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After what seems like centuries… I’ve finally drawn this 😱


@christopherpowelllover asked for a new art piece with Chris and @gayforgayle suggested I draw my Mc and him a few weeks or months ago so that’s what I did and I’m so happy of the result!! If you hear screaming it’s me all the way from here also my back cause it’s dead since the third time I listened to can I have this dance

I love my cute dorks !! Chris is one of my favorite character to draw Mc not so much cause I always struggle to get her face right, it’s like Zig I never know how it’s gonna look HOWEVER PAINTING CHRIS’ HAIR IS TORTURE! I lost one brush that made it easier so I had to go the good ol’ way 😂 But hey it was worth it, I love my baby powell! 

Remember when they won and I said I was gonna draw them matching @kittenmusicals there! Omg 3 birds with one stone! Is that how you say it?? I’m LAME!

Anyway that’s enough rambling ! I hope the Chris’ stans get to enjoy the piece as much as I do! and boy I do ! 

The Animation quality has been butchered by tumblr once again sorry ! 

Too Much To Ask (Final Part)

BUCKY BARNES x plus size reader


Reader sees Bucky for the first time since their break up.

Warnings: sad, mild cursing, read at your own risk

a/n: We have arrived at the end, I’m so sorry this took so long to post, school happened. Anyway thank you everyone who read or has been reading I had a lot of fun writing this and i really really hope you enjoyed it. I have opened up requests so if you have anything send them in. Omg thank you all so much again. 

Bucky opened his eyes and looked around the room. It felt like a thousand little needles had been piercing his skull. He had done it again, he had drunk until he was able to pass out and he understood that. What he didn’t understand was how he was laying down on his old couch in his old apartment. He felt like he didn’t belong here, this place had once called home was now not his home. Bucky sat up on his elbows and took note that the pictures that once decorated the walls and tables were missing. That crushed his soul and suddenly the pain he had been feeling in his head wasn’t as bad as the pain he now felt in his chest. He looked at you and felt for you, he knew you had stayed up all night working as well as taking care of him and he felt like a terrible human being.

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Why are you racist when you say that Fassbender playing a Spanish is whitewashing:

First of all I want to say sorry if I make some grammar or spelling mistake. English isn’t my first language because I’m Spanish from Spain. Also, since this morning, I’m very angry with this whole topic. I don’t use to write statements like this but I’m very tired of seeing how ignorant people can be.

This morning I saw a tweet of Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) in which he said Fassbender couldn’t play a Spaniard because he’s white. He erased the tweet but I’m sure you’ll find a screencapture of it on Internet. I quoted him a few times and I wrote this things:

-I’ve just discovered that here in Spain WE’RE NOT WHITE. OMG I’VE BEEN LIVING A LIE. (I was just being sarcastic).

-Dear USA: Spain is in Europe. In Europe we don’t give a fuck about races because we’re all fucking mixed. (I didn’t want to generalize this much but I was angry)

-I can see why Donald Trump is being voted there. Open a book and learn about how culturally rich people we’re. (Sorry if I offend someone, again, I was angry).

Finally, I wrote:

“So it’s okay for an Aussie to play a Spaniard in the old Hispania but not for a British-German to play a Spaniard after the Visigoths. OK”.

As you can see I was very angry and disappointed. I couldn’t really understand how people who thought they weren’t being racist, they were. If you say Fassbender can’t play a Spaniard is because you think here we’re all latinos. And that is the first mistake that Americans always make.

I need you to understand two things:

-First, here in Europe we don’t say we’re white or we’re 20% or 50% latino, African, etc… When you Americans do that it’s really weird to us. Because we’re all mixed, we’re not sure from where or who we came from. My ancestors could be German because of the Visigoths or Charles V Empire, maybe French from the Napoleonic Empire, or African from the Islamic Empire. Can you see my point? We’re white or black, we’re Christians or Muslims or Jews, we can be from the East or the West, from the North or the South, but at the end it doesn’t matter, we’re all the same. Maybe I share blood with a German or an Egyptian, I don’t know and it’s okay.

If you ask me what I am, I’ll say I’m Spanish. And maybe you’ll ask again, “yeah, but, what are you?” and I’ll answer the same. If you ask a German, British, French, Italian or Polish…, they’re going to answer with the same simple answer. We’re Europeans and being European means that our history is all connected and our ancestors too.

-Latino and Spanish are not the same. Latino is from South America. And not all the South Americans look or are the same, be careful with that. Spanish are from Spain, Europe. We’re all Hispanic, because we all speak Spanish.

