omg how could you do that to her

Here we go again..................

That MTV interview with the photographer was a well written piece of propaganda for “Bare with me”, basically saying that love is love, and it is beautiful in all forms. The stuff about Lauren and Lucy was all propaganda to prop up the narrative.

The photographer and the wardrobe lady were only saying what they were advised to say. LIES! (though the wardrobe lady decided to fuck the narrative a bit with the “sisterly and maternal connection”) Management did the same thing with DWTS. Val was advised to lie about when and where he had his first meet up with Normani for DWTS. They had been rehearsing for days before that Houston Rodeo, yet they wanted to push the narrative to the general public that the girls were in on the surprise, and helped introduce Mani to her dance partner. Why? To show how much they support her decision to do her own thing.

My point is, they (management) have no problem getting outside forces, other than the girls, to help sell their narrative. The ladies who did that photo-shoot with Lauren and Lucy are no different. Why have the photographer say what she said? They needed someone, other than Lauren or Lucy, to confirm that Laucy was real, to prove that Camren wasn’t. That one interview killed three birds with one stone. It confirmed Laucy, destroyed Camren, then destroyed Laucy, all at the same damn time. Brilliant actually.

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N. Negovanlis: I also have this memory of summer after first year of Universty of just walking through gay village in Montreal and like being so frustrated that it was tailored more towards men and like the club scene because I was like that’s not me I didn’t know what to do and I was like I want to meet some like older queer women. and I just wanna hear their stories or like understand like how they come out.

With Love And Money

 Sugar Daddy!Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff 

Warnings: Daddy kink, spanking, D/s themes, i think that’s it

Words: 8k 

Request:  ahhh yonni omg could you do a really nasty yoongi daddy kink smut with spanking please?

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anonymous asked:

Hey! How are you? Omgs I discovered your awesome solangelo drawings and yeeees you're going to draw Jason Grace :D I think your style is great, so much personality and you could draw (sometime if you like maybe?) Piper McLean. Your style suits her idk. Anyway, have a great day!

Hola) Not bad, thank you)
Thanx u very much, that’s really nice! 
I love Piper ♡ I’ve been wanting to do it, so…

I managed to start and finish this in the same night omg @A@ !  So here’s a print for my lovely bestie @alainaprana of her OC ZigZag, the skullshape was really fun to work with and can’t wait to print it so that I can sent it to your place. *Hugs tight* You’re a fantastic friend and I wanted to show you how important you are to me. Thank you so much for being such a precious friend and I hope that you like your gift ;u; (I sincerly wish I could do more asdjkbdas)

I swear to god I spend at least 10 minutes trying to draw while my cat crawled over my shoulder and tried to get affection from me while streaming.

Art© @little-noko

ZigZag© @alainaprana

Annoy Me - Carl Gallagher x Reader

Requested by @pale-and-empty

Warnings: cussing (this happens a lot), sexual tension if you squint maybe idk, annoying people, violence
Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader
Description: The reader and Carl annoy each other too much and her/his anger brings them together
A/N: wow that description and omg lemme just say this took way too long okay and i really don’t how i feel about this ( ALSO this gif took me ages to find and it still doesn’t work I’m sorry)

“Stop it,” You roll your eyes as Carl pushes you again. He’d been doing it for a few minutes to rile you up, but you knew better. Two could play at that game. You were just as annoying as he was. 

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The Inuyasha Hunger Games

Because why not?

Let the games begin.

Somehow, the idea of Kouga taking alcohol doesn’t surprise me. And Inuyasha just grabs a shovel…because…yeah. That’s smart. Also, who knew it would be so easy to kill Naraku? Way to go Bankotsu! Takin’ one for the team!

…And Jaken, you poor, poor imp.

I admit. I may have laughed a bit harder from Jaken begging for death than I should have. Honestly, this is kind of scarily accurate, while still being OOC enough to be hilarious.

And geez…Inuyasha, you and mom number two having a chit chat? Got something you’d like to share with the class?

Also a cannon shot announcing Naraku was dead, but we knew that. 

Well. Bye Kouga. :’D *sheds tear* 

…And Jakotsu. 

Lol, Jaken I swear to all things holy, you are going to be my downfall in this. Everything you do is making me laugh. 

“In the forest, in the trees…in the mountains, in the breeze… Lord Sesshomaru, where are you?” - Jaken 2017 while picking flowers.

Also, somehow Kaede camouflaging herself reminds me of when Inuyasha buried her.

…I mean, I should have seen this coming. Even though Naraku’s dead, Kohaku has always seemed a bit shady.


And I mean, of course Sesshomaru would win. But why, Shippo? Why? 

And uh…good going Ginta. You do you.

…Rin, how could you? The only reason Sesshomaru died is because he couldn’t fight Rin. :c So sad. 

Better watch out though, because his mommy is about to throw down.

And I mean…I might have stabbed Myoga too if he didn’t stop trying to suck my blood. :D

So here we have the current status. Still not over Sesshomaru’s death.

“Lord Sesshomaru has fallen! Please end my miserable life!”

“No, I will not. You must continue in his stead.”


…and what better way to do that than…

…Slicing Inuyasha with Bakusaiga? :D

And I mean, we knew it was going to happen. Sesshomaru’s parents had an arranged marriage.

I find it ironic that Kaede has trouble starting a fire after setting Rin on fire.

I don’t miss them. :D


I don’t know whether to be sad or relieved that Jaken is dead, because I was about to go into shock if he won. In the end…his biggest weakness was being cold-blooded. 

I don’t feel bad for you Kaede. I hope Rin haunts you.

Ah, what a lovely couple.

But all good things must come to an end. 

You know…he would probably be the one most likely to win, with Sesshomaru right behind him.

