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Imagine if Lili Reinhart has a side-blog and she’s reading everything we post about her and secretly commenting.

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Chorophobia: Our muses dance together.

“I see your tailoring quandary turned out well.”

“I see you finally found your chance to attend one of our soirees,” Dani reflected Freddie’s grin with a teasing glint in their eye.

Leave it to the Savins to find any excuse for a party. In the midst of a warm summer evening, the estate and it’s ballroom had been transformed into the recreation of a Gatsby-esque 1920′s manor, complete with rampant frivolity, the exuberant tunes on jazz in the air, and a widespread sheen of glitter – which stuck to everything and was, unfortunately, thoroughly unavoidable. Dani had been standing idly by the bar, nursing a flute of champagne. While the vibrant of the festivities was by no means uncharming, it was a bit much to face by oneself; hence their quiet observance of the dance floor from the moderate sanity of its edge. 

The smoothly dealt compliment towards their attire prompted Dani to adjust the lapel of their tuxedo with a quick downward glance. “And yes, thank you. I rather like it.”

“You look positively handsome, darling,” Freddie reiterated, leaving the younger glowing at their fashionable accomplishment. He swept his eyes about the room then, curious as he turned back to them. “Where’s your love then? Surely he hasn’t left you here alone looking like that.”

Dani chuckled, “No, he would never. But I’m afraid he won’t be able to make it tonight. A last minute wedding order came in to the shop. Some people are just bloody inconvenient.” They took another sip of their champagne and sighed. “Though perhaps it’s better this way. We both enjoy a good party, but this–” they flicked their eyes out over the floor once more and stepped back when a tipsy, squealing school of mermaids came stumbling by, “–would be a tad too extreme for his taste anyhow. Where are yours then?” The young Savin cocked their head at the fairy in inquiry. 

“Oh- they’ll be around.” Freddie waved off the question lightheartedly. “I’m sure they won’t be bothered if I catch up with a mate in the meantime.” He flashed Dani another one of his brilliant grins, and then, after a pause, shifted his gaze to the dancing crowd and back to the petite figure of the human beside him. “Would you care to dance?”

Dani blinked at Freddie’s hand as if surprised by the offer, but a second later, set their glass down and placed their own hand atop of his. “I think I can spare my company for a song or two. I do hope you’re familiar with your swing steps.”

“I can assure you, love, that you won’t have to worry about that one bit,” Freddie smiled as he swept the other out onto the floor and took their hands in preparation. 

And so they fell into step to the lively tunes of decades past, swinging and twirling and throwing in the occasional trick of flare until the fast-paced motions landed them both back on the sidelines in a fit of dizzied laughter.     


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Hi! I downloaded Mia and I was making her over to fit my game and she looks just like me! It was so weird and I wanted to cry, idk why but it was so weird and sad and joyful. Thank you for putting her up for download!

ohmygod. you’re welcome (?)(although I’m sorry I almost made you cry oh my gossh) haha  buuut I hope she treats you well and doesn’t cause any trouble c: (not that she causes trouble) I’m just glad that people find a use for my silly as heck sims omg.