In South America people are generally darker than in Spain because of their geographic situation, of course.

In Spain, there are people very different, but we’re mostly white. Maybe you find the olive skinned of some people from the south (mostly from the south but not everybody who is olive skinned is from the south) as dark as the dark people in South America, but you’re wrong, sorry. That’s because the olive skinned people from Spain have that skin because of the Sun (so they’re just tanned, guys) or because the Al-Andalus times. While the people from South America are darker because of the sun, our colonization and the people who lived there before us.

When you say people from Spain are POC you’re saying that because you think we’re the same as our friends and brother from South America. And I think that’s racist. Because I’m sure you wouldn’t say that an Italian is POC and they’re our historically, geographically and culturally buddies.But you think Spanish means South American and you think South Americans are all dark.

Coming back to the main point: Fassbender can play a Spanish perfectly. In the XV century when the story takes place, the Visigoths and the Celtics had been in Spain. Visigoth were from Germany (mostly) and Celtics came to Spain from the UK. Fassbender is British and German so he’s perfect for the role.

That new Thrones trailer tho...

I am SO down for Jon Vs D@n¥ because that’s what I see happening in the books and damn that would be a sight. It would be EPIC.

So, in the trailer, I noticed that Danita is not happy AT ALL seeing some Red Witch coming to her new castle and giving her news.


“Yooo bitch it ain’t you, you ain’t shit, I know who’s the real McCoy. I saw it in a fire and I raised him from the dead. He’s the one, not you tho. So whatchu gonna do about it??”

Danita: *internally screaming*
“Find him. Fight him. Kill him unless he swears loyalty. Everything under the sun is now mine.”

Meanwhile, back in Winterfell…

“Okay we need dragon glass, like a shit load and oh, hey you know, some chick named D@n¥ got it at Dragonstone plus she has dragon fire. How abt it, crew?”

Crew (of tired men and ten yr old kids):
“Her family killed your uncle and grandfather and you wanna go to her for help? Damn son you need a history lesson, don’t fuck this up again you twat.”


*reads something out of a fortune cookie in an overly dramatic fashion*


omg I can’t wait to see these two Targs fight it out yooo *evil laughs*


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(( OOC: Thank you for the feedback! Constructive criticism is always welcome on this blog. You clearly have a lot of passion for the hp rp community. Hey, why don’t you start rp-ing yourself? Then you could play Remus how you like, instead of expecting me to fulfil your ideal head canon for you? I think you’d do a great job.

Oh, and if you ever need any roleplaying tips, just ask. I’m an old hand at this now :) ))

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ep 20 Review

OMG *faints, rises up again*

We have another beautiful episode this week and its absolutely amazing. i just cant hahaha LOL. Anyways to start on with the review.

Can we appreciate that Sasuke even at the age of his 30′s is still so cool haha. Doing a one hand sign and fights while not breaking a sweat. Thats amazing!!

And sasuke not charging his device/phone. I can imagine him not being good at gadgets. Maybe instead of using a charger, he used chidori to charge it, just kidding. XP

And kakashi-sensei how old are you anyway, its like you haven’t aged at all. We miss you though. 

And i just cant help but laugh and adore chouchou

We also get to see naruto and kurama working together again, brings back memories.

And this scene T_T

You liar, BAD naruto hahaha

I just love the way how naruto describes both sasuke and sakura to sarada likeee awwwwhhhh

And sarada is soooo cuteeeeeeeee..

I cant help but cry at this scene

Because after all the sufferings and trauma’s they experienced, sarada was the first uchiha to have awaken the sharingan because of the love he felt for his papa and not experiencing any trauma’s or death of a  love one.

And sasuke *facepalm*

you idiot, that’s not what you do when you haven’t met your daughter for almost a decade. Not your fault though. You better apologize and prepare yourself once sakura finds out you were about to kill/harm your own daughter LOL hahahahaha..

Over all my reaction is that I’m super happy. and i can’t wait for the next episode to be released next week. Looking forward to it especially we will see team 7 kicking some ass again. wwwooohhhh and uchiha family moments

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The Present Is A Gift

YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 2415

Genre: Fluff

Even over the loud chatter of the other customers in the cafe, Soonyoung’s ears perked up at the sound of Chan’s deep sigh. The hushed sound somehow managed to cut through all the other noise as the two friends waited in the line to order.

“What’s up, Dino?” Soonyoung asked, looking up from his phone which was open to twitter.

