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Refined version of something I doodled while in class the other day ✌


I’ve been laughing for the last 10 minutes while replaying this nonstop ^^

Title: Puppy

Pairing: Calum/Reader

Synopsis: you get him a puppy.

an: I have this dog,her name is Aiko and she’s been with me for six whole years.

I sneaked inside of Calum’s room and found him where I left him. As I carried the small golden retriever in my arms I walked silently to Calum. As I inched closer to him,I heard his light snore. I placed the puppy on the bed and took your phone out,getting ready for a keek. As the puppy smelled the lavender and lemon scented duvet,it found it’s way to Calum’s face. I took a video of it licking Calum’s face until Calum groans,

“(Y/n),stop licking me you’re not a dog," 

"Cal,that’s not me,” I giggled and ruffled his jet black hair.

He opened his eyes slowly and found the puppy in front of him. His face was priceless. It was an ‘omg-im-so-happy-i-cant-believe-this’ smile.

“Oh my god,” he sat up a little and stroked the head of the puppy. “Babe,it’s so cute,” it licked Calum’s nose. “Can we keep it?” he asked with a pout.

“Well,I brought it home,right?” I tilted my head a little and smiled with such amusement.

“That’s a yes,right?” I nodded. “Oh my god,I love it! I love you!” he exclaimed. And brought the puppy in his arms.“What should we call him?” he asked with a wide smile that was placed on his lips. The sides of his eyes crinkling.

“Well,um,well Dane,” he nodded with agreement. “Well then,go get ready we’ll bring him to the boys,”

-30 Minutes Later-

“You ready?” I asked,my eyes still fixed on the screen of my phone. One hand on my phone and one hand playing with Dane.

“Yes,” he grabbed his keys and I took the leash I bought and connected it to Dane’s collar.

(this is shit but tell me how you feel about it?)