omg he's following me on twitter

After Bitty teaches him how to use snapchat stories properly, Jack takes habit to sneaking around and startling Bitty.

So basically its just Jack crouching behind a chair or crawling behind the kitchen counter.

And when he jumps out he trys to start a conversation since his goal is to startle Bitty, NOT scare.

Bitty is baking a pie: “…..!!MMMH SOMThing smells good you baking? Yeah thats cool what flavor?”

Bitty studying: “….!!STUDYING HArd or hardly studying, am I right?

Bitty brushing his teeth: ”….!!FIGHTINg gum disease? Good job Bittle, remember to floss.“

Bitty’s twitter followers always know when to check Jack’s snapchat,

[Eric Bittle @ omgcheckplease:
Boy thinks he’s being cute.😊
Lord give me the strength. 🙏 ]

Overall Bitty doesn’t mind, he purposely overreacts most of the time because Jack isn’t exactly the most silent of sneakers, and he also enjoys how giggly Jack gets when he believes he’s “got em”.

We’re Just Friends. {Josh Dun x reader}

Requested: Nah

Warnings: Swearing? Josh being the hottest human being out there, um yeah and slight sexual conent, Bullying

A/N: Requests are open for Josh but if you prefer Tyler I could maybe do him too.



The car rumbled as we made our way down the highway towards Taco Bell. Josh bobbed his head to the beat of the song that was playing at the time. I didn’t know what it was but I’m pretty sure it’s Metalica. As we pulled into the drive-through at Taco Bell I picked up my bag rummaging for my wallet.

“Shit Josh. I forgot my money.” I said throwing down my purse in frustration.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll pay.” Josh siad pulling up to the ordering sign.

“Are you sure Josh? I can pay you back when we get back.” I said pointing to the direction we came in.

“Yeah and you don’t have to pay me back. It’s fine.” He said ordering a 5$ cravings box for each of us and two strawberry starburst freezis.

“Thanks Josh.” I said leaning back against the seat beginning to relax.

“It’s nothing.” he said grabbing the food from the clerk before driving away.The car ride was filled with silence as we turned into the nearest park. The sound of children playing in the background filled my heart with joy making my chest and face feel warm as I cracked a smile. “Why you smiling?” Josh said setting up the food on a picnic table.

“Kids are just so cute.” I said sitting across from him. 

“You want to have any?” He asked taking a bite of the first taco he pulled out. 

“No not thinking about it right now.” I said taking a bite of the taco I chose. 

“Why not?” He asked looking at you with a concerned look on his face.

“Just haven’t found the right person I guess.” I said offering him a light smile 

“ Um Y/N I’m sitting right here.” He said smiling. 

“ Yeah, yeah Romeo.” I said chuckling. We finished the tacos and sat on a bench that over looked the on-coming sunset. 

“You know what’s prettier than this sunset?” He asked looking at me with loving eyes. My heart started accelerating in my chest and the wind fled from my lungs.

“What?” I could barely make out.

“Me.” He said laughing. The anticipation fled from my heart and disappointment replaced it. I smiled in efforts to hide the pain in my heart. “I’m just kidding.” He said grabbing in my chin with his fingers. “It’s you.” He whispered before planting a quick kiss on my forehead. 


“We should be getting back to Tyler’s don’t you think? He’s going to be wondering where we’ve gone to.” Josh said standing up like nothing our of the ordinary happened at all. 

“Y-yeah.” I said and he chuckled at my studdering. 

“You alright there princess?” He asked throwing an arm around around my shoulders. 

“Yeah I-I’m fine just tired that’s all.” I said trying to cover my apparent studder with a chuckle although I know he heard it.

“Want me to tuck you in?” He asked smiling. At first the words got mixed p in my brain and I thought he said “Fuck” Instead of “Tuck” The image of his sweating down between my legs made me squeeze them together to get rid of the wetness that threated to spill out. 

“Sure. You sleeping in my room tonight again too?” I asked throwing in arm around his torso. 

“Of course.” He said chuckling. The one thing fans didn’t know about us was that we slept together on a daily basis. It wasn’t sexual or anything but it was nice and cuddly and he prvided the perfect amount of warmth. 

*Time skip*

The room was quiet beside the tiny fan I had going on my dresser. I couldn’t sleep in silence since I was a little kid so Josh knew it was natural for me to have a fan running at all times. 