“Hmm? Oh, it’s nothing. I just haven’t gotten a lot of sleep lately.” Chan replied modestly.

“Ah, you’re really living the YouTuber lifestyle,” Soonyoung half-teased, “It’s not good to overwork yourself. What is it that you stay up to do? Writing? Filming?”

“Editing,” Chan ran a hand through his hair, burdened at even the slightest thought of the tedious task, “I’m still not used to the software. It always takes me so long to figure out how to create the effects I want.”

“You do know that you don’t have to keep torturing yourself like this, right? You can hire someone to edit for you.” Soonyoung suggested with a chuckle.

“I really don’t have the money to hire someone, or the time to interview people for that matter. I also don’t know anyone that’d be willing to do it for free.” Chan explained earnestly.

“Next!” The cashier called out.

Stepping forward, Soonyoung sent Chan a knowing grin, “I have someone in mind.”


Exhausted from yet another day of work, you flung the front door of your home open, slamming it shut again as you leaned your back against it. You let out a sigh as you slouched against the painted wood. As soon as you stood up straight again, your back cracked loudly three times, surely a sign that your new job was getting the best of you.

You slipped off your shoes and kicked them to the side, trudging along to your bedroom. You flung yourself onto your bed and enjoyed a few blissful moments of rest, only to be interrupted by a sudden vibration in your pocket.

You groaned, taking your phone out and reading the text you’d just received.

“(Y/N)!! How’s my beautiful cherry blossom child doing on this fine evening~?”

“Soonyoung literally what on earth do you want from me this time”

“Geez alright I’ll cut to the chase”

You rolled your eyes at your friend’s antics, feeling slightly sorry for snapping at him, but at the same time you felt like he should know how not in the mood you were.

“So, I may or may not need you to do a favor for me”

“I’ll consider, as long as you don’t need me to wash old ladies’ hair. I do that every day for 6 hours straight now :-)”

“Oh yeah you started working at that salon… How’s that working out?”

Groaning again at the thought of that cursed salon, you rolled over onto your back.

“It’s freakin terrible omg. My boss is like the real life version of Cinderella’s stepmother.. and the sheer amount of hairspray lingering in the air makes me feel like my nose hairs are being styled”


“Yeah it’s bad. Anyway can you just tell me about this favor you may or may not need?”

“So I’m friends with Chan aka Dino. You know his channel right?”

“Yeah why”

“He needs an editor for his videos and when he said that, I thought of you. Since you’re so tech savvy.”

“Soonyoung you know I literally don’t have time to do anything. I have to take up as many shifts as possible at work.”

“Ah that’s right….. You’re still saving up for a new laptop right”


“Well………. How about if you help Dino with his editing I’ll pitch in for it?”

Letting Soonyoung’s offer swim around in your head for a few seconds, you took a deep breath before ultimately giving in.

“Fine. Just text me when and where.”


For the last time, you stepped out of the salon. You closed the metal door quickly and quietly, finally evading the shrill voice of your now ex-boss. Just as an extra safety measure, you speed walked to the end of the block, looking over your shoulder every so often to make sure no one from the salon was following you.

Your pocket buzzed again. You pulled your phone out, reading yet another text from Soonyoung. He’d sent you the address of Chan’s apartment, since you were scheduled to edit his video of the week. It was relatively close by, so you found yourself at Chan’s front door in matter of mere minutes.

You gathered up the courage to knock on the door, opting to knock three times, but before you could make it to the third time the door was swung open.

Chan’s eyes opened almost comically wide when he saw you, his overall expression similar to that of a deer in the headlights. You got a good view of him, since your eyes widened in shock as well. You’d seen him before online, but you never expected Chan to be so handsome in person.

“Hi,” You started, trying to get a hold of yourself so you could make a good impression, “I’m (Y/N), I’m Soonyoung’s friend.”

“That’s right, you’re here to edit! I’m Chan, or Dino, nice to meet you.” He did his best to maintain a sunny disposition, but he too was stunned by the way you looked.

You stepped through the doorway, Chan held out a hand for you to shake. Though neither of you dared to grip the other’s hand too strongly, you could tell Chan was as friendly and warm as Soonyoung described. His shyness was somewhat comforting, seeing as you were relatively timid around strangers as well.

Noticing the shoe rack to the side of the door, you non-verbally asked if you should take your shoes off. Chan simply nodded in return, and you slipped off your ankle booties, giggling silently at the fact that Chan was able to communicate with you so fluently without even speaking. Presumably feeling the same way, Chan didn’t speak again until the two of you reached his office, which he genially led you to.

