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Sonic Forces Japanese trailer First Thoughts //SPOILERS//

Well I just saw this trailer and I gotta say… I’m super hyped for this game right now. Even more than before just because I saw that Silver seems to have a big role in the story. But let’s leave my fangirl thoughts for later.

First of all I need to say that I’m just going to talk about the story, not the gameplay, since I expect it to be the same as the other recent games,with the exception of the custom character. 

Also sorry if I make mistakes, my language is Spanish, not English.

Okay. Now we have a better explanation of what Infinite is. An experiment made by Eggman to rule the world. I’m pretty sure that triangle thingy is the Phantom Ruby from Sonic Mania.

The thing that really intrigues me is: Infinite was a normal “Mobian” before or Eggman created him from the beginning? From the first images of the trailer it seemed like the doctor tried many times and failed, what leads me to believe that maybe the second option is the correct one. Even tho, the theme for this character tell us otherwise, that he was someone before, I’m really confused.

Why three days? what’s gonna happen in three days? This is bigger than some giant robots destroying a city, he uses the word “dissapear”, is he going to make the entire world explode? Maybe brake the space and time continuity with Infinite’s or the Phantom Ruby’s powers? omg idk

Why is Infinite so mad with everyone, specially the custom character? More proof that they met each other before? 

Just like in the Infinite’s trailer, Shadow’s eyes look weird

But in the Villains Trailer he seemed normal. Maybe Sega thought it was going to be too obvious to show this so early. 

This eyes make me believe that he might be under some mind control, just like in this image with Metal Sonic

Maybe not mind control, but that aura is only related to Infinite’s powers, what if he’s controlling all the villains? Why he isn’t controlling Sonic and the resistance? That would be way too easy, and maybe he want’s to fight him, maybe it’s all just a game for him.

Oh- oh!


Nah really, Sonic appears so suddenly here, and the custom character looks so surprised, and the thing that in the resistance the blue hedgehog is nowhere to be seen

Sonic disappeared, nobody knows what to do and the only people that seem to want to fight are our main characters, not even Tails that later in the trailer we see all scared and with a bunch of random people doing nothing.

Where the hell was Sonic while all this chaos spread in the world? 

Quick note here, this might be the first time we see more mobians like the main characters as citizens of a city, all this time we could only see humans that made no sense. and they kinda look like the people from Sonic Boom

Can we appreciate how beautiful Silver looks when he’s playing hero all serious? 

For real tho, It’s been years since he participated in the main plot of a game, I’m really happy.

This might be like his redemption from Sonic 06, finally he came back from the future knowing what to do and he’s here to help. Yay!

Where is blaze? Is she going to appear?? I really hope so, if his is all about dimensions or time travel stuff she must be here


Also Rouge is there! Finally! But where did she came from? like, she just came one day, saw how everything went to hell while she wasn’t around and decided to help the others?

I wanna re-draw this image with my Galaxy.

Okay, long post. Bye bye

A Bunch of Saigenos AUs

Just what it says on the tin, friends.

Artificial Intelligence AU 
A breakthrough in artificial intelligence results in the development of a new state of the art synthetic mind known colloquially as GENOS. He is, altogether, a scientific masterpiece far superior in intelligence and mental capacity than any human could ever hope to become. That is why it becomes quite a shock to others when he takes a particular interest in Saitama, a rather bland and boring janitor who works in the building Genos is housed in. 

Coffee Shop AU (because why the fuck not) 
Genos works at a coffee shop near his college to help pay bills (despite the fact that Dr. Kuseno has insisted that Genos doesn’t need to pay for anything). He just so happens to have a crush on a man a few years older than him who always, without fail, comes to get coffee at 3 pm on the dot. Genos’ nerves often get the better of him and he rarely says a word to the man. However, all that changes when, after locking up the shop for the night, Genos finds him bleeding out in the alley behind the building.  

Hitman/Assassin AU
Genos and Saitama are two of the world’s best hitmen. When either one is hired to take out a target, you already know they’re going to succeed. They’ve crossed paths before, several times at that, and they each harbor a rather…professional distaste towards the other. However, when both find themselves trapped on an island after the same target, a little “friendly” competition ensues.       

