omg how old are you actually!!

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have been in the queer movement for 20+ years, to have studied queer theory, to have contributed to you potentially enjoying the rights you have today because I was part of a groundswell of lobbying and direct action in the 1990s….

…to have a 15 year old who’s spent maybe 8 months being political and has never inquired about queer history anonymously message me, “EXCUSE ME QU**R IS A SLUR LMAO OMG EMBARRASSSING AN aCTUAL ADULT WHO THINKS IT’S OKAY TO USE QU**R!~!!!!”

Dude, we are a slur. Queer folks are a slur to conservative straight people. Everything we are will be used as a slur by everyone who hates us. Gay is a slur. Lesbian is a slur. People will try to use all of our words against us. Don’t fucking let them get into your head to the point at which you’re telling actual queer people not to use the words we’ve used to unite ourselves and empower ourselves for decades. 


Honestly same tho

Tord: hallo old friends!

Edd: Tord!

Tord: ahh~

Edd: did you just side step me?

Tord: how I’ve missed you~ my little friend

Tom: omg what??

Edd: TORD!?

*Kissy noises*

Edd: well, I don’t know about YOU, but I’m not even mad.
Really fucking relived actually…

Solangelo Youtuber au part 1

So, if you’re reading this and you haven’t read my PJO youtuber au, I recommend you go read that first so that way you have a feel of what types of youtubers they are and things like that.
• So, Nico first discovered Will on one of those times you stay up all night looking at weird and random You Tube videos
• The thumbnail was of Will holding up a ukulele, a giant smile stretched across his face
• The video was of Will singing the song ‘I Want To Break Free’ by Queen. That’s all it took for Nico to click on the video. A cute boy and Queen
• Let’s just say the video hooked Nico and he fell into a dark hole of covers, remixes, mash ups all done by the blonde curly haired boy
• By the end of the night Nico had watched all 300 hundred or so videos Will had on his channel and had a very new and broad music taste
• Soon it became an obsession and everyone was aware that Nico liked this guy
• He would wait refresh his You Tube page nonstop every time Will tweeted he would be posting a video, waiting for Will to upload a new video and he’d be one of the first people to like his Instagram pictures
• Everyone who knew Nico knew Will. That how often he brought up Will in conversation
• “Yes, Nico I saw Will’s new video today”
• Or “Yes, Nico you already mentioned three times how cute Will looks in his new selfie he posted”
• It went on like this for at least three months
• That was until, Nico finally DMed him on Instagram
• It had been a decision caused by a lot of alcohol and stupid friends like Percy and Jason
• He hadn’t realized until the next morning he texted Will saying how much “he loved his videos and thinks he’s really cute”
• Nico was sure that Wil would ignore him, but maybe because of his certified Instagram account and large amount of followers, Will responded
• He was, as expected a sweetheart and replied saying “omg thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me!”
• After that, texting became a regular thing for them
• But soon, texting tuned into phone call and phone calls turned into face time and face time turned into the want to meet face to face
• Nico had never had an internet friend before, so he was never graced with the horrible feeling of “what if”
• “what if I’ve just been talking to an old man sitting in his underwear”
• “what if Will is actually horrible in real life”
• “what if he’s a government spy, looking to take down my You Tube channel and steal all of my subscribers? All 6 million of them?”
• But that was ridiculous, because Nico had seen his face and had talked to him face to face, even if it was over a screen
• They finally made the decision to meet up at a local You Tube event held in New York
• The day had been stressful, full of crazy fans, long lines, and terrible air conditioning. But once Nico and Will were done meeting their fans, they searched desperately for each other in the large crowds
• They were searching through crowds of people, trying to find each other, when they made eye contact
• It was like the movies, they pushed through the crowd, trying to get near each other, when suddenly, they were in each other’s arms and suddenly everything felt so right
• Nico would never admit it, but he even cried a little
• It was such a relief, seeing Will in person after telling him everything about himself. His dark secrets and cute quirks and worst fears
• As they held each other, Nico noted how Will’s freckles were a lot more noticeable and how his arms were bigger than he imagined
• “Hi” Nico whispered
• “Hi” Will said back
• And Nico doesn’t remember a time he was happier

go read part two :)

… been reading an unnecessary but fulfilling amount of Tododeku fics… and lemme tell you, villain Deku and soulmate AU’s will always hit my feelings hard…

.. oh and I drew smol Izuku from @idship-it tododeku fanfic Locks of Love… so cute..

