omg he's red

why is no one talking about the fact that Jin is holding a “I am today’s visual” sign,or should i better ask,why no one is giving him this sign everyday?



“There’s like christmas pudding and… sticky toffee pudding and banana pudding and bread and butter pudding is a good one but pudding in general is just, like…”

“I felt like I was turning my brain inside out to where my subconscious was becoming my conscious. I was understanding things that a man doesn’t have a right to understand, about the way people’s energies work together and who they are. Why a rock star makes one person happy and another makes you… wanna kill them. I was seeing these things in a way that was… disgusting. Really disgusting.”

- John Frusciante


Look at her face she’s so sweet! And she can sing really well!


└ Behind-the-scene fun with Miyama Sensei Matsumoto Jun ~❤

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