“You ready?” Josh asked from the bathroom. 

“Almost.” I said as I stripped into one of Josh’s t-shirts before huddling into bed. “Alright come out.” I said throwing the covers over me before he could get a look of my pantless legs. Josh came out in nothing but his boxers and hopped into bed next to me he warm legs warpping with my cold ones.

“Damn you’re cold today.” He said pulling me against his strong torso against my weak back.

“Yeah, I guess it’s always cold in this house.” I said pushing my back into his solid body to get some warmth. He draped isarm around my stomach and pulled me closer if that was even possible. 

“Goodnight Y/N.” He said snuggling into my neck. 

“Goodnight Joshua.” I said moving to give him better access to my neck.


The morning came and my phone was blowing up with messages and notifications. I turned to pick it up but found it difficult due to Josh holding onto me closly. 

“Josh hun I have to grab my phone. It’s probably my mother.” I siad trying to reach over  again but he held me closer. 

“Mmm not yet.” He said his voice raspy from a night of good sleep. 

“Josh I’ll be back just.. let.. me grab my phone.” I said pulling my phone closerand eventualy grabbing it going back to Josh. He resumed his position and fell asleep shortly after. My phone had notifications from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and friends texted a few times. I decided to start with my friends. 

From: Y/BF/N

Dude what the hell?! Why didn’t you tell me?? sent at 3:50 am

To: Y/BF/N 

What didn’t I tell you? I’m confused?? sent at 10:21 am

I continued to check through social media seeing videos and pictures of Josh and me in the park eating

Oh my gosh!! I didn’t know Josh had a girlfriend again!! holy shit you guys are adorable! Reposts 3       Comments 0      Likes  273

What the fuck shes so damn ugly he could do better! Reposts 0      Comments 1     Likes  16

I wonder if she eats Taco Bell all the time because she looks it.  Reposts 50      Comments    53      Likes 1,067

The pictures and videos flooded through my mind and they made my heart melt but the comments made my heart sink.

From: Y/BF/N 

I saw the photo’s good for you hun. I remember you complaining about how he never would like you and shit like that! Now all I have to do is set the haters straight. Hope you guys last long! <3  sent at 10:45 am

To: Y/BF/N 

Omg I didn’t know people took pictures of that. We’re just friends. but  now I need to get Joshie up and tell him the “Great” news. sent at 10:47

“Josh, wake up I need to talk to you.” I said sitting up him following soon after. My phone held tightly in my hands I showed him Instagram and Twitter. 

“Oh my god I should’ve fucking known better. I’m so sorry Y/N.” He said looking through the comments on Instagram and Twitter. 

“It’s okay they don’t bother me as much as they are goign to ruin your reputation.” I said runnning my hands down my face. 

“Well maybe this is a good thing.” Josh said looking at you with a smile on his face.

“How is this even remotely a good thing. This shit is going to cause some reprecussions.” I said scratching my neck nervously. 

“Because I’ve always loved you and I just. I didn’t want it to come out this way but if this is the only way it will come out then so be it.” Josh said leaning forward capturing my lips with a soft, delicate kiss. I leaned into it wrapping my arms around his neck. His soft lips molded against mine and it felt right. We pulled away and opened our eyes. 

“I love you too Joshua Dun.”


I hope you like this so yeah I love you guys and you can start requesting for Josh Dun or Tyler Joseph so yeah!

😊Slide Into My Dms (Grayson x Reader)

Summary:  An imagine where Grayson dms the reader and he finds her cute so they keep dming each other back and forth. One day they decide to meet in person and whole fandom goes crazy because they recognize her from tumblr and twitter.

Warnings: None

A/N: All the twitter messages in italics are DM’s and the ones not are actual tweets. ETHAN SERIES WILL BE UP SOON!!!!

Originally posted by daydreamminds

Two months ago, Grayson Dolan dm’ed me and my life was changed. It all started with a following spree on twitter.

@Graysondolan: Hey thanks for subscribing and having our dm’s on! I LOVE YOU❤️😊


@Graysondolan: We’re going to have a guest star :) I’ll keep an eye out and make sure you watch it❤️

@your_username: Always babes 💕😊

Our dming turned into everyday conversation. He constantly tells me that I’m cute and that he wants to see me, but I’m too nervous. I very popular on tumblr based off of my Dolan Twins imagines account. I didn’t want people to send me hate and make Grayson hate me either. After talking with some of my friends, I decided to take a chance. I decided to initiate a date first.