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omg your art gives me life!!!! I love it! just wondering have you ever tried drawing hq characters as toddlers???

oh, thank you very much, that’s so sweet!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ and well, I…. I actually used to have an ask blog for karasuno as kids! it was set at daycare, except everyone knew each other?? and played volleyball?? and it was basically just a mess 

this was the banner (LOOK OLD ART)… it is not my fav memory but this ask made me look out the window and go “HOW DID THEY KNOW!?” so there’s your fun fact of the day!

  • Chaeyoung: Thanks guys! ^^
  • Jihyo: aww our lil chaeng is growing up :,)
  • Chaeyoung: aww stop it im still young^^
  • Nayeon: I feel you Jihyo, our lil cub is finally 9 years old!
  • Chaeyoung: wait what--
  • Jeongyeon: Ah it feels like yesterday that i just pick her up from school :,)
  • Chaeyoung: thats cause it was, but wait eonnie, im actually--
  • Sana: omg! One more year, and you'll be 10! Double digits!
  • Chaeyoung: im 19--
  • Tzuyu: wow! Maybe in a few years, you'll be as tall as me :0
  • Chaeyoung: (to tzuyu) ok, now you listen here, you little shit, youve cross the line, hOW DARE--

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Hey Nai so I know last year during hiatus you made sort of like a fanvid masterpost do you think you can link it to me? Also do you have any new ones? It's only been 3 days and the hiatus is already hitting me hard lol

this hiatus already has me on the floor i will never understand how i managed to survive the almost 11 month hiatus between s2 and s3 i already want death.

okay so here’s the old list and i’m going to make an actual kind of proper list this time. or at least try to. let’s see how this goes.

Post Season 4 Fanvids

10 000 MILES

  • okay like… holy shit?? this is so soft and tender and sweet but at the same time it’s gonna rip your heart out and crush it in front of your face so y’know. hope you like pain!
  • (bonus: this person has made a fanvid for every. single. episode. this season. honestly, the highlight of my thursdays were getting up and watching these lmao)


  • omg omg omg omg GUYS my heart hurts this is just so… idek i have no words to describe it, it’s just so great and like most vids on this list, it’ll leave you crying


  • this motherfucking song is the bane of my existence like i just need to hear the first few words and then boom. tears. it’s cool i’ve accepted that this is what my life is right now.


  • i think i’ve said this before but ‘all i want’ is the bellarke song for me. i know the show uses an original score (fuck you tree adams for making me cry with ‘bellamy and clarke’ and ‘i see you’) but this is bellarke for me.


  • speaking of ‘i see you’ SOMEONE MADE A BELLARKE VID TO THAT TOO like bitch have mercy on my soul please this isn’t fair at all who gave you the right


  • i think on my original list i have a video of the same name but LISTEN. the what’s a soulmate bit breaks me every time (is it from dawson’s creek i think it’s from dawson’s creek) and it’s just so so good.


  • okay. okay okay okay okay. this video is almost ELEVEN MINUTES LONG. yes. you read that correctly. eleven. 11 minutes. i cried like 3 different times. i craved the embrace of death. i will never be whole again.


  • i’m saying something alright. that something is ‘yea what the fuck m8.’


  • i wanna set myself on fire it’ll probably hurt less


  • i know that fix you by coldplay is generally overused in fanvids and gifsets and shit but like. ask me if a give a fuck when i’m bawling into my pillow. because the answer is no. i could not care less.


  • this is pretty much bellarke from 1x01 to 4x13 and i’m just here clutching my blanket pointing at my screen going ‘look at my babies! look how much they’ve grown!’ i’m a wreck tbh.


