omg how he smiles at her

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Okay but Harry and pregnant Missus at the swimming pool and she's in her swimming suit. Omg skisksksksk:))

Oh, my god. Why have you put this thought into my head? I’m going to pass out.

He’d be so incredibly infatuated with her and how beautiful she looked during her pregnancy and how gorgeously her tanned skin looked against the swimming costume. He’d aways be caught taking photos of her on his phone and staring at her when she laid comfortably a blow-up bed that floated on the surface and he’d always join her and feel the baby kick against his hand and smile when it caused rippled along the water level.

And, knowing him as a typical photographer, he’d probably invest in one of those go-pro cameras, that are waterproof when they go under water, just so he could take gorgeous underwater shots of her and her belly to keep as reminders of their babymoon holiday. xx


Olicity Holiday Project

Dec. 12 - A scene you would show to someone outside the fandom to describe Olicity
➸ 3x01 “The Calm” - Oliver asks Felicity out on a date (◕‿◕✿)


Eyy !Back at it again with the up10tion receipts! This time, up10tion reacted to a reaction video  by Afro Minx. Just skip to 5:29, that’s when they pull up her video. Oml, do you see how they all leaned in when she came on screen and we’re like “oh” and Xiao was like “oh annyeong haseyo” lol.  Bit-to, Wei, and Wooshin deadass went from standing to leaning over the other members😂😂. When she says the other members names and stuff Xiao looks so salty omg and he copies her reactions from time to time. Then you have Gyujin, Kuhn, and Wooshin  smiling most of the time and we have Hwanhee and Wei doinug the most in the background, Wei was so excited haha. Wei even called her cute like 3 times. Sunyoul called her cute first tho lol. And at the end Bit-to was like “I love you too”. Overall,  it looked like that video made their day. They were so excited and looked so happy after.

Hold You

Sirius Black x Reader

Request: could you do an imagine where the reader is muggleborn and best friends with the marauders and she’s dating a muggle and they break up so the marauders comfort her and secretly sirius has been in love with her the whole time? and can it be really fluffy? this is so long omg i’m sorry😅

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Sirius watches over his goblet as Y/N reads the latest letter from home. Clearing his throat, he catches her attention.

“How’s Matthew doing?” he inquires with what he hopes is a pleasant grin. Y/N gives him a radiant smile in return, making his heart skip in his chest.

“He’s great! I’m so excited to see him when I go back home.”

Remus leans across the table. “Have you told him about all this yet?” Y/N’s smile falters as she slowly shakes her head, and the mood at the table darkens slightly.

Then James reaches across the table and ruffles her hair, making the group of friends laugh. “Don’t worry. Now hand over some treacle tart.”

Y/N stumbles into the common room the next day, her hair a rumpled mess and her eyes bloodshot and puffy. Sirius glances up and, taking in her drooping form in a split second, jumps out of his seat and runs over to her.

He takes her by the shoulders, expecting her to raise her eyes and tell him everything is okay, but instead she curls up against him and starts sobbing softly against his chest.

Sirius stares down at the top of her head incredulously and soothingly rubs large circles on her back. “Love, w-what’s wrong?”

Y/N pauses and sniffles just long enough to say, “He broke up with me,” before breaking out into a fresh fit of crying. Sirius hears a cough and looks around to see James, Remus, and Peter surrounding their entwined forms with sympathetic expressions. Remus jerks his head towards the dormitory and, along with the other Maruaders, leaves to give Sirius and Y/N some privacy.

“Let’s get you upstairs, yeah?” Sirius says, eager to get away from the few straggling prying eyes in the room. He whips out his wand and enchants the girls’ dormitories staircase before helping Y/N up and into her room. Pleased to see that her room is empty, he walks Y/N over to her bed and slowly sits her down, then takes a seat next to her.

“Hey – hey, Y/N, look at me,” he coos and cups her cheek in his hand. “Did you tell him about being a wizard? Is that why?” Y/N shakes her head, squeezing her eyes shut. “What then? Love, you can talk to me.”

She surprises him by looking him straight in the eyes, her own still welling with tears, and asking, “Is there something wrong with me?”

Sirius’ eyes widen and he quickly shakes his head fervently. “No! Y/N, you’re perfect, love, don’t ever think that about yourself. Did he make you feel that way?” Rage fills him as he envisions what that vile boy could have done. He imagines scenarios in which he could make Matthew pay for his actions, and –

Y/N gently lays a hand on Sirius’ arms, jerking him back to reality. “He didn’t do anything, Sirius. It’s just – sometimes I wonder, you know? Matthew has been the only boy to ever think of me that way, and he doesn’t anymore, and –”

Sirius quickly wraps his arms around her and pulls her close. “Y/N, Matthew isn’t the only one who thinks of you that way,” he says softly, voice muffled by her hair as he presses his mouth to the top of her head.

