omg he's following me on twitter

If Lexa Got Twitter
  • Lexa (pointing at phone): Clarke, what does this mean? It says Aden just started following me, of course he follows me, I'm the commander!
  • Clarke: OMG you've got Twitter? Let me follow you so I can slide into your DM's.
  • Lexa (blushing): Slide into my WHAT? ClaRKe.
  • Clarke (rolling her eyes): It stands for direct messaging.
  • Lexa: But we're standing right in front of each other talking now, isn't that direct enough?
  • Clarke (throws phone): ByE Lexa!
  • Lexa (shouting after Clarke): Clarke wait! what's a hashtag?????

parks-jimins  asked:

hey carol angel I was just wondering if it was okay to follow you on twitter? your account comes up on the "who to follow" thing and i just wanted to make sure it was okay with you :) love u a lot i hope jackson smiled extra big for you today :)

omg stephanie ofc u can follow me!!!!!! pls,, u can even have my bank acc number if u wnt???? i love u sm……….. also jimin called me to cry over the fact he loves utoo much… it was 3am n i was so sleepy but i had to listen to him venting for whole 2 hours…. anyways i hope ur ok n happy!!! 

ps: if anyone wants to follow me on twt pls feel free 2 do it ily!!! 

kevin + kangaroo (he’s so adorable omg)

(a quick doodle, to try and get myself out of this art block!)

also i recently got twitter (@alishaptx) so if you want to follow me on that, you can! (and I need people to follow, because my timeline is empty!)-shameless plug wow

Leafy Fan Girls be like
  • FanGirl: Omg he like my tweet! We are official guys! I am so damn special!
  • FanGirl: Look at me girls I got a like and follow, my god he must love me so much!
  • Leafy: New Video in Five minutes!
  • Fangirl: Tell me you love me or I won't pass my exams
  • Normal girl: Yay can't wait to see it, and he doesn't have to tell you that
  • Fangirl: Shut the fuck up hoe.

I invite the TH fandom, of sorts, to join me in tweets like these. Just a simple few tweets to push out the horrid ones. He works so hard and the last thing he needs is his notifications filled with hatred and assholes. So, if you’re willing, I invite you to #MakeHiddlesSmile.

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Onwards darlings!

i am living the fucking dream right now bc i have literally had a huge crush on my best friend’s hot older brother since i was like ten and i followed him on twitter and he like immediately tweeted something about twenty one pilots and so i faved it AND THEN HE DMed ME A TØP PICTURE HE MADE (he’s a graphic designer omg) AND SO WE’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT MUSIC AND CONCERTS AND I FEEL LIKE THIS IS ACTUALLY FANFICTION AND I’M REALLY TIRED BUT I CAN’T GO TO SLEEP BC I WANT TO KEEP TALKING TO HIM BC I LOVE HIM OKAY

THE POWER OF TWITTER (Nate imagine for the beautiful, amazing cassadilla1418)

Sitting in the studio, Im  in a state of shock. I keep looking at my phone just to make sure this is really happening.And i have my twitter followers to thank for this opporitunity!

~flashback 2 days ago~

“@cassadilla1418  :honestly, i really want to collab with skatemaloley . that’s like a huge dream of mine! wouldn’t that be amazing, you guys?”

i posted this onto twitter about 15 min ago. The fandoms were going crazy! All over twitter, fans were trending the hashtag #skassie. retweeting, and quoting the tweet.Then, the best thing in the world happened!

“@skatemaloley is following you”

“HOLY FUCKING MALOLEY” i shouted to my producer “Nate FUCKING MALOLEY JUST FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER.omg,omg omg, he just dmed me!

"hey, im a big fan of your youtube channel and i heard you wanted to collab with me? we should definitely make that happen. this is my number (509) 450-***8. hmu, and we can make some arrangements.”

After texting him and making arrangements (Friday at 12 in the studio) i couldn’t contain my excitement on twitter.

  “@cassadilla1418 : so fucking stoked guys.! one of my dreams just came true #collab” i sent it, and almost immediately, i noticed that nate faved and retweeted it,making the fans go insane!