  • this isn’t fair. why do all these videos hurt me like what the fuck.


  • yo fuck you this song choice is… wow. and ouch. mostly ouch. it’s so soft but it hurts so much.


  • it’s cool it’s fine lemme just go outside and scream until my lungs give out hahahaha i’m fine


i’m not gonna go off too much on these because like. this is already getting long. sorry i can’t shut up.

The 4.0 MSQ story in a nutshell
  • The protagonists: Time to overthrow the Empire!
  • Zenos yae Galvus: BITCH, YOU THOUGHT?!
  • Warrior of Light: ... *sighs* *awaits death*
  • Zenos yae Galvus: Lol, nah, maybe later.
  • The protagonists: Time to overthrow the Empire... IN DOMA!
  • Zenos yae Galvus: BITCH, YOU THOUGHT?!
  • Warrior of Light: ... *sighs* *awaits death*
  • Zenos yae Galvus: Lol, nah, you can have it.
  • The protagonists: Time to overthr- I mean, LIBERTY OR DEATH!
  • Zenos yae Galvus: BITCH, YOU THOUGHT?!
  • Warrior of Light: ... Actually, yes! Yes, I did!
  • Zenos yae Galvus: *kirukiru-desu* omg, someone gets me!
  • Warrior of Light: Wait, what, no-
  • Zenos yae Galvus: omg, bestie, lemme show you how much I love you~ *kills self*
  • Warrior of Light: ... uh... -Victory music?-

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omg you have a sister?? how cute!

YEE we’re 11 years apart but get along…..a little too well.. probably bc of our gigantic interest in cartoons lmfaoo (she binge watched bnha in 2 days can u look at my lil prodigy weeb)

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more terrible two headcanons? or a fic? thanks 💓💓 love them

Whoo!! Second request(Why am i this pumped?)

Alright, so i decided to go with headcanons since it is much easier on me right now(also I’m very insecure of my writing skills lol  i hope you don’t mind)might do a fic later if i work up the courage-


  • Like i said before, this man loves his little girl.
  • Sometimes though you give him too many heart attacks.
  • It’s very hard for him to scold you sometimes.
  • Alfred has to step up a lot.
  • I still think Alfred is a champ.
  • He cried when you said Damian’s name first. Not because he was the first, but because you said your first word.
  • Cue smug ass Damian.
  • He was the one to teach you to walk and my god was he the happiest man alive.
  • Whenever you get hurt around him he picks you up and spins you around in a weird kind of dance to make you laugh again.


  • What is this tiny thing?
  • Selina dear that’s a baby.
  • Oh.
  • Can I just say I ship Selina and Bruce really hard??
  • She sometimes stops by the manor and plays with you while you’re in your crib.
  • Honestly? She sees you as a daughter.
  • She’s actually very motherly despite what everyone might think.
  • You thought Damian was responsible for the cats? Nope.
  • She also loves to steal some nice jewelry for you.
  • Selinashe’stwowhatareyoudoing.
  • “kitty!”
  • “No darling, it’s Selina~”
  • “Kitty!!”
  • cue an exasperated sigh followed by a chuckle. 
  • “Kitty it is then.”
  • “Daddy! Kitty!”
  • When you point to the window and he sees nothing he’s thoroughly confused.


  • AH
  • My sunshine boy-
  • “Who wants icecream?!”
  • Dick that’s the 3rd time this week honey
  • Poor Alfred needs a break.
  • When he’s doing his acrobatic exercises, he lets you hang onto him.
  • Of course he makes sure you’re safe though.
  • Always has an arm wrapped around you too.
  • If at any point you utter a cry while he’s swinging from the ropes, he’ll stop immediately.
  • Does not like when the little bat cries. Nope.
  • No one likes when you cry.
  • They only wanna see you happy okay and these people may be broken but they still love you and are the best family and I’m rambling so imma just stop-
  • “Dick!”
  • “Where on earth did you learn that word missy?!?!”
  • “…”
  • “Oh…oH That’s my name”