@your_username: Hey Gray, would you wanna possibly meet up and get to know each other? Just an idea 😊

@Graysondolan: Of course cutie :) Wanna meet at the Grove? Let’s say 7?

@your_username: 7 sounds perfect❤️😊

@Graysondolan: Like you 😘

@your_username: Save that flirting mister!

I took a quick shower and I decided I would wear a black tank top with blue jeans. I straightened my hair and threw on a little straw hat and I checked the time which read 6:45. I decided I would go ahead and head off to the grove and hopefully Grayson would already have a booth or something instead of me having to pick it out. Just as I started my car my phone started buzzing like crazy when I saw Grayson tweeted something.

@Graysondolan: So excited for my evening with @your_username It’s going to be so much fun. Who knew a few DM’s would turn into this? 😊

My phone was blowing up with twitter and tumblr messages which was so crazy. I mean my Tumblr app would always blow up, this time it was my messages going crazy.

Dolanfan1: OMG U AND G ON A DATE



Even my twitter mentions were blowing up. I finally decided to turn my phone off so my phone wouldn’t explode. I parked my car and saw I was a few minutes late. I threw my powered off phone in my purse and quickly made my way into the restaurant where I saw Grayson was in line. I casually pushed past some people while I muttered ‘excuse me’ and ‘sorry’. Soon Grayson must have heard me, because he turned around and he smiled.

“I was starting to think you wouldn’t show.” He says and I shake my head.

“No your mention literally blew up my phone so I was checking on that while I was in the car. I didn’t want anything to distract me from this date.” I knew what I said right after it slipped. Neither Grayson or I called this a date and now I looked like a crazy fan. I pulled my bottom lip in between my teeth as I mentally smacked myself.

“Well you’re the only thing that’s going to be distracting me from the date.” He chuckles and I bury my face in my hands. He gives my shoulder a reassuring squeeze and he smiles. “Yes, Y/N this is a date.” He smiles as our waitress takes our drink orders and we look through the menu. We just talked and laughed most of the night. Every so often Grayson’s knee would bump mine and he would apologize, but I would brush it off. People would come up and ask for pictures with Grayson and I and I knew rumors would be swirling once I turned my phone on. Finally our food came and we ate. Grayson kept making me laugh and he even posted a pic of my on his snapchat.

He was honestly so cute and super sweet and he drove me crazy. He was such a cute little bean and I adored him so much. When the check came around I reached for my purse, but when I looked back at the table the check was gone and Grayson was just smiling.

“Grayson!” I playfully snapped at him. “I wanted to pay for my half! You didn’t have to do that.” I sighed and she just shrugged.

“This is our first date. You really think I’m going to let you pay? My dad told me gentlemen will pay for the cute ladies and you Y/N are a very cute lady.” He smirks which I start to feel myself blush. Grayson even walked me out to my car, opened the door, and kissed my cheek as I drove away from him. I pulled into my driveway and turned my phone back on. Out of all the crazy tweets I noticed one that made my heart melt. It was a picture of me taken off guard. It was when I was looking for our waitress to refill Grayson and I’s drinks.

The caption read ‘I always did say I would date a fan ❤️😊’ My mentions still blew up and so did my messages on Tumblr, but I didn’t care at this point. I just went on a date with Grayson Dolan and it was probably the greatest thing to happen to me since he DM’ed me.

Pentagon When They Like A Fan.

Jinho: Will always look for you when he’s at fan meetings and try to play it off as if he’s just scanning the crowd. When you finally get to him during the autograph signing, he will take his sweeet time signing or answering your written question, adding a heart and a ‘please always come again to meet me!’

Hui: will act like he doesnt like you but tell his members about u and how pretty you are. Gets all secretly excited when he sees u in front row of a music show and will give lots of eye contact when he dances. Dances as sexy and charismatic as possible. Eye sex lmaoooo kidding-or am i.

Hongseok: Basically it gets to him where he will think about u all night and be like ‘omg is she coming to the next music show or fanmeeting. What if she doesnt come anymore. What if she stops being a fan i have to make a move.’ Ends up tryna talk to u during fan meeting but freezes and just high fives u or something and stare until u leave.

