omg he's so happy he got his wish

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Is nobody gonna talk about Jikook being roomates? Because i wanna talk about it !



*ahem* I just think it’s kind of funny: Jungkook really wanted his own room since December 2015 (Christmas V Live) and when he did everyone was so happy for him like “OMG. Jungkook finally got his solo room like he wished ToT Cute maknae whatever whatever”…

…and then fast forward to that other V Live (I forget what the title was) and then all of you sudden you find out Jungkook’s been going to Jimin and JHope’s room every night anyways (quote Jimin’s “STOP COMING TO OUR ROOM. YOU’RE SO ANNOYING”) and we’re like ??? lol k. what happened to wanting to your own room? 

(this is not yet mentioning the jikook cuddling in bed saga/scandal that I vaguely remember at this point)

And now he’s officially their honorary roommate? There is a possibly that they’re just saying that it’s the J-Room to coincide with their performances but still… Where does he sleep? Why is he there? What happened to his earlier resolve of “I want my own room” and now he’s in a room with two other people? 

Realistically, it’s probably because Jimin and Hoseok are his favourite hyungs, so that’s why he chills there on a nightly basis ehe.

but I has more questions: Why does Jungkook not know the colour of the room despite being there so much? Does he only come at night or something (lmao)? Is there something…more distracting perhaps?


I’m just saying, for someone who claims to be super introverted and needs time alone to refresh (as all introverts are), there must be something (SOMEONE) keeping him there… ;)

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A Wish Right Now

A Wish Right Now

All you needed was a star. Just a single one, shining against the coal black sky to fulfill the silly idea you’d gotten in your head. And yet there were none. The inky night was so completely devoid of anything that you almost felt as though it were personally mocking you, teasing you for thinking that, even for a moment, something would work out the way you hoped.

The slight chill that the air held filled your lungs with each breath, calming you in a way nothing else could. You loved the night, and at this particular moment, you felt as though it had forsaken you.

Glancing upwards, you muttered a string of expletives, cursing yourself just as much as you were cursing the night before you decided you’d had enough disappointment. It was at that moment, the very second the words left your lips, that a tiny spot shone out against the dark, catching your eye and making your heart squeeze in your chest.

Perhaps the night hadn’t abandoned you after all.

The star blazed brightly, growing with intensity as you watched it streak across the sky… Only, it wasn’t moving as any shooting star you’d seen before, it appeared to be almost falling. Suddenly terrified, regardless of what it might be, it was clearly gaining speed as a flame-like tail blazed behind it, and it seemed to be getting closer and closer to you. Yet there you were, riveted to your spot by the beautiful, and likely hazardous thing falling from the sky. It’s glow shone brighter and brighter as it came towards you until it crashed down almost directly underneath your window. A cloud of dust a dirt billowed up as you pushed away from your window and hurried outside to see what it was.

Your chest heaved, both from excitement and from how fast you’d run outside, skidding to a halt as the dust cloud slowly dissipated. A figure, very human-like, stood at the center.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” you asked, and while you were concerned, common sense told you to keep your distance.

“God…” the voice replied, a bitter edge in it’s tone.

A shadow in the shape of wings stretched around the figure, flexing and ruffling before folding to hang behind them. They stepped forward, lifting themselves out of the crater that was now beneath your window, and out of the haze of the cloud of dust.

“It was you… it was you that fell?” you stammered, and while it came out as a question, something in you already knew the answer.

He merely smiled, coming to stand even closer to you and seemingly enjoying the ever increasing shock in your expression.

His wings were of the purest white you’d ever seen, so crisp that they almost glowed against the blackness of the night. His casual clothing, while perfectly human in every sense, stood in contrast to his posture and expression, which was so unnatural that he clearly seemed out of place, even without the added oddity that was his wings.

“Who are you?” you inquired, puzzled as to why it wasn’t fear that was flowing through you, but more of an insatiable curiosity and feeling of contentment.

He regarded you, tilting his head slightly as he brought himself to stand directly before you. His expression matched yours in curiosity, but there was something more sinister and dark about his, though even that wasn’t enough to make you feel afraid.

“Dad stepped away for awhile, so I thought I would give it a try to answer a few prayers on my own,” he remarked conversationally, as if that would make perfect sense to you.

It took you a moment to put the pieces together, looking up into his eyes and finding yourself pulled in by their deep blue depths.

“You’re here to answer my prayer?” you repeated, hardly daring to blink in case this was all a dream.

He nodded a single, slow nod as a crooked smile spread across his face.

“I just needed some company… I get really lonely sometimes…” you mumbled, feeling silly that your prayer for a companion couldn’t be fulfilled by a friend or family member, and instead needed to be taken care of by an ethereal being.

“Then that is what I am here to do,” he answered, reaching forward to gently stroke the side of your face.

The contact was more real than any you’d had in recent memory, and felt more comforting that you could have possibly hoped for. Tears stung your eyes but you fought them back, not wishing to blur your vision even for a moment.

“So, you’re an angel then?” you said with a short laugh, feeling a well of happiness burble up inside you.