  • No sweetie only I can play with guns.
  • Probably give you a nerf gun for your birthday.
  • Cue nerf gun wars.
  • And somehow two year old you wins every single one of them??
  • It’s definitely because Alfred helped you.
  • Or maybe just natural skill??
  • “Roy goddamnit put your arrows away!!”
  • “damn it!”
  • “Sweetie no that’s a bad word! See what you did Roy?! I will literally put a bullet through you”
  • Honestly his whole team thinks it’s adorable how much he loves you.
  • Honestly probably the brother to let you put flower clips in his hair and then glare at anyone who looks at them weirdly.


  • “Sweetie I’m working”
  • “Sleep!”
  • “But I’m working-”
  • “Sleep!”
  • Yes, you, the two year old energetic child can actually get sleep-deprived Tim to…well sleep.
  • He just can’t actually say no to you?
  • His team definitely appreciate it.
  • And omg did his dark circles lighten up?!
  • After the one incident of you almost drinking his caffeine death beverage, he made sure to put his drinks in higher places.
  • “Tim God damn it! Your coffee!!”
  • “what? But i put it on the- Jesus Christ who let her climb on top of the cabinets?!?”
  • Accurate depiction of me as a toddler-(no seriously, my first coffee was a triple shot white chocolate mocha with whip cream and caramel drizzle. i was one and it was my mothers)


  • Still smug at the fact you said his name first.
  • He carries you everywhere on patrol.
  • “father I do not see the problem. I am more than capable of keeping her safe.”
  • Yes but Dami sweetie what if something happens-
  • You’re giving your old man a heart attack
  • Honestly you’re probably the best strategy he can bring?
  • “Time to die Boy wonder!! Wait is that a child?”
  • “Scum!”
  • cue the confusion of many thugs and the upper advantage of Damian.
  • And cue everyone else yelling because omg you just said scum-
  • Shows you off to Jon.
  • And every other teammate.
  • Since he regrettably can’t give you a real sword, he opts for a foam sword.
  • Cue little you smacking everyone playfully.
  • Everyone falls to the floor dramatically too.
  • One time you didn’t mean to hit Bruce and he fell to the floor and you poked his cheek and he wouldn’t wake up so you started crying.
  • Cue immediate guilt and panic from Bruce.
  • “No no no sweetie I’m okay. See? Daddy’s okay”
  • Damian recording in the background.
  • Damian is the only one who won’t drop dead when you hit him.
  • So of course, you consider him the greatest foe.
  • Cue smug Damian yet again.


  • My god is he the only sane one?
  • He never takes you on patrol
  • Makes sure you are safe in your crib too.
  • He likes to takes you to sports games.
  • The only sports i watch is soccer so forgive me but I can’t add much details-
  • he makes sure you don’t eat your hamburgers with a fork and knife.
  • My poor baby’s soul was probably traumatized when he saw Bruce eat with a fork and knife.
  • I know I’d be traumatized.
  • I personally thinks he has lots of sweater with cute messages.
  • They’re all cheesy af too.
  • He does carry you on his shoulder a lot.
  • Also attends every damn tea party you host.
  • He literally does not care what others think.
  • Best big brother tbh.
ha sungwoon first meeting! AU

summary: in which you are a pro video gamer and decide to meet a fellow video gamer that you admire

length: 1.1k

a/n: thank you for 84 notes on my daehwi one!! i hope you guys will show some love to sungwoon’s one tHIS BOY IS SO UNDERRATED AND NEEDS MORE LOVE HEHEH this story is supposed to be about video games but i know nothing about it but i hope this story somehow worked??? let me know your thoughts by popping a message in my inbox! 