Edawn: Man if he likes u, he will let u know when writing on your photocard or album. Like leaves his kakaotalk. Waits till u text him. If u dont text him, he will wait the next time he sees u and be like 'why didnt u text me i was waiting’ and ur like omg ur actually serious this yo real kakao??

Shinwon: doesnt really talk to u at all just likes u all by himself. Knows that u probably are on fancafe and twitter so he is very active and uploads lots of cute photos. One day he cant take it anymore probably accidentally follow u on twitter only to unfollow after.

Yeo-one: Boy makes sure he is looking his best when your around. Compliments u like crazy and wears everything you give him. Will make a secret twitter noone knows about and follow u to talk to u there. Honestly tries his best to be with u if he really thinks he might have fallen for u.

Kino: man this boy knows how dangerous it is if he ever tries to confess to u because of his career :(. Probably very sweet and 'have u eaten’ and acts as a bf as much as possible during fansigning and makes it in his mind like this is the date cuz this is the only way. Probably confesses to u years later when hes successful enough if your a loyal fan that comes to fanmeetings often.

Yuto: tells his members that he straight up like you. “I like this girl what do i do.” Members will try to help him as much possible to make your time with him at fanmeetings super long. He tries to hold a conversation with u all the time and ends up having inside jokes and personal info about eachother each time u meet. At some point, yall will secretly meet somewhere.

Yanan: type to be all shy and smiley when he sees u and lowkey ask for ur phone number once he opens up to u. Will try to call u at the dorm but hangs up everytime u pick up. “Omg omg she actually picked up.

Wooseok: another type to act like he doesnt like u but will write rap parts about u and describe how u look in the lyrics. When he sees u, he will smile and joke around alot and ask u to feed him snacks at the fanmeeting and be a giggling mess to the point where his members are like ??????. Probably one day he will try to be more than friends and be like ’would u say yes to me if i asked u out a few years from now. Would u wait?“

If Lexa Got Twitter
  • Lexa (pointing at phone): Clarke, what does this mean? It says Aden just started following me, of course he follows me, I'm the commander!
  • Clarke: OMG you've got Twitter? Let me follow you so I can slide into your DM's.
  • Lexa (blushing): Slide into my WHAT? ClaRKe.
  • Clarke (rolling her eyes): It stands for direct messaging.
  • Lexa: But we're standing right in front of each other talking now, isn't that direct enough?
  • Clarke (throws phone): ByE Lexa!
  • Lexa (shouting after Clarke): Clarke wait! what's a hashtag?????

Im freaking out!!

If u don’t know Colby Brock and Brennen Taylor did a video together where they dmed creepy insta accounts. Colby created this fake account “ Bob Halligan” to dm people with. Me being a fan of him followed this account.


I then found out he has a twitter for that character, Bob.


OMGCP Characters as things I've done

Bitty: stress-baked about 100 cookies from scratch before finals

Jack: gone full Canadian when talking about hockey. Ehs included. I’m not even from Canada.

Ransom: pulled all-nighters 2 days in a row during finals yet still watched my team play the Wild one of them because puck is life

Holster: binge-watched 30 Rock one summer because it was on and why not?

Shitty: Try not to shout at my relatives during Thanksgiving for being narrow minded. “no grandpa, feminists don’t think women are better than men. We just want equality please pass the sweet potatoes.” Was one of the many thoughts I had that day.

Lardo: been up painting at 3 AM because I woke up in the middle of the night and had the sudden urge to paint. Who am I to refuse that?

Nursey: told my dog to chill when he was barking at nothing then proceed to have a mini heart attack when I heard the doorbell ring.

Dex: ask literally everyone to fight me

Chowder: cry when my favorite team followed me on Twitter.

Tango: Forgotten what I was saying mid-sentence because I saw a cat or dog.

Whiskey: said nothing an entire day. Literally an entire day of nothing.

I love you... (Sammy Wilk) requested

Requested by @cleversaladangel

I hope you all enjoy!

*This is the only imagine I’m posting today unless I get done packing early! I’m slowly working on requests, I’ve been super busy with the whole moving process.


I’ve wanted Sammy to tell the fans we were dating because I thought after 2 months we would be ready. But every time I ask him he always gives me this big talk about the fans hating on me. So today I decided it was the day, he was going to tell them and he doesn’t then I will.