Y/N makes to jerk back and look at Sirius’ face, but he stops her. “Just wanna hold you like this. Please?”

As Y/N’s tears dry on her face, she smiles into Sirius’ chest and nods.

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I'm laughing imagining how intimidating Winn's shovel talk could be: "hey Maggie?" "Yes Winn?" "Did you know that if I wanted I could get rid of any proof that someone was alive, including the memories of every person they've ever known, so they die knowing they never left any impact on the world? I think that's a pretty cool perk of my job." And then Alex comes back and Winn is all smiles and so happy that Alex has Maggie, but she knows if she hurts her he will give her a fate worse than death


at my job the other day I sat this man and his year old baby at a table and while I was helping him with the high chair I commented on his little girl’s pink sparkly clothes and how she looked like a princess and he replied “That’s because she is a princess. She’s my little princess!” as he smiled and looked down at her with so much love in his eyes and my heart melted

GOT7 Reaction to you Fangirling Over a Hot Kiss Scene in a K-drama

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He wouldn’t know what to do tbh. He’d be slightly petrified by the kiss scene, immediately feeling self-conscious since it reminded him of you. He wouldn’t even notice that you’re fangirling tbh, he’d just be going through possible scenarios in his head as to how to smoothly pause the drama and start making out with you. He’d be thinking: “Do I pause it first, then kiss her or do I kiss her then pause it? Will she pause it? Should I even pause it?”

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He’d smile to himself, thinking about how cute you look. It’d take you a moment to realize he was staring at you not the TV, and when you do, he’ll peck you on the lips with a smile.

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Mark: (omg sorry for this terrible gif, I honestly could not find a better one oml)

He’d be so into the drama, he wouldn’t notice that you were fangirling. While stuffing his face with popcorn he’d aggressively point at the screen shouting “I called it! Episode 11, I called it!” Right after he said it though, he’d gain his composure back and calm down. Then finally, he’d notice your fangirling and would start laughing at how cute you were.  

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He would honestly be freaking out more than you, hitting your arm lightly in excitement, shouting,
“They kissed! They kissed!” Over and over again.

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Being the evil maknae he is, he’d already be predicting the scene. He’d been glancing at you subtly 5 minutes before the scene even started. Then when the two characters finally kissed, he would look over to you expectantly, biting his lip. You were so concentrated on the drama though, you didn’t notice, he’d try to keep the pose for a few more minutes but finally give up and pout lol.

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He’d be freaking out along with you, probably grabbing the pillow on the couch before you do.

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Bam Bam:

He’d be covering his innocent eyes, but then find himself staring at you. He’d laugh at how much you were fangirling, thinking it was adorable.

-Hwa Yoon

Sexual Assault? Wai- what?

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This is so stupid like what the fuck?

Antis at it again with the “sexual assault” bullshit again.

Stiles and any type of assault does not fit in the same sentence. He would never do that. And you call a kiss on the cheek sexual? what?

Lydia literally smiles right after he kissed her. HOW CAN YOU CALL THIS SEXUAL ASSAULT? There’s nothing else to say about this because it’s that simple. He kissed her cheek, she smiled. that’s all lmao??

In conclusion today, the antis make no sense at all, but we already knew that.


I can just imagine 707 buying the jacket for Jumin and MC as a gift, and then buy one for himself. (because why wouldn’t he??)
707: *hands a bag to MC and to Jumin*
707: “Look inside” *smiling really happily*
Jumin: *pulls out jacket from bag*
Jumin: “What the he-”
MC: *gets all happy*
Jumin: *looks at you and smiles because you got all happy and excited*
Jumin: *looks at the jacket again*
Jumin: “You’re right, and it’s not that bad looking either”
MC: *shows Jumin her jacket*
MC: “Look at how cute this is…aww I can already imagine holding Elizabeth in it.”
MC: “Thank you Luciel, these are amazing!”
707: “You’re welcome”
707: “And also…..”
707: *takes off his normal hoodie and throws it on the ground…he had the same type of jacket on underneath*
707: “Tada~~! Now we can all match lol”
Jumin & MC: *facepalm*

Okay, so I when found a picture of the jacket and my first thought was Jumin wearing it…

Ok but can you imagine how the Nohr siblings would feel when Elise introduces them to baby Shiro?

