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@labmoth a Min Suga for you <3

Baekhyun's Riffs and Runs
Baekhyun's Riffs and Runs

because Baekhyun deserves some recognition for this album

  1. Lucky One
  2. Artificial Love
  3. Cloud Nine
  4. Stronger
  5. White Noise
  6. One and Only
  7. They Never Know
  8. Monster
Bts rapper line reaction to you rapping:

Anon Requested: is it alright if I request? I love your blog so far I’ve been reading it all day~ how do you think the rapper line would react to catching their s/o trying to rap along to one of their songs (alas, failing to) in their pyjamas and being really in to it ( pulling off rapper moves and all, full show)

I don’t get a lot of reviews, but my heart grows wings when I get such messages. I am so happy you are enjoying the blog, and this request is super cute I was really excited to do it, so here you go


Rap Monster:

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Okay so you are struggling with his verse in cypher part 2 but getting really worked up nevertheless, and it so happened that Namjoon walked into the room at that exact time. His feet stopped at the doorway, while his brain tried to process what exactly are you shouting about in that horrible rythem. It didn’t take him long to get the whole picture before he exploded in laughter, making you now aware of his presence. “Please go on” he will manage to say between giggles, giving you chance to now attempt rapping yoongi’s part. Swinging your hands and clutching the invisible microphone, namjoon will have a difficult time keeping a straight face.


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“you monster” he will tease you as his eyes fell upon his 3 dollar chains swinging furiously around your neck as you spit incoherent words at your phone. You would think he is mad that you are disgracing his passion with the disaster you manage to pull off cutely if he didn’t have that gummy smile practically reaching his ears. “Omg no that’s not how you say it” he eventually gave up and joined you in your silly party, occasionally teaching you how to rap with the correct word pronunciations.


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Make it a double rap session, because you won’t be making fun of yourself alone. Hobi won’t be able to take the party as seriously as you because he would burst into laughter at your painful attempts to growl fast and impossibly clear, which only results in you mumbling and tripping over words that just can’t seem to be possible to say. But for hoseok that called for desperate measures and now you have a camera shoved in your face as he dances and raps behind it.
Notes from HPCC Part 1 (2016.02.09)

I’m sorry this is completely jumbled and without a keep reading cut, I am on mobile and am a busy tourist :’D Just some stuff I found worth noting from Thursday!! Will do another one for today (Friday)’s show if I can manage to take notes without collapsing in a heap of feels :’) (I may compare with last week’s show, sorry I couldn’t prepare a big post on the Saturday show but @torestoreamends did a great job of that so do go check out her recap post if you want to know more!)

