omg he's gonna kill me

I gotta tell y'all something that makes me laugh every time I think about it

So my boyfriend was dating this girl a few years ago and every time he’d see her, he’d greet her with a hug and a peck kiss on the neck.

Well one day him and a group of his guy friends are hanging out and I guess he was on auto pilot because one guy gets there, my boyfriend goes and gives him a hug, and then without thinking, kisses this dude right on the neck

Immediately he’s mortified but his friend just goes, “Bro did you just give me a lil kiss? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

And my boyfriend was just like “Yes I’m so sorry dude!” all while blushing head to toe and omG I love that story so much

gothpandawincest  asked:

YAYYYYYYY! FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!!!!!! XD XD XD <3 <3 <3 now hmmmm, how about Sam being temporarily turned into an ADORABLE little kittten and dean is surprised how much he loves it??? He can't stop petting and cuddling and cooing at Sam and he even says mushy and gooey things he wouldn't say otherwise :3 <3 <3 <3

omg bella youre gonna kill me with floofity mcfluffy cuteness im dying

Dean goddamn hates having to split up on hunts. It’s stupid. Each moment away from Sam is spent worrying about him. They’re both capable hunters, but still. 

So splitting up in the middle of the woods right before twilight to chase a Baba Yaga wannabe witch lady on foot (who is faster than she has any right to be)? Double stupid. 

Dean’s running blindly now, smacking branches out of the way and listening for the sounds of feet running away. He hears a short, surprised Sam-yell, cut off halfway through. He stops, slipping on muddy leaves, heart in his throat.

Screw it. He’s lost the witch anyway. “Sammy?” he yells. He waits. A half second passes without reply and that’s just too long. “Sammy?” Dean shines his flashlight in broad arcs looking for his baby brother and spots a clump of red to his left. When he reaches it, he doesn’t know what to think. It’s all of Sam’s clothes in a pile. 

Just as his stomach starts to turn at the possibilities, a tiny, indignant mew surprises him. Something bumps into his ankle. He looks down and shines his light into the multicolored eyes of a brown, fluffy kitten, no bigger than his palm. The kitten puts its front paws on his leg and mews at him again, mouth opening wide. Dean’s about to step away when the cat climbs up his leg and meows in a distinct pattern. It’s… morse code. He’s gone insane.

It’s morse code for S - A - M.


Back home, Sam is given a bowl of water and some pieces of corn. It’s the best Dean can do for now. Dean wanted to make jokes at first- c’mon, Sammy’s a freakin’ kitten- but Sam just looked so put out. It can’t be that easy to be shrunk so small, have your thumbs and voice taken away, and be so darn adorable while you’re at it.

Dean takes pity. He picks Sam up by the scruff of his itty bitty neck and carries him to his room. Dean flops down on his bed and places Sam gently in his lap. He turns the T.V. on and stops on a boring nature documentary, just for Sam. He puts his hand on Sam’s back, softness and warmth soaking into his skin. 

He hears a noise like a fire crackling and jumps, alert. It takes him a moment to realize Sam is purring. He scritches Sam behind the ear, heart melting. “This isn’t that bad,” he says, and Sam looks up at him, blinking slowly. “I mean, you’re a cuddle monster. Until we fix this, free cuddles. You’re going to become an addict.”

Sam huffs and nibbles Dean’s hand in warning before settling into the crook of Dean’s elbow and closing his eyes, still purring away. Yeah, Dean thinks, this definitely isn’t that bad.

One long summary of tonight's episode
  • It starts: OMG I am so freaking ready clary you badass lets do this
  • Next: Nightmare? Jace? Simon? Awesome.
  • Next: Izzy ships it
  • Simon: blood?
  • Simon: throws temper tantrum and leaves.
  • Then: Magnus....we must speak with Magnus
  • Izzy: PARTY TIME
  • Camille's/Magnus's Necklace: k. Book fans know it is Cece's also but ssshhhh it's a secret.
  • Necklace: for real though is this blackmail or just bait?
  • Alec: smiles first time on screen at Magnus
  • Magnus: stay here or come with me safely CHOOSE CLARY TOO LATE PEACE OUT*
  • Oh wait: here's a thingamabob that will help us get to the next step in our adventure.
  • Then: parabatai.
  • More: parabatai
  • Then: clary saves strange girls life
  • Then: clary Jace and Izzy all be like #slay *wink*
  • And: clary vs Jocelyn
  • Clary: nice shadowhunter
  • And: Magnus flirts
  • With: Alec completely oblivious
  • And: Magnus? Or is this Harry being Magnus? Or Magnus being Magnus? Because that Dead Sea needs to have known Magnus as a sick lake.
  • Then: Jace says it may sting a little
  • And: clary screams bloody murder
  • Then: Clary is like Michelangelo-who was great in bed
  • Alec be like: chill man. Tmi? I think? #imconfused
  • And: eternal hand holding session starts now.
  • So: don't let go
  • Guess what: it wants the memory of the one you love the most
  • Clary: mom
  • Izzy: ALEC
  • Alec: Jace-wait what?!! No!
  • Jace: I didn't get to see who I'm stupid enough to love!
  • Magnus: well, no loosing the memory of a loved one-WAIT DONT LET GO ALEC DO NOT BREAK THIS CIRCLE
  • Alec: *lets go*. *internally hyperventilating and mentally talking really fast and freaking out because I can't love Jace it's wrong we are parabatai and omg omg omg he's a guy and it's wrong and they're gonna kill me and what do I do I can't ahhhh*
  • Jace: sucked into demon tornado
  • Izzy: nooooo *grabs Jaces*
  • Tornado: HES MINE
  • Izzy: Help!
  • Alec: *grabs jace*
  • Clary: whatdoidowhatdoidoahhwhatdoido!
  • Magnus: you kill it you never get your memories!
  • Clary: kills it.
  • Jace: almost dies
  • Magnus: wait is this Harry being Magnus or is this Magnus being Magnus AGAIN!! Eeepp.
  • Jace: very over dramatic resurrection.
  • Everyone: thank the Angel home we go.
  • Jace: enters Clarys room. Begins pointless conversation that serves no other purpose than taking time and clarifying the extreme amount of badass that is Clary
  • Clary: sees Valentine talk uh to her via creepy necklace
  • MEANWHILE: Simon goes home
  • Band practice: confirmed to have just been skipped by Simon
  • Ms lewis: you and clary need to be responsible *cough cough*
  • Marueen: jelly of clary. Feelings talk. Cuts finger accidentally
  • Simon: BLOOOOOOODDDDDDD*stares blankly*
  • Marueen: F*** this. Bye.
  • Simon: *phone* clary I've been all messed up since the vampire thing. It must just be a flu.
  • Simon: goes to vampire hotel
  • Simon: ignores Clarys return call.