriously made me so happy and giddy. I’m glad I could be a bit of inspiration haha. I think I was more self concious about it at your age than I am now so it’s not that strange that you feel like that. You haven’t been an “official adult” for that long, but long enough that you feel like you need to show how adult you really are, which tends to come out in thinking you need to part with more “childish” things. Then you move past that and realize everyone else is just winging this whole adult thing too, and you don’t need to prove to anyone how adult you really are. At least, that’s how I see it.I should remember this advice when I do get down on myself though….

being in a fandom for more than a few years is kind of a surreal experience, honestly. you see fanart that you’ve sent in texts years ago, you see posts that you qualify now as ‘classics’ because of how old they are, you see people getting excited over new information that, honestly, you’ve known for a long while… you see one of those same-old same-old arguments bubbling up between people in the fandom and you just think to yourself “oh not again”, and then you lean back in your rocking chair, watching from the sidelines like your joints ache too much from all the battles of your past. a fuckin fandom grandparent. someone get me some applesauce

guys, bambam is so much more beautiful in person, he is literally that beautiful, I was about to cry. I think he noticed that I was really nervous so he kept telling me to just have fun during the game and that we’d do well. he was so so soooooo sweet, y'all. like he asked how old I was and I’m like 23 and he was like “oh you’re older, I’m 19 but I’m going to be 20” and I quietly said that he’s so young and he smiled and if you don’t know by now, he did indeed ask if I had a boyfriend and I said no. what I didn’t even realize is that he said “I’m your boyfriend now” and I juST XJFJHDSUUSJFKGKKKG AND OMG HE HUGGED ME LIKE THREE TIMES AND HELD MY HAND LIKE A BUNCH OF TIMES AND PUT HIS ARMS AROUND ME AND I’M JUST SO DEAD, GUYS, MY SOUL HAS HONESTLY ASCENDED AND I CAN DIE IN PEACE BECAUSE THIS WAS THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE AND THIS WAS MY FIRST FANMEET EVER AND I AM BLESSED ❤️

Train Puns & Electrical Wires

Stiles Stilinski imagine

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Summary: You have been taken by the ghost riders, and now it seems you are the only one who seems to be aware of what was going on. Well, the only one besides that one cute boy, that is.

A/N: I have been trying to do a prompt challenge but OMG HOW HARD IS THAT? I feel like I am never content of what I’m writing, but if I didn’t post this now, it probably never got posted.

Prompts: “You just don’t appreciate my delightful sense of humor.” - “I’m cute and I deserve to be worshipped.” - “That’s the best part.”


You were looking at the door he had disappeared through some time ago, wondering how long it had been.

Looking at your immediate left, a middle aged woman was staring in front of her, staring at nothing in particular.

Looking at your immediate right, an old man was doing exactly the same.

You look back at the door, but nothing had changed since the last time you had been staring at it. How long had he been in there? What was he doing? He clearly wasn’t like the rest of them.

You stared at the girl opposite of you, who was strangely enough doing the same. She didn’t hide the fact she was staring at you as if you weren’t supposed to sit there. You observed the girl, who was just a teenager. You took in her strawberry blonde hair that was waving in the wind, her blue and pink striped shirt, her —. Wait, there wasn’t any wind here?

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My wife's reactions to the holiday Overwatch skins

Mei: “Oh my god how is she even cuter. I mean I was already thinking she was cute but omg how?”

Tracer: “That’s ridiculous and I get why you can’t resist that cute dork now.”

Lúcio: “oh wow. Is he a fuckboy? Because that really makes him look like a fuckboy.”

Torbörn: “Aww. Santa! They gave you santa! What happened to his hand?”

Reaper: “He’s the “Extra” one, right? Because that’s cool but he’s extra.“

Roadhog: "The blinking belly button and the antlers and aaaaaaa!”

Winston: “He looks like the bumble from the old Rudolph Christmas specials! But with skulls. Why’s he covered in skulls? I thought he was supposed to be nice.”

Pharah: “Wow, she’s gorgeous!”

Zarya: “Oh, she got sleeves!”

Zenyatta: “Oh my god he’s got nuts. He hits you with his nuts.”

Sombra: “She is so gorgeous. You should be her more.”

McCree: “…so does the belt buckle mean "Grumpy Ass Mother Fucker” now?“

Bonus for the Widowmaker intro: "She actually fucking steps on you. Holy shit. I’m…wow. That’s really hot.”