Originally posted by sungwhoon

  • so you’re really into video games
  • and its right at the start of the semester break so you have all the time in the world to play your fave video game
  • i have  0 clue about video games so pls bear with me as i make up a lot of stuff lmao this is for the sake of the story
  • and what ppl around you don’t know is yes you play a lot of video games but they don’t know that you actually make money out of it 
  • and ppl sponsor you to play for them and stuff 
  • so tbh in this video game you are actually quite famous under your hidden id name which is flowerbloom
  • and its really amusing bc at uni you hear guys talk about video games and they’re like “i admire flowerbloom so much” or “i wonder if flowerbloom is a guy or a girl” 
  • and you just slightly smirk to yourself lmao
  • a part of you wants people to know that you are flowerbloom as u were considered quite average at uni and in your course 
  • but then you didn’t want it to be a fuss and for people to treat you differently 
  • so you decided to keep it to yourself and so you basically had two identities which is pretty exciting 
  • anyways in this video game there were quite a few users that were quite popular one of them whose id name was WANNAbetheONE 
  • you played against them and you started to admiring for how fast their reflexes were and how skilled they were 
  • after playing against him a coupe of times 
  • you decided to message him through the video game chatting app
  • idk is that even a thing lmao 
  • and you just wanted to let them know that you admire their skills
  • and tbh on this video game chatting app you get quite a few fan messages 
  • and you try your best to reply to them when you can 
  • so you think “WANNAbetheONE probably gets a million per day they won’t see mine” HAHAH r u kidding yourself girl
  • but u message them anyways 
  • hello WANNAbetheONE, this is flowerbloom user whom you’ve played against a few times. i just wanted to let you know that i had fun playing with you and i really admire your skills. i am your fan and i hope you see this message 
  • you thought your message was super cheesy but hey they weren’t gonna see it 
  • you pressed “send” and went to  bed 
  • when you woke up the next day you opened your phone and saw that you got a reply from WANNAbetheONE and they had replied within a minute of you sending the message last night 
  • the message said: hey flowerbloom! i’m so happy that you messaged me cos i’m your fan! let’s be friends! 
  • you dropped your phone in shock and embarrassment 
  • shock because they actually replied to your message when they probably got millions of messages??
  • embarrassment because you regretted writing what you wrote especially about being a fan 
  • you came back to your senses and tried to come up with a cool reply 
  • but then your phone buzzed indicating that WANNAbetheONE had sent you another message 
  • it says you read my message why aren’t you replying to me haha don’t seenzone me
  • you gasped and quickly typed a reply 
  • haha omg sorry i only just woke up! thanks for replying to me i appreciate it 
  • no worries i’ve always wanted to message you too ^^ how old are you btw?
  • i’m 19
  • really??? me too we are friends then :)))) 
  • that’s awesome!!
  • what’s your real name?
  • my name is y/n….i’m actually a girl haha
  • that’s awesome you are the coolest girl ever, my name is ha sungwoon
  • and from that day on you found out that WANNbetheONE was a guy called ha sungwoon who studied IT at the uni near you 
  • you guys got along super well and chatted pretty much every day 
  • and you guys would stay up late chatting about everything and anything 
  • about school and life and friends and family 
  • it felt like he was your soulmate and you guys connected so well 
  • a part of you were really curious as to what ha sungwoon was like in real life 
  • was he this chatty and outgoing in real life? or was he more awkward? what did he look like?
  • you even tried to find his facebook except none of the ha sungwoons you came across seemed to match the one you were talking to 
  • you really wanted to meet him but you didn’t want to take the initiative 
  • until one day he messaged you asking if it was okay to meet 
  • hey y/n, we’ve been talking for a week now and i promise i’m not a creep, but i was wondering if you’d like to meet in person?
  • yes ofc!!!!! that would be great
  • and so you guys agreed to meet at a cafe shop that was between your universities 
  • you were super nervous and worried about what to wear
  • but you opted for a casual look: a denim jacket, black ripped jeans and sneakers
  • you weren’t really into dresses and heels so you decided to just be yourself and wear what was comfortable 
  • you arrived at the said coffee shop with 3 minutes to spare and immediately a good looking guy caught your eye 
  • his hair was tousled and a lighter shade of brown, his features were sharp and he had high cheekbones
  • you lowkey hoped that the good looking guy was ha sungwoon 
  • but you thought ha sungwoon sounded more of a nerdy name and that it was probably someone who looked like an average uni student 
  • so you ignored him and ordered a Frappuccino  
  • while waiting you sent ha sungwoon a message 
  • hey i’m there, are you here yet?
  • yeah i am!! where are you? :) 
  • you looked up from your phone and noticed that the good looking guy’s eyes were scanning the cafe 
  • you stared at him unsure what to think 
  • until his eyes made eye contact with you 
  • he gave you the brightest and most beautiful smile and walked over to you 
  • you realised he was only a little bit taller than you but he was really cute and handsome 
  • “hey you’re y/n right?” says sungwoon happily still smiling at you
  • “yes” you reply nodding shyly 
  • “i’m so glad it’s so nice to finally meet you!” says sungwoon 
  • as he pulls you into a big hug 
  • and you feel your heart rate go up 
  • and you hoped that he didn’t feel it lmao 
  • he let go and patted you head “you’re so cute y/n” 
  • he waited with you and helped you take your drink to back where he had a spot by the window
  • it was kinda awkward at first since you guys both knew a lot about each other already 
  • and the fact that you found sungwoon good looking didn’t help much either 
  • it was pretty much silent for the first 5 minutes
  • and sungwoon couldn’t stand the awkwardness so he just said anything
  • “did you know that there’s a competition to giveaway the next version of the video game next month?”
  • you put your drink down excitedly
  • “really how do you know????” you asked happy and surprised at this news 
  • “it’s actually super lowkey right now, but i know because my friend, taehyun’s brother works at a video shop in hongdae!” 
  • and thats how the silence was broken and you guys talked just as much as you guys did online 
  • after a few hours you guys decided to grab dinner together at a nearby japanese place
  • at the end of the dinner when you were fishing for your wallet to pay for your portion 
  • sungwoon gives the girl at the counter his card “i’ll pay”
  • “ok - i can pay you back in cash now!” 
  • “nah it’s fine y/n, since this is our first date right?” says sungwoon smiling at you 
  • your heart starts beating super fast and you repeat the words in his head and he meant exactly what you thought he meant 
  • *cue waitress swooning over you two*
  • this was going to be the best semester break ever 