“So, this is my office,” He said, gesturing at his computer and his camera setup, “I just finished filming the say anything challenge with Seungcheol hyung, so there’s a lot more editing involved than usual, but it’s nothing you can’t handle right?”

“I see,” You nodded, taking in all the high quality equipment Chan had in the room, “And normally you would only film dance videos, right? So the editing would just consist of syncing the audio and the video?”

“Right. This PC is what I installed the video editing software on. Please, have a seat.” He pulled out the plush leather chair in very gentlemanly fashion, allowing you to sit on it, which you did with a grateful smile.

Chan pushed the chair in toward the desk, before logging into the PC for you. He pulled up what looked to be a dining chair and sat beside you, briefly coaching you on what to do.

“I always save raw footage to a folder called ‘unedited’, so if you just search in there for today’s date you should be able to find the footage you need. And really, all you have to do for this video is add some background music and cut out the bits that you think are boring. I trust you.”

“You do?” You asked, turning your head to face him.

You must have misinterpreted how far away from Chan actually sat, as when you turned around, his face was just a few inches away from yours.

The both of you separated almost immediately, faces turning equally red as well. Your lips naturally formed a shy smile, which you opted to cover with your hand. You didn’t want Chan to think of you as creepy, though part of you did enjoy the closeness.

“Yeah, I trust your judgement. Soonyoung hyung did speak very highly of you after all.” He gave you an encouraging smile, though it only lasted a couple of seconds, as his phone buzzed and he had to look at the notification.

His expression dropped slightly, “I’m so sorry, but I have to go collect the mail from my PO box. Minghao hyung wants to do a mail video together. I hate to leave you alone here, but you don’t need any more help, do you?”

“I think I’ve got everything under control.” You responded confidently.

“Great. I’ll be back in no more than an hour, I promise.” Chan sent you one last supportive glance before getting up and leaving.

Before he was completely out of the room, he turned back to you, which earned him a small wave goodbye from you. He simply chuckled before making his way to the front door, blushing like crazy the whole way. He undoubtedly found you cute, though you managed to make him blush and giggle like a lovesick schoolboy; something no one else had been able to do in a long time. He smiled to himself once more before leaving the apartment to meet with Minghao.

It was a bit awkward for you, just sitting in a stranger’s apartment all by yourself, but Chan was quite the charming character. You ended up not minding as much as you probably should have. You kept yourself occupied anyway, hard at work editing Chan’s video.

In this process, you found yourself smiling the entire time. Chan didn’t seem to have a bad trait to him. He was bright and kind to Seungcheol, even during times that he knew the footage would get edited out. His true colors really showed themselves, and they were even more beautiful than you’d expected, maybe even more so than you’d hoped. Was it possible… You were beginning to feel something?


You’d have sworn that it was only a matter of minutes, but when you heard the front door of the apartment being unlocked, you checked your phone to find out that it had actually been almost an hour.

Chan sprinted back to the office and you stood up to greet him, “Hey, I’m back! I kept my promise, by the way: fifty-six minutes! I would’ve been back sooner, but I stopped by the cafe that Soonyoung hyung likes to get you a coffee.”

He held out what looked to be an iced coffee of some kind, greatly anticipating your reaction with a gummy grin.

“Wow, thank you so much,” You took the coffee with a bow of thanks, “You know, it doesn’t even feel like you were gone for that long.”

“Well, time flies when you’re having fun. Was editing fun?” He asked with a laugh, gesturing for you to sit down again.

“Yeah, it was actually. I think I managed to get a lot done too. Do you want to see?” Both you and Chan returned to your original positions, seated next to each other.

“Absolutely! I bet it looks great.”

With the press of the spacebar, the video started playing. Chan’s eyebrows furrowed as he began concentrating. He became almost worryingly quiet, until something funny finally happened, that was when the two of you broke out into a fit of giggles. Eventually, the video became nearly inaudible over the sounds of your collective laughter.

“Wow, (Y/N),” Chan started, still trying to catch his breath, “I really like your sense of humor. The video looks great already, honestly, I could upload it just like this.”

“You really like it?” You asked hopefully.

“Yeah, it’s super funny! And, uh, you said you’d be okay with editing my videos regularly, right? I mean… I’d love to work with you more often.” His eyes shifted away from you, his cheeks becoming rosy again.

You couldn’t help but blush as well, “Sure, I’d love that too.”


It was the seventh week in a row you’d gone to Chan’s apartment to edit one of his videos. Although, it wasn’t the seventh time you’d gone to his apartment. The both of you began hanging out aside from editing, becoming more like friends than coworkers.