The Tumblr South Park Fandom Throughout Season 20
  • Episode 1: what is a member berry wtf
  • Episode 3: Cartman? Heidi? Together? In relationship? What?
  • Episode 4: Kyle jealous? Of heiman? Wieners out? Where's Kenny?
  • Episode 5: BEBE PUKED OMG
  • Episode 7: Matt and Trey had to change the episode because they also didn't think trump would win
Svt as Dads // Seungcheol //

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  • Okay just imagine this
  • Cheolie is already pretty much a dad so he’s got this in the bag
  • He’d be that typically dad trying to keep up with all the trends
  • Catch him trying to dab or something twenty years from now
  • And his kid is just done with everything
  • But he’d definitely be the dad to make all the dad jokes
  • “Dad, can you make me a sandwich?”
  • “Poof! Now you’re a sandwich”
  • Okay but like all jokes aside he’d be a great dad
  • He’d always have his kids back
  • If he had a daughter omg
  • He’d be glaring at all the guys
  • And spoil her so bad
  • And if he had a son they would do everything together
  • Like imagine him tryin to teach his four year old son how to dance
  • Omg
  • He’d be the type of dad who would push his kids out of their comfort zone
  • And then he’d end up with such amazing, well rounded kids
  • His spouse would never have to worry about him forgetting to feed the kids
  • Wouldn’t even have to worry about walking downstairs to find he fed the kids ice cream for breakfast
  • Like he’d make sure everyone ate super healthy
  • He’d fully support their dreams, no matter how extreme they are
  • He’d get them in classes and doing the stuff they wanted to do as soon as possible
  • Totally well rounded kids because of him okay
  • Like well educated, good a sports, freakin good at everything
  • He’d have that good line between dad and friend
  • So like his kids still respect him but they also tell him everything and literally do everything with him
  • Like when they get older they go on road trips and blast the music and dance all crazy
  • Always a party
  • Lots of “dont tell mom”s when they got older
  • Protective dad mode kicks in whenever his kids starts to date
  • Awkwards conversations about dating with his kids omg
  • I feel like his spouse would have to handle a lot of the serious stuff
  • But as soon as his kids saw him get serious they know something’s up
  • Like something is UP
  • Sudden anxiety and panic attacks occur when seungcheol got angry or serious like probably the scariest thing to the kids
  • Because it wouldn’t happen much so it be weird like seeing seokmin cry ;__;
  • All in all cheol would be such a great father oh gosh i could go on forever

I mean unpopular opinion but…I’m like 99% sure the only people aware of the leaks now are hardcore fans that are planning on buying the album anyways whether they hear it early or not. Idk how closely everyone follows new album release but it’s practically standard that music gets leaked early and the sales are often not THAT affected. And as far as I know, most artists make the bulk of their profit off of tour sales too so no, you’re not ruining the entire phase and sinking the entire Gorillaz project as we know it if you want to preview the tracks. Like yeah, I wouldn’t encourage spreading them or anything but yeesh… this OTT critiquing of people for listening isn’t something I can co-sign tbh

Too Soon?

Request: Hello! Could you do a oneshot where Rick likes you but won’t say because he feels like it’s not the time with the death of Beth and Tyreese, but he sees you playing with Judith in Alexandria and he sees how much of a mother you are and tells you?

Pairing: Rick Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 2710

Theme Song: Hello My Old Heart by The Oh Hellos

WARNINGS: Swearing, Small angst

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A/N: MY FIRST RICK GRIMES ONESHOT. omg I’m slightly nervous… Let me know what y’all think. A ginormous thank you to @thewritterdead for being my beta reader! It means so much, love you! 

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Mmm u kno what my kink is?????
A dance au but like, Damen is the one who does ballet and Laurent dances hip hop,,,.,,..,nice


•Damen is a children’s dance instructor
•Laurent is a 19yr old “rebel” who is just trying to express himself
•Laurent really likes and appreciates rap and hip hop and enjoys the freedom of emotion and expression in such quick rhythms
•Laurent use to do ballet but now won’t even fucking touch it cause his uncle was also his instructor
•OMG AWWW okay Damen likes Laurent a lot after seeing him dance and he’s like “you know I can tell from how u dance u used to do ballet”
• and Laurent is like “wtf get away from me u klutz”
•and Damen tries to get Laurent to join his teen/young adult classes cause he has some real talent and Laurent is just NO
•and Damen disses hip hop as an argument to try and get Laurent to join
•now Laurent is pissed and starts to give damen a whole history lesson on the dance style and how ballet is pointless and Damen couldn’t do a single cool move if he tried
•And then damen is like “alright if I can do a ‘single cool move’ then you gotta join my dance class”
•Laurent agrees, ready to laugh his ass of except
• Damen fuckkng snnddbx ACTUALLY DANCES THAT STYLE and he’s a bit rusty cause he hadn’t done it in yrs but he did used to dance tht style as a teenager
•Laurent is SHOOK and also super pissed but he can’t go back on his word
•idk man

Avengers Chatroom: Hello, Ladies

Requested by the wonderful @seapanda02

Based on this post

A/N: No Reader insert in this. Perhaps the reader is visiting Star-Lord, or vacationing with Wade. *Game Narrator Voice* The choice is yours!