- JAMIE AS SCORPIUS IS A+++++ he does the cloak flapping and flourishing spot on (as well as the getting it tangled on his head) and the way he keeps tucking his hair behind his ears omg. It was cute seeing Anto’s Scorpius do it but even more so when Jamie did that!!! *melts*
- oh and Sam keeps failing to do the big muggle clothes -> robes change at the beginning when they all twirl and let their robes fall. It’s a minor thing but it happened last Saturday too. :’)
- just a small thing I noticed: when they infiltrate the ministry, there are workers carrying stacks of documents around and this one female worker had her documents perfectly balanced on one finger as she walked past. It was a cool detail!
- the ppl sitting beside me on both sides both hadn’t read any spoilers so that was so much fun! I loved their gasps and whispers of ‘HOW DID THEY DO THAT?!’ whenever the Ministry telephone box sucked up the cloaks. I think it’s a fine piece of theatre magic too.♡
-THE BREAD SCENE WAS RIDICULOUS Scorpius sounded a little trumpet fanfare thing as he mimed breaking a baguette. Something like ‘du-du-duuuuuun!!’ and Rose and Albus were just staring. Bless.
- I just realized Delphi’s hair isn’t just a bouncy ponytail, it’s got these little half-buns on top (like when you don’t pull out your hair completely and keep it as a loop when you tie it). It adds to the bounce and I liked it!
- Baby or a holiday got massive peals of laughter, the audience was amazing. They all laughed when Delphi denied Scorpius a kiss as well.
- Let me elaborate on that scene bc it was ridiculous: Albus just goes all…. all flirty like OFF THE SCALE FLIRTY and the crowd just HOWLED and when Scorpius leaned in for a kiss Delphi said her signature ‘no.’ and that got a big laugh too. Then Scorpius says in his super ridiculous voice ‘SHE DIDN’T KIIIISSSSSS MEEEEEEEEEE.’ but Albus was being pale and red at the same time so then he reverts to his regular voice like ‘did you notice?’ it was really cute and fjdhsjsgakshal.
- But Scorpius was NOT enthusiastic about any of this at all. Nope. He was just… going along half heartedly I think.
-Scorpius didn’t feel like doing anything Albus was planning. Even in the library scene he wasn’t as animated as James’s Scorpius last week. James’s Scorpius was highly optimistic, he’s bouncy and smiley and trying to make the best of the situation, but Anto’s was overall very anxious and withdrawn and unsure of himself and the situation. I think Anto might be a bit tired from his LA trip, he was kinda droopy all evening. Also his voice was really gravelly rather than posh so it wasn’t what I expected?? (I’m worried that he might be ill or something;; ) The anxious look made a great staircase ballet scene though. His expression was so droopy and sad that it looked even more heartbreaking during the pining. MY HEART.
- The first ‘slightly weird 24 hours’ hug was a bit rushed, but the library hug was magnificent. Truly. Magnificent. I will get back to this later.
- Speaking of the library scene: this was the only part so far where Scorpius stopped curling up/fidgeting/looking down at his feet/biting his fingernails and just straightened up. He got up from his chair, staightened up, (I can’t remember if he had his hands on his hips/thumb casually tucked in his pocket or not) and SMIRKED. ‘Oh poor Albus Potter.’ He literally spat that. Ooooooooo so much Draco Malfoy in that. Oooooo.
- But then he started crying not when he talked about his mom, but when Albus apologized. He hid his face in one hand, pinching the bridge of his nose and was ABOUT to get weepy when Albus started talking more about himself. :p Haha.
- THE HUG. Scorpius was totally huddled up on himself with his arms wrapped around his body, all throughout Albus’s apology, and when Albus offered his hand with his 'Friends?’ line, it took him a moment before accepting the handshake. Which he did with only one hand so his arm was still curled around his body. THEN ALBUS PULLED HIM INTO A BIG HUG AND SCORPIUS’ ARMS WERE TRAPPED BETWEEN THEIR CHESTS and he was also awkwardly teetering on his feet because Albus had pulled him too far from where he was originally standing and he had to rely on Albus entirely for support BECAUSE HE COULDN’T FREE HIS ARMS TO SUPPORT HIMSELF. IT WAS GLORIOUS. SCORPIUS JUST STARTED FLAILING HIS FEET TO GET A BETTER GROUND BUT NOPE DIDN’T WORK. Best hug ever. All the feeeeels.
- When Hermione at the TWT asks them why Scorpius’s accent is weird, Albus reassured her with his fake Bulgarian accent then gestured towards Scorpius who started shaking his hands and shoulders all jerkily making weird roar-y animal noises. I have no idea what that was supposed to be, but it was HILARIOUS.
- Myrtle was so-so. I’m happy I got to see Annabel play her last week, her Myrtle is brilliant.
- The dementors at rhe end of the play came down and BRUSHED SCORPIUS’S FOREHEAD LOVINGLY(???) WITH THEIR FINGERS THAT WAS SO SCARY

I’ll be back with more feels after part 2!!! fjdhsks feel free to poke me in my askbox if you’d like any elaboration on specific details. I’ll do my best to reply but I can’t guarantee you a satisfactory answer bc I am horrible at writing :’)

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Can we talk about a spa night in with harry? Like you take a bubble bath together and do some hair masks and face masks and get tipsy and watch movies and just have a grand old time?? Maybe involves massages? It just sounds so nice

:(((((((( why can’t I have nice things?

His hands working your back, as you you hold a glass of wine, eyes fluttering and some moans leaving your lips.

“Feels good, pet?” He asks, a wide lazy smile on his face, and you just nod your head as an answer.

And maybe he watches you put on lotion, completely mesmerized by the way it just slides on your smooth skin. And of course, he’d volunteer to apply it for you.

And the whole night is filled with lingering kisses in the warm candle light, giggles in the lavender scented air, lots of sweet nothings filling the quiet pauses in between sentences.

“Yeh look beautiful.”

“You too, angel.” And you’d kiss his rosy cheeks, and tuck a wet curly strand of hair behind his ear.