I’m just glad Jaken didn’t win…*cough*

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Hello! It's my birthday tomorrow. Can I request how the RFA+V+Saeran react to an MC who feels depressed on her birthday because everyone forgot? (My parents forgot my birthday lolololol :') )

oh shit damnn once I forgot my own birthday x’D

anyway, happy early birthday anon! <3 here’s a virtual birthday cake from me to you ~ [ do come off anon so everyone can wish you a proper birthday :) ]

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“oh man I’m freaking screwed”


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“It’s today?! Oh no I must have been so busy with work.”


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“how could I forget omg what should I do?!?!?! MC is so upset with me”


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“I am so dead”


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“oh dear. MC must hate me…”


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“I’m totally fucked”

idonotagreebitch  asked:

Omg omg requests are open ok. Hiii~ How would RFA+V+Saeran react if MC had a really bad heart disease and suddenly she fainted and she stopped breathing and they have to resuscitate her? But don't kill her, please😂 You don't have to do it but you need to know that all of my request are really personal. I have a disease like this and I could faint at every moment if I don't take my medicine. I will be so grateful if you write it, really, it helps me somehow:) Kisses💕

We’re sorry to hear:( Hope you take good care of yourself~ And hope you like these:)


  • You’re Zen’s manager, and he’s been especially busy lately
  • You were running around on set one day and he notices you seemed a little out of breath
  • He stopped you in the middle of a run
  • “Maybe you should take a rest,” he says more as a demand than a suggestion
  • He sits you down and goes to get you some water and something to eat
  • He notices you still aren’t calming down at all and he starts to get worried
  • He knows about your heart disease, and he also knows how busy you’ve been
  • As you seemed to get paler and paler, dread pools in his stomach
  • “Babe…did you take your medicine?”
  • You don’t even get to answer the question
  • You crumple forward as you pass out in his arms
  • He’s frantic, but he manages to call the medical team on set
  • He feels sick as he watches them resuscitate you and place you on the stretcher
  • He follows them as they take you to the hospital
  • When you wake up, one of the first things you say is, “Sorry I forgot to take my medicine. I was concentrating on finishing today’s shoot…”
  • He begins scolding you right away
  • He’s nearly out of breath and his voice keeps breaking
  • “Is that what’s important? Your health is more important to me than any shoot or role or anything, and–”
  • He stops himself before he upsets you
  • But he’s so relieved when you can finally go home
  • He makes sure you never forget your medicine ever again


  • He just came back from work, and he thought a nice little impromptu outing would be nice
  • So you two go to the park
  • It’s a warm day, but even so…you look more tired than usual
  • Then he grabs your hand, and he can feel it shaking
  • He asks if you’re okay, and you respond that you just need a second
  • You press a hand to your heart as your breaths get shallower
  • He’s watching you worriedly
  • When you don’t seem to be improving, he helps you up and says you’re going to the doctors
  • You’re almost to the car when you collapse onto the ground
  • He’s a mess
  • Half of his brain is freaking out with worry, and the other half is trying to figure out what to do
  • He dials 119
  • He just does what he knows to lessen the symptoms and to keep you breathing
  • He holds your hand and waits impatiently for help, terrified he’ll have to take further action
  • Thankfully, the ambulance gets there on time and the medical team resuscitates you
  • At the hospital, he manages to get himself together and is calm when you wake up
  • When the doctor says it was due to you not taking your meds, he seems very understanding
  • Then the doctor leaves, and Yoosung gets a lot more solemn
  • “This could be a lot worse, you know, if I wasn’t there,” he says, making you feel a little guilty. “You really need to remember, MC. If not for yourself, remember for me! I don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t made it…”


  • It was worse because she found you unconscious
  • You had said you were going in the back to grab something out of stock
  • And you were taking far longer than it should’ve taken
  • So when she finds your body crumpled on the ground, she freaks out
  • She doesn’t know how long you’ve been there or what had happened
  • She thinks it has to do with your heart disease, so she manages to calm down enough to call the ambulance
  • She can’t watch while they resuscitate you
  • The whole incident makes her want to faint herself
  • When the doctor says it happened because you forgot to take your medicine, she was a little upset
  • You mean the world to her so she couldn’t imagine what would happen if you had died
  • But she knows you probably already feel horrible about it
  • So she’s calm and sweet as you recover, but she’s very strict when it comes to taking your medicine
  • She will shove it in your hand if she has to


  • He was supposed to be in the office
  • But he didn’t really want to go in, so he decided to work from home that day
  • It was in the middle of the afternoon and you had started cooking dinner
  • His heart sunk when he heard a soft thud from the kitchen
  • He drops his computer and runs to you  
  • His head starts spinning when he sees you unconscious on the ground
  • But he’s also composed as he immediately calls for emergency services
  • He’s super calm while you’re being resuscitated
  • And also very calm as the doctor explains what happened with your skipped medicine
  • When you wake up, he’s right there to greet you
  • He waits until you’re a little more recovered, and then he gets a little stiff
  • “You really should have been more responsible,” he scolds. “Could you imagine what would have happened if I wasn’t home? You probably wouldn’t have made it, do you know that?”
  • And it’s in the middle of his admonitions that his emotions start breaking through the cracks
  • You think your heart might shatter at the tears that leak from the edge of his eyes
  • Then he brings your trembling hand to his lips, “I can’t lose you,” he says with painful honesty
  • After that, you’re a lot more careful about taking your medicine


