omg help im screaming

So apparently the gems told Greg what happened…Dammit I want an episode that shows what happened while Steven was away! Also I wanna know what Greg’s reaction was to Steven leaving and what the gems told him! (also garnet is smiling, did she not expect this?)

imagine if in until dawn josh’s saw trap prank goes wrong and the tracks accidentally go towards ashley. then josh runs out from behind the wall and grabs ashley by her feet and holds her above the saw, and its just buzzing beneath her. shes hysterically crying, chris is screaming “wtf” and josh is just panicking, telling chris to “turn it off”, and the room is just filled with everyone all yelling at the same time

The Signs at a Sleepover

Aries: guys it’s like 1 a.m we need to have a pillow fight before we go to sleep *hits Taurus in the head with a pillow*

Taurus: um ouch. *tackles Aries and lands on Gemini*

Gemini: IM BEING MOLESTED OMG HELP ME *starts screaming*

Cancer: Jesus Christ will you stop being such a baby ugh I hate all of you *hides under the bed*

Leo: *is under the bed already* Hey bae :)))

Virgo: Guys I can hear you and if you bang I’m going to shove my foot down your-

Libra: YOO Taurus chill out! Stop molesting Gemini! *grabs popcorn*

Scorpio: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT *eats popcorn with libra

Sagittarius: Why do my parents hate me

Capricorn: OMG stop being emo and help us start the witch burning *gets lighter out of pocket*

Aquarius: -And I call upon thee, to take the soul of the witch and burn it in hell…

Pisces: guys I’m a demon not a witch get it right *flips hair*