Some fans are really freakishly smart and have started rumors on us dating, so of course I already get some hate might as well get some more. Honestly I don’t care what people think and I state my mind. I think I’m ready to go up against some haters.

‘Will you come over, we need to talk’, I texted.

'Sure, see you soon!’

'Love you too’

Since he only lived 5 minutes away I need to get ready. I knew I had some extra time because of traffic plus he probably had to get ready too.

I walked up to my room and grabbed my white shorts and my coral colored fraily shirt that’s kind of like a crop top. Then I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and threw my hair up into a messy bun and headed downstairs with my phone expecting Sam to arrive at any moment.

As I expected I heard a knock on the door and I rushed to the door to open it. When I opened it he had some flowers for me and I thanked him and pecked his lips and headed to the kitchen to put them in a vase while he followed.

“You said we needed to talk”, Sammy asked me while I dug for my vase.

“ yeah, ummm so i be been thinking I want you to tell the fans and before you give me a big long speech I wanted tto let you know that I’ve thought it over and I really am ready. Please, its not like we can hide it for ever”, I chuckled trying to lichen the situation.

I started to get scared since he wasn’t answering me. He just sat there staring at the counter. I lightly coughed to gain his attention. His eyes flickered to mine and I saw him take out his phone.

His actions confused me, then I felt a vibration in my pocket. I pulled out my phone as Sammy smiled at me. I saw I was tagged in one of his tweets and I unlocked my phone to read it.

His tweet read, ’ Just wanted to clear the air, the rumors are true me and (Y\N) are dating! ’.

After I read it my phone slipped out of my hands and ran to Sam and I gave him probably the biggest hug I’ve ever given. It probably sounds silly getting excited over a silly tweet. But I’m glad he’s willing to do that for me.

“Now that we can hold hands in public do you want to go on a date”, Sammy asks.

“ right now?”

“Why not?”

“Sure”, I replied cheerfully and ran up the stairs and put on my white sandals and took my hair down and brushed through it.


So far we’ve been to lunch and now we’re walking along the beach.

No fans have spotted us, which is good. We soon got red of walking down the beach and headed for the pier. There were some shops I wanted to go into and I was so excited. The first shop we went into was a beach type store with all types of swimming gear and surf stuff, etc.

We both picked out a new swim suit and I got a cover up then after looking around some more we went to check out.

It was pur turn to check out and I got out my wallet and Sammy told me no that he would pay for so I playfully rolled my eyes.

When our cashier came back from talking to some one who I think was her boss she looked up and her eyes became huge and full of happiness.

“ OMG, I love you both your my OTP and I love you guys, can we get a picture please?”, she gushed out super fast and I backed away so they could get a picture.

“ I want you in it to!”, she says to me a d her sebtencetakes me back.

I walked towards them and get in the selfie. She an checked us out and we both followed her on twitter. I smiled up at Sammy as we made our way out of the shop.

“I knew they’d love you, I love you so they should too”, he smiled back down at me.

Then my face dropped we had never said we loved each other.

“ what did I say or do something”

“Y-you said t-that you l-l-loved me”

“ well I do”, then he kissed me.

“I love you too”, I say and then we headed home hand in hand.

Meet &greet (Omaha squad/Skate Maloley imagine) pt1

You finally got tickets for Omaha squad meet&greet. You were so happy! When you got them you screamed and your parents thought someone was killing you.

2 weeks before….

You made your best friend go to hundreds of stores so you cold find a good outfit. You didn’t want to look too slutty but you still wanted to stand put of the crowd. You finally settled black ripped jeans, black crop top and red plaid shirt. You also bought yourself a pair of black heels. Not too high but just a bit sou you wouldn’t be the smallest there.

2 days before….

You were barely listening to anyone or looking at anything, your mind was already on meet&greet.
You were imagining millions of different scenarios, but you knew they would never happen. You were too ordinary Nd you knew they wouldn’t see you.

At meet&greet…….

You were finally here! You could barely stand still from excitement. When you got there you saw there were already some girls there but you weren’t the last one.
You waited for 2 hours and when you finally could see the boys girls started to shove you back. You saw Jack Johnson and Skate looking at all the girls pushing and trying to get in front of the row. You were now last but you didn’t care. At least you’ get to meet them.

You waited for another half an hour when only 3 girls were before you.