Tangled AU (courtesy of @that-bi-blerd)  
As a baby, the prince of a nearby kingdom, Genos, is kidnapped for the healing properties associated with his hair. He spends his life growing up in the confines of a tower wishing to one day leave and watch a spectacular display of lights he sees once a year. After accidentally being accused of stealing a crown from the royal family, the thief Saitama goes on the run and ends up stumbling across Genos’ tower in the forest.

Superman AU (courtesy of a lovely anon)
Saitama just so happens to be a superhero on the side, the superhero that protects Z-City and all surrounding areas. He often enough stumbles upon a passionate and reckless reporter known as Genos who likes to stick his hands where he shouldn’t. Usually, he ends up getting into troublesome situations on his mission to uncover crime and expose the corruption within Z-City. Saitama typically has to save him and they usually end up having the oddest conversations. As it turns out, Genos has an amazing sense of humor.    

Space Cowboy AU (brought to you by that same beautiful anon)
A la Cowboy Bebop. Kinda. Saitama owns his own space ship and he usually planet hops to get the best sales on various things like food, fuel, and clothes. He travels so much that he’s started transporting people for a price. That is how he meets Genos, a young man whose family was killed by a mad bandit. Genos asks him to take him to the bandit’s last known location, a planet right on the edge of charted space. With the amount of money he’s willing to pay, it would have been foolish for Saitama to refuse. 

College AU
Saitama, a psychology professor, catches the eye of a recent transfer student, a junior by the name of Genos. He’s had students have one-sided crushes on him before and he was able to handle them accordingly. But this time he finds the attraction to be mutual despite his best efforts to ignore his feelings. A very hard attempt at professionalism keeps him from doing anything that would jeopardize his job but Genos doesn’t make it an easy thing to do when he just so happens to be in the neighborhood whenever Saitama has his office hours each day. It all seems to explode in his face one weekend when he decides to go to a nightclub with his friend only to spot Genos with his own friends on the other side of the club.

Shit my friends and I have said: TEXT EDITION (2)

[ text ]: fucking buzzfeed is messing me up at 2 AM with their fucking quizzes like wtf how are you gonna go get into my head like that with a fucking quiz about what arizona tea i am wtf buzzfeed
[ text ]: bro don’t send me links to awesome things when I’m poor
[ text ]: I don’t know man but these guys were literally on foot all up in the bushes and shit then if they caught you they just step out in front of you and like point at you and point at the side road
[ text ]: they were sniping people man I wasn’t my fault….
[ text ]: I had a dream about fried chicken and fries. This is my life now.
[ text ]: yeah you gotta know so i know what to expect cause if you’re gonna be like a not super chill ghost I’m not gonna bother buying nice shit just so you can fling it across the room and open my drawers and eat my food and shit
[ text ]: …. you have no chill
[ text ]: …. i mean i survive the end of every month with, like, nothing. at least in prison there would be food xD
[ text ]: I meant shot. He was shot three months after I was born. And then he died a few days later. I’m sooooooo fucking tired.
[ text ]: you killed tupac
[ text ]: I fucking want brownies
[ text ]: omg u kno what i rlly want rn? a nutella and strawberry sandwich on like some good ciabatta or french bread
[ text ]: bro that’s so weird I dig it
[ text ]: I just want to watch my giant squid show and relax!
[ text ]: But mostly I just need a lot of glitter in my life
[ text ]: Because what you said is sending jolts through my brain and I’m going to explode.
[ text ]: No one cares down here either, as long as you look old enough to not get stopped by the cops and your money is green
[ text ]: I’m sad and angry at the same time. do they have an emoji for when it’s both?
[ text ]: bro I should set up a stand somewhere asking for money with a sign that says “needs to get extremely leftist and gay friend back here to fight for transgender rights” and see how much I get