But, unlike the other times you’d gone to his home, this time the front door to Chan’s apartment was left open just a crack.

“Chan?” You called into the apartment.

After not receiving any answer, you resorted to knocking on the door, but still no one came. You felt bad about intruding, but since you were worried, you decided just to open the door and take a look around.

All of the lights were out, so you could barely see what was right in front of you. But as your vision adjusted to the darkness, you could see the outline of a person.

“Surprise!” Chan shouted as you finally found a light switch and turned the lights on.

“Chan… What’s going on?”

Chan stood in front of the coffee table so that he was blocking whatever was on it, but as he stepped to the side, you saw a brand new MacBook Pro opened on the table. It was so new that the screen protecting plastic hadn’t even been taken off yet.

“What’s this?” You asked, even more confused than before.

“On the first day we met,” He began, “I left to meet up with Minghao hyung, but Soonyoung hyung was there too. He told about how you were working that horrible job to save up for a new laptop. And I know he told you he’d help pay for a laptop, but my latest videos have been getting so many views. I’ve been getting so much more traffic to my channel than usual, and it’s all thanks to you. I didn’t have enough money to formally hire you, but I had enough for this, so I thought it was the least I could do.”

You walked over to the coffee table, not believing your eyes or your ears, “Chan, this is such an amazing gift, it was like the most you could’ve done!”

“That’s not true, I could do more. Like, maybe… Take you on a date?”

Your eyes widened as his question, but since this allowed you to get an especially good view of his adorable flustered face, there was no way you could have refused.

“I’d love to, but only if you let me pay. I didn’t do all that shampooing for nothing.”

“Deal.” Said Chan, with a shy chuckle.

There was no doubt in your mind, that was a chuckle you could hear every day.

-Written by Admin Cali

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Goku is a terrible father yeah, but Chichi is still completly unlikeable, super selfish (putting her desires before the fate of the world or what her son actually wants) and not that commited of a parent (she wants Gohan to be super educated yet seems fine with letting Goten take after his father). And let's not forget the circumstances under which Chichi arranged her marriage with Goku, who didn't even understood the concept of it at the time.

Ooooooooo!  Interesting!  Ok, I gotta admit, I kind-of agree with you on the “Goku being a terrible father” thing.  His views and opinions of the world are completely skewed compared to a normal (or as normal as you can get in the world of DBZ) person, and that impacts on the way he treats his kids.  Prime example of this would be the Cell Games, he’s too embroiled in his thoughts on how Gohan is kick-ass that by the time “father-mode” activates he’s almost too late when he starts screaming for a senzu bean.  Then again, that’s the character personality Toriyama was going for with him, and he did also suffer a severe brain trauma when he was a child, hence we forget (HA!  Amnesia pun!).

Ahhhhhhhh!  What’s an anon DBZ message without a mention of Chichi these days?  I have to admit, if you can’t tell already (and let’s face it you probably have as you wouldn’t have sent this message in the first place), I love Chichi.  I could spend the next 20,000 words explaining how you’re wrong for not thinking the same as me, but you know what?  

I respect your decision.  

You wanna hate Chichi?  Do it.  I respect your opinion to dislike a character as much as I would like to think that you would respect the decision of others who think the opposite of you.  Mutual respect.  It’s a concept that’s been swept under the carpet for some time now in many subjects.

But, do you wanna know why I think some people hate Chichi?  She is the most realistic character in the whole of Dragon Ball Z.  Whilst everyone else is caught-up in wish granting Dragon Balls and fighting evil aliens she is the only one with her feet solid on the ground.

Imagine yourself again as a five-year old child.  Your Dad’s best mate goes to your Mother and asks the simple question:  “Can we take your son into an untested and adapted alien spacecraft, blast him off into space and onto another Planet?”  Wanna know what I think your Mom’s answer would be?  “FUCK” and “NO” most likely, and in that exact order, followed by a swift call to the cops.  Does that make your Mom a bad person?  FUCK NO.  Because your Mom is awesome.  Ask her if you don’t believe me.

But, then again, a Mother wanting an education for her child?! The FUCK is wrong with this woman?!

The most obvious reason why Chichi hates fighting can be narrowed down into a simple abridged version:

Child:  “My crush loves martial arts?!  I’ll learn martial arts too to catch his attention!”

Teenager 1:  “I’ll enter into the same martial arts tournament as him and show him my skills and how awesome I am!”