Finally it was your turn to meet them.

First were Kenny and Sammy.

You took a deep breath and went up to them.

Sammy’s POV:

Damn finally the last girl today! And I must say this girl is hot like fire! Dayumm!

Your POV:

“Hii!” I greet them happily. Kenny hugs me first snd asked me a few questions. I took picture with him and them with Sammy and both of them together. I was talking to Sammy a bit and he followed me on Instagram and Twitter! I almost screamed! I said bye to them and went to Jack and Jack.

“Hi guys! Omg I can’t believe I can finally meet you!” Johnson hugs me first and them Gilinsky. We talk for a bit and I saw Gilinsky looking at my boobs (cuz let’s be honest, they’re mot the smallest lol). We take a lot of pictures and they both follow me. I swear this is the best day of my life.

Next I go to Skate. He is my favorite! I take a deep breath and walk up to him.

“Hi” I say and smile at him.

“Hi.” He says not looking at me but at his phone. I was a little bit disappointed.

“Umm could I get a picture?” I ask him. He finally looks up at me.
“Y-yeah” he stutters and blush.
“ I’m sorry. Of course! Anything for a beautiful lil ma like you” now I blush.
I step next to him and we take many pictures.
“Wow these are amazing! Send them to me?” He says
“Of course. On Twitter?” I ask him.
“Nahh here’s my number.” He says and writes his number. I can barely talk now.
“But give me your Twitter too so I can follow you ma” damn I blush so hard. I type my Twitter in his phone and he follows me.

“Hey I normally don’t do this but do you wanna hang out backstage?” He asks and I stood there shocked. I can’t believe he’s asking me this. I just nod.

He takes my hand and leads me backstage. There are already other boys and they whistle when Skate walks in with my hand in his. I blush and look down.

I see they have beers in their hands and that Sammy is rolling one. He trys to hide it.

“Sammy I see what your doing and it’s okay.” I laugh. He looks at me like I’m crazy.
“You don’t mind?” He asks me surprised.
“Nah why would I?”
“Damn you’re hot and you don’t mind smoking. Full package.” Sammy laughs and ai see Skate glaring at him. Skate pulls me in his lap to sit.
When Sammy rolls it up he asks me “want some?” And they all look at me waiting for my answer. I say why not and they just look at me smirking.
I take a puff and I see them looking at me.
“What?” I ask them. “Nothing, we just thought you would choke on smoke or something. You don’t look like a girl that smokes.” Johnson says.
“I don’t smoke regularly, just occasionally. But I don’t look like I do many things I do.” I say and take another puff.

We spent a few hours there just smoking and talking.
After that guys start packing up and I say bye to them. I get to Skate and he says “where do you think you’re going?” “Home?” “No babygirl our night just started.” He says, grabs my hand and leads me to his car.

Part 2? Yes/no/idk? Let me know what you think!!

Tony and Kerry, ok I see you now...

Let me start off by saying while I will readily admit that my primary reason for watching Scandal is and always has been because of Olitz I have never until very recently (the last few days) entertained much thought about Tony and Kerry’s off screen relationship.  I mean I always gave Kerry Washington the side eye when she said she didn’t enjoy making love scenes with Tony and I always thought that there was a strong mutual attraction but I guess I didn’t really give it much thought about where things were going with them off screen.  That changed a few days ago.

Just to give you some background, since Olitz was the major draw for me on Scandal and since we all know that nothing substantial has been going on with that story really since Season 2 I had basically given up the show after Olivia threw that ring in Fitz’s face.  I certainly haven’t been keeping up with the Scandal press circuit much.  When I saw on Twitter everyone going crazy about the Scandal Finale I of course watched the finale and rewatched, and rewatched, and rewatched…*you get my point* that Olitz ending scene.  In one episode I was hooked back into Scandal and more importantly Olitz.

Well y’all I’ve been on vacation the last couple weeks and had more time to catch up on the Scandal cast interviews and can I just say that I saw some things that have me looking at Tony and Kerry with new eyes now (Tony and Kerry I see you…).

For me the thing that got me looking at them differently was the video from Paley fest when Bellamy and Tony interrupted Kerry’s interview.  First thing that made me say what the…was the way Kerry looked when she said “Hi” to Tony like I know this man didn’t just walk by without speaking to me.  Then I saw the look on Tony’s face when he kissed her on the cheek and hugged her, I mean the man’s face visibly changed like he had the biggest treasure in his arms.  That’s the moment where I said OMG there is something much more there.  You can’t make up those reactions.