harry potter reread: goblet of fire pt v
  • upon discovering the pensieve, harry’s reaction is “He wanted to touch it, to find out what it felt like, but nearly four years’ experience of the magical world told him that sticking his hand into a bowl full of some unknown substance was a very stupid thing to do.” he’s finally learning…only took four bloody years
  • i understand that this is a huge book and to try and fit every detail into the film adaptation would’ve been exceedingly difficult, but i kinda wish they showed barty crouch jr’s trial as it was. it would’ve been a great way to introduce bellatrix and give exposition on the longbottoms, but mainly i’m a little disappointed that they changed barty jr from a terrified teenager screaming for his mother to weird, creepy-face-pulling-probably-listens-to-black-sabbath-in-basements-looking david tennant
  • “Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle were standing in the shadow of a tree below. Crabbe and Goyle seemed to be keeping a look out; both were smirking. Malfoy was holding his hand up to his mouth, and speaking into it.” so this is obviously meant to be the slytherins conversing with rita in her animagus form. the mental image of draco speaking to a beetle like it’s a walkie-talkie is wonderful. i’m mostly picturing him holding his hand up and animatedly slagging off harry into it for AGES, and rita is just fucking done hearing about this kid’s obvious crush on potter so she flies off. draco doesn’t even notice because he’s still engrossed in talking shit about perfect potter with his broom and his scar and he’s not even THAT attractive, why is granger getting death threats for apparently dating him, his hair isn’t even that luscious
  • rather than simply, oh, i don’t know, writing the words ‘good luck’, sirius’s good luck card to harry is “a piece of parchment, folded over and bearing a muddy paw print on its front.” very cute though, that’s one for the scrapbook
  • “But before Harry could demand to see the paper, Draco Malfoy shouted across the Great Hall from the Slytherin table.” you know, there’s a post going round pointing out that the gryffindor and slytherin tables are on opposite sides of the hall, but as far as i can remember this is the first time that it’s been mentioned during one of draco’s obnoxious comments. tbh i wouldn’t care if it’s repetitive, i think it would’ve been fucking hilarious if every single time draco tried to get harry’s attention during meal times jkr would’ve made reference to the fact that he would’ve had to scream at the top of his lungs
  • ohhh my god. so before the third task, the champions get to spend a few hours with their families since they’ve been invited to watch later that night, and harry is perplexed because obviously he doesn’t expect the dursleys to come to hogwarts…but instead molly and bill have come to surprise him!! the weasleys consider harry family!!! god i love them so much
  • “’[The Fat Lady] was here in my time,’ said Mrs Weasley. ‘She gave me such a telling-off one night when I got back to the dormitory at four in the morning -’ 'What were you doing out of your dormitory at four in the morning?’ said Bill, surveying Mrs Weasley with amazement. Mrs Weasley grinned, her eyes twinkling. 'Your father and I had been for a night-time stroll,’ she said.” MOLLY!!! YOU LITTLE TART!!!
  • before everything goes to absolute shit, let’s just appreciate how harry is “amazed at his own brilliance” for getting past the sphinx’s riddle. THAT’S MY BOOOY
  • “… he saw that the thing in the person’s arms looked like a baby … or was it merely a bundle of robes?” please imagine peter pettigrew carrying voldemort around on his front in a baby-carrier. i don’t know why i thought of that. probably to distract myself from the sheer fucking misery this chapter brings
  • god, can you imagine how fucking pissed voldemort was in baby form though? “The thing inside the bundle of robes on the ground was stirring more persistently … The thing seemed almost helpless; it raised its thin arms, put them around Wormtail’s neck, and Wormtail lifted it.” this is so disgusting and horrifying but it’s unbelievably hilarious because voldemort is such a melodramatic asshole that he must’ve been almost exploding with rage at having to be delicately carried around like a baba
  • who designed the dark mark? maybe art is a secret passion of voldemort’s. since he started going by lord voldemort at school, what if he doodled it during class one day, and then at lunch showed it to his gang of forerunner death eaters. being unctuous dickheads they would’ve lapped that right up. 'omg my lord you’re such a good drawer!!’ 'can you draw me?’ 'that’s sick, i would so get that as a tattoo’
  • “'Harry Potter has kindly joined us for my rebirthing party.’” why call it that…….maybe voldemort will think of it as a second birthday from now on and he’ll get cards that say shit like 'you may have been thrown into a cauldron and brought back to human form through ancient magic, but you don’t look a day over 25! happy rebirthing day!’
  • even though i’m quietly sobbing at the priori incantatem bringing back lily, james and cedric, i couldn’t help but giggle at frank bryce showing up. “'He was a real wizard, then?’ the old man said, his eyes on Voldemort. 'Killed me, that one did … you fight him, boy …’” like he’s so chill about it. magic? back from the dead? whatever, this guy murdered me, FUCK HIM UP SONNY-JIM
  • oh my god, i had no idea that the feathers in both harry’s and voldemort’s wands were from fawkes…why the hell does dumbledore have him? was that just a massive coincidence? i need answers
  • “'If I thought I could help you,’ Dumbledore said gently, 'by putting you into an enchanted sleep, and allowing you to postpone the moment when you would have to think about what has happened tonight, I would do it. But I know better. Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it. You have shown bravery beyond anything I could have expected of you, I ask you to demonstrate your courage one more time. I ask you to tell us what happened.’” i think this book is really where the whole notion of dumbledore grooming harry up for self-sacrifice starts becoming more apparent…like i get such a sinister vibe from this speech. it manages to flatter harry into doing exactly what dumbledore wants him to, emitting an aura of superiority and commanding obedience whilst also making harry believe that dumbledore thinks highly of him, maybe even as an equal…also consider this: “'He said my blood would make him stronger than if he’d used someone else’s,’ Harry told Dumbledore. 'He said the protection my - my mother left in me - he’d have it, too. And he was right - he could touch me without hurting himself, he touched my face.’ For a fleeting moment, Harry thought he saw a gleam of something like triumph in Dumbledore’s eyes. But next second, Harry was sure he’d imagined it …” harry has just relayed possibly the most harrowing experience of his life and dumbledore literally can’t control himself from being satisfied that voldemort seals his own downfall by using harry’s blood to tether him to life - that now harry will definitely have to die, as dumbledore originally thought, in order for voldemort to be defeated. i don’t doubt that dumbledore cared for harry in his own messed up way but these passages really exemplify that he regards harry’s well-being of less importance not only to defeating voldemort, but to gaining knowledge for personal gain and satisfaction as well. his first instinct after confirming that harry will indeed have to die is to feel triumph over being right. shit’s fucked
  • ok so it turns out that hermione only keeps rita in a jar as far as london, after that she’s released under the condition that she “'keep her quill to herself for a whole year’” lest hermione informs the ministry that she’s an unregistered animagus. but still…hermione is savage and part of me thinks she would actually have loved to keep rita as a beetle for a while longer
  • when i was younger i got very upset at hermione giving harry a kiss on the cheek because i thought that meant she did fancy him after all and she was going to get with harry and not ron. don’t worry little me everything worked out just fine. mostly. we don’t speak of the epilogue but ron/hermione is eternal
  • harry gives fred and george all of his triwizard winnings - 1000 galleons - because “'I could do with a few laughs. We could all do with a few laughs. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to need them more than usual before long.’” i love harry james potter SO MUCH…he’s only 14 and he’s already seen horrors nobody should have to deal with, he’s being forced to grow up and deal with terrifying shit but he gives away a huge amount of money because he desperately wants to be able to remain happy and keep the wizarding world he loves as happy as humanely possible as well. god. i’m not crying you’re crying

