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excuse me while I d i e ❤❤❤

(lil bb davo taking even his imaginary hockey games so seriously why does this not surprise me)


ok this is like extra personal, BUT my formals came in for my summer program and i honestly almost started crying when i saw myself in the mirror. i have never so gorgeous in my entire life, and i was really feelin myself, ugh im still crying

(p.s. sorry for the lq quality pics of this hq queen)

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omg... if it's still open? becky? 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 (if not im sorry i saw it Late rip) thank u love

Becky: Funny, the girl thinks. No, really. It’s funny.

“What’s funny?” the demon asks on her left, a smirk ready on his lips for the startled expression widening the girl’s eyes. Just a moment of silence, then she forrows her brows and the demon’s mouth only stretches more, giving her a glimpse of sharp canines. 

“Can you fucking stop appearing out of nowhere, pleas -”

“Oh, you know you love that.”

“-and stop reading my thoughts too, thank you very much.”

He just laughs, ignoring her pissed tone and then resting his chin on the palm of his hand. “So, what’s funny?”

The girl looks at him, still a bit annoyed but willing to answer nonetheless - she’s quite weak for him after all. Thus, “how easy men are for a pretty face,” she replies, noticing another two clients watching her from the other side of the bar.

The demon hums, vicious, victorious, as he throws a glance at said boys. “I must agree with you on that, dear. Men are easy when it comes to you.”

The girl snorts, looking out the window when she sees him raise to his feet. Then he stops for a second, letting his burning fingers quietly skim at her rosy cheek. Of course, that smirk never leaves his pretty lips.

“It’s always a pleasure working with you, doll.”

And as he walks towards the other side of the bar, the girl already knows that Hell will welcome two more lost souls tonight. 

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Hi!!! Omg I love your art style 💖 (ps. I know you in real life and you know me to hahaha I'm a fan btw! 😊😊😊)

OMG who are you hahahahahaha *sweats nervously* 


Hayden Christensen on his lightsaber training