Of course Kamui is like “omg so cute, can I hold him??” But the rest…are trying to get past the fact that he’s lobster jr.

Camilla is the first to regain her senses, starts breaking down features: he has Elise’s blonde hair, lighter eyes obviously from their side, and her smile…

Meanwhile Xander and Leo are having an internal crisis because neither can fathom how a child so big could come from Elise. Seriously even as an infant Shiro was a large boy, so Xander and Leo are just like “??? You sure he’s yours?”

Elise huffs, “of course, I gave birth to him! Duh!" 

Leo is just like "how???” and Xander just enters silent contemplation mode. Camilla also attempts to kidnap Shiro 3 times but Kamui stops her.


I always wanted to redraw this screencap because I love how Gray is smiling at Juvia. He looks so gentle and sweet~~~ =^o^= I didn’t give Juvia heart eyes, though, because I wanted her to look pretty haha

for all dedicated bob burger fans remember that episode where bob n linda play napkin darts n bob starts getting pissed because he couldn’t beat her. at the end when shes a shot away from being the winner bob n teddy conjure up a plan where they fart really loud to distract linda. before bob does it he looks @ his reflection in the napkin container n its a frowny face n he’s like ‘omg…what am I doing.’ then he looks @ linda n he smiles very slightly because he realized how much he loves her, supports her, n will never root against her because nothing in his life (besides his kids n thanksgiving) is more important to him than her. I love them so much n they are televisions most loved n functional family to date. 

Marco lets Star give him makeovers sometimes omg… She gets out all her little makeup sets and thinks really hard about what will look the best. Shes like “Yes!! Brown eyeshadow. It will look good on you!!! You’re totally an autumn. Now don’t move…”

“It tickles!!”

“Yes, that’s how you know the makeup is working!” she smiles really big and then does the rest of it.

“Awwww!! You look so pretty!! ❤❤❤”

Really? He excitedly takes the mirror from her. “Omg …I do”

This Bridge is a Special Place

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Anon Requested: I think I’ve fallen in love with your work xD If you have time could you please write a Cedric Diggory x reader? Theres this adorable gif of him on the bridge where he blushes and slowly smiles and it made me think of this imagine where He’s been trying to ask Y/N out on a date for weeks, but has never been able to say it. Finally he just runs up to her and spits it out only to be happily surprised when she blushes and says yes.

A/N: I love this request a heap and you are so nice omg. I’m so sorry about how short it is but it was hard to find a long story line and I felt like I couldn’t have made it any longer without ruining it.

Y/H/H= Your Hogwarts House


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Cedric sighs as he walks across the bridge, leading in to Hogwarts. A part of him had always loved the serenity. It had a view of the grounds, the Forbidden Forest and the Castle they all called home for the better part of the year. It was also where he had first spoken to you. Now, why was this such a momentous occasion? Who knows? He hadn’t stopped thinking about it since. His words were jumbled and he was a hot mess. In Cedric’s eyes, you seemed to be the most laidback and calm person, even though you really weren’t. You had just perfected the art of concealing your emotions.

It had been almost three months since the first time you and him had spoken. In the meantime, there were several occasions, mostly set up by the rest of Cedric’s friends, where you had just happened to run into each other. Of course, those particular friends knew about Cedric’s little (or rather, extremely large) crush on you. You were oblivious. Like usual, you had greeted Cedric bright-eyed and open-hearted.

“Cedric?” A voice closes the barrier between reality and imagination and brings him back with a start. He turns in the direction of the voice, stunned by the identity of its owner.

“Hi, Y/N,” He chokes out. He is not helping the Hufflepuff’s change their reputation. “Uh, how are you?” The butterflies in your stomach seem multiply and make it almost impossible to talk. Cedric didn’t know this, though.

You move to stand next to Cedric and lean on the side of the bridge. “I’m doing fine. You?” This meeting was the first that had not been set up. You saw the bridge the same way as Cedric and loved to come here. However, studying had gotten in the way, recently, and you had only managed short visits.

“I’m alright. Just a lot on my mind,” He replies.

“Studying?” You question.

“N-not exactly,” Cedric manages to stutter. 

“Right.” All you wanted to do right now was keep talking to him. You didn’t care what it was about, just something to keep you in this perfect reality for a short amount of time. “What brings you to the bridge?”

“It calms me down,” Cedric sighs. “I’m away from all the madness and chaos. It makes me feel like I’m just wandering this world by myself. Nothing to stress about. I can think and not have to worry about what I’m thinking about. This bridge is a special place.” He looks down at his hands, realizing what he had just blurted out.