He smiled again, gesturing for you to lead him inside. His chilled fingers laced through yours in a comforting, platonic way as he spoke.

“Please, call me Lucifer.”

(Omg, this was supposed to be a story summary but I got carried away! Sorry!!! XD)

send me a made-up fic title and i’ll tell you what i would write to go with it

thoughts on acowar!!! (SPOILERS)

this is gonna be jumping from different parts of the book to another because i cant process anything properly

1. ALRIGHT so CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT i couldnt like nesta i tried so hard but towards the end i started loving her and her and cassian are so cute AND WHEN SHE KILLED HYBERN YES YES YES

2. i used to be a giant moriel shipper before but after acowar omg omg omg azriel and elain are so CUTE AND SOFT THEY DESERVE EACH OTHER i was sad when elain and lucien were closer in the end i hope something happens or azriel finds someone he deserves to be happy

3. i was really scared about how sjm was gonna portray mor’s sexuality but i think she did pretty well??? i guess it might seem like internalized homophobia or something to other people but the family thing backed it up p well for me THOUGH I think mor could have gotten better everything she was kinda put to the side in this book which sucks because she’s SO POWERFUL and I would have loved to see that

4. uh… can we talk about page 666 where rhys “died”? because i literally put the book down for half an hour because i was CRYING oh my gof i have never cried that much

5. THE WAR SCENE omg that first part was so cool with the bone carver and the weaver and bryaxis THEN hybern did the cauldron thingy and i was shook but then i freaked out even more when miryam and drakon came holy shit i was a MESS

6. the high lords alliance omg that was GREAT


8. I love how this book had SO MUCH AZRIEL I LOVE HIM SO MUCH MYBABY

9. FEYRE AS HIGH LADY HOLY SHITTTTT NO WORDS I HAVE NO WORDS her and rhys are so fit for each other I love them

10. tamlin… though I wished he was killed in this book at first and I was TEARING UP with tears of rage during that high lord meeting scene, I think he still has a chance for redemption???? wouldn’t like his character but at least to me he isn’t pure evil anymore

11. LUCIEN omg I was so happy helot some screen time but sum like… pushed him to the side after he left to find the queen but alright I’ll take it we’ll probably get more in the next book


Im gonna add to this soon when i can process my thoughts first and do a serious review but Holy shit that was great

another FREAKING OUT post

Today in class, my tc was giving a lecture about how bullying, sexual harassment, blah blah blah also applies to your life as an adult. He then went on to give an a real life example of this taking place… A TEACHER GETTING CAUGHT HAVING SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH A STUDENT. Needless to say, I WAS FUCKING SHOOK. And I swear, he was staring at me the entire time he was explaining it.

HOW DO I EVEN INTERPRET THAT?!? I make sure I don’t do anything to make him feel uncomfortable (aside from staring at him a lot BUT I CAN’T HELP THAT HE’S GORGEOUS.) I don’t dress provactively, don’t touch him, I’M RARELY EVEN NEAR HIM. He always initiates conversations. I make sure to have as little interaction with him in case I make him uncomfortable, BUT THEN THIS HAPPENS?

And that’s not even the weirdest thing about it. I’m probably over analyzing things, but it almost seemed like he was psyching himself out in a way? Like he kept emphasizing that the man, who had a relationship with his student, got arrested. It could be my imagination, but I swear he was giving off that vibe. It would actually make me so fucking happy if that was the case, and he actually felt an attraction towards me :’) But with my luck, that’ll never happen.


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i'm sad and need you to tell me nice things about mike latta

1. When he talks to his dog he gets this soft and warm voice that’s exploding with love.

2. his arms are the size of his head easily

3. he has given tom a cute little nickname (grumpy) and just lets him know every now and then that he misses him.

4. basically is the most loving player in the world.

5. he tripled the amount of goals he scored in a single season this season !!!!!

6. He wished happy birthday to tom in a really cute, genuine way and tom made us all freak out by adding “and daddy” to the list of things he was to Mike. omg.


8. he kissed Karl Alzner and was not phased by it at all. even posting the picture on his own twitter.

9. OMFG the tweet with the video from castaway. “me if tom ever tries to move out.” emphasis on the tries.

10. him and tom go on dates to the ripleys aquarium in toronto.

11. that bike thing with andre omfg.


13. the time Andre/maybe tom groped his bare chest to scare him.

14. the fact that he’s such a bro. but a sweet bro. a smiley bro. a bro you bring home to mom.



Interviewer: How did you start out touring with Owl City?

Breanne: I met Adam [Young] through a mutual friend a few years ago. I’m from Minneapolis, he’s from a small town in Minnesota. He was looking for a girl to sing on one of his songs, and our friend said, “Your voices would sound good together, let’s do it.” So I sang on a couple songs and in the meantime things just spiraled out of control for him. Suddenly, he was looking to put a band together to go on tour and he knew that I played keys and sang as well, so I got to be a part of that.


Lies and Something Stupid


Two weeks since we got engaged, two weeks since the accident. The bruises healing, the stitches removed. But the breaks still healing. Cas and Crowley haven’t had any luck. Dean is upset that I won’t let Cas heal me. I am too worried it will drain what little grace he has left before the fight. I refuse to let him die because of me.

