omg his little legs


This is my cutest Rules of Engagement photo set. The cutest. Because my favorite thing in the entirety of this show is Jeff and Russell rooting for each other and cheering each other on :3 

Second favorite thing is that on rare occasions, Jeff calls Russell “Rusty” X3

Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook sitting on your shoulder as you read a book, trying to read along with you. He pouts every time you turn the page and he’s not done reading but he doesn’t complain because he doesn’t want you to turn the page back just so he could finish.


Pokemon variation mewtwo, class variation.  I’ll probably regret this in the morning tbh haha. God dang.

It’s like, he’s still taller than me, but I feel like I could just put him in my pocket and carry him around.

bowlingforgerbils said this re: little Charlie Day

This was said because we’re both pretty little – even shorter than little Charlie and little Davey – right after I told her that I was making a new tag for my bolg. I just finished organizing it. It’s called: “omg his little legs” and I can already save you some time by telling you that the ultimate “omg his little legs” post is right here