Thanks to some helpful Olitzers on twitter who I’d been following for some time but had no idea they stayed up to date on all things Terry I’ve gone back and watched the other Paley fest videos and the famous NAACP awards video and some past tweets between the two.  I’ve also read several blind items to which some I believe and some I’m not sure I believe.  Bottom line is yes I think Tony and Kerry are in some sort of romantic relationship.  The exact nature of that relationship only they know and it is their business to tell or not tell the public. I do think there is mutual love, respect, passion, and friendship between them in that relationship.

This helps me understand why that Olitz pairing has resonated with me so much.  I mean I have never seen so much chemistry in a TV pairing ever.  I think both Kerry and Tony are phenomenal actors AND I think to top that off they are bringing a little extra bit of themselves and their off screen chemistry to the role.

Kerry and Tony, I see you.  Congratulations as it looks like the two of you may have found something that most of us only hope for in a lifetime.  I’m truly happy for you both.  Thanks for giving us this awesome couple Olitz and I wish the two of you nothing but more love, respect, and passion to last a lifetime!

If Teen Wolf Characters were animals at an animal sanctuary Not!Fic

So I responded to a tweet from candypinkcocks on twitter and then this Not!Fic happened


It started with a comment about were-Alpacas… then I tweeted this

I then followed it up with the following

OMG… that’s why we haven’t see Peter fully shift… THAT’s what he turns into! A Were-Anteater in a snow jacket

“COME AT ME BRO!” and the Kangaroo is Derek like “Fuck this noise… I’m OUT”

Kangaroo!Derek in his little pink shirt like “Nope… not doing this again. I call not it. SCOTT! It’s your turn to deal”

and Scott is a Wombat in a blue t-shirt going “Dude… Seriously? *groan* WHY?”

And Stiles is a Koala and he’s all “Yo… I got this.” And clubs Anteater!Peter with a Eucalyptus branch.

Then Stiles sighs heavily, yawns and falls asleep with a mouthful of eucalyptus leaves

LOL OBVS this is in a wildlife sanctuary and the Sheriff and Melissa and Allison are the human caretakers

I feel like Isaac would be a Peacock that follows Allison around and likes to hang out with Wombat!Scott

Erica and Boyd are a lion and a jaguar that were housed together because that’s how they were found and rescued

They REFUSE to be separated. That’s how Matt ended up missing his left hand Erica didn’t take well to being forced from Boyd

And Koala!Stiles likes to be carried by the Sheriff in a little backpack.(he used to do this though)

The sanctuary is made up of animals rescued from people that just wanted the animal for a status symbol

Except Stiles He was found as a baby on the side of a road in Australia by the Sheriff. They assumed his mother was killed by a car.

But all of the animals live in habitats near each other and much to the shock of their caretakers, Erica and Boyd

tore down all the fencing separating the animals from each other. At first they were worried that they had eaten the others

But were shocked when they found all the animals piled together between Erica and Boyd asleep.

Stiles little leg twitching against Scott’s snout, Derek’s paw wrapped around Stiles’ ear, Erica with Boyd’s tail in her mouth, Peter curled around Isaac. Boyd with his paw on Peter’s face.

BONUS! A pic of the Sheriff making sure Poachers know his furry and feathered babies are off limits!

More bonus creatures!

Jackson is a Chinese Water Dragon who was found living in a habitat made for a desert animal. Lydia rescued him and he is quite fond of her.

Kira the Fox Kit was found by Scott when he was running from an angry Stiles. He should have known not to wake up Stiles from his nap.

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Hi! I wanted you to know that I've been following you for years on Tumblr and your art is always so good and I love it! I follow you on Twitter and you're hilarious! I'm writing this YOI fic where Victor is a single dad and Yurio is his 6 year old son and he's starting first day of 1st grade and YUURI is is cute teacher and I could scream just thinking about it! I've been working on the outline for the first chapter for like 2 days and I'm so excited and I had no one to tell so I told you!!!!!

wha for years?? that means you’ve seen some not so great art and yet you’re still with me ; ; 💜 💜 💜 thank you

and omg your fic idea sounds absolutely great, really

Originally posted by tetsuruo

i’d love to read it once you’ve finished it!! he’d make a wonderful teacher, and yurio? sdjhf i’m crying a little I LOV YURIO BEING THEIR SON my heart feels warm

Someone's Jealous

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Send in requests ,!