  • You were on your weekly shopping trip with Seven
  • At first, you were as playful as normal
  • But halfway through, you seemed to be laughing less and being a lot calmer
  • He just thought you switched to serious mode, so he calms down as well
  • But as the shopping continues, you just don’t seem yourself
  • Before he can asks what’s wrong, you collapse in one of the aisles
  • He knows your medical issues…and he has a pretty good idea what happened when you don’t wake up after a while
  • He calls the ambulance, but he knows it would take time to get
  • When you stop breathing, he’s performs CPR right there to keep you breathing
  • He seems really calm, especially considering the crowd around you now
  • But he loses it once the ambulance gets there and has to really resuscitate you
  • At the hospital, he can’t stay still
  • He’s tapping his leg, pacing the room, going crazy until you wake up
  • When the doctors says it’s because you didn’t take your pills, Seven’s already asking you why
  • He’s worried you’ve been too busy, but when you say you “simply forgot”, he’s blowing up on you
  • He’s freaking out and scolding you for not taking care of yourself
  • At some point, you start crying…both from the scare and from the fact that you made him so upset
  • He sees you and he just kind of deflates
  • He holds you on the hospital bed and apologizes for losing his temper, but not for what he said
  • “You’re all that I have. Please…I couldn’t bear to lose you.”


  • You were doing overtime for work at home
  • And he noticed you hadn’t left your desk much
  • He keeps telling you to take a break, but you keep dismissing it and saying you would
  • Only…you never did
  • You lost track of time, which means you didn’t take your meds as scheduled either
  • He finds you again by your computer, but you’re collapsed off of your chair and onto the floor
  • He calls the ambulance right away, though he gets aggravated with the operator
  • He’s freaking out cuz you’re still on the floor and they’re asking him to calm down
  • But eventually he gets off the phone and just calling your name
  • He’s just praying that you’ll wake up, but you don’t and his panic gets worse
  • When the medical team gets there, some of them have to keep him calm on the side because he’s getting triggered with all the stress as they resuscitate you
  • When you’re at the hospital, he’s a lot calmer when you wake up
  • He’s so relieved to see you awake
  • He doesn’t even scold you and just helps you recover
  • But you can bet he will drag you away from work if need be, since he’s not letting something like this happening again


  • He was doing a photoshoot and you were accompanying him
  • It was starting to get late
  • So he told you to go home, especially since you had to take your meds
  • He continues with his shoot, but you think to yourself that waiting another hour or so would be fine
  • You think you could surprise him with coffee, so you walk down the street to find a little shop
  • Only you lost track of time
  • By the time you came back, he was just finishing up
  • He had thought  you went home and then came back
  • So he continued along and you two had a nice chat over the coffee
  • But then starts to notice you getting pale and breathing shallower breaths
  • He knows exactly what’s happening, and he catches you the second you fall
  • The hospital is close by, so he carries you into his car and rushes you there as fast as he can
  • He’s beating himself up the whole time, even after the hospital resuscitates you and you’re recovering
  • He says he should’ve noticed, even if you keep reassuring him that it was your own carelessness
  • From that point on, you’re more careful…even if it’s so he doesn’t blame himself for something like that

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superlokidwholock  asked:

OMG I LOVE LOVE LOOOVVVVEEEE YOUR ART S O M U C H!!! I was wondering if you could do a drawing of Wanda and Vision. Maybe with Tony nudging Vision and Steve nudging Wanda into making Wanda trip and almost fall while Vision catches her AND THEYRE BOTH BLUSHING! Or something like that! I love this couple OML

Thank you so much sweetie! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my art! It means a lot! These messages are really sweet once in a while :)

I actually have something Vision and Wanda related that I’ll post right after this. How convenient how you asked for something ScarletVision when I was already drawing something. In the meantime, enjoy this warm up drawing !

Unbelievable//Derek x Reader

A/N: Reposting this short little story that I love so much. 

Originally posted by caryled

You and Derek had been in a secret relationship for about eight months now. You two have had some close calls with the team finding out, but other than that, it was absolutely secret. As much as you wanted to go public with the relationship, you respected Morgan’s decision about keeping things private.

Today was Saturday; the whole team had time off so you and Derek had some time to yourselves. After and very fun night, you slowly crawled out of bed and put on one of his sweatshirts and your shorts. You walked into the bathroom, quickly washed your face trying to wake up. You walked back out and stood in front of what was a very messy bed, Derek was already awake, but where was he? You made your way down the hallways leading to the kitchen “Babe” you sounded like a needy, tired child. You heard some noise coming from the kitchen so you called for him again “Babe?” but didn’t get a response.

“Derek, where are you” you finally ran into a very startled Derek.

He held the phone away from his ear and you could hear a shrieking Penelope Garcia from where you stood. This is not what you were expecting. This is not what Derek was expecting.


“BABY GIRL” Derek said trying to calm her down.

“That doesn’t answer any of those questions, I want answers Derek, Y/N?”

You were still standing there shocked “Yeah, what’s up” was the best response you had.


You could both imagine Penelope’s hand gestures, and facial expressions.

“Hey Penelope I’ll call you back okay, bye” You snatched the phone from Derek’s hand trying to put an end to the torturous conversation.

“How long do you think before everyone else finds out?” you asked quietly.

“Less than 24 hours” he said.

“Wow that’s generous.”

Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction writers I have sewing info to help you!!!

Miraculous ladybug fanfiction writers!!!! Hello! I absolutely LOVE reading fanfic for this show, I honestly have read 10x more fanfic than I have watched the show, I just love the characters and the wonderful stories you all create! One reason i love the show is because i am a fellow fashion designer student and I thought I would make a post to help out you wonderful writers who want some more fashion terminology or insight or whatever! Also if I say something wrong or if any other people want to add feel free to add and correct me I just want to contribute to this wonderful adorable fandom, I have only written one fanfiction before (danny phantom) and writing is super hard and i just wanna give some insight about being a design student!