omg sorry i suck at endings  but let me know what you think of this series so far!!!!! also send me a message of which member you want next for this series!!!! 

other wanna one members: daehwi (x)

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Crazyanime3 do you recommend servamp? Should I watch it? Yes, I am looking for your biased opinion lol please and thank you

HELL YES I RECOMMEND YOU WATCH IT AND I RECOMMEND THE MANGA TWICE AS MUCH TOO(it has a lot more to it tbh) It’s probably one of my most favorite vampire series! (I say this cause I starting reading “The Case Study of Vanitas” and I like that so far too)

Okay hold I am gonna end up writing a bit of an essay here. THANK YOU GOD IT’S THE WEEKEND LOL. (I want all the support for a season 2 after all)


I will try my best to tell you a bit about the all character groups(its faster this way…) and what I like about them without spoiling too much since you are looking to possibly read or watch it. There are a lot of them. 

So Servamp has these 7 main deadly “Servamps”(and their “eves” who I will talk about in a sec), reason there are seven of them is because they are they are the seven deadly sins, plus the 8th Servamp who’s their youngest “brother” and he wants to kill them all and their eves. (try and guess who’s that one lol) What a lovely family pffffttt, they should really talk about their problems together….

They are called Servamps cause they are “servant vampires” to humans, their eves and basically just do whatever their eve says… well if you “use them correctly?”

and here’s their “birth order??”, more like “creation order” I guess you could say….