Peter has created a chatroom.

Peter has invited Wanda, Nat, Sharon.

Peter: Hello, ladies.

Peter: How are you on this fine evening?

Sharon: Omg this is so cute.

Wanda: Hi Peter.

Nat: Well. How are you?

Peter: Great, now that I am graced with your beauty.

Peter: Are you giggling because you’re flustered? ;)

Nat: No, because this is hilarious.

Wanda: Aren’t we a bit too old for you?

Peter: Oh c’mon. There’s nothing else to do at this party. Might as well talk to the most beautiful ladies here.

Bucky has joined the chat.

Bucky: Omg this is great

Bucky has added Sam.

Sam: I never thought the kid had it in him.

Bucky: Hey Kid, watch out for Nat. I heard she kills her partners after.

Peter: I would die happy.

Sharon: Look at him!

Peter: Have I ever told you that you have beautiful eyes?

Wanda: Sam, Bucky. Stop laughing so much. You’ll choke on your drink.

Bucky has added Steve.

Bucky: Look out, he’s going to steal your girl.

Sharon: Well, he is cuter.

Steve: I have been bested it seems.

Wanda: This is pretty cute.

Peter: Hellooooo, is it me you’re looking for?

Sam: Shit I choked on my drink

Nat: Good.

Peter: Are you google? Because you have everything I’m searching for.

Nat: How adorable.

Bruce has joined the chat.

Bruce: Hey, Spider-kid. Back off.

Wanda: Maybe Peter should not flirt with Nat.

Bucky: Uh oh. Bruce doesn’t look too happy.

Steve: I agree.

Peter: Will you be the Princess Leia to my Han Solo, Nat?

Bruce: I’ll be the Kylo Ren to your Han Solo if you don’t stop flirting with her.

Nat: Leave him alone Bruce, he’s not being serious.

Sam: He looks so pissed. Kid, stick to Wanda and Sharon.

Peter: You got it, Sir. Sorry!

Bruce has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Sam: Nat is not impressed with him.

Bucky: R.I.P Bruce.

Sharon: I’ll be your Princess Leia. Steve you can be his Chewbacca :)

Steve: As you wish, Princess.

Peter: You’re the Obi-Wan for me Sharon.

Wanda: And me? I see how it is.

Peter: Did it hurt when you fell from Cloud City, Wanda?

Peter: I hope we’re not related, because I’d like to kiss you.

Bucky: I can’t stop laughing. Go on, kid!

Vision has joined the chat.

Peter: Most beautiful, you are.

Wanda: Awwwww

Vision: Now, Mr. Parker, I believe that you should leave Miss Maximoff alone, she doesn’t seem to have any true interest in you.

Sam: Did you have to phase in front of him? He looks like he might piss himself.


Wanda: It’s okay, Vis.

Vision has left the chat.

Wanda: I should probably go check on him.

Wanda has left the chat.

Peter: I guess that just leaves you, Sharon.

Peter: May I have this dance?

Sharon: Of course :)

Bucky: I have never seen Steve laugh this much.

Sam: Can you blame him? I’m in tears.

Steve: Sorry kid but I’m going to have to steal Sharon away from you for a bit.

Peter: Farewell, my love.

Sharon has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Bucky: But I was enjoying that!

Peter: Arm wrestle me?

Bucky: Nah, I could hurt you.

Peter: If I recall I caught your arm with ease. Maybe it needs some oiling.

Bucky: Go back to flirting with the girls.

Peter: I thought you were a girl.

Sam: Spat out my drink. Worth it.

Peter: I’m just joking. Mr Stark said this party would be fun but it’s not.

Peter: Hey Sam

Peter: Hey

Peter: Hey

Sam: What?

Peter: So you like birds, huh?

T’Challa has joined the chat.

T’Challa: Karma.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Bucky: Who’s laughing now, Sam?

Peter: Can we take a selfie?

Sam: No.

Peter: Please?

Bucky: No.

Sam: Stop with the puppy dog eyes.

Bucky: It’s not going to work.

Sam: Okay fine!

Peter: I knew you two loved me. You have to pout though.

Bucky: Yeah whatever.

Sam: I’m not pouting!


Sam: I will out pout you.