- poking yourself with pins very true, happens all the frickin time, I have bled on things i’ve been making and have mini heart attacks

- college AU’s spending hours in the sewing lab and getting pizza and eating off of the pattern paper before a huge project is due 

- MOOD BOARDS!! making a board and using hella photoshop and illustrator, putting pictures to make a board of what inspires the outfit/line of clothing you are making 

- creating flat patterns on illustrator is something we have to do, it has the details of the sewing and stuff you gotta do

- I have read your saliva gets out your own blood so i literally started licking a light pink skirt i was making to get out the blood, which i didn’t even realize I was bleeding until the red splotch appeared

- I personally however have not cut myself with scissors while cutting fabric, you usually are laying a pattern on the material and will not have a hand close enough to the scissors to cut yourself, now Marinette is clumsy so if she tripped and fell and hit her scissors it that could happen but her cutting herself with scissors while cutting material is not something I have personally encountered

- when I make pattern for things i sit at my sewing table staring at a piece of paper trying to work out the math for different measurements, like how many inches do i need to make 10 pleats into a 26 inch waist skirt? how long of a hem do I need?

- before I went to college I would use wrapping paper for pattern paper when making my own patterns

- instead of using the word “mannequin” for what she is working on maybe use “dress form” both can work but this is just a me thing? idk

- another form of design is draping fabric directly onto the dress form and using pins to figure out the design you want

- forgetting you shoved a pencil in your bun and your parents looking at you funny, it happens

- spending WAY TOO FUCKING LONG in the fabric store, time moves differently there, you just stare and it can be really irritating to find the exact fabric you want to match the image in your head

- sewing for a few hours and forgetting to eat

- finding threads literally ALL OVER YOUR OUTFIT, if i don’t have at least 3 different threads on me did i really do anything?

- threads covering the floor bc you just throw them when you cut them

- dropping a sewing needle and doing a wide eye stare until you can locate the very slim sliver of metal before you stab your foot bc you should wear shoes but you don’t, (I have stabbed my foot with the non-sharp side of a needle, not fun)

- seam ripping, sewing one thing realizing you did it wrong and sitting there with a seam ripper for 10-20 minutes undoing what you did

- machine malfunctions: the bobbin (bottom thread) not matching up with the top thread and the stitches look all loopy on one side and you want to fucking throw your machine out the gosh darn window

- ironing fabric

- spending hours just pinning and minimal actual sewing, so many pins

- it has been X amount of days since stabbed with a pin (probably 0)

- everyone asking hey i need a button/hem/shoe/shirt fixed can you do it?(yes, i fixed the threading for a shoe some guy on my floor asked, honestly i did so much they knew me as the girl to go to if you needed something fixed sewing wise or anything arts and crafts related)

- also cosplays just today I was asked if i could make a shirt for my friend’s mom’s friend’s daughter

- i once drove to the fabric store to pick up more fabric and thought i don’t need to bring a swatch i know what color it is, it was ever ever so slightly off and i would have hated it so i had to drive back return it and get the right one (yes i brought a swatch that time)

- the smallest details bugging you: some stitches look a little wavy, the thread got tangled a little on the hand stitching, snipping the fabric a little too close to the seam, it’s the small things no one else sees that kills you

- cutting out fabric wrong and just getting frustrated and taking a deep breath, buying more and doing it right

- sitting down to work one day on a project, fucking up once, and just saying “nope, nope, i’m not even, i’m done for the day” , or after a long day and making a mistake and being like ok that’s enough i’ll fix it tomorrow

- almost knocking over the dressform and seeing your life flash before your eyes bc those are like upwards of $100

- SOMETHING REALLY CUTE: Last year i fixed two buttons and a sleeve of a shirt for this guy on my floor and i later learned he ripped off the buttons just so i could sew them back on and he could see me and talk to me (it was adorable but we didn’t work as a couple but still friends) but i figure maybe some chat or adrian would do bc he I had no idea i was just like how is this skinny boy popping buttons off his shorts??? (idk why but if you use this could you credit me? It’s a personal thing kinda and I also I just wanna know so i can read it and be like omg so cute)

- also one of my friends sometimes comes over and sits on the couch and we just talk and she watches me as I sew, its very nice and i feel like alya would totally sit and be on the Ladyblog and her and Marinette would just chat while she sews

I could probably think of a billion more but that’s all for now, if anyone has any questions or wants help or anything please let me know! I love sewing and miraculous ladybug but most of all is the beautiful stories you all create <3

(also if this does help you or you use stuff from this please lmk i would love to read your stories!)

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you do hcs (or scenarios, whichever you prefer) for Zen, Saeyoung, V & Saeran (I don't know if you do Vanderwood, if you do then it'd be nice for him too, but if you don't then just forget it XD), as to how would they react to a poor innocent & naive MC, like, so gullible that she got herself in trouble because someone told her to go with them and she listened because... because she's so gullible?;; Hope you have a nice day...!

I had the time of my LIFE writing this omg. I came up with a few different instances where our MC could get herself into trouble, so only one of them is specifically like the one in your ask, but I do hope you like them!


