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wonwoosteeth masterpost

i decided to also put all the links to my scenarios/fics/whatever onto a text post instead of just having it on a specific link on my blog because it’ll be easier for mobile users to maneuver around with links via text post. i will update this periodically!

band ships

  1. seventeen
  2. exo
  3. bts
  4. got7
  5. bap
  6. infinite
  7. ikon

seventeen we got married scenarios (in the order they were posted)

  1. jeonghan
  2. s.coups
  3. the8
  4. wonwoo
  5. seungkwan
  6. vernon
  7. dk
  8. hoshi
  9. mingyu
  10. joshua
  11. dino
  12. jun
  13. woozi

BTS we got married scenarios (in the order they were were posted)

  1. jungkook
  2. rap monster
  3. j-hope
  4. suga
  5. jin
  6. jimin
  7. v

EXO we got married scenarios (in the order they were posted)

  1. luhan
  2. lay

Infinite we got married scenarios

  1. sunggyu

B.A.P we got married scenarios

  1. yongguk
  2. himchan
  3. zelo


  1. daehyun
  2. jongup
  3. yongguk
  4. himchan

imagine scenarios:

short stories/one shots:

seventeen boy next door (in the order they were posted)

  1. wonwoo
  2. s.coups
  3. jun
  4. joshua
  5. dino
  6. jeonghan
  7. vernon
  8. the8
  9. seungkwan
  10. hoshi
  11. woozi
  12. dk
  13. mingyu

seventeen students (in the order they were posted)

  1. s.coups
  2. jeonghan
  3. joshua
  4. jun
  5. hoshi
  6. wonwoo
  7. woozi
  8. dk
  9. mingyu
  10. the8
  11. seungkwan

if you guys have any requests, i am always open!!! (i promise to get it done asap!)

Interviewer: If you are able to be a street sign, what would you be written as?

Rap Monster: Street signs often consists of orders such as, ‘Restricted, Go Away’ , 'Go Back;’, 'Be Careful’. It all mostly stimulates or provokes ones attention and I personally don’t think it has to be such. Instead, substitute it with beautiful words such as, 'Be Loving’, 'Peace’, 'Hope’ along with picturesque drawings that people could understand in a glance. By altering the provocative signs, I think we could make the world a better, more beautiful place. 

Interviewer: Realistically, you can’t be a street sign so how would you imply such positivity in your career or daily life? 

Rap Monster: Maybe expressing it through my outfit, or if I were to draw, then through my drawings. My visions or thoughts, through beautiful emotions that can be delivered. There a variety more to choose from.  

Interviewer: If you were to be accepted into the company, would you play along the characteristics of what you have said? 

Rap Monster: I think anybody can be an artist. So if I’m accepted, with a heart of an artist, I think I am able to make this world a more beautiful place to be. 

LAST STREAM DRAWS. REQUEST FOR @somesketchyshit HELLLAAAAAAAAAA she asked for two people wearing a scarf and drinking hot coc… she forgot the o so i’m just.. repeating her mistake sorry(notsorry) HHAHAH

so i drew Young Jack and Adult Angel. and they make the cutest father daughter team and i’ cry but this is a happy post so no crying. .-.

Jack and Angel©Borderlands
-listening to weird music and has no dishes to do holla-©me


I just want you all to look at this. Pay attention, gals and gents. THIS SHIT IS IMPORTANT.


Just look, the man is wearing three colours. THREE. TRES. TROIS. DREI. 3.

AND NONE OF THEM ARE EITHER BLACK OR WHITE. (If you are thinking about telling me that those jeans are black, DON’T. They are fucking dark blue, don’t deny it).

Maybe that’s why he seems so upset and frowny… No monochromaticness whatsoever…

Oh. Wait. It’s just a regular eyefuck.