Teenager 2:  “OMG, my fiance is so handsome and kick-ass an- OMFG THAT GREEN FUCKER BLEW A HOLE IN HIS CHEST!”

Chichi had a MASSIVE wake-up call at the end of Dragon Ball, she went from seeing Goku throwing the occasional glorified punch and kick to then literally nearly dying in front of her.  

That’s not the kind of Martial Arts she ever really imagined.  

Again, you are five years old, you’ve been taken against your own will by the aforementioned guy who blew yet another fucking HOLE in your Dad’s chest and killed him after his sacrifice to save you.  You are then trained to fight evil aliens in a harsh wasteland.  

Would your Mom want that for you?  If she was given the opportunity to see the fight on TV and what you were being subjected to, would she not think to grab every gun available and try to rescue you?  

Of course she would.  Your Mom deserves a medal.


~Bullet Points~

  • Okay so this guy
  • He isn’t as busy nowadays however he is going for his acting career whilst also working on music
  • So realistically he’s just as busy but has a lot more free time than before
  • So of course he spends all that time with you
  • He would love taking you out 
  • I mean seeing you dress up all fancy? He definitely isn’t going to give up that chance
  • In fact he’d be the type of boyfriend to surprise you with a new dress and would use that as an excuse to take you on a date straight away
  • Would be the type to get you roses rather than any other flowers
  • He thinks roses are the most romantic flowers out there and shows his love for you better than anything else
  • He also isn’t afraid to get caught with you
  • Like he most likely made your relationship public as soon as you said you were okay with it
  • He did it because he wants to show you off to all his fans honestly, he’d wanna show you off to anyone ngl
  • Would go as far as kissing you in front of cameras or pecking you on the cheek
  • He doesn’t think half the time when this happens because really he should be more wary
  • This can sometimes cause an argument as not all his fans are accepting of you so you tend to get quite a bit of hate
  • Usually if you get upset over this Kris will always be there
  • He’ll order takeaway of your choice and would allow you to cuddle into him whilst he rubs soothing circles into your back
  • Would be super caring for you in this situation because he knows what it’s like to have complete strangers hating on you all the time
  • Sometimes you get a little mad at him though as he should be more careful for what he does with you in front of cameras as your the one who usually gets the backlash
  • He can’t help but feel guilty af when you express this to him and promises not to do it again
  • Around the house he would be cheeky af
  • Like you could just be standing there and he’d walk up next to you and place his hand on your ass
  • You’d look at him like tf do you want?
  • And he’d just say something like
  • ‘Can I not touch what belongs to me?’
  • Causing you to blush and lightly slap his chest
  • Yet his damn hand is still there
  • But when he’s really in the mood he would do the same yet start to kiss at your neck and suck at the sensitive skin
  • Would lightly squeeze your ass as well causing you to let out a half moan half squeal which makes him chuckle slightly into the crook of your neck
  • Would stop attacking your neck and would turn you to face him and would kiss your lips passionately, squeezing both ass cheeks this time
  • Just, you know what’s coming next 
  • Kris wouldn’t so much hold your hand when in public, it’d more be an arm lazily wrapped around your waist or shoulders
  • You love it though
  • Plus waking up to his small life problems
  • Like you’d wake up to noises in the bathroom
  • Bearing in mind it’s like 7 in the morning
  • And you get up already knowing it’s Kris and he’s standing there in front of the mirror with tissue stuffed up his nose
  • Yes, your boyfriend did that… and the reason why is because he supposedly had a nose bleed
  • So you told him to let you see
  • And when you do it’ll be the tiniest speck of blood and the tiniest cute on his nose
  • Like fr he’d be so dramatic about the whole situation you’re kinda like???
  • How old are you again???
  • But you still love him and his big idiot self
  • And he loves you for what you are and who you are
  • Couldn’t help himself but fall for you every single day
  • You’re just so perfect to him

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OkAy i’M oKaY

I’m really not okay my heart aches for Kris I miss him so much omg, I still need to watch the XXX film he was in~

Plus NCT 127 had their comeback!!! I was kinda disappointed that the lines weren’t evenly spread out but it’s still a great song and the choreography….don’t even right now. My bois Mark and Haechan also slayed the living life outta me and I may have screamed when I saw Mark brought long ass ride back!

Anyways I hope yall liked this and Tao will be next~ Requests are closed atm but you can still request fake texts or edits! All of you stay safe and live life to the fullest~

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omg ty so much this blog is exactly what I needed for all my Marvel fics. (◠‿◠✿) my question is how do soldiers greet each other when off duty and not in uniform? Do they still salute and everything? Thank u!!