“That’s actually a really good way to put it,” You think out loud. Cedric turns towards you and smiles.


“Yep. I feel like when I’m here I can be alone. It’s just me and my thoughts,” You state. “I better head off. I have a friend waiting. Bye, Cedric.”  The way his name rolled of your tongue was something he would never get used to. 

“Uh, yeah. Bye,” He says watching you turn and walk away. Before you can get to far, Cedric gathers the courage to do the one thing that scared him most.

“Y/N! Wait up.” He runs up behind and you turn around quickly.

“What is it?” You say, your usual smile developing on your face.

“Would you maybe like to go out with me sometime?” Cedric sucks in a short breath and holds it, awaiting your answer. You have a startled look on your face, trying to comprehend what he has just asked you. Maybe the perfect reality could get even more perfect. 

“I would love to,” You get out.

“That’s great. You don’t want to be late seeing your friend but I’ll see you around and we can arrange a date,” He trails off.

“Sure,” You lean in and give Cedric a quick kiss on the cheek before making your way back towards the castle, trying to suppress your excitement. 

Cedric moves back over to the side of the bridge and looks out across the vast grounds of the school.

“I always knew this bridge was good luck,” He mutters to himself.


A/N: Hope you enjoyed that. Remember to keep sending in requests and I’ll get them done asap.

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omg i just had an headcanon that stiles and lydia were making sure that everything was back in his room and lydia opens a drawer and finds her nemeton drawing with the note and she smiles because it reminds her of how everyhting has changed and she turns around and kisses him and he looks kina surprised until he sees what she's holding and he says "oh well, I think it's time that I finally give it to you"

awww i wish they would have mentioned the picture or showed it somewhere, that scene with aiden still means a lot to me

What's your most embarrassing moment with crush?

It was way back when I was in my first year in college. I happened to sit next with my ultimate crush in highschool in the jeep when I’m off to home.

I was eating icecream that time and I’m with my dear friend. I’m too shy to glance at him at my left that I maintain my posture in the right when he nudged me so I’ve no choice but to look at him.

Him: How are you? *with a dashing smile*

Me: I’m fine *all smiles here*

Then all of a sudden, he seems like suppressing a laugh and can’t look at me without trying not to laugh. I really wonder. Then I turned to my right where my dear friend was and told her this,

Me: OMG! He’s my ultimate crush. He’s the heartthrob in our highschool.

Her: Damn! Shame on you. You still have chocolate in your teeth!!

Omooooo. I won’t forget that freaking moment!! Gosh. LOL

wgm with s.coups
  • first meeting would be somewhere really cool like an amusement park.
  • he’d hide behind something big when he sees cameras coming from the distance.
  • when he realizes who you are, he’ll probably get really excited and jump up and down like “omg it’s her! that’s her! that’s my wife!!” 
  • you’d look for him and would be really disappointed when you can’t find him but he’ll sneak up behind you and grab you by the shoulders.
  • “hello, i am s.coups, your husband.” *gummy smile*
  • he would be really smiley, like he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling when he’s with you.
  • he would be in complete awe that he’s on the show with you, like he would constantly tell you how pretty you are and how excited he is.
  • lots of outings, showing you cool places around the area that he found when he was a trainee and would tell you cool and funny stories about the past.
  • “one time i ate out here with woozi and jeonghan got really offended because he loves this place, so he stormed in here with joshua and ordered a bunch of food and put it on my bill.”
  • and he’d be laughing really hard but it’s not even that funny but you can’t help but to laugh because his laughter is so adorable.
  • after being together on the show for a while, you’d go to the beach, parks, really cool tourist spots, just lots of adventures.
  • he gets really anxious and excited for your anniversary stuff and makes sure to plan ahead.
  • will probably trick you saying he doesn’t know what day it is and fools you aND THEN THROWS THIS HUGE SURPRISE LIKE COUPS PLES.
  • super chivalrous: hold your bag for you, makes sure you walk on the inside when walking on a sidewalk, hold the door open, makes sure you go inside first, holds the umbrella. om g i cant.
  • he’d take you home to daegu and show you around all the places he used to hang around with his friends; lots of flashback memories.
  • skinship is REALLY natural. like he didn’t even realize that he grabbed your hand when you guys were walking in a crowded area; literally he felt the need to guide you and lead you to your destination bc you know leader qualities. TT-TT
  • he cooks for you but only breakfast foods because they’re the easiest.
  • you tried to bake a cake with him to share with all the other couples but that didn’t really go well since he left the cake in the oven for too long so you guys had to go to the store and buy a design-your-own cake.
  • that didn’t look all that pretty either. so you just bought succulents.
  • when he’s feeling tired and you want to go out, he’ll be really pouty and would lay on your lap so you can’t get up.
  • he would aegyo his way out of the plan and make you stay home and watch tv.
  • but you get a mission to go out and he grumbles but jumps up and practically pulls you out the door. thanks coups.
  • he boasts to his members how great it is to have someone like you and that they should be jealous. and they are.
  • and when you meet them, he gets really protective and clingy.
  • “don’t touch her,” he’d tell to members when they get close to you.
  • hoshi accidentally bumps into because he was really excited to go out and coups literally grabbed (jokingly ofc) hoshi’s shirt and threatened him (aGAIN JOKINGLY)
  • but hoshi got really scared and hid behind dk who was equally as excited. and scared.
  • they all call you “mom” bc your husband is pretty much their father.
  • asks you who in seventeen is your favorite and when you say “the8 is really adorable” he’ll get really sulky. like “so i’m not adorable okay fine. i said you were the prettiest in your group but i guess the feelings aren’t mutual”
  • he forgets it in like 10 minutes and you guys play a game.
  • complains to you how hard it is to parent 12 children. you praise him and he does that cocky adorable thing he does like n o.
  • will probably shed a tear when you leave the show.
  • tells the pd-nims all the regrets he had when he made you sad or if he didn’t do something according to what he had in mind.
  • will be really reluctant on letting go of your hand when you need to part ways.
  • constantly waves and looks back when you guys walk away.
  • it’ll be a really hard time leaving the show because you guys had an amazing married life since coups literally did all he can to make you happy.