anonymous asked:

Di-did daichi just....just ruN AWAY FROM SUGA WHAT IS HE DOING HE GOT A SMILE AND RUNS NO PUPPY COME BACK. IM LITERALLY CANT WAIT UNTIL U GET THEM TO HAV AN ACTUAL CONVO OR JUST STAY IN THE SAME AREA WITHOUT DAICHI FREAKING OUT LIKE NO JOKE IM WAITING FOR THE DAY. Or suga approaches him one day and then he cant escape that situation. Omg so many thoughts r going through my head atm so tempted to make a fanfic just so i can get them to officially meet (T ^ T)

okay I was planning on aswering asks later but this just made me giggle so much haha ♡  (  ≧▽≦)

 FIRST OF ALL yes please feel free to write about this au! to draw about this au! to cosplay about this au! I WILL EXPLODE of happiness!! //confetti everywhere ҉*\( ‘ω’ )/*҉   

Puppy Daichi is too shy when Kitty Suga is around haha, the problem is that IM SO SLOW AT DRAWING so even tho I want to just draw them together and being all fluffy and cute I also feel the need to draw something before that happens…and it is taking me so long! ヘ(  •̀ゝ•́)ノ┌┛ 彡┻━┻ everytime I think about new update I’m like “yes finally I can include this in the next update!” and when I’m drawing I just realize that it will probably take a few more updates to get to that part of the story…I apologize for making you wait //cries

but yes! they will be together eventually haha! I mean Kitty suga invites Puppy Daichi to a sleepover and they make a blanket fort!