I’m glad to hear it! Guess I’m back to answering normal old questions again. Oh bother.

Worth noting in case you weren’t sure, we only salute officers. NCOs and other lower-enlisted don’t get saluted. It’s really awkward for us when civilians like, walk up to a PFC and salute them and they’re just like “why are you doing this.”

How to Salute an Officer 101:
1. Spot the officer in the wild
2. Are you both in uniform?
3. If yes, salute! The lower rank initiates, which includes all enlisted personnel even up to sergeant major.
4. The officer salutes back and drops their salute first.
5. Your salute is dropped after they (the superior) drop theirs first.

Courtesy of AR 600-25, Salutes, Honors, and Visits of Courtesy:

 i. Salutes are not required to be rendered or returned when the senior or subordinate, or both are—
(1) In civilian attire.
(2) Engaged in routine work if the salute would interfere.
(3) Carrying articles with both hands so occupied as to make saluting impracticable.
(4) Working as a member of a detail, or engaged in sports or social functions where saluting would present a safety hazard.
(5) In public places such as theater

Especially in my old unit there were some crotchety old officers who wanted to be saluted in and out of uniform and sometimes you’ve just got to roll your eyes and do it, but as far as the book’s concerned one does not salute while in civilian attire. 
2 and 3 are vital though. If an officer is carrying a heavy package and can’t salute back, then one would instead give the greeting of the day, which would merely be “Good morning, ma’am” or “Good evening, sir,” as the case applies. It’s generally a good and respectful idea to acknowledge officers you recognize out of uniform with at least the greeting of the day unless they’re busy. 

Some officers who get around a lot and are doing work will flat out tell you “stop fucking saluting me my arm’s getting tired” because literally every enlisted that passes them is saluting them and they’re saluting back. It’s tiring. This is especially true of, say, a platoon leader and their platoon sergeant. They’re working together very frequently and it’d be a hassle if the sergeant had to salute their platoon leader every five minutes.

 It’s not uncommon for an officer to just sort of very quickly snap a salute off to you or even just wave their hand sort of dismissively. Some might even just pretend they didn’t see you. Our rule of thumb was basically if the officer didn’t acknowledge or return your salute in about three to five seconds, it was safe to move on with your life and then proceed to talk shit about the officer behind their back.

Oh, passing an officer is one of those times you salute without being at attention. You don’t have to stop walking in order to salute the officer you’re passing.

Some officers might like being saluted and greeted with the unit’s motto. They view it as a form of motivation and camaraderie. The 13th Infantry Regiment’s motto is “forty rounds,” which has a similar connotation to “hooah” in that it can be used for almost anything, so for officers in that unit it might be appropriate to salute them and greet them with, “Forty rounds, sir!” 

For everyone else, basically it’s never inappropriate to greet someone with the greeting of the day, (as mentioned, good morning/afternoon/evening) and leave it at that. It’s usually safer to acknowledge someone of a higher rank if you’re out and about and you come across them, but you don’t need to go out of your way to do it, and if you’re roughly the same rank it’s not such a big deal. Most of us don’t want to see each other’s ugly asses when we’re in civvies anyway.

One last laugh at my expense: try having bad eyesight and trying to figure out from a distance in bright desert sunlight what someone’s GD rank is. You’re sitting there going “is…is that a specialist? Is it a lieutenant colonel? I can’t fucking see from here it just looks like a black blob. Fuck. Well, he looks old, totally crusty, probably the latter. Okay. I’ll just go ahead and salute him and – and he was a specialist, and now I’m a fucking dumbass and I’m going to go crawl under a humvee and just die now, okay?”


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A Guide to Stash Yarn

Yarn in a stash can be split into generally four categories.

  1. Expendables:

    This is the yarn that you don’t necessarily want but can still prove itself useful. There’s the crappy acrylic that your friend gave to you because you knit, or are too frugal to pass up, the bad color combos that you can never pair with anything, usually also gifts or sales.
    It’s often kind of scratchy or acrylic back when acrylic yarn was a new thing and very stiff.

    Good for practice yarn, charity knitting, knitting on a budget

  2. Staple Stash:

    This yarn is probably what you actually want when you go to a craft store. It’s probably still washable and mostly acrylic but it’s soft and in nice colors. It’s the cereal part of your marshmallow cereal. But the call to knit it is often drowned out by the new shinies you got.
    You’ll knit it some day. But it’s usually pushed to the back in favor of

  3. Practically Finished Objects:

    Yarn that’s been paired up to a pattern and needles and are screaming KNIT ME NEXT PLEASEEEE OMG. But you can’t knit fast enough to keep up with it. These are usually pretty exciting, new and maybe recent stock from your LYS. Maybe a little nicer quality or maybe some of that old stash finally made its way up the queue.  