more wgm scenarios

IKON REACTION: If you suddenly kissed them and then says ”I shouldn't have done that” and tries to run away from them because youre embarrassed

B.I:  “oh, what was that?” He’d be surprised and happy at the same time and would think how cute you’re during all day.

Jinhwan: “aigo~~ look at her, she can’t just kiss me and run away like this” he’d saying random words until realized that should run behind you.

Yunhyeong: “yahh come back right now! I want to kiss you too”

Bobby: “omo, she’s fast” and after this he’d follow you, with a smile on his face.

Donghyuk: “yah… stop! yah kiss me again” dongdong would be happy.

June: “yahh, hajima, you really shouldn’t have done that… I should kiss you first!“

Chanwoo: “omg… she is so cute” He’d be frozen, and without beliving in what you did.

~ADM Cherry~

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BTS reaction: their daughter giving them a flower crown bc “boys deserve flowers too”

Ah, thank you! And this is one of the cutest requests I’ve ever gotten omg. And to all the males out there: you definitely deserve flowers too. If you like a flower crown, wear that shit and rock it. Thank you for requesting xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

His smile would be so wide omg. He’ll definitely hug her and thank her. Then he’d ask her if she wanted to be in his selca, so he could show the world how kind his daughter, and how good he looks. He’d find it so very cute, and would flaunt that thing for the rest of the day.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

He would definitely smile his adorable gummy smile, just because his daughter is the literal cutest thing in the entire universe. He is probably going to act all cute for her and be like “does daddy look good in a flower crown?”. He wouldn’t take it off for the rest of the day, just to show her how much he appreciates it.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

Sunshine deluxe. He’d hug her so tight. And he would take so many selcas while wearing the flower crown, probably with her as well. He would then ask her (if she wasn’t already wearing one) if she had one for herself, so they could match.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He’d probably giggle a bit because she’s just too adorable. And then he’ll jokingly ask her if she’s sure the colors match his outfit. But before she can reply, he’ll thank her and lift her up to spin her around and make her laugh.

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

Definitely another one to giggle. And he’d definitely kiss her cheek and thank her. He’d feel strangely flattered by this. He’d then proceed to ask her if she had one for herself, and if they should go and make one for mummy, so that all of you matched.

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Ignore Tae. Jimin was just so cute that I couldn’t resist

V/Kim Taehyung:

Giggles and kisses all around. This is something that would make him all giddy. How could his daughter be so sweet and cute!? He’s also someone who’d take some selcas while wearing the flower crown. Then he’d notice that his daughter doesn’t have one, and insist that she go outside to pick some of her favorite flowers, so daddy could return the favor and make one for her.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

He’d set all of his manliness aside for once. How could he say no to his daughter when she was so sweet? So he would wear it, and rock it. If someone would happen to tease him about it, he’d probably just tell them that if his daughter thinks he deserves it, then why shouldn’t he wear it. And he’d be very cute towards his daughter.

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