omg how are you so precious

  • Child: Daddy, why did you get married to Papa?
  • Viktor: because I love him so much he is my life I couldn't imagine where I'd be without him omg I love him so much you have no idea he drank 16 glasses of champagne at the banquet and did the poses with Chris at the pole and danced with me it was great also have you seen him? he is so gorgeous look at his hAIR also his eYES shine so bright and he's so precious and cute but a delicius pork cutlet bowl at the same time do you know how much competition there was to get him at the banquet? Everyone loved him but he chose me I am forever grateful
  • Child: Papa, why did you marry Daddy?
  • Yuri: I don't know.
Park Hyungsik Acting Appreciation Post

Hot damn, Park Hyungsik just kills me in SWDBS [Strong Woman Do Bong Soon].. I mean, how did our precious guy go from this:

Adorable Jo Myungsoo from Heirs

To this arrogant, less cute more manly CEO Ahn Minhyuk?

Arrogant, less cute more manly CEO Ahn Minhyuk from SWDBS

Like? How omg he’s just so handsome.. Just the two characters are almost polar opposites if you look at the visuals above.. that’s what i call great acting (though i like fall in love with main leads and second leads like a lot.. lol) 

anonymous asked:

Dear god your fan account made me cry so hard, literally tears are still streaming down my face. I can't imagine what you felt actually experiencing it! My heart feels like it's going to burst just seeing the video clips and reading the fan account! T_T I hope some day I'll be blessed to experience a SHINee World concert (and that I won't spontaneously combust /have heart failure from seeing them in person! )

AWWWWWWWWWWWW how are you this precious omg

i hope that all shawols will get a chance to attend at least one shinee world concert. it is the best thing that will ever happen to you and i hope with all my heart that you get to see them ♡♡

The Springtime of Love (it’s actually still winter)

Tanaka… (¬‿¬)  

OMG, It’s happening!  o(≧∇≦)o


THIS is how you win a girl, my boy! (SHE’S SO PRECIOUS!!)

Tanaka please…




Tanaka, wai- no. NO!

DID YOU?? DID YOU REALLY??? (But at least he thinks she’s beautiful???) BUT TANAKA, REALLY???



Ryuu… Ryuu… RYUU  ಠ_ಠ

I love you but… 

WHY?!?!?! Just…. WHYYYYYYY?!?!?! 


Baby girl, noooo….

Yeah… but….

Okay, YES! But….

What will become of you two??? 

707 accidentally hits MC while messing around


  • MC: N-no it’s okay you barely hit me
*mc punches 707 in the face*. 

  • 707: omg what how are you so strong
MC: you told me to p- 

  • 707: MC IT HURTS.

  • 707: IM FRAGILE.

Fleur Delacour though 

like omg this girl willingly entered a deadly competition, knowing full well that she could die and she fought so hard and the thing she would miss most was her baby sister like how precious is that

and then she moved to a different country on her own do you even know how hard that is and she basically didnt know anyone besides Bill, who she couldnt really know all that well

she got a job, she worked hard to improve her English, so that she wouldnt be discriminated against, but still was and she had to deal with her fiances misogynistic family, had to deal with Mrs. Weasley, Ginny and Hermione being so incredibly against her and I bet she just really wanted to be friends with them, to earn their respect and not be seen only as a pretty dumb girl because she was so much more than that!!!!!

Fleur Delacour, who spoke her mind even though she knew most of the Weasley family would like her even less because of that, who never backed down, who stood up for herself, who proved to everyone that she wasnt shallow, that she truly loved Bill and wouldnt even let a fucking werewolf attack come between them

Fleur Delacour, who had a wedding in the middle of a war, making at least one day happy in the midst of death and destruction

She took in fugitives, she took care of an ungrateful goblin, when she had absolutely no obligation to, she made her tiny home a safe place for the Trio and Luna and, I mean, they showed up in such a bad condition, Hermiones been tortured, Luna and Griphook have obviously been starved and possibly tortured as well (as far as she knew), Dobby died not far from her home and she asked no questions, she took care of them all

Fucking Fleur Delacour man, shes my hero

and im so angry that I used to dislike her so much, I used to find her annoying and I wished she would just go away and now im like ????????

shes literally amazing why is she portrayed in such a bad light

Happy Birthday @amazingphil!!

Wanted to practice some portraits, so I picked a random youtuber that I could draw to help get back into the swing of it! It just so happened that I picked the precious angel bean that is AmazingPhil! I realized his birthday was coming up and wanted to turn this into a gift for him! Phil is such a delight to watch and he never fails to make me smile, so I hope that if he ever sees this it can make him smile too!   