Peter: Thanks for putting up with me :)

Sam: You’re not so bad kid.

Bucky: Maybe you should go give it another shot with Wanda?

Sam has added Hope.

Sam: Or her.

Hope: Hey :)

Hope has added Scott.

Peter: Did you know my suit is made of boyfriend material?

Scott: Now listen, kid. We are old enough to be your parents.

Hank has joined the chat.

Hank: I’d choose the kid over you any day.

Scott: Exactly

Scott: Wait what

Scott: I thought I had your blessings?!

Hank has left the chat.

Hope: Oh boy.

Hope has left the chat.

Scott has left the chat.

Tony has joined the chat.

Tony: I understand why Peter would be on his phone, but you two? Explanation, now.

Bucky: Cause this is more fun than your party.


Sam has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Tony: My party is fun, right kid?

Peter: It kinda sucks, Mr Stark.

Peter has left the chat.


Tony has left the chat.

littlebong2309  asked:

Hi Hachi, u said u get 15 cats, right? How can you deal with all of them? i'm having 2.5 cats (a big fat cat, a teenage cat and a 2-week-old kitty) and i'm gonna crazy with them now. you are super 8H!

… Actually I have an additional seven new kittens. Omg honestly I’m a bit freaked out since they keep increasing. I’m happy but it is not like I’m staying home. The one who look after them is my sisters. I only take in charge during long holidays. Aaa I need cats. You’re lucky to have three beside you now. 😭

  • James: *see Sirius and Remus making out*
  • James: *thinking* Aww they such a good friends
  • James: *Walks in Re and Sirius having sex*
  • James: Oh they're so childish, playing under blankets like 11 year old kids, pff *walks away to flirt with Lily*
  • *Wolfstar's wedding*
  • James: Oh guys! Doing a prank without me? How selfish of you! I'm hurt
  • *Sirius and Remus kiss*
  • James: ....
  • James: OMG you guys are GAY! You knew that Lily?! Why are we in a fucking church?!
  • Everyone: ...
  • James: Oh... Now I see that you two are gay and in love. But why the fuck I am not the "bestman"?!
  • Everyone: ...
  • James: Oh... I am.
  • James: We can continue. Remus you may kiss the bride
  • Prist: That's my job to tell...
  • James: Oh shut up! And you *pointing at Remus and Sirius* Kiss and be happy and gay.
  • *Wolfstar kiss*
good news!

hey  there:)

Thanks to your generous donations, I was able to collect the full amount I needed to pay my website. Yay! Thank you so, so much. It makes me really happy to be part of a community that is so supportive of each other.

By the way, if you are using and enjoying my newest lace pattern collection, feel free to tag or mention me if you upload pictures so I can see them being used. I’d really love that. Seeing how they bring you joy makes me smile so much!

Also, my best friend gifted me the Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. OMG. I now want to get a copy for everyone in my life. It is amazing and so inspiring. I have been a messie my whole life and could never keep a room tidy for more than two days. Okay, make that one. I keep tons of boxes with old clothes in a spare room. Stuff that I haven’t worn for 10 years! I was never able to let them go. I always thought I would sell them one day, that I can’t throw away bare money, because they are perfectly fine to wear still. I’m pretty anxious about money, since I’m on a tight budget, so naturally, giving away my possessions isn’t easy for me. But throughout reading this book, I now feel ready to take that step. Knowing myself, I’m not the person to go to flea markets to sell items, I’m way too shy and anxious, and the perfectionist in me will take at least 3 hours of preparations to sell one item on ebay, so donating the stuff to people who really need them is really the best option for me.
The fact that I can now see it that way gives me immense relief.
I’m not yet ready to start the whole decluttering/getting rid of things that don’t bring me joy, since my arms are not really fine yet and my body is pretty weak still from the ups and downs and not eating properly for weeks (I’m making progress, I cooked two meals for myself today! *feels proud*), but I’m preparing to and I’m highly motivated and so excited to get rid of stuff that has been weighing me down for so long! I feel like my whole life is changing, and for once, I am actually embracing it.

How about a reversed AU where Mikleo has to give up his immortality to save Sorey instead of Sorey becoming a seraph. His hair turns brown (like his mom) and its sad but cute cause they’re gonna grow old together. Then Mikleo’s like OMG my stomach hurts what’s wrong with me I’m dying! And Sorey’s like…have you eaten anything? Wait, it hurts? I thought your stomach just made noises when you needed to eat. And he’s really kinda mad because now he has to sleep for 1/3 of the day and he can’t stay up all night reading and watching over Sorey like he used to. Mikleo learning to be a grumpy lil human.