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Vernon: *is awkward*
Interviewer: someone save him




The moment Ludwig saw Marianne (nyo!France)

Oh, uhm, h-hello there Marianne, I don’t think we’ve met yet, right? Uh, I don’t remember Francis ever introduced us… But uh I just wanted to say-

You eh, you look very pre- uh beautiful, I mean… you look very nice today. I hope you’re having a nice day and uh-

uh…. I-I gotta go back to work now! *flees, runs, goes back to work*

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Milo’s Rescue Mission from the Disney Yearbook 2002. I could never ever find this so I’m gonna share it with the world. 

Gross and cute. TLDR Milo saves a fellow smaller nerd with his nerd powers. And girlfriend

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something I've always found confusing is how a lot of the fandom characterizes jungkook as cold, unemotional, unfeeling, and i just don't see that at all. while I definitely can see him not liking to show emotion, he definitely seems to have a lot of them and seems to also be a very sensitive/empathetic person. he may not show it how Jimin does but I also think it's obvious how much he cares for others and I can't see him openly disregarding others feelings without feeling super guilty about it-

i think people disregard his sweetness and shyness to in favor of using his physical appearance and on stage persona to “prove” these fandom characterizations. is there anything in his charts to show why ppl might view him this way? do you think there’s some true to this view ppl have of him?

Hello, my dear observant anon. First of all, sadly that’s Kpop at its best. It sells characters, not the actual people involved - so it’s very common for the public to confuse what they’re watching / consuming with who those artists really are. With Jungkook it’s even more common, in my opinion, because the guy is very awkward and constantly overwhelmed by his fame (he truly loves it, there’s no doubt, but he hates the darker parts of it and doesn’t know how to deal with them at all - Mercury in Virgo Retrograde combined with possible placements in the 12th and 11th, taking we don’t know his birth time). So he not only strictly shows what’s allowed of him (he doesn’t subtly rebel like Taehyung) but he also doesn’t even know where to begin when actually acting the way he wants to. Jungkook has a real hard time expressing his feelings, he’s always been shy - but growing up in the business that he did things got even worse and nowadays I often worry that it’s hard for him to separate his real personality from what’s being imposed onto him. Makes sense? He’s been trained to act a certain way since a very young age so although he’s different from it it’s hard for him to properly express himself since he wasn’t ever truly allowed to do it. He’s very restrained and that can come off as cold or unemotional but it’s really just the case of Jungkook feeling trapped in many ways.

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Imagine Keith singing in his room before he goes to sleep and Lance always eavesdrops on him because he thinks his voice is angelic and beautiful. When they get together, Keith is still singing before going to sleep, and due to the fact that Lance sleeps next to him, Keith sings him to sleep.

*strokes screen through tears* this,,, this is beautiful


Star Wars - Hux receives a phone call

Comedy ensues when a Wookie accidentally calls the wrong number. It ensues even more when General Hux is on the other end.

General Hux + The Star Wars Holiday Special in the same video ? I didn’t know I needed this in my life. I laughed so hard hahaha ! It’s perfect ! The editing was so good ! I loved all the awkward stares between Hux and the crew of the Finalizer. And I think listening to all those wookies speaking at the same time would drive anyone crazy. Maybe that’s why Hux is insane lol. Omg, maybe Snoke tortured Hux with wookies screams. Poor guy :(

Spring Break (7/11)

“I’m so embarrassed I didn’t know this place would be so fancy. I feel so underdressed!”

“Who cares? You look really, really beautiful tonight- I mean you always do but you get it..”

“Oh my god Ty, stop it please..”