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RFA+ V, Saeran Dealing with an MC who has severe anxiety and insists on grabbing onto their shirts in large crowds or in public. Please? And I love your blog sm!!

ahh- this would be me , guilty.


-was a lil shocked the first time MC grabbed onto his shirt
-asked her about it
-when he found out he was like
-“oh okay, continue doing it. It really does make me feel like your knight!”
-soon it becomes instinct for him to just grab MC’s hand and have them grab his shirt

-this lil bean slightly yelped the first time MC grabbed his shirt
-“don’t grab me without warning, I’m a soft sensitive man”
-sure ur a man yoosung
-MC had quietly told him why they do it and he was like
-this is my chance to protect MC and be manly!!
-“okay just tell me when you’re about to grab my shirt!”
-feels so freaking manly cause he’s like protecting you in a sense

-she actually didn’t notice you did it
-cause this girl is always wearing some sort of sweater
-so MC just grabs the sweater
-didn’t notice until she turned around
-didn’t question it, just let it be

-MC grabs his shirt
-he is fangirling
-MC can’t grab his shirt without him just freaking out
-“ahh my beautiful bean wants my protection~~~”

-you don’t really need to grab his shirt
-he probably has you holding his arm
-not much to say about jumin ~~

-you guys are holding onto each other
-like you are holding his shirt and he holds yours
-he understands why you hold onto his shirt
-but he’s actually doing the same exact thing
-slightly worried that if he falls you go down too
-thinks of the worst scenarios that could happen cause he thinks he will cause it

Before Surgery
-he can barely see
-he will need to hold onto you first
AFter Surgery
-why hold his shirt
-when you can hold his hand?
-he’s all about hand holding or having his arm on your shoulder

Sorry these were short but I don’t really have long headcanons anyways (╹◡╹)♡ sorry it also took long ~~

b.a.p zelo x dog walker au
  • ok so imagine this
  • youre walking down the street tryna get to your mailbox or sth and you got your keys in your hand
  • chillin
  • throwing and catching your keys cause ur Cool Shit™
  • then you drop them
  • go to pick them up but when you look back up you come face to face with this tiny little ball of FLUFF with eyes
  • no thats not junhong just wait
  • you follow the lil pup’s leash up to the hand of his owner
  • then your eyes make their way up from the hand to the face and wow
    that was a long look how tall is this guy
  • you finally stand up cause u realize u’ve been staring at this random guy from the ground w his dog smelling your face
  • and wow why is he still so tall
  • “sry!!! sry sry sry im sorry omg he’s just a pup did he bite u???”
  • the big pup picks up the lil pup and holds him close
  • meanwhile ur still in shock cause wow Cute Tall Boy
  • but also why does Cute Tall Boy have such a smol pup something doesnt add up
  • hes still asking if youre ok and finally ur like “I LOVE DOGS DONT WORRY” but like a lot more excited than u should be bc its not just the dog that u like wink wonk ;);););)
  • u kinda gesture to the lil pup and the big pup nods and hes like “yeye pet him!!!! careful tho he bites omg”
  • you start petting the lil pup and he nibbles your hand a bit but it just tickles and u kinda giggle
  • you look up at Cute Tall Boy and oh man he’s staring r i g h t a t m e
  • Cute Tall Boy becomes Nervous Tall Boy and looks everywhere he can except you
  • i mean u saw him lookin @ u so ur basically doing the exact same thing now
  • you do that cheesy thing where u both look at each other from like the cORNERS OF UR EYES
  • he kinda giggles and ur like alright sold
  • u realize that u have basically learned nothing abt each other in this span of 3 minutes of admiring lil pup (and big pup) so you finally ask “whats his name”
  • he responds “junhong” and ur like “omg thats cute hi junhong”
  • then Cute Tall Boy responds “hi” and then realizes what have i done
  • you look up at him all confused bc theres no way in hell ur looking d o w n
  • “omg dont worry!!!!!! both cute names!!!!! hi mochii!!!” u start petting lil pup mochii
  • then u look up again and cause ur so good with the boyz
  • “hi junhong” hold out ur hand like its a business meeting “nice to meet you I’m _____”
  • Nervous Tall Junhong shakes your hand and smiles the most innocent and awkward smile you’ve ever seen
  • u realize that ur keys are still in your other hand and ur like “oh ya mailbox”
  • junhong speaks up right as you start to inch around him eXTREMELY SLOWLY cause u know this boy needs time to prepare himself to SPEAK
  • “wait you live around here??”
  • “ye”
  • “me too”
  • and the rest is history sry this was so gross omg follow 4 more fluff

maplestory icons taken from the credits of Black Heaven. (sorry for the lower quality on luminous + aran)

all of them are 300px. x 450px.!

free to use, no need to ask, no credit necessary. I just think they’re really cute.

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