  1. Sleepy Ash of Sloth
  2. Old Child of Pride
  3. Doubt Doubt of Envy
  4. The Mother of Wrath
  5. Lawless of Greed
  6. World End of Gluttony 
  7. All of Love of Lust 

and the bonus sin, I mean sibling

8. Who is Coming of Melancholy (don’t forget him or you die, literally) 

and some things I love about them all as whole:

  • Despite their “physical appearances” they consider each other “younger” and “older” even though the “oldest” one, Kuro is like physically 18 but his psychotic youngest brother, Tsubaki is physically 21. This just amuses me. Basically “I was a vampire longer than you so technically I am much much older than you” by like a century or so. I dunno. 
  • They don’t constantly thirst for blood, cause they can eat human food too. Some even prefer it. Blood is more like a “power up” for them when they fight with their eve.
  • They consider each family, even though they don’t all get along necessarily. (like legit say “big brother” and “baby brother” omg) 
  • You know how in old fashioned vampire stories, vampires can turn into bats? In Servamp they all have DIFFERENT animal forms and they are all pretty cute too. One of the Servamps is a bat actually, but that’s cause he is old fashioned. We got a cat, snake, wolf, hedgehog, pig, butterfly and a fox.  I guess, it’s kinda what also lures you into making a contract with them…hehe)
  • There’s only 1 female BUT SHE ISN’T LUST. She’s Wrath and SHE’S COOL AND NOT USED FOR FAN SERVICE AT ALL. Also the sin of Lust is a guy named Snow Lily and he’s actually a really sweet guy. (he might make you cry if you read volume 4, cause I did ;__;)  
  • mixed personalities. ALL OF THEM, some get along some others not so much. Some may try to fight the other… 
  • Will die for their eve. 

okay there’s a lot I could say about them but I am trying so hard to be VAGUE. AHHH

and we have our main human characters the Servamps “eves” or masters 

There are only of a few of them though cause not all the Servamp have one(or not revealed yet) if you watch or read Servamp you’d know why some don’t currently have one. 

  • Like the sevamps all have mixed personalities and they all have different viewpoints/opinions about vampires.
  • two of them are related, try and guess which two, I dare you.
  • Almost all the eves are basically their servamps polar opposite. It’s amazing how some pairs manage to work together. (For example Sloth Pair, is duo of a hardworking guy who wants to save everyone, and then there’s his Servamp of Sloth who could maybe care less…or does he? :0)
  • One of them is a TOTAL MOM friend. They even call him “mom” in a drama CD. ITS CANON.
  • They are not all the same age, but some close in age. They are 14, 15, 16, 18 AND THEN 23. Yeah, try and pin an age to each haha, You might’ve never guessed for some)
  • One is a famous.
  • they all get weapons and abilities from the Servamp contracts. They are all pretty and unique, and strange even.
  • all have a different kind of relationship with their Servamp, you will love them all tbh.

danggit the last pic is so tiny whhaaa. 

and last major group of characters I am gonna talk about is the subclass vampires. These are the more lower level vampires created by Servamps. Subclass are originally humans who the Servamps saved. A dying human drinks Servamp blood and becomes a vampire and follows the Servamp(and eve) around basically and does what they say. “Extra servants”, I suppose? But some of the Servamps considered their subclass, “friends” or “FAMILY” ahhh it makes me cry. ;w;

I would make points about the subclass too but there are A LOT OF THEM and they are more diverse, And the “Melancholy Team” in the first image is pretty much the main subclass group who see since they work with the “big bad” of the series. 

SO YEAH. PLENTY OF REASONS TO WATCH SERVAMP. But a few things about the anime adaption:

  • They cut out quite a bit of the “lesser” characters in the anime, so some characters you will only get see in the manga, or only a little a bit of in the anime and WAY MORE in the manga. But the anime also doesn’t reach a certain point for us to see some characters. (there’s a chance for S2 though so maybe we will??)

some examples:

  • We don’t get to see everyone’s character developments. Some only seen or learned more about in the manga. Or the some of the development between characters is kinda done differently in the anime version. 
  • Animes always do this, but they do cut out some dialogue, scenes, AND ONE ENTIRE ARC and some things do happen earlier than they are supposed too. 
  • They leave out some funny parts of it too, which is boo…. :p
  • The anime’s ending is a little…. weird. You have to see it for yourself. :| 
  • the pacing is a bit fast.
  • some moments are moved around in the anime too. Still happen but in a different spot.

