omg he's like a doll in this pic ; ;

//I started my custom pop Ranskahov brothers dolls tonight guys. I’m done with Vlad, I wanted to make him bloody like right before he runs into the battle and…well you know. But I decided not to. I’ll post pics of them when Toly is done. Cause I can’t have them separate. They must be shown to the world together. Because they deserve that. YOU SAW HOW HEARTBROKEN VLAD WAS WHEN HE SAW HIS BROTHER’S BODY! THEY WILL NEVER BE SEPARATED AGAIN!

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So that one anon talking about pic of Bucky's giant dick and Steve being all slutty for it? Imagine skinny!Steve bouncing on that big cock and making such high pitched noises, they're not even worried about the neighbors hearing bc Steve sounds like such a girl when he's got that dick up his ass. Bucky doesn't help because he alternates between sucking on his sensitive nipples and calling him things like "Baby", "Baby Girl", "My Best Girl" and "Doll" cuz he knows it gets Steve all strung out.

OMG my god Anon