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From Star Wars: Attack of the Clones novel:

  Anakin, though, didn’t see either of them. He focused on the third person in the room, Padme, and on her alone, and if he had ever held any moments of doubt that she was as beautiful as he remember her, they were washed away, then and there. His eyes roamed the Senator’s small and shapely frame in her black and deep purple robes, taking in every detail. He saw her thick brown hair, drawn up high and far at the back of her head in a basketlike accessory, and wanted to lost himself in it. He saw her eyes and wanted to stare into them for eternity. He saw her lips, and wanted to…

  Anakin closed his eyes for just a moment and inhaled deeply, and he could smell her again, the scent that had been burned into him as Padme’s.

  It took every ounce of willpower he could muster to walk in slowly and respectfully behind Obi-Wan, and not merely rush in and crush Padme in a hug… and yet, paradoxically, it took every bit of his willpower to move his legs, which were suddenly seeming so very weak, and take that first step into the room, that first step toward her.

Moonbyul staring at Solar: gosh she’s so pretty. look at her. my solar. actual angel kim yong sun. so talented. so wonderful. yeba’s the best, i love her so much.

Solar staring at Moonbyul: ah shit she’s looking at me again ugh this girl close your damn eyes before I get lost in them! nope too late its happening!! fix it solar FIX IT stare somewhere else ANYWHERE else…..NOT AT HER LIPS!!!! omg i hate u byul yi

Me staring at both of them: *nodding in approval*


False Love Pt. 6

Y/N’S P.O.V.

Nate and I have been talking these past couple of weeks and things are great! But right now it was time to focus on Patty and her lover.

“Patty just tell me what’s going on between you and Sammy?”  I had been pestering her since I heard her agreeing to go on a date with Sammy later today.

“He’s taking me on a date” She smiled as she twirled her hair with her finger, she was in deep.

“Well I know that! But like do you like him like him? or just like him?” I leaned on the counter with my chin on my hand.

“I think I like him like him” She nervously bit her lip.

“OMG Patty!” I grabbed her hands and started jumping. “You’ve never like, liked someone!”

“Hey!” She smacked my arm offended.

“What? I’m just saying you’re more of the love ‘em and leave ‘em, but I’m so happy for you!” I hugged her. “Now lets get you ready for your date!”

I dragged her into her room and shoved her in the bathroom, “Hurry up and take a shower, we only have two hours to get you date ready!” She rolled her eyes but jumped into the shower.

She came out in 20 minutes and she quickly dried her hair while I searched her closet.

“Did he say wear something formal or casual?” I asked rummaging through the clothes.

“He said wear something fancy.” I nodded my head and continued my search.

“I have an idea!” I ran to my room and grabbed the pink silk/linen playsuit with boned bodice and shaped wire neckline. Shoestring straps, centre back zip closure and side seam pockets at hip.

I ran back to her room and shoved it in her hands along with the nude platforms that I had found “Change!”

“Zayuuum Girl!!” I whistled as she walked out of the bathroom. She laughed and flipped her hair dramatically. “Now for jewelry!”

I quickly looked through our jewelry and found pearl earrings, paired with a pearl bracelet, and a set of rings.

I pushed her on the chair and quickly curled her hair into soft waves and did her makeup.

“Done.” I smiled in triumph as I stood back and looked at my work of art.

“All that’s left is your clutch.” I handed her the pastel pink clutch just as the doorbell rang. She looked at me panicked.

“Do I look okay?”

“Yes girl!! You look hot, he’s not gonna be able to keep his hands off you. Now go open the door!” She quickly hugged me and walked towards the door and opened it.

“You look beautiful.” I mentally awed and watched as she thanked him and stepped out the door.

I quickly opened the front door and walked onto the porch. “Use protection! I don’t want little Sammy’s and Patty’s running around!” I laughed as she flipped me off. Closing the door, I made my way to my room and turned on the TV.


“Oh come on, this is a great show!” I argued.

“So basically she accidentally gets inseminated and ends her relationship to stay with the father of the baby?” Nate asked confused. We had just finished watching the first season of Jane the Virgin.

“Yes! Gosh Nate, weren’t you watching the show?” I joked. He smiled and grabbed my waist pulling my onto his lap.  

“Tell me about yourself” Nate mumbled into my neck causing a chill down my spine. Surprised I looked up at him to find him smiling down at me.

“Well for starters, I lived with my dad and my brother who’s currently in the army, and my mom left us when I was about 3 years old, leaving my dad to take care of us. Not that he was a bad dad, he was great, but there was just those moments when you need a female figure to look up to and just talk about girl stuff with. High school wasn’t the best but it also wasn’t terrible, I’m just happy to be away from everyone and doing my own thing.” I laid my head in the crook or his neck and placed small kisses on his neck and and his jaw.

“Y/N” He breathed out. He grabbed my face and leaned in slowly. His warm breath caused chills and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He hesitated before slowly placing his lips on mine. I whole zoo erupted in my stomach as his lips molded perfectly with mine, he laid my down on my bed and let his hands roam down my waist. I rolled us over and straddled Nate’s lap. His tongue brushed my lower lip and I eagerly opened. He pulled me close to him, my whole body was throbbing with unfamiliar need. His taste was exotic and I needed more. Things were heating up pretty quick and I needed to stop before I lost complete control.

I slowly pulled away and laid my forehead on his chest. “That kiss was definitely worth the wait.” My cheeks turned pink at his comment. He pulled my face up and placed a small kiss on my swollen lips.

“Lets sleep.” I nodded and cuddled up next to him as he laid kisses on my head while playing with my hair.

I was falling for Nate Maloley.

A/N: Super short chapter, but I hope you enjoyed it :)