Can you do a Bruce x Reader having sex after he saves her? Omg I’m so excited” - Anonymous 

It’s precious followers like you that keep me going, here you are love❤️

It was just supposed to be a simple run to the grocery store. Nothing more, nothing less. How were you supposed to know that some thugs were looking for a fight with Bruce, your husband. You didn’t know anything! 

It wasn’t your fault thought, it happened so quickly. 

One minute, you’re contemplating on what you should help Alfred make for dinner on Sunday and the next, you get knocked upside the head with what it felt like a metal bat and thrown into a van. 

Next thing you know, you’re tied up to a chair in the middle of a huge abandoned warehouse you were sure was way outside Gotham and guys with weird clown masks started taunting you about Bruce and then saying “"Batman ain’t gon save you know!” Or “ if your husband knows what’s good for him, he would follow the ransom”  

Of course you were scared. You were just a working wife and mother to four boys, you weren’t a fighter. You didn’t like violence. Hell, you still worry about the boys when they go out patrolling with Bruce every night. 

But, thank god for Bruce’s over protectiveness and him putting a tracker in your cellphone for situations like this because after thirty minutes, he was there to save the day….or night. 

You watched as he fought with ferocious anger and the way he handled every man was just……you couldn’t explain it. 

Bruce was all man. Through and through. 

A man with an intimidating demeanor , a man with beautiful posture and a man of such class, it almost scared you. 

But it shook you up. In a good way. 

Oh, you loved it when he took charge of things and just commanded things. 

Yes, he was all man. 

When he took you back home from that kidnapping, he did not stop until the both of you were in the master bedroom. You were fine with the way he swung you into the room and pushed you on the bed, not before locking the door, of course. 

Quickly taking off the top part of his suit, he tossed it aside, letting it bang on the floor loudly and climbed on top of you and kissed you like he never had before. Oh, the kiss was the match that lit your fire. You let his tongue wrestle with yours softly as his hands explored ever inch of your quivering body. Ripping open your button up blouse, gripping your buttocks, making you gasp in his mouth as your own hands slide up and down his muscled bare back and chest you loved so much. 

He moved his soft lips to your neck, sucking and licking your trigger spot just to hear you groan out in pleasure. He loved that sound you made. He loved how you let him control everything that was your body. It just made him want you more. Hell, he could go all night with you. 

Sliding both your panties and your trousers off, he kissed down your stomach, while giving you a seductive smirk as he ran his long you get up and down your stomach, watching you squeal and squirm under him. Oh yes, he was planing on going all night with you. 

Not even bothering to tease you, he went straight for your wet pussy, letting his toumge lick up and down and around your clitoris. That made you yell out and arch your back. Your hips would be bucking if he wasn’t holding them down with his big, rough hands as she went to town on you.

You kept moaning loudly, gripping his hair and occasionally, looking at him look at you with that same smirk, knowing that he does this to you. Knowing that he controls you. 

And you loved it. Oh, how you loved it. 

Sucking noises and moans filled the air as you were in pure bliss at the feeling he was giving you. And just as you were about to cum, he stops.

Just like that. He stops. You wanted to beg him to keep going and never stop but as soon as he took off his trousers and shoved his huge cock inside you, everything came back. 

All that pleasure filled you as he pumped in your physique. Going faster and faster as you kept moaning his name and leaving scratch marks on his back. 

He pumped into you as his head buried inside your neck, whispering “"You like that? You want me to go faster?” And “"Oh, I love your body so much,ahhh” 

The bed creaked, the room was sex filled and you were in great amount of pleasure. 

As all of that pleasure kept building up, your screams got louder and louder as his thrusts got harder and faster. He whispers. “ Let it go baby, let all go.” 

And that’s what you did. You released all of yourself on him as he released himself in you. 

Thrusts getting sloppier and slower, you both moan out your orgasm until it was over. 

Not even bothering to move off of you, Bruce stayed on top of you, sweaty as you are and out of breath. 

He rocked your world, left you sore, but you didn’t care. You were in too much of a good mood from your bedroom olympics to care about body pain. 

Hell, you didn’t care if anyone heard. All you cared about was your man that was on you, just as tired as you are. In pure euphoria. 

A/N: I’ll be the first to say this, I have written smut but never posted it. Now that I know people actually love my writing, I’m more confident on doing more of these. So thank you for this. 