  4. Display Yarn:

    Display yarn is yarn from the stash deemed “too good” to ever knit. Maybe it’s exotic and you don’t know how you’ll ever find musk ox down again, maybe it was handspun that was really expensive and you don’t want to waste it on a bad project.
    Or maybe it’s sentimental, or was your first handspun yarn, and it seems like an FO all on it’s own.
    Or it literally looks better as yarn than it ever will as a scarf or sock.

    Either way maybe one day you’ll find a perfect project for it, but for now you’re happy just cuddling/admiring your precious gems.

So I’m trying to work, but then I thought about James and Sirius getting iPhones to ‘know what’s cool in the Muggle world’ and having access to what I’ve decided they would call FaceChat and SnapTime (because lol they’re old guys) and poor Lily and Remus would never, ever have peace again

  • “PRONGS, LOOK, THEY HAVE A DEER FILTER ON SNAPTIME” “OMGGG WHAT?!?!?!” *sends a dozen snaps in the deer filter*
  • “OMG SIRIUS, PUPPY FILTER!” “I’m too cool to be a – OMG LOOK HOW CUTE THAT PUPPY IS!!!!”
  • Calling each other on FaceChat in the middle of the night so often that Lily/Remus threaten to break/hide their mobiles or cancel their service. “YOU CAN’T CANCEL MY SERVICE, LILY, HOW WILL SIRIUS AND I SNAPTIME?! WHO ELSE WILL I TALK TO?!”

I cannot stop fucking cackling

EXO Reactions: A Random Guy Slaps their S/O’s Butt




“Omg what an idiot..”


He is listening to music when e sees it happen.

“Wait hold the fuck up,did he really just do that?”


“Excuse me,I’d like to have a word with you..”


“Would you like to get beat up?”


“I suggest you never do that to anyone again unless you want to regret it.”


“You have no decency..”


“Come here,I just want to…talk..”


Sarcasm overload.

“Oh my god,well it’s been fun Jagiya,but now you’re going to leave me for this guy,he clearly knows how to win peoples heart,the old  sexually harassing them trick works every time. Oh well,I guess I just like to use tactics that aren’t very popular like asking them out on a date,and if they say yes then I take them out on said date,seeing if we have a mutual attraction and connection then asking for their phone number and taking it slow to make sure it’s what they want. Oh well.”


“Go ahead,i’ll just sue you later.”

I’ve seen people complain on Yansim rivals having big boobs. Like? 

Ooh look at them big ol’ tiddies! So huge, much bongo! 

VERRY huge gotdamn you can’t see anything else! 




And now these next two DO have actual big boobs-because they’re grown women. 

An actual pair of big boobs, because she’s a grown woman. A lot of women have boobs, doncha know? 

Aside from the fact both rivals are grown women, Mida Rana here dresses provocatively because her character is sultry. I mean, its right there in the wiki. 
So unlike Kina (who by the way is just as bad as Rana, her being ditzy is no excuse) who just happens to wear a uniform that shows her off, Mida intentionally dresses to show off how sexy she is. (Also, sexy is a subjective matter, she may not be sexy to you but she is to me.)

Now back to the others and the sarcasm! 

You can totally see her shirt cleavage omg 

OOH how can her back not hurt!? (Serious note: stop infantalizing her, she’s a childish seventeen year old and not a twelve or fourteen year old like I’ve seen floating around. My boobs were bigger than hers a few months ago when I was seventeen) 

Arguably the only one who seems to have the biggest rack out of all the high-schoolers. Still, the majority of them DON’T have a huge-ass rack.

So maybe look at official character art again instead of browsing fanart? 

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I was scrolling through your tumblr before bed lastnight and i had a dream that instead of liking stanford, you liked this anime boy who was exactly like stanford but had a really really long neck and wore weird robes and had a orange haired sidekick. You kept reblogging a ton of pictures of him and someone sent you an ask saying "omg ew you like stanford" and you replied with "yes you cant tell me who to love" and then i woke up

that sounds exactly like what i’d say in that exact situation but hey if ur ever in that dreamverse again send my dream self an ask asking me how tf im satisfying my old man fetish w this anime boy

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