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BTS reacting to you being single on Valentinesday

here’s something to make your day if you’re single :) and can we talk about how fucking good they look in thaT picture like omg HOT

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Namjoon: so what are you gonna do on Valentinesday?

You: nothing, I have nobody

Namjoon: … Seriously?

You: yeah

Namjoon: what about I take out on a trip? Or go to the beach? Or go swimming???

You: its cold.. Lets just stay at home watch some movies?

Namjoon: sounds good to me

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Yoongi: why are you looking so sad?

You: all my friends all having a good day on Valentinesday, i seriously feel like a loner!

Yoongi: so why do you care? You have me

You: its not the same

Yoongi: shut up and come cuddle with me!

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You: i have something for you! *hands over chocolates*

Jin: woah Y/N thanks.. But im not your boyfriend?

You: I know but since I have nobody, I tought I suprise you

Jin: .. Wait you’re single?

You: yes?

Jin: Good… *smirks*

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Jimin: will you be my valentine Y/N? 

 You: yess! 

 Jimin: wait really? 

 You: yeah? 

 Jimin: so you’re single?? 

 You: …. 

 Jimin: does this mean you’re my girlfriend now?? 

 You: whatever you want Park Jimin 

 Jimin: WOAHHH 

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 Hoseok: ah look at that couple!

You: they’re cute, I wish I was in a relationship.. 

 Hoseok: whet.. 

 You: what? 

 Hoseok: you’re single? I DIDNT KNOW THAT 

You: yeah is that so weird? 

 Hoseok: YES, you’re pretty and smart and amazing and sweet and- 

 You: stop it! Im gonna blush idiot! 

 Hoseok: can I be your idiot? 

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Taehyung: what are you doing here so alone? 

 You: thinking how alone I am *chuckles*

Taehyung: … 

 You: what? 

 Taehyung: you’re alone on valentinesday? 

 You: its okay, I mean its not a valentinesweek so I survive 

 Taehyung: or we go to my place and pretend were a couple for a day.. 

You: *Stares with wide eyes* 

Taehyung: orrr we dont pretend????? *smiles* 

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You: I hate valentinesday! 

Jungkook: why is that? 

 You: because im alone and sad.. *signs* 

 Jungkook: dont be such a dramaqueen! 

 You: no but think about it! Valentinesday is such a cute day if you’re single like you can cuddle and suprise each other! I want that 

 Jungkook: ah take that pout of your face, we can cuddle and suprise each other whenever you want

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i needed this tbh