  • The two of them were out on a date, getting some ice cream and just walking through the streets
  • It was the weekend, so there were plenty of people about, and Zen was just getting… a bad feeling about something possibly happening to MC
  • Like his dreams, he always trusts his intuition, so he was keeping a really close eye on her the entire time, enough for her to mention it
  • “Zen, you ok? You’ve been watching me like a hawk this whole date!” she joked
  • Feeling a little guilty, he laughed it off and decided to let it go. He was pretty sure he wasn’t going to lose her, but that hunch kept scratching at the back of his mind:
  • She’s so cute, anyone would just want to take her!
  • And so naïve she’d probably just think they were being nice and follow right along…
  • Little did Zen know he hit the nail right on the head. He had gone to the bathroom and asked MC to wait outside and literally in the five minutes it took him to be gone, she had disappeared
  • d e a t h
  • He freaks out, asking people all over the street if they’ve seen what they think sounds like a really generic description of a girl but to him it’s his princess, the love of his life, he can’t lose her so where is she
  • He wouldn’t have even found her if he hadn’t accidentally dropped his phone with all the frantic running around that he was doing
  • When he bends down to retrieve it, out of the corner of his eye he sees her standing by the back of a white van in a secluded area, talking to some random creepy guy, and Zen can see two other guys sneaking around the other side
  • Now I don’t know if Zen has some kind of wrestler or MMA fighter blood in him but he decimates those guys. No questions asked, he jumps into the fray and beats them tf down
  • Takes MC home immediately and gives her like a three-hour long lecture on stranger danger and did she never learn this when she was a kid wtf MC
  • From then on he vows to always use the bathroom before they leave the house or when they get home, plus The Buddy System™ is foolproof


  • As we all know, Saeyoung is the type of person to use the same type of joke on different people until he gets the reaction he’s looking for
  • And from the moment he met her, Saeyoung could tell MC was exactly the kind of gullible person his jokes would have the perfect effect on
  • He knew the perfect one to use
  • It had never worked on a single person up until now, but he felt confident that MC would be the one
  • They were hanging out, playing video games and just generally goofing around like two idiots… but Saeyoung was ever plotting out his move, the perfect moment to strike
  • MC offhandedly mentioned something and Saeyoung knew. The time was now.
  • He sighed deeply and said, “Man, that reminds me so much of updog.”
  • MC was almost positive she had heard incorrectly, so not wanting to look like an idiot, she just didn’t reply and nodded quietly
  • Saeyoung was shook, and for just a moment his confidence faltered. He was positive MC hadn’t heard the joke before… So why didn’t she fall for the line? No… there was no way MC knew.
  • Composing himself, he waited until they had reached a different topic of conversation and tried again, this time speaking very clearly
  • “Oh, you mean kind of like updog?”
  • He was practically sweating with anticipation as he watched the telltale face-scrunch of confusion take over MC’s expression. The world moved as though in slow-motion as she opened her mouth, breathed in, and asked:
  • “Um, what’s up dog?”
  • Saeyoung died twice that day… once, from the onslaught of uncontrollable laughter that erupted from his body, and the second time, from the Bitch Slap of Rage issued to him by an extremely unamused MC


  • Now, V knew that MC was an incredibly trusting and sometimes naïve girl
  • But he had never witnessed her in the act of doing something majorly gullible, so he felt like he must have just assumed or that was just what her personality seemed like
  • He felt uncomfortable leaving her alone in the house sometimes when he left for long periods of time on trips, so he felt like it would be a good idea to try leaving for short periods of time at least once a week just to convince himself that she’d be safe
  • On one such day, he decided to make a visit to Jumin’s place and told MC that he’d return later that evening, so she should just order pizza around 7 and he’d be back by 7:30
  • He figured nothing could possibly happen
  • But oh lord was he wrong
  • V came back at 7:30, as promised, and opened the front door to hear a movie playing in the other room
  • He smiled to himself, thinking that he would join MC and they’d have a nice, relaxing movie night where they could just cuddle on the couch
  • Walked through the kitchen, grabbed a slice of pizza on the way in (which was already halfway gone, to his confusion… MC didn’t usually eat that much or that fast), and walked into the TV room, opening his mouth to say: “I’m h—“
  • V’s plate fell on the floor as he took in the scene before him:
  • MC, sitting on the couch, watching a movie with the pizza guy
  • “Hey, V! Jason here noticed I was by myself and asked if I wanted some company till you came home!”
  • The guy is out within a matter of seconds, so fast that MC barely has the opportunity to explain that nothing happened and that she’s fine
  • As soon as the door shuts behind Jason, V e x p l o d e s with “He could have been a murderer or a burglar or a rapist or any other number of terrible things and you could have died or had something terrible happen to you and ANYTHING can happen in a half hour and”
  • This is a RARE side of V and he doesn’t stop talking for a good hour or so until MC finally gets him to calm down, promising she’ll never talk to or be involved with strangers in any way from now on
  • He actually has to pry himself from her side when he has to go on work trips though


  • MC gets a lot of emails since she works for the RFA
  • 99% of the emails are valid, from guests that the RFA members suggest or close connections
  • But some emails are… Not so much
  • Saeran takes good care of MC and makes sure she’s always protected, and looking scary helps when they’re in public too and anyone thinks of getting too close
  • But he never expected her to be so gullible because that’s sort of the one thing he can’t protect her from. Plus, being so protective all the time doesn’t allow for many instances where she can do something gullible
  • But he learned a harsh lesson when one day MC came swaggering into the room saying, “Saeran, we’re gonna be rich!”
  • There was a pause
  • Saeran’s eyes narrowed dangerously as he assumed there was a story behind this, and probably not a good one. “Explain.”
  • MC’s eyes light up as she tells the story of how she received an email from a Nigerian prince who became aware that a distant relative of his was wrongly arrested and in need of help. The prince is fabulously rich, but can’t spend money at the moment and fervently asks MC for her help
  • She continues, “He must know that the RFA is filled with important and sometimes rich people who would be willing to give him a hand!”
  • By the end of the story, Saeran’s hands are balled into fists and he’s struggling not to start screaming and yelling right off the bat
  • “So… did you… give this guy… any money?”
  • “Not yet, no! I figured I would let you know before I did anything.”
  • Saeran practically melts into his chair from the pure relief washing over him like a tidal wave
  • He gets angry like a minute later of course, because that was a really close call, and gives MC a long long long long lecture on never paying attention to an email like that ever again, EVER.
  • Then tightens up the computer’s security system because you can never be too careful with gullible MC

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Please can you do a little follow up to that last TFLN??? 😙

Omg could you do like a mini/quick follow up blurb to that last TFLN? Maybe when they meet? Just like an overview quickly doesn’t have to be too long/detailed! Please 😋😋😋


Even though they’d have broken up, they’d still be in contact with one another and they’d try and talk as much as they could without it getting too weird and awkward between them. He’d text her a hello and he’d ask how she was and what she’d been up too and she’d text him her congratulations on a good show and ask him how it is to perform in a huge stadium filled with fans and supporters. She’d still be really good friends with Gemma, and over the month of their break-up, she’d still be on good-ish terms with Harry, so when Gemma and Anne suggest a trip to Manchester to see one another and to attend a concert, she’d agree after being a little hesitant about it.