Let me know what you think, I seriously want your feedback, it helps me become a better writer. Thank you love, hoped you enjoy ❤️

yuris grown up so much im so proud

lmaooo yuri coming in to knock some sense into yuuri XD 

i kinda love how he just keeps calling yuuri pork cutlet bowl LOL its like a cute nickname even though he says it angrily XD im sure he means well though <3

LOL are you sure you didnt just want to make sure he was okay c:

awwww omg yuri youre growing up are you trying to comfort him cause victor isnt here lajsdlfla




hes so proud x3 ALSO this had me thinking could that have been why his grandpa couldnt make it earlier cause he was working on making these for yuri like awwww id like to think that at least <3

precious ohhh so precious children <3333

I am in tears of joy right now :’) so not only did he see the birthday video and liked the post, but he also wrote this reply to my post about him seeing it! I am honestly so happy that Jack liked the video. I’m glad I was able to make him happy. It only repays a fraction of how much happiness he has given me, though! I’m literally so happy right now! Jack has made me smile yet again :3 

Thank you, Jack. You really do feel like a friend to me 💕

the vampire diaries: a summary
  • season one: oh my god, why didn't i find this show sooner? the plot is amazing and there's so many interesting characters! this is actually the best tv-serie i have ever seen. also, how cute isn't stefan and elena together? i totally ship them. and wow i love damon and his iconic lines lmao. i know he's a bad person but i love him and i have no regrets. also how cute isn't human elena? so precious! bonnie's a witch? yOU go girl! caroline please, calm down
  • THAT PLOT TWIST ENDING THO THIS IS WHY THIS IS MY FAVORITE SHOW. omg i'm so excited to see katherine i loved her in the flashbacks. i'm really excited for season two : )
  • season two: seriously, so glad i started to watch this show! i still love damon, no regrets. i know he's a horrible person but i still like him. and we finally get katherine! she's such a queen she's my absolute fave. and stelena! omg i love forwood. and vampire caroline?? sign me tf up.
  • this season has amazing storylines, i love the doppelgänger, sun and the moon curse and the mikaelson storyline.
  • i wish i would have found this show sooner, it's SO good. ITS MY FAVORITE SHOW ON THE PLANET I LOVE IT SO MUCH : )
  • season three: yet another amazing season with amazing storylines. i mean ripper stefan? yes. klaus mikaelson's accent tho. the love triangle is starting to take form! why did elena and damon kiss twice tho i'm disgusted, stelena is the true love.
  • ok overall this was a good season with good storylines expect for a few minor mistakes *cough* elena *cough* still super happy i decided to watch this show tho : )
  • season four: lmao omg does anyone know why season four only was 5 episodes long? i mean why would they only show 4x01-4x05 and then jump straight to season 5 lmao that makes no sense. :)
  • oh wait i remember why now its because elena acted like a dumbass
  • season five: the whole show is going downhill now. i mean there are some good storylines expect for the travelers which was boring and pointless af, delena, stefan suffering, bonnie being dead, more delena, katherine dying, forwood breaking up... you know when i think about it maybe it wasnt such a good season after all but at least we got klaroline and AU stelena. did i mention i have hated damon for two and a half seasons now can you believe i used to love him wHO WAS I
  • i dont regret watching this show tho, i mean it's messy but i still like it. : ) i guess
  • season six: what the fuck is going on in the writers room? this season had a lot of potential. i mean, no humanity caroline? sign me up. bonnie finally standing up for herself? thank you. kai parker? thank the lord for him. but nooo, barley got any chance to enjoy that because the season was filled with romantic steroline where stefan had no idea what the hell was going on 99% of the time and more delena that was useless the only thing that wasnt pointless about this season was that it yet again showed why damon and elena is terrible for each other. also a character loses their memories? wow i have NEVER seen that happen before.
  • i'm starting to give up on this show, it gets messier and messier its so bad haha. : )
  • season seven: so nina left? i feel so happy for her that she managed to get away from this trash. so what's in store for this season? lmao idk and idc i mean i'll watch the first few episode and give it a try but OH MY GOD WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED TOTAL BULLSHIT i'm not even going to bother watching this trash anymore its so boring where are the action wheres the season 1-2 vibes WHERES KEVIN
  • season eight: omg last season on tvd thank god it's ending!! i mean i'll watch this season obviously because it's the last one..... actually nvm scratch that idk what i expected this whole show is still trash and we're only six episodes in?? this is supposed to be the last season can you at least pretend that you can write a good show. AND STOP WITH THE RETCONS. lmao the vampire diaries?? yeah terrible show. terrible.
  • me when tvd has ended: wow I really miss tvd. it was one of my absolute favorite tv shows :(

Happy Birthday Alois! (November 5th)
I do really missed him so much, how expressive and egoistic our Danna-sama also made him adorable. Eventhough we can’t meet him in anime or manga, I will always love him!

And I got this picture…. OMG! 6 YEARS AGO! This was Indonesia famous Japan’s culture magazine, Animonster, with Kathleen as its mascot.. how nostalgic because this magazine is not exist anymore.

Thank you Yana Toboso, Kuroshitsuji and Animonster. These 6 years with you are my precious time ❤

Courtesy photo: me