We are still looking for a way to kill this demon. Lillian. We have a name. It was a step closer. Research was almost 21 or more hours a day. Although it was dwindling. We used ever resource we had. Every source, every informant. EVERYTHING and things were coming to a standstill. Our only hope right now was this damn ring. The Ring of Solomon, apparently it allows control over a demon. So what does this mean: a) we can get her to kill herself b) get her to jump into the pit or c) we can possibly drop kick the bitch back the purgatory.

I heard calling from downstairs, walking down I saw everyone round the table, with beer and pizza.
I was surprised to see the Jodie had also joined us. She came up and gave me a hug.
‘How ya feelin?’ I shrugged.
‘Been worse. Could have also been worse.’ I smiled. We sat down. I took a seat next to Dean, who smiled and me, kissing my hand.
‘Tonight’s rules. No mentioning of work! Tonight is for family. And celebration.’ Sam said smiling at us. ‘Happy Engagement.’ He said raising his beer. It was a chorus of well wishes and ball and chain jokes.
‘I’m sorry it isn’t a fancy Engagement party.’ Dean whispered. I gave him the biggest smile.
‘I’m glad it’s not. This right here.’ I looked around at the family surrounding us. ‘This is perfect.’ I kissed him, snuggling in as he put his arm around me.
‘Ok time for games.’ Charlie yelled jumping up.
‘Cake first!’ Jodie countered.
‘Omg you got us cake?’ I cried, Bobby walked in carrying a plate of Pie, with Happy Engagement written on it in icing pen. I laughed so hard. It was so us, so Dean.

We ate our Engagement Pie, and played games. It was truly amazing. We went long into the night, giving us all a much needed night of R n R.

Waking the next morning I headed down to the living room to do more research. I had gone through Father Gregory’s Journal a thousand times, I keep thinking I am missing something. I still had no idea who called in his place. I had no idea where he was. Despite all my efforts I couldn’t find him, or anyone who was associated with him. Which meant as far as I was concerned. He knew something.

Dean joined me an hour or so later, he kissed me passionately.
‘What would it take for you to come back to bed?’ he asked cheekily.
‘Less than you’d think.’ I winked. ‘First though, I want to let you know something.’ Dean looked at me, my smile gone. He knew it was serious. ‘I’m thinking of heading to South Caro-‘
‘No.’ he interrupted.
‘We never looked at the church Dean. I know that places has had rooms and-‘
‘You’re not going.’ He stated, firm, annoyed I suggested it.
‘We need to look at it. You know that.’ I said quietly.
‘I’ll send Cas.’ He remarked.
‘Cas is busy with Crowley.’
‘I am not risking you again.’
‘But you will happily play the suicidal maniac?’ I countered.
‘I don’t want to fight about this Y/N.’ Dean sighed.
‘Then don’t start one.’ I complained. He looked at me, his jaw tense. I looked to the ceiling and sighed. ‘We need to look at it.’
‘Then I’ll go.’ He stated
‘You’re not going alone.’ I told him.
‘You’re not coming.’ He growled ‘There is no way you can fight, your ribs are still busted baby, you cuts still healing. And since you wouldn’t let the angel heal you, you are benched until you are 150% ok.’ I glared at him.
‘You’re a pain in the arse.’ I snapped.
‘But I am your pain in the arse, and when this is done. I will be forever and there is nothing you can do about it.’ He chuckled peppering my face with kisses, I screwed up my face pretending to copy him before caving and laughing.
‘Argh fine, I’ll stay home and keep house. I suppose someone has to babysit Bobby and Charlie, Lord knows those two can’t survive alone.’ I said over dramatically. Dean chuckled. ‘BUT,’ I said putting my finger up, ‘if you do not check in regularly I will hunt you down. This demon will be the best issue you have. Am I clear?’ I smirked.
‘Perfectly.’ He muttered into my neck, as he stood, pulling me up. Dragging me back upstairs to our room. Covering me in kisses the whole way, still being gentle and cautious because of my injuries.

We came back down a couple of hours later to find the rest of the house awake. I watched as Dean explained to Sam and the rest what was happening. I sat back on the couch quietly, still not happy I wasn’t going. But conceding to Dean’s point about not being up to scratch. At this point I was more of a hazard than a help. I felt Charlie squeeze my arm, she knew I was nervous about this.

‘It will be fun. We can pretend we are teenagers, ignore Mum and Dad over there and sit in bed all day watching crappy TV, eating crappy food.’ She said excitedly. “And I found this awesome Comi-con hairstyles I want to try out on you for next year’s con.’ She babbled quietly. I couldn’t help but chuckled. Apparently this was at the wrong time, as I got shot a dirty look from Dean, which then changed to curious, and then a smile when he saw Charlie still going on about our girl’s weekend.

I smiled back at him. I wasn’t happy with this plan, he leaving. Putting himself in danger. It changed something in me. Things I didn’t even think of until this moment.

‘Actually Char,’ I said quietly. ‘I think I have other plans.’