~ fb over~

Not paying attention to the door, i never noticed that Nate had walked through the door.

“hey lil mama, im excited to be working with you! nice to meet you” I heard Nate say to me, breaking me out of my awe induced trance,

“oh my gosh, no thank YOU! this is such an honor to work with you, Nate. your one of my favorite artists.” i responded, then blushed of embarrassment because i mean, come on. I totally just fangirled!

“nah, its honestly my pleasure ,how could i deny the chance to work with such a beautiful woman? i would have to be crazy!” he retorted, causing me to turn a deep scarlet.

“aight y'all. stop flirting and get to writing. time is money,baby” sammy wilk,who i just noticed was there, screamed at us,causing everyone in the studio to laugh. We began to work, but not without a few side glances and blushes between me and Nate.

“Even though were finished recording, i would definitely like to keep in touch with you, lil mama. Maybe even a date, say, next Saturday? there’s this great Italian restaurant a few blocks away, if your interested?” Nate said to me, after we had finished recording for the night.

“ me? uh, um, ye-yes. yes! definitely!, text me the details. ” i said responded to him, after my initial shock of THE Nate Maloley asking me on a date.

After he left, i noticed twitter in such a fuzz, then i noticed why,

“ @skatemaloley : definitely enjoyed myself in the studio today with the gorgeous cassadilla1418 . deff gotta do this again.keep a look out for the new track on itunes!” Nate had posted to twitter,making the fans go crazy. so i decided to tweet out 

cassadilla1418 : honestly, this collab with skatemaloley is for you guys. if it wasn’t for you amazing fans, i would have never had the chance to work with him! thank you guys, and i guess that just the power of twitter, haha”  

ok babe, here you go! it was my first time ever writing an imagine, so sorry if it sucks. but, i hope you enjoy it,and i hope it makes you feel a little bit better!

omg ok fight me on this.

Eggsy was never a big fan of social media. He had a Facebook but didn’t use it, he had deleted grindr once he had officially became a Kingsman- but he did like using Vine, Twitter and Snapchat.

Eggsy loved his fucking memes.

He downloaded the three apps on Harrys phone.

“Where’s the picture gone?”
“It’s Snapchat, ‘Arry, it’s just gone.”

“Twitter? What, dare I ask, is a 'Twitter’? Is it in relation with Tweety Bird?”
“No, babe, Twitter isn’t in relation to Tweety Bird.”

Vine was a whole different story. Eggsy followed about a few hundred of his favorite Viners for Harry. He went through each one with Harry, pointing and tapping the video, “This one, 'Arry! Bloody hilarious!”

Harry usually replied with a confused smile or an exasperated sigh. Most of these “Vines” were very inappropriate. Harry wasn’t a stickler about humor, he just didn’t find a lot of it humerous. A lot of them were renditions of the same joke over and over again. Eggsy called them “Memes”.

Harry was particularily fond of one meme.

Eggsy returned to the house in his chav wear and winged Adidas trainers. He lazily draped his bomber jacket onto the coat rack and began toeing off his shoes.

He barely got to toe off his left shoe before Harry shot down the stairs very uncharacteristicly, his feet thumping against the hardwood. Harry landed the last step on both feet and propelled himself in the air (as high up his ceiling would allow him) did a triple flip in the air then proceeded to transition into one backflip before squatting low and pointing to his boyfriends Adidas clad feet and-

“What are those?!” Harry fake gasped and said with as much enthusiam he could posses, sunglasses perched on his perfectly styled hair and his cellular clasped in his left hand.

Eggsy, gobsmacked and very much confused at Harrys behavior and the fact that he just reenacted a meme struck him immobile for a few seconds.

Harry stood up and brushed his pants to check for creases and looked Eggsy directly in the eyes with a smug expression on his face. Eggsy saw Harry press play on his cellphone, a familiar tune cut through the air.


Harry tilted his head down a fraction and let his sunglasses fall to frame his face.


“Thug Life.” Harry whispered and promptly left Eggsy to himself.

Eggsy was gasping and wheezing for breath seconds after that trying to process what a dork his boyfriend was.