She’d stay at Anne’s house with Gemma, taking the last of the spare rooms, that would be located between Gemma’s and Harry’s old childhood bedrooms. Anne would be knowledgeable on the break-up but she’d still treat her like a special part to the family because, after two years, they’d created a really loving bond. The day of the show, when it’s One Direction’s first Manchester show, she’d be feeling really nervous and toying with her breakfast and feeling a little peachy at the mention of seeing them again. 

Entering the stadium, she’d follow his family towards the backstage area and, from the end of the corridor, she can hear Harry’s loud laugh and it’d warm her heart and make her feel all fuzzy inside. And, upon her entrance to the room, his eyes would widen and all he’d want to do is run towards her and hug her and squeeze her and just kiss her extremely passionately and forget all about the hardest month he’d had to endure.

“Hey,” he’d murmur, walking over hesitantly and smiling softly, “I didn’t know you were going to agree on taking that ticket. I sent an extra in case you did want too. I wasn’t expecting to see you.”

“Were still on good terms, Harry. I’m not going to miss out on an opportunity to see you in a huge stadium.”

“Can I, uhm, can I hug you? Or is that too-” 

But he’d be interrupted and let out an ‘ooph’ sound when she’d wrap her arms around his waist and hold him tightly, pushing herself into his chest. Resting her cheek against his chest as he’d wrap his arms around her shoulders and cosy her to his body.

“I’ve missed you so much.”

“This doesn’t mean anything, okay?”

“I know. I know.”

Throughout the show, the boys would see a huge change in the way he performs and he’d be a lot more cheery and jokey and laughing with everyone. Being more talkative and not taking as many trips backstage to calm himself down in the loo. Gemma would see a change in her appearance and she’d be smiling widely and catching eye contact with Harry and blushing profusely.

By the time the show ends, the atmosphere between Harry and the missus would disintegrate and it would be like old times. Except, no relationship would be pursued between the two of them. Until they both took the trip back to Anne’s house, where he’d be spending a couple of days before heading off to another city to perform in. They’d all separate into the own bedrooms; Harry in his childhood room, Gemma in hers and the missus in the spare room between the two. However, they’d be unable to sleep and join in the kitchen, where Harry’s making himself a cup of tea. Dressed in a pair of pyjama trousers and a baggy sweatshirt that made him look tiny and cosy.

“Can’t sleep?”

“I haven’t been able to sleep since the moment you left.”


“No, listen to me, please. Please.”

“Make me a cuppa and we have a deal.”


Once tea had been made and they’d found comfort on the living room sofa, they’d propel into a conversation that was very much needed. Talking about how the last month had treated them and how they regret everything that was said.

“What happened, on the night of that huge fight between us, it was so painful. I can’t believe what was being thrown away. By me, mostly. I broke your heart, made you leave and I haven’t forgiven myself since then. I go to sleep feeling guilty. I go to sleep picturing your heartbroken face. I go to sleep in an empty bed every single night and it’s like a constant reminder of what I did. I can still feel the tingle in my cheek from the slap you gave me, you know?”

“I’m sorry.”

“I needed it. I deserved it. Christ, I deserved it so much. Because it meant I had taken things too far. I got so many punches to my arm from Gemma and my mum scolded me and she looked so disappointed in me when I told them both and it really made me realise how special you were, to not only me, but to my family.”

“It’s kind of hard to think about. I feel so close to all of them.”

“And, it hurts knowing that I put a wedge between that bond. I feel awful.”

“It didn’t. It did make me feel awkward when I met with Gemma because I had no reason to see her. You aren’t my boyfriend anymore so I shouldn’t even be here, right now, staying in your childhood house with your mother and your sister.”

“You’re one of Gemma’s best friends, lo- (YN). Tells me that every time I see her. She loves her time with you and it makes me feel even worse knowing I would have ruined that friendship. As well as the bond with my mum.”

He’d take a sip from his tea before putting it down on the coffee table, reaching for your tea and sliding it from your hold, and placing it down beside his before he took your hands in his, “can we forget everything? Can we start again? I can’t take another day without you.”

“I don’t know, Harry.”

“Please? I,” he’d look down to his lap, biting his lip to hold back the tears, “I love you. I can’t bear this anymore. You said, when the time is right, we’d see one another again and we can continue from where we left off. You must feel something or else you wouldn’t have come to Manchester to see us. You can’t say that you came to stay friends.”

“And what if that is the case, Harry? What if I decided to come and agree to be friends? Would you want that?”

“No,” he’d admit, looking deeply into her eyes, “no, I wouldn’t want that. But, I’d happily wait for you.”

“I don’t want to be friends, Harry. I want you back. I came for a reason and,” you breathed out a sigh, “I think we should try again.”

A grin would lift up his cheeks, his dimples popping as he lunged forward and engulfed her into a tight hug, letting her sob happily into his neck. He’d pull away briefly and look at her before they’d close the gap and kiss one another hungrily and passionately, her figure sliding onto his lap as she straddled him and let her hands rake through his hair.