“As long as you lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love me ,love me -” “STOP!”
My sister is a big Justin Bieber fan , ever since 2009. She loves all his songs and all his music videos, she has his face all over her room , she even got a tattoo of his face on her neck . When Purpose came out , she ran around the house singing all the songs .

Me , i am not really that big fan , i just love his songs and thats all . Of course besides he’s hot , he has some really good songs. My sister’s birthday was next week , i just couldn’t find that right gift , she has all of his albums , perfumes , books , movies and t-shirts . I just couldn’t find the right gift .

Right now i am on my bed thinking of sth to get her when my phone buzzed . It was Twitter feed . I am not really into twitter , i just made it for fun

“@justinbieber followed you ”

Wtf? Oh my god you gotta be kidding me , i opened it quickly to find that he did follow me for real , omg if sis found out… GOSH perfect present i just hope it works . Omg omg this is not going to work

To justinbieber:
Heyy,! Omg ,!! I am Y/N and i would like you to help me in doing sth .. My sister’s birthday is next week and she will be 18 and she loves you so much .. Like so much .. Um can you attend her birthday party ? Gosh that would be awesome . If you read this plz send back so i can give you details . Thnx

I can’t believe i am doing this , this is crazy !
What if he is busy ?
What if he doesn’t want to ?

From justinbieber:
I would love to ;) Meet me at my hotel and we will discuss everything ;)


Here i am in his hotel , actually shaking , i am so scared i would do sth wrong . I saw him , he was sitting down on his phone texting someone . But dammm ..! He looked so fine . That hair , these tattoos . He looked up seeing but god those beautiful brown eyes full of warmth .
“Hey ,! You must be Y/N ,!” Did he just say my name ? Why am i like this ? I am not my sis . I just like his music. “Hhey .. I am Y/N .”
“Okay so talk i am waiting ”

So i just told him the plan and that he will sing a couple songs and that we will make it on the pool . He turned out to be really excited for it and also a very nice guy . He was so sweet and brought dinner and we ate and chit-chatted a bit about his music .

After that he excused himself to go the studio and he went and i walked back home

Oh god i am so excited..


Oh god it’s the big day ,!!! But Justin hasn’t appeared yet
“He will come i know it ” my mum said to me as the party started, i was always looking back towards the entrance to see if he came or not . Good thing Y/S/N’s friends were distracting her so she wouldn’t notice if he came .
Finally he came , “I am so sorry for being late , i was stuck in traffic jam ” “No No , its okay , here you can change here , and there is the stage , and if you need anything just tell me . Okay? ” he laughed and winked at me saying “Don’t be nervous sweetie ”

I went back to the party and hugged my sis “Happy Birthday ,!!!”
“Ohhh thanks Y/N ,!! , where’s my gift ?”
“Oh yeah so.. Can you look there at the stage ”
Just then , Justin appeared and started sining a couple of songs like What do you mean , Where Are You Now , Love Yourself . They were all amazing songs and Y/S/N kept screaming so hard i bet her throat hurts .
After Justin stopped singing he held the mike and started speaking

“Hey Y/S/N you know I wouldn’t know today was your birthday but you amazing beautiful sister here told me that today was your birthday , i cam here cause i love making my fans happy and i love you too Happy Birthday ,!!”


After Y/S/N left Justin for while , ever since he came she just couldn’t stop hugging him , i went to him

“Hey Justin , i just wanted to say sth , you are truly amazing , thanks for coming here , I don’t know what to do to return the favor ”

“ haha no its okay i really loved performing here and meeting you and meeting your family and your sister i am very happy .. And i know what to do the return the favor ” he winked

“ um.. What ,?”

He came very very near and his breathe was fanning my neck and his hand was on mine

“Would you go on a date with me ?” He whispered in my ear .

“Wtf ? … I mean omg .. The Justin Bieber wants to go on a date with me ,??? Oh my godd yesssss ,,!”

Y/S/N screamed so high I didn’t even noticed she was here i was too focused on the hot guy in front of me .

“ Someone’s Jealous ”

Did you like it ? :)
I enjoyed writing it