BUT!!! THE ANIME IS STILL ENJOYABLE. A lot of things ARE still the same and you will still be able to understand the story and everything else. 

- You still get most backstories
- You will definitely end up with a fave Servamp/Eve pair(and I don’t mean ships necessarily) 

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You will laugh and maybe cry. 

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okay I am done babbling it’s almost 12 a.m. CA3 IS OUT. 

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Omg this isn't an ask and u might get mad at me because I don't know what I'm doing but OH MY GOSH Everytime I go to ur profile I see the info thingy and I read it like "youmna mentally 20" as if ur not actually 20 but a 8-year-old child who is really mature loll

Le gasp how did you know :O


Me: Heh, I can totally see that! But this is actually from Homestar Runner.

Barista: What’s that?

Me: you know, Strong Bad? Trogdor? The Cheat?

Barista: *blank stare*

Me: it’s a – it was a – it’s a classic webcomic. Ish. Flash animation thing. Um.

Barista: *blank stare*

Me: oh god were you even alive then

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a cheerful latias approaches the adorable reuniclus, and offers them a fluffy pillow shaped like a cloud!! they knitted it themself!! :DD ((happy late birthday omg i lvoe you and ur blog!! @latias-daily))

Reuniclus’ birthday actually hasn’t passed yet, but it’s this month!! How did you know? Thank you for the gift!

Anon Requested

Follow Forever.
I’ve never actually done this, it just never crossed my mind, but a very nice Anon requested to see who inspires me, so I’m going to try my best. 

Also, it is VERY VERY long.  [Seriously, VERY VERY long.]
You can use ctrl-f to find yourself…maybe? ;-;
I could’ve just added everyone’s names but I wanted to write a little on each one, or most everyone.
Sorry if I didn’t write about you, but you’re still great in my book guys.
All of you. <3 <3 <3

[I only wrote because I am seriously never doing this again, lol, so once and only time here]
IF IF IF IF I forgot you, I am beyond sorry. Just let me know or something. I’m tired. It’s midnight, and I just wrote all of this and did I mention I’m tired? 

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I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT FEYCIEN but the possibilities.... Lucien taking Feyre aside her first few weeks at the Spring Court and whispering the ways out of the court and across the Wall just in case things go bad. Him slipping a thigh sheath and knife under her bedroom door when Tamlin's away with a note that he'll teach her how to properly use it if she wants. Feyre tearing Tamlin a new asshole when he insults Lucien, and shooting Lucien worried glances across the dinner table. UGHHHHHHH 😍

omg i forgot this was in my inbox @ OLD FEYCIEN ANON, YOU CONVERTED SOMEONE LMAO

listen i talked abt this in that elucien au from a while back where she replaced feyre but it applies to Feycien too; Lucien being Into Feyre is so so good bc like??? his internal conflict??? between wanting to help break the curse by encouraging her to fall for Tam and wanting her himself is literally 10x more compelling than anything that actually happened in canon acotar lmao. and that’s IN ADDITION TO angst to the tune of “you’re telling me i have feelings for a human who killed my best friend” that has him denying his feelings until he’s in ABSURDLY DEEP, like, y’all, the drama is too good

(and feyre gets someone who will actually explain things to her. would lucien be ambiguous about calanmai?? no. he’d straight up be like “its an orgy. tam has to fuck someone in a cave.” etc. like there’d be 80% less needless obfuscation and we’d have real emotional conflict to replace it. 10/10.)

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omg did you ever read about the technopagans of the 90s conjuring divinity into what was then, basically, the fetal internet? like that's so fascinating to me

yeah i actually just got an old copy of Wired magazine from the mid 90s with an article on that. 

it’s a cool concept, and i mean depending on how you look at it the internet functions as a kinda hivemind superintelligence anyway so maybe they were onto something