In the morning, Anne would pop into Harry’s bedroom to see if he wanted any breakfast or if he was heading off to the stadium again, but, she’d be stunned when he wasn’t in his bed. His folded clothes for the few days still sitting on the chair in the corner. The shower in the house untouched and the bathroom would be quiet and she’d be confused as to where he’d gone. Until she walked towards Gemma’s room and peeked through the gap to the missus’ temporary bedroom. His figure laid under the comforter, one foot hanging over the edge of the bed and his clothes and the missus’ strewn across the carpet, a smile on her lips.

“Why are you staring at (YN), mum?”

“Gem, look.”

Gemma would peek into the gap, her eyes widening in shock as she looked up, “do you think?”

“I think so, Gem. I think they may just be back together.”

“I can hear yeh. And yes we are back together,” Harry would murmur, looking up from the pillow, a smile on his face, “now, as much as I love you both, can you shove off, please? I’m enjoyin’ this morning.” xx

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So i recently found out how to do a 3D effect thing on gimp,i didnt know gimp was so much like photoshop ???i can do so many things that i didnt know i could omg
I didnt know because i just self taught myself gimp

i dont watch tutorials because i dont like people telling me what to do

and i got the hang of it after a year and then i found out its not actually a drawing program its really bad for drawing

The effect thing like washed her out and made the picture pale but i just messed with the levels and i made her michi coloured again so yea last time i didnt make her super pale intentionally

Im not going to delete the other one because it has notes lol
I read all the tags its so easy to make me happy just put “good” in the tags and i will scream

Fleur Delacour though 

like omg this girl willingly entered a deadly competition, knowing full well that she could die and she fought so hard and the thing she would miss most was her baby sister like how precious is that

and then she moved to a different country on her own do you even know how hard that is and she basically didnt know anyone besides Bill, who she couldnt really know all that well

she got a job, she worked hard to improve her English, so that she wouldnt be discriminated against, but still was and she had to deal with her fiances misogynistic family, had to deal with Mrs. Weasley, Ginny and Hermione being so incredibly against her and I bet she just really wanted to be friends with them, to earn their respect and not be seen only as a pretty dumb girl because she was so much more than that!!!!!

Fleur Delacour, who spoke her mind even though she knew most of the Weasley family would like her even less because of that, who never backed down, who stood up for herself, who proved to everyone that she wasnt shallow, that she truly loved Bill and wouldnt even let a fucking werewolf attack come between them

Fleur Delacour, who had a wedding in the middle of a war, making at least one day happy in the midst of death and destruction

She took in fugitives, she took care of an ungrateful goblin, when she had absolutely no obligation to, she made her tiny home a safe place for the Trio and Luna and, I mean, they showed up in such a bad condition, Hermiones been tortured, Luna and Griphook have obviously been starved and possibly tortured as well (as far as she knew), Dobby died not far from her home and she asked no questions, she took care of them all

Fucking Fleur Delacour man, shes my hero

and im so angry that I used to dislike her so much, I used to find her annoying and I wished she would just go away and now im like ????????

shes literally amazing why is she portrayed in such a bad light

My take on SnB:Vs Episode 14, another long trash post from yours truly. Damn I should make ‘My take’ a thing now! LONG. SUPER LONG since I’m ChariNina trash

WARNING: This post is very long and includes rants as well. Read at your own risk.

First I would like to finally say the words I’ve been meaning to shout to all yall, anti or not.


That was good, that was reeeeaaaaaal good. WHAT? STILL DON’T BELIVE ME YOU PIECE OF- beautiful human flesh THEN LEMME POINT OUT HOW AND BRUH THIS IS GONNA BE LONG.

First up, my harto. I was stabbed multiple times because of that new opening and no it’s not because I have a raging cold that I feel like something is stabbing my heart I legit felt that. Like bro look at this.

LOOK AT IT. (Apologies for the low-quality screenshots, I couldn’t help myself since I hadn’t downloaded it online and was streaming it so yeah)

You know it’s legit when they’re the first ones in the OP but wait there’s more! (You clearly know this is gonna be pure ChariNina with a little bit of something something but still mainly ChariNina)

Okay time out, let’s appreciate the Chari fan service since people were complaining that they were making Nina fan service now.

I certainly am not complaining though,

Okay back on track, things I like to point out during this episode (basically all the ChariNina in this episode) and starting with the OP.

Okay fine since I like this I’ll- OH WAIT OH MY GOB THAT’S LUCIFER. BABY!!! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU FOR 1 SEASON AND A HALF NOW OMG YOU STILL LOOKING FINE. Oh hey Azazel you’re looking okay too. You both look fine as hell though… quite literally huehuehuehue

Okay back to the OP, it was siiiiick. Some people said they didn’t like it compared to the 1st OP but this one was sick and intense like the first one, sure a little different, more on green less on red but it’s amazing for me. What I do want to point out are these.

Me while watching: GO NINA, RUN TO YO MAN!

Still me: *quiet*

Still me: *gasp*


Okay now to the episode, I’m sure most of you have seen it so I’m not gonna make story tell cause yall are here to see this trash of a post so you know how it goes, but still here; cute Nina coming home scene which is cute.

Yep, cute. Also, Nina is flexible af

Okay now were moving to the moment where all of us were either too focused and in it to fangirl or were fangirling because of everything that has been said.

Second up, OMG.

Me while watching this: Nina you better say yes.

SHE SAID YES OMG!!! I made it sound like she said yes to Chari proposing to her… that could be arranged though…

Me: *starts to fangirl*

Me: *Fangirls even more*





Me: *insert lenny face here* (This galaxy is beautiful btw, props to the art in BahaSoul this is legit beautiful)

Me: Hihihihihihihihi. Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue. I am pointing out again to the people who thought Nina’s heart was broken after she found out Chari was the King in the previous eps please go and suck on this.


Me: *pauses*

Me: Naw Nina you don’t mean that girl… I mean you hated what he did as King, not as Chari!

Me: I know Nina… well I don’t know but what I would want is for you to get together.

Me: SEE NINA?! THANK YOU FOR GETTING MY POINT. YOU DON’T HATE HIM, YOU JUST DIDN’T LIKE WHAT HE DID! (Let’s appreciate the triple A writing here like this is some emotional sht right here)

Me answering for Nina and the fandom: YES.

I just want to point out how I said before that Nina wasn’t broken. Sure she felt hurt and this proves it now but she’s mostly confused and is in a state of wonder as to why he did all these things and how she should feel towards a person she loves but is doing all of these things to the other races. This is like Romeo and Juliet yknow. *end of serious*


Okay I just wanna point these out. The last images of Nina’s flashback to Chari was when Chari was smiling at her, and the last one was with his disguise as Chris. I feel as though this symbolizes that she didn’t fall in love with a king but in fact a person; a kind and great guy as she describes herself.

I mean look at this.





Ehem, anyway. I like what Jeanne is pointing out here.

(Jeanne really is literally the fandom in this right now)

Me: IT AINT A MAYBE JEANNE IT IS REAL! But seriously this is some good sht right here like dang, wow. This speaks to a whole other level, this can be applied in the real world.

Some of you maybe pointing out ‘but Jeanne doesn’t know who she likes and if she does she will definitely say no to this!’ My gob you antis never really shut up huh?

Do you really think Jeanne doesn’t have an idea of who this person may be when 1.) she saw how the king interacted with Nina back at the prison and 2.) she was literally there when Nina fought as a dragon to save her! She saw how Nina didn’t bite off Chari’s head when he came near her and it would be impossible for her not to see how she de-transformed into a human and he carefully caught her because she was fkng there and watching!

And if she really doesn’t know who this person Nina likes do you think she’ll hinder Nina from finding her happiness when the girl who was a complete stranger to her decided to be kind and help her? Nina could’ve left her but she didn’t and that’s because that’s who Nina is. Do you really think Jeanne would be selfish enough to try hinder Nina’s feeling for Charioce? Do you really think Jeanne would be the type of person who would tell Nina she can’t love him because he’s a bad guy?

Gob if you think so then you really don’t know who Jeanne D’Arc is and is just trying to make a way to break of Charioce and Nina.

Jeanne isn’t selfish enough to try and separate Nina from Charioce because of what he’s done. She might ask Nina if she’s sure with this and if Nina answers yes then she’ll support her, if Nina answers she doesn’t know then Jeanne will help her. Jeanne won’t stop Nina from loving who she wants and I want to make that perfectly clear not unless the creators suddenly decided to make Jeanne a dck which is highly not possible.

Okay moving on.

Here we have Nina contemplating on life rn. Don’t worry Nina baby we feel you.

You know something else I really liked this episode? Mama Dragon, I mean she’s not a dragon but Imma call her Mama Dragon. Mama Dragon is so nice and lovely and I feel bad because she lost her hubby, now I see where Nina gets her charms!

Also, thank you Mappa for giving us a legit mom and not some hot super model mother who looks the same age as her daughter. Very nice.

Mama Jeanne and Mama Dragon mom time. This is legit probs the only time Jeanne has ever cried her feelings out, leave it to a mom to comfort another mom.

Overall, I am very happy with how this episode turned out. We go an insight of Nina’s feelings and saw how she’s coping with the info she got. This gives a new depth to Nina since people just see her as an overly optimistic person but just because she’s optimistic doesn’t mean she doesn’t have trouble too. Now I’m happy most especially about badass granny dragon! Like look at her! She’s so cool!

Ah 2017 has been a good year for romance. Not for me though but ChariNina’s romance is enough to make me feel happy for love.

I was gonna add my ED thoughts in here too but that would be a liiiiitttttlle to much for one post (as 2k words isn’t already ‘too much’) so if you’re interested you can go ahead and see that too!

Well this ends another long a** post and yes, this is canon now, you just saw the proof.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts, I aint here to cause arguments and those anti anti things are just forms of expressions so don’t take this too seriously and attack me, although I would like to hear your thoughts my intention is not to cause fights but to fangirl and give my honest opinions.

Feel free to reblog and comment and have a ChariNina filled life!

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I know some people thinks Jon was cold in the goodbye scene but for me he wasn't cold, he was awkward. He didn't know how to act, what to say, and her trying to flirt with him didn't help lol You have to keep in mind that the only relationship he had in his life was with Ygritte and there wasn't any courtship involved there. It just happened. I was loling so hard when he was like: 'well, yeah, good luck with everything' because i could feel his embarassement, poor sweet summer child lol

Omg I totally agree. It was so awkward which to me was cute! Like when I gifed it I added ones between the dialogue because you can see him just awkwardly nod at her bc he doesn’t know wtf else to do haha.

I mean it was a little cold but I think that’s where they’re at right now?? I feel like they’re both still denying how they feel. They don’t really have another choice at the moment I don’t think. Because they have to separate for the time being, and they spend most of their time surrounded by other people. 

I thought the goodbye was great. I think it was as tender as it could be for two people who are still, in many ways, “strangers,” and had the eyes of everyone on them as they parted. I liked it.


Just ate lunch at Toulouse Petit next to a very pregnant Lollie Devereaux (sp?) who face timed with Jared Padalecki! It was actually his voice I recognized before she plugged her headphones and sure enough, you could see him!!!!!!!

How random, I want to